The Winds Of Creation – The Sands Of Time. From The Akashic Records.

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From The Akashic Records.
As I continue to tune into my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, after a ten minute break from what I have shared in Part 1 – The Winds Gather Pace As The Egyptian Sands Reveal Their Secrets Once Again.
“I begin by seeing myself on a camel ”                   
“I am here AED says, adding a few personal words – we will take this journey together”
“I am one with Hatsheput,  beloved of Amon Ra”
“The Blue Nile how I love this”
“It is drawing me back into its warm embrace once again”
“I have a few tears”.
“I know Amon Ra is deeply emotional from over 25 years”
“And, I was – am very attuned and one with Hatshepsut, beloved of Amon Ra”.
“The night is full of a million stars”
“I have seen this view so many times with my Beloved”
“He is coming once again to teach me Divine Love and understanding of the True Nature of the Cosmos”
“This has brought tears to me again, just these initial words”.
“They seem to belong with AED’s and my continuing remembrances – on my part into Egypt and The Great Pyramid”
“As this is very much where AED and myself were, have been, and are today and in the Now moment”
“The noise of the desert sands are as whispers on our heart and soul”
“We have been here so often since time immemorial”
“I Hear a Voice”
“I think for a moment of Melchisadek”
“But I sense it is Father God  -The Father”
“He Whom Spoke to me in a dream the other day on our Parchment”.
“I AM That I AM”
“It’s time Suryananda, Father says to unlock the Secrets of Creation”.
“Those words heard back in May 2015 – AT that time will the Secerets of the Great Pyramid be revealed – are here now”.
“Listen and remember”.
“The Sounds are more than sounds they are the Drumbeat of the Universe
“He who understands them IS WHERE I AM”.
“I am a Being of Light – White Light”
“I am rising upwards into the Cosmos on wings of The Father – My Father”.
“AED and myself are soaring upwards into the Universe side by side, in a way holding hands”.
The Winds of Creation cry out to me”.
“The Elements are all here and upon the Wind is the Breath of The Creator”
“Beings of Light are on the Breath of the Winds “.
“The Winds I hear – they take me back to Egypt”
“To my past, to my present and to my and AED’s Future Role”.
“As I go deeper into our Soul Contract”
“The Winds of Creation say my name” 
“Suryananda, Suryananda, Suryananda”.
“I find myself listening what else do the Winds of The Creator say?”
“It is now time to begin your Mission – All has been set into place”.
“My Son is with you in ever deepening ways” – “Take The Holy Chalice and Breathe into its Golden Presence once again I hear”.
“Whilst tuning in with my beloved Adam El Daoud, we are also going back and into King Arthur, the Knights, Camelot, Merlin and the Priestesses of those times, together with Yeshua, His disciples and Joseph of Arimathea”.
“We are connecting to both Egypt and Avalon”, “The time for both is unfolding into new and exciting ways long prophesised and foretold”.
“I SEE The Sphinx beloved of AED and myself – At one time both male and female”.
“The time of the Divine Merging and Union with male and female is once again upon us”.
“I say to AED have I gone deep enough?” “AED says I am here beloved”.
“The Great Pyramid is once again an Initiation Chamber”. “Many of our Light Family are here all gathered around as they and we have been in ages past”. “A feast of colour to my and our senses”.
“Anubis comes up to us and we greet each other with much love”. “All is very quiet in The Great Hall – The Great Temple”.
“I feel I am being taken back to Noah and pre-flood times”. “Atlantis and Egypt are once again here”. “Our souls are connecting to these two energies”. “Portals between one and the other are wide open”.
“It is a sight and scene we have seen”. “Often Rose petals adorn the Portal, I wonder why no Lotus flowers?” “The rose petals are as a symbol of the merging of the Divine one with the other”.
“Such is happening today we are Birthed into Created Light once again”
“Thus are we Home”.
“The sound of the Wind takes me back to ancient days”.“To the Sounds of the Cosmos as it was being Formed”. “Our Angelic breathren are around”. 
“Amitabha and the other Embodiments of God”. “The Divine Mothers’ Golden chariots are here in abundance”.
“I wonder if anything else will come”. ” I have crown energies”. “I wonder if I need to tune in for longer?” “AED says it is not necessary today “
“What has been given was needed to be said and this has been so”.
“The Portal in my throat feels active”. “There seems quite a long procession of us all in bright colours”.“Just as I am awakening, so are many others I am told”.
“Much which had remained hidden, is once again being understood and remembered”.
“The Doorway to The Akashic Records is being read by many”. “As Home Opens Its Doors”. “That Golden Key is fully open”.
“I sense and see Lotus blossoms”. “They are beautiful and fragrant”. “And I find I am feeling warmer when just before I was a little cooler”.
“Moses smiles at me as I am one with Tek Sek, boyhood friend to Moses”. “AED smiles at me as I remember so much of our shared history”.“Much of which has been known for some time”.
“The Alchemy of Fire comes to me as I listen it feels to the Sounds of the Wind”.
“The Cosmos heals and will heal for that Alchemical transformation has been set to go”. “And now is the time for Alchemical Access to The Holy Grail”.
“That Golden Key to the Cosmos weaves its magic”. “As once again the Sights and Sounds of Egypt draw back in my Beloved and I”. “My heart seems to be beating fast as I pause in my typing”.

“I sensed a Golden Cobra rise up from the Egyptian Sands but had dismissed it earlier”. “But this Golden Cobra has once again come into my thoughts and senses”. “And I feel was a Protector”. “During Egyptian lives of both AED and myself”.
“And is saying Beneath the Sands of Egypt are still the Secrets of Creation”. “And I will help you to remember them”.
“I AM That I AM Within The Ark of Life”. “Within The Ark of The Covenant Lies My Secrets”. “The cover to this has been opened many times by you Suryananda”. “And Initiation after Initiation has been undergone”.
“As I go over this session of tuning into AED, it has been both deeply profound and incredibly moving”.
“Bringing tears of great joy and blessings, recognising that AED and myself are going deeper into Our Soul Contract as the Akashic Records Have Opened Their Heart and Soul to myself, Suryananda, with AED once again”.
“Thus is both bliss and joy, lived, loved and experienced, as our Inner Soul Journey, manifesting outwardly here on Gaia, continues”.
egyptian under sarcophagus woman