Dimensions – The Measuring And Structure Of Dimensions Have Been Completely Transcended And Transformed. From The Akashic Records. (This Page is a duplication of Blog dated 8 May, posted 9th – for ease of reference).


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DIMENSIONS – THE MEASURING AND STRUCTURE OF DIMENSIONS HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY TRANSCENDED AND TRANSFORMED. Now we Measure where our Consciousness is in New and Unchartered Ways. The Bonds of the Old System have been superseded by this exciting way of Measuring and Defining How We Are Able To Access Our Place In The Vast Cosmic Order.

From The Akashic Records. 8 May, 2018.
This post shows the fast and rapid journey and pace, where, with Amrita Adam El Daoud, myself, Suryananda, went rapidly upwards and through as is described the present way of understanding where one is with regard to Higher Consciousness.
With AED these NEW never before given to Gaia – in-depth details and confirmations have now superseded the old way of how the higher frequencies of consciousness have been recognised over very many years, and which had been prophesied and foretold as being necessary for these New Cosmic Times.
Like so much of what had been conditioned as being so on Gaia, there have been vast changes in our recognition and awareness as the veils of Gaia have been removed and those of the Light have Transcended the Old and Aligned Themselves to these New Times. Although as all with all Firsts, AED adds, it will be up to those who read this New Measuring Structure as to whether it resonates. No matter, Our Cosmic Light Family confirm that once these New Details have been posted, the Ascended Masters, Deities and Light Beings in the Higher Realms will aim to bring this to the attention of Light Workers.
Everything was typed as the process happened as usual and so it is an accurate description and not shared from memories. Amrita Adam El Daoud confirms that other Light Workers are being given this New Measuring Structure but it has needed this Initial post for these Completely New Foundations to Register. As always when some higher teaching or new thought is brought to the consciousness of those on Gaia, they always originate from the Higher Realms.
At the end of this long message which took place over several tuning in sessions during April from AED, it confirms that myself, Suryananda, have arrived at a very new way of Measuring the Higher Dimensions, and I am at 1,000,000.
I would add that this was the furthest from my consciousness these great changes, but being there as AED and my Cosmic Family were all very Present will remain with me for many years, such was the potency and excitement generated at this NEW FIRST, and which as AED has said, together we will bring forth other Firsts to Gaia, the Next First is on The Galactic Sun which includes a Visual Description as well as in-depth information.
AED – we are pausing here for the moment. This means that it is not fixed that I will remain at the 1,000,000 just that for now, having Transcended the Whole of the Old System, it is relevant just to relax at this Identification of Dimensions. I have since this took place over the last few weeks noticed very many deeper and significant depths I have been able to access fully conscious.

The following is my journey as I moved through fast and rapidly into a completely new way of Measuring what has always been described as Dimensions. This detailed and in-depth information, typed throughout, as each Dimension was reached and then Transcended, took place between the 30 March to the 9th April, where, at the 9th April, this higher conscious recognition will begin to be sensed by other Light Workers although not in its fullest.

This unexpected spiritual transformation was a real surprise for myself as AED laughs, for this journey, completely new and unexpected was very profound and exciting, as with the speed of just some words from AED and my Cosmic Light Family, no sooner had one further advanced stage of Dimension been reached and accepted, then we went onto the next.

Amrita Adam El Daoud adds I am thrilled and delighted, as are your Cosmic Light Family, as we have not only supported this New Way of Measuring the Dimensions for you on Gaia, but that with all the help and support given from us in the Higher Realms, as this New System has been brought for the FIRST TIME into the Consciousness of Gaia. As with all Firsts, AED laughs, it is up to you all as to whether your inner being resonates to what is said here. But in essence many of those who read this post – your Higher Selves will have accepted and registered this.


Timekeeper by Josephine Wall.

Dimensions Sessions Begin – Friday, 30 March – Easter Monday, 2nd April.

As I tuned into AED, Dimensions had been very much on my mind with AED and our Cosmic Light Family, who together, ensured that I was able to Transcend the Old System and have Arrived Fully Anchored Within The New.

This particularly referred to once Dimension 17 had been passed from the present way the Higher Dimensions are channelled and understood. Once I had arrived at Dimension 17, it was a case of speeding along into Dimensions nobody had been in before. It was for myself, AED and our Cosmic Light Family, an exciting and breath-taking ride into this New System.

AED laughs it was mesmerising for you Pat, as it was for us in the Higher Realms, as we each were transfixed just as you were at the fast and rapid pace. AED having now reached this new state of Higher Consciousness, has ensured that deep and profound changes have begun which will give you a much greater sense of your place in the Vast Cosmic Order.

Dimensions Begin

I asked AED where was I – which Dimension am I in? Have I got to the 6th yet? AED – most certainly. I wonder where I am then? AED – you move between dimensions Suryananda. You are never confined to one or limited to a certain number. That is wonderful as I do not wish to be limited to a particular dimension.

Have I got to the 9th Dimension? Do I get to the 9th Dimension very often? AED laughs you know you do. I laugh at that as that is wonderful. Do I ever go beyond the 9th? AED – you know you do. Lol isn’t that delightful. AED beams and I laugh.

Where am I with the 11th and 12th? I wonder if I get to arrive or go to the 11th and 12th Dimension? AED laughs you know you do, very much so. I wonder what Dimension 11 is called? I get Eternal Bliss for Dimension 11. AED laughs, yes, Eternal Bliss is most certainly under the description for Dimension 11, and yes, you do visit and go there. As I reflect on the description for Dimension 12, Eternal Wisdom comes. AED yes. How wonderful 11 is Eternal Bliss and 12 is Eternal Wisdom; that is awesome isn’t it. So I also go to Dimension 12 of Eternal Wisdom. AED is smiling. I feel thrilled at this. What happens after 12? They are fascinating descriptions Eternal Bliss 11 and Eternal Wisdom 12; They feel very me. How awesome. For both 11 and 12? I felt I was there today re 11. AED – yes you were there. Where am I? AED laughs you get to explore far beyond. How exciting really so I do go even beyond number 12. I wonder what is beyond 12? AED is amused.

So Dimension 13? We have 11 Eternal Bliss, 12 Eternal Wisdom, so 13 could be Eternal something? Eternal Bliss and Eternal Wisdom go together; 13 is a funny number. What lies at 13? AED laughs. That takes one to Source more I sense for number 13? AED – What lies at the 13th? Go and explore – the key lies beyond. You need to walk in that Realm with the pure consciousness of bliss and wisdom. What you discover is unable to be described. So yes Source Is one way of saying it.

How many Dimensions are there as a rough idea? We have got to 13. I say to AED what are your thoughts on beyond 13? So I go to 11 and 12 quite often? AED – yes very much.

Do I go to 13 then? AED – it is there waiting for you Pat. Is that right? AED – yes. It seems 13 is waiting for me to get too and arrive? AED – that is correct. How long I wonder will it take before I get then to visit 13?

So to get to 13? AED -You will know when you reach 13 It is nameless. I laugh; will it take me very long. AED laughs. So 13 has no description. It is Infinite Light and Energy. 13 is Infinite Light The Clear Light of Being.

AED very very good : Eternal Bliss – Eternal Wisdom – Eternal Light. Shall I call 13 Eternal Light? I keep going to say Gate; The Gates to Eternity Beckon. They are all beautiful two words with a whole world within. I say where is AED now? AED – I am everywhere Pat. Ha that is delightful isn’t it. With Bliss comes Wisdom; The two lead to Light.

So as I understand it I have not as yet got to Dimension 13? AED – Dimension 13 is waiting for you. AED – You will be flooded with Light at 13. Yes A gate – A Portal of Presence. That gives me goose bumps. I have sensed a gate. Just the last day or two the 10th Gate, and now the 13th Gate. That is so awesome. Is 13 the First of the Gates? AED – It is AWE SOME.

What about those Four Light Posts?. Do they take me to Gate Portal 13? AED laughs of course. So Gate Portal 13 is there waiting at a set date and time for me to arrive at. That gives me goose bumps. Is Gate Portal 13 there out of the 4? So I planted 13 Dimension? AED laughs, you know you did. Isn’t that fascinating. AED beams yes. This is an amazing chat. Am I at the stage with just one of the 4 left to be retrieved or are there more than 1 left still – the one left is number 13 the Key to Paradise? Eternal Light? I seem to have lived and breathed Dimensions all of a sudden, and I am thrilled to have further deep information.

Easter Sunday, 1 March

Isn’t that lovely, we have some more information now. AED beams very much so. They seem perfect

11 Eternal Bliss **
12 Eternal Wisdom **
13 Eternal Light **

I have been fascinated by Dimensions, I have to go back and re-absorb them. Have I got to the 13th Dimension in other lifetimes. AED – yes of course. So it is a case of raising my consciousness as I go back again. AED yes.

Note – ** It seems in these three lay the whole of existence. Eternity reigns within them all.

AED – you have now got to the 13th Dimension.

Conception has taken place AED says; The Seed of The Creator is in you deeper than ever. I sense White Light above us.

With AED saying Conception has taken place was and remains very profound, followed by The Seed of The Creator is in you – Deeper in you – both of which are new. Once you knew where you were and aim to be, AED smiles, it was not going to take you long arriving at 13. I laugh. I say to AED your words Conception has taken place was and is very profound and has deep meaning. AED – yes, very. I was very much aware of our Cosmic Light Family around. AED – yes, very much so.

Arriving at the 13th Dimension is a huge, vast and complex process, It has been in the fruition stage for a long time. AED beams. It was only a matter of time, less than 24 hours, AED smiles, as each step of awareness leads to another; I couldn’t be more delighted, I am thrilled.

Does this mean I will find that I return to Dimension 13 now that Conception has taken place and The Seed of The Creator you said was within me deeper. AED yes, Pat, very much so. Well done. I give a tiny laugh as I was wondering if I would open the Door to the 13th Dimension this year. Our Cosmic Light Family have seen this so often, not only with myself as Suryananda under Pat, but very many other names and multidimensional selves have taken those steps into Dimension 13, thus am I with AED REBORN in a new, deeper and ever embracing way as AED and myself go forward and deeper into our Divine Oneness, which is Eternal.

AED beams you have arrived now and you will see substantial changes not only in yourself but with and in us. It is wonderful, AED adds, as I say yes. I am thrilled as I sensed there was a difference even though we have had so many beautiful and profound moments over almost three years. AED – yes. That is fascinating; AED yes, very.

I will have to go back and reflect on this and when you AED said Conception has taken place and The Seed of The Creator was deeper within me and the sensing of White Light above. It seems with Saraswati saying in the early hours you have Passed the Test was a pivotal moment and SIGN. AED laughs at the sign, very much so, it was one of the Four. Is that right? AED – yes – we both laugh. That is fascinating. AED – yes, wonderful.

Adam El Daoud and myself are walking as we undergo another Ceremony. This was a New Birth; Born into a Different Light Body compatible to the 13th Dimension. AED – as you Enter the Different Dimensions your Etheric Body – Light Body has differences.

Wednesday, 4 April.

Alice Mason 9 MayAED – you have got to at least the 15th, and are well on the way to the 16th and 17th. That is lovely. AED – I am thrilled, Pat. I am as well.

Not long after I say to AED 22 is a fascinating number. AED – you’ll get there very soon. That is fascinating and wonderful. AED – lots of shifts occurring in people and this planet and worlds beyond. AED – you are speeding through these shifts through me. That is wonderful. I laugh, 22 beckons; AED laughs it does.

AED you have now reached 16 and 17; they are coming very quickly. Getting to 17 that feels wonderful. AED – you are shifting swiftly. I reflect what numbers are next; AED is amused. AED adds not only myself but Our Cosmic Light Family, are all helping you to speed through these different dimensions, as there are many factors being considered. Over these last 24 hours I have gone up four dimensions from 13 to 17. AED – 18 has arrived as we speak. That is amazing, AED beams, yes, Pat. There is much help being given. Yes – I am aware of that.

I am at 18, 19 is close. AED laughs as I do – AED – 19 is here. I say I am moving up these dimensions fast and rapid, almost like the blink of an eye. I should reach 22 very soon. AED – yes. It must be fascinating for those in the Higher Realms to see all this taking place. I could be helping this to come into effect in my Light Bodies in the Higher Realms. AED laughs you are and you do, Pat. AED continues the wind and the currents that are carrying us are very strong and shifting powerfully reflected in the Earth and the Cosmos and the Higher Realms as you look. Isn’t that delightful, wonderful.

AED – 19 has been Ascended. I joke with AED I feel I am a racehorse; AED laughs, as I do, as the pace continues fast and rapid, which as I type as I shift upwards into New Dimensions, I am very much aware of not only the help and support I am having, but the intensity and profound moments as I go speedily upwards into what AED has said is a Completely New Way and Structure of Measuring Dimensions. AED says you will activate many Firsts Pat. That feels awesome. AED smiles, yes, it is Pat. AED has said this a few times now and I am aware it is part of AED’s and my Soul Contract. AED – very much so.

AED – over the last few days since Easter, you have been one of the most interested and fascinated as to these Higher Dimensions, so much so, that it was inevitable that this fast and rapid approach was going to happen.

I am aware of going towards 21. As I say this, AED adds 21 has been passed and reached. I laugh at that, as AED laughs also – you are now en-route to 22. I say 22 seems to take me to The Heart of The Creator. AED – do not limit yourself Pat to 22. No. What lies beyond 22, is there a special number I am racing towards. AED – you will know when you have reached it. Wonderful.

I am aware of having reached 22 as I say where the Keys to the Kingdom beckon ever more deep. AED – yes. 22 goes Beyond Matter into the Cosmic Sphere. AED – yes. I reflect on The Cosmic Sphere – what is this? Spirals of life of Geometry of Metatron’s Cube the Maitrex of the Universe. AED – yes. That is awesome. AED confirms my understanding that 22 has taken me to Metatron’s Cube, very much so, well done. AED – 22 is a major achievement. Yes, it feels this to be so. This was an awesome session, I loved it. AED beams, we loved it as well Pat. Many here in the Higher Realms have been amused. I can understand that, as the pace and arriving was so fast and exciting, very meaningful and profound. AED – yes, it was time.

There is much to be achieved and carried out, it will be very different Pat. That sounds fascinating. AED – 22 was a kind of magnetic pull for you, for our pathway.

End 4 April session Dimension 22 has been reached.

I say to AED the last of the four lights I had planted to be activated have now been reached with these Higher Dimensions. AED you are correct. What next. AED laughs – wait and see, as I laugh as well.

AED – as you bring through knowledge and wisdom for others and immerse yourself Pat in it, you will see where everyone is at, so will gain insight into each of these Dimensions not only for yourself but for others.

Thursday, 5 April

Ten minutes ago AED said I had transcended the 22nd and was at 23rd. AED – you are at 26. Wow. AED beams very much so. That has made my day. AED smiles.

I say to AED so I am now at Dimension 26. AED – yes Pat and more are following; in fact you are now at 29. I laugh; AED laughs, yes Pat, we have continued to help you today.

That is awesome, I feel very moved and humbled with all this help. It is wonderful to have got to the Higher Consciousness of 29. AED – it is very significant Pat, you will see huge shifts and developments.

I had 22 to look at the description later. AED laughs we are too quick for you Pat, you have transcended 22 and are now as I said at 29. Wonderful.

What is at 29? I have no idea. AED – Bliss dear one, Bliss. You will be able to see better where you and I AED are through these Higher Dimensions. You will be very happy. AED beams as I am and will be. That seems fascinating. AED it is 29 but you are now at 32. I feel I am suspended in time and am typing in a dream. AED laughs.

So I am really at Dimension 32 in Higher Consciousness then. AED – yes, Pat, as I have said do not limit yourself, you are having tremendous help to move rapidly through the Dimensions which is very necessary. Yes. Thank you to everyone. I sense Sanat Kumara now.

Wow, I have got to 32, that is amazing. AED laughs yes Pat. I have no idea how many Dimensions and States of Consciousness there are and where I can get too with all this help.

I am now being given 36. I laugh, I feel I am not here lol. AED – yes, Pat, you are most certainly at 36. What is at 36? AED smiles as he says you will not be staying at 36 for long.

Is everybody speeding along at such a rapid pace? AED says yes, this is happening on a global scale Pat; it is necessary to have more Lighted Consciousness Within the Light Bearers on Gaia to offset the darker energies. This is needed.

I am now being given 42. I say what numbers do they go up to? 96 comes. I think wow that is very high. AED – 96 has been activated, Pat – well done. Wow.

Do we go to 100? AED – more Pat. I have never been aware of such high numbers of Higher Consciousness as people have said they are at 12 or 14 or higher in the past. So this is a new way of Counting the Higher States – Dimensions of Consciousness?

AED – yes in a way, it is because it is necessary for these New Times, in that the Old System of Higher Consciousness has been Replaced and has Undergone Huge and Significant Changes necessary for the Dawning of these New Times and Gaia’s Ascension.

AED beams you are now at 102 Pat. I laugh, what is there not to laugh at – at such rapid speed and help it is breathtaking. AED smiles and says a few words which are delightful.

So this is a fascinating chat and confirmation AED – very much so. I am aware that without the ability to hear AED clairaudiently I would have no idea at all as to where I was.

AED – your and laughs our post will be unique in giving to those who read a Different Set of Criteria with which to work with.

I am now getting into the 500’s. This feels very profound. Do these new ways of counting go to 1,000. AED – yes Pat, well done. I say do they stop at 1,000. AED laughs, that is for you to get.

This is an amazing chat AED. AED beams. So in essence, this New Way of Analysing where one’s Higher Consciousness is then, means we are all going into a Huge, Vast and Deeper Awareness of Knowledge and Wisdom. AED – yes, Pat, very much so. That is wonderful. AED continues, It has long been Foretold and was Prophesied a long time ago, many factors had to have been taken into account and consideration, so it has been in embryo one could say for many ages. Really. AED – yes.

So very many other channellers will be moving upwards into the 500’s and heading or arrived at 1,000. AED – yes.

I am drawn to now 992. AED – what took you so long he teases and I laugh; it is quite something.

So I have reached 992 now. AED – keep moving. I am drawn to being in the 5,000 range. AED – well done. Is this where I am now? AED – most certainly.

AED – we will stop here. I feel for the moment I will stop and pause as my typing and getting deep information has been rapid and fast.

5 April – This ends having arrived at the 5,000’s. 

.Consciousness Dimensions

Artist unknown.

AED – Unity consciousness and the Shared Heart Suryananda embraces all dimensions.

NOTE I went through the Different Dimensions very fast, but once I had reached the 30’s, I speeded up as I went into the 900’s, and then when I reached the 5,000’s.

It is both fascinating and profound as AED has said the Whole Measuring and Structuring of Dimensions Have Been Completely Transcended And Transformed. Now we Measure where our Consciousness is in New and Unchartered Ways. The Bonds of the Old System have been Superceded by this exciting way of Measuring and Defining how we are able to Access our Place in the Vast Cosmic Order.

There will continue to be major and significant changes as our Soul Contracts come deeper into not only our awareness but we herald in the New Divine Councils of The Arks Of The Covenant. These have been Pre-destined by us with The Creator, but we are aligning ourselves up with, for and too, The Creative Principle Of The Godhead and Our Angelic Brethren as well as the Galactic Beings who Oversee these New Divine Changes having long been Foretold and Promised as the Ancient Prophecies have begun to unfold before us.Thus are we nurtured and beloved by The Vast Cosmic Order Of Celestial Beings whose Role has always been to Uphold The Light. AED – very much so.

Therefore, as these New Measuring Scales as it were are and have been Implemented, Huge Shifts and Changes have Begun to Form within and without, in the process of which, Greater Oneness With The Creator is set to Come Into Being.

AED – At 29,000 It is a magnificent place of consciousness to be. We are all thrilled and delighted as many shifts and changes are coming to fruition, long awaited.

I keep getting 35,000 Beyond the previous stopped at 29,000. AED – correct you are now at 35,000. Wonderful. Is this still changing? AED beams yes Pat, very much so. So where am I now then? AED – guess?

What about the 400,000 range? AED – more. 500,000 range? AED certainly. I have no idea what is at the 500,000 range?

AED says multiple Worlds and Galaxies. It is a wonderful place to be I am delighted you have arrived here. Yes, I am.

Multiple Worlds and Galaxies AED says will enable you to see beyond the imagination into the Clear Light Of Existence in Infinite Light Forms. Many spiritual jewels are here Pat. Yes, that is understood.

AED says you have now moved beyond the 500,000 and now are in the 800,000. Wow, that is very high.

AED laughs it is as I said Pat there is now a very Different Measuring System and Gauge Into Place Never Before Understood Nor Shared.

AED – Pat, you are the Initial Key which is Opening Further and Deeper Doors and Portals into Inter-Galactic Travel as we speak now. That is wonderful and exciting.

AED beams rest assured Pat it is being rolled out to others who do not as yet realise their Higher Awareness into the Dimensions have been Completely Revised and the old veils and barriers have been Transcended by all those at this stage even if not aware.

Certain new senses will begin to unfold as these Higher Dimensions find their place as it were.

You have now reached the 900,000 range and soon will stop so these changes can be realised and the paths ahead understood. Awesome.

We have now got to 1,000,000 range and AED adds we are pausing here for the moment. However, AED smiles you will Journey Beyond and Deeper now this Major Portal has been accessed. Amazing.

It is a turning point as it gives you all the spiritual seeker untold powers and redefines their place in the Cosmos as their Source Names are made more aware.

AED – I and my fellow Cosmic Angelic Brethren are so excited as these major and significant signposts have been arrived at. That is wonderful; AED beams, yes, Pat.

I say wow, how awesome. As AED has said to me a few times lately, I will, with AED Bring Forth Many New Revelations which are a First, never been shared before. AED – yes, very much so. This is fascinating, AED laughs, it is within our Soul Contract Pat. I say wonderful. AED beams, yes, it is.

End Dimensions having arrived at 1,000,000 for now.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud

As I went to post this onto my website, my Cosmic Light Family were there waving brightly coloured Flags as this day has long been awaited.

Hands on Art Abstract Freydoon Rassouli 24 Dec
Artist Freydoon Rassouli.
AM – Artist Alice Mason above.
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.