The Temple of Amitabha Buddha. From The Akashic Records

Amitabha Buddha in The Pure Lands. Artist unknown.
From The Akashic Records. 29 June, 2017.
“As I tune into my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, with intent and focus, I say I see you on a white horse to AED”. “AED laughs delightedly”.
This feels awesome
It is delightful when I sense AED chuckling, laughing or amused
It brings him closer and it aids us going deeper as there is that communication and awareness
So AED is on his white horse
I had a sense of him and myself in Egypt
I sense A Pharaoh and Queen and colour next to each other
A Procession
I don’t think we are getting married
It is to proclaim the New Pharaoh who is Adam El Daoud, but not under this name
I am by his side as his Queen
There is much colour vivid, and noise and laugher
We are very much in love
AED takes my hand as we look at each other
The Procession is about to begin
That gives me goose bumps
There is loud cheering and applause
Lots of food and laughter
A banquet is being laid on
For the Pharaoh and his Queen, who is myself, Suryananda
I wonder which Pharaoh?
I pause
I have gone to our wedding night
AED sweeps me up in his arms
The sounds of Egypt abound
The noise is exquisite
We fall into each other’s arms
Artist unknown.
It has it seems been a long time coming
I wonder why that feels so
“AED says I had to wait for you
As I have before and will again, adding a few personal words”
That feels profound
I now see us in Golden Robes
It is time for our Initiation
I sense a Golden Sarcophagus
I wonder what the initiation will consist of
“AED laughs
As he says I am with you always Suryanander, take my hand
Together we are going into the Deeper Mysteries of the Universe
Of Creation Itself”
“Is this why we are in Gold
Alchemical I wonder”
“AED says yes
we are rising above our physical bodies
as we have done so often and will do again”
Melchisadek is here and Osiris
Members of our Light family are there to greet us and share with us this Awesome Gift from The Father – Our Father
It is bestowed on my Beloved and myself as his Twin Flame
But this can be for a Divine Consort
It takes us to Amitabha
And the Temple of The Golden Flame of The Sun
Amitabha and His Attendants. Artist unknown.
The Son Temple has opened it doors to AED and myself, Suryananda
Inside it is magnificent
Crystals and gold and many people are inside
It is quite a revelation
We are not alone
I sense clapping as yet another time my beloved and I are once more Home.
Amitabha is here and Pandara.
It feels an awesome occasion. AED and myself, Suryananda, look tenderly at each other
And both have tears of joy and emotion
And gratitude
Where we are we are indeed blessed
As we were in the Sands of Egypt – on the Sands
We have moved beyond Egypt and are in a Palace
Palace – I feel it is like a Palace
“Sanat Kumar and Archangel Michael and The Elders are so wonderful as they come and say hello to my beloved and I.”
“My Light Family say stay with the Palace and re-enter this point next time as I connect with AED, as this will give me a reference point to go deeper”.
We are being given Special Rites
It is a Rite of Initiation
The Golden Palace of Amitabha and of The Sun Son God
God The Father Mother are there and all those around the Throne
Angelic singing
Choirs with beautiful music
“I say to AED can we go back deeper into the Golden Palace
It is filled with jewels and crystals
And tremendous singing is taking place”
AED takes me into his arms
And we have a moment of absolute tenderness as we are one in Eternity, no separation
We are deeply moved as it feels others here are
They too will experience what we do and have done so, as it is not exclusive to AED and myself.
So, I remember, I need to see if I can go back to the Palace. That feels awesome.
I feel it is The Temple of Amitabha Buddha.
The Temple of The Golden Lotus in the Heart of The Sun.
The Temple of Amitabha Buddha The Holy Spirit.
Note:  typed this fast and rapid. I have posted this in the same style as a few of my others, by lines, as that was how I typed, and it gives a sense of the energies.
Amitabha and The Pure Lands. Artist unknown.