The Vale of Flowers In Atlantis Millions of Years Ago Where The Sun God & The Sun Goddess & Atlanteans Were Taught By Our Angelic Brethren How To Imbue The Light Within & Journey As They Did To Other Worlds. From The Akashic Records.

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The Vale of Flowers in Atlantis millions of years ago, where The Sun God & The Sun Goddess were husband and wife. There was a Yellow Rock, which was a Structure & Monument in Dedication to The Sun God. Our Angelic Brethren taught us How to Imbue The Light Within us as we Played Music and Sang of The Spheres, in that they our Angelic Brethren, Taught us how to use Light Language to make the Pure Sound necessary and essential to enable each one of us to Transcend our Home and Journey to Other Planets & Star Systems. It was not that we did not do this but our Angelic Brethren showed us how to Enter these new and very different states of consciousness as they did.

From The Akashic Records. 18 June, 2019.

As I tuned into another deep session with Adam El Daoud, we continued our ancient memories as we went back into The Vale of Flowers in Atlantis. We had a Yellow River millions of years ago here in Atlantis, which has long gone. As Atlanteans we were known throughout many Realms for The Vale of Flowers, which was a magnificent sight dedicated to The Worship of The Sun – encompassed here within The Sun God & The Sun Goddess.
The Sun Goddess was also a Matriarch. It was a very happy time as many Initiations and Ceremonies took place, each leading to higher states of consciousness and New Etheric Light Births in yet another One Light Form for Eternal Beloved’s.
AED confirmed The Vale of Flowers as I was shown a vast, huge and magnificent expanse of Flowers, more than has ever been seen on Gaia. During these early times in Atlantis, Within The Galactic Sun, AED and myself had many Forms in our One Light Body, entering as did other Atlanteans into New Births as an on-going process. We travelled to innumerable other Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands by a wide range of ways as we used different methods of transporting ourselves. Whether by Sky Plane, Inter-Galactic travel, teleportation and what we today would describe as very unusual means of crossing vast distances.
During these times in Atlantis we were taught by our Angelic Brethren HOW to Imbue The Light Within us as we Played Music and Sang of The Spheres, in that they, our Angelic Brethren, taught us How to Use Light Language to Make The Pure Sound Necessary and Essential, to Enable Each one of us to Transcend our Home and to Journey to Other Planets and Star Systems. It was not that we did not do this but our Angelic Brethren showed us how to Enter these new and very different states of consciousness as they did.
In this way we were able to commune and even stay on occasions if this was thought to be sufficiently of interest on these other Planets and Star Systems, where Music was the Key; for them, Music was their Signature Note to The Creator, and that as we, In The Vale of Flowers, mixed and shared our own Gifts of The Spirit with The Flower People and other Races & Cosmic Beings, we were able to benefit for us as a Community, that which they our Angelic Brethren were able to share with us as they imbued with us, their own unique and individual Act of Service To The Creator. AED very much so.
The Role of The Sun Goddess, married to The Sun God, was both complex and varied and that The Sun Goddess in her Role as A Matriarch of the People of Atlantis, both gave and received Highest Initiations From The Solar Logos.
In these times White Lillies took us Atlanteans to The Wedding Feast & The Marriage of The Sun God & The Sun Goddess. White Lillies were very much revered and treasured. AED absolutely.
Today, Atlantis continues to evolve, expand and becomes ever more etherealised as Atlantis has itself, undergone many deep and significant changes going back millions of years.
In the present, The Vale of Flowers as was then in Atlantis no longer exists but as all existence and ancient civilisations and those in the Higher Realms as is Atlantis Within The Galactic Sun and other Worlds & Pure Lands, all is accessible now from not only The Akashic Records but with Awakened Consciousness as we Enter back through the aeons into what was before time immemorial.
This continues to be fascinating, nothing that has existed is lost, but what for many people a civilisation such as Atlantis they believe has ended has never been lost. Atlantis, is very much lived in, loved and treasured in the present within The Galactic Sun. AED very much so.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
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Flowers taken by unknown source.