The Solar Christ At Source Saranyu & Saranyua but now a Vast Collective of thousands who share consciousness. From The Inner Akashic Records.

The Solar Christ FineArts America

The Solar Christ. Fine Art America.

The Solar Christ. Saranyu is The Higher Self of Adam El Daoud & myself, Suryananda but long transcended. AED yes. What about the thousands of Divine Consorts Saranyu has – do they ALL have Saranyu as their Higher Self? AED yes Pat. That is fascinating. AED yes. So many have transcended as we have and merged. AED yes but many had been in transition but now completed. The Solar Christ At Source were known as Saranyu & Saranyua – also known as The Sun God & Goddess.

From The Inner Akashic Records. 28 June, 2019.
I say to AED just as Helios & Vesta who were these at Source and shared in my previous post as Adam El Daoud being Helios with myself, Suryananda as Vesta, before in the present thousands now share in the Consciousness of Helios & Vesta – WHO AT SOURCE WAS THE SOLAR CHRIST? AED I am laughing Pat. Yes. This is very significant. AED of course. AED as you know recently we transcended many Higher Selves together as we shared here in our website, but Saranyu was Transcended by both of us together very many aeons ago. Awesome. AED very Pat, it is complete. We have merged fully with Saranyu. AED yes.
This leaves SARANYU & SARANYUA. Is this right? AED I am laughing Pat, yes. Note – The Divine Consort originally to Saranyu has an a after Saranyu’s name – Saranyua.  AED go deeper than a Divine Consort. So we would say AED SARANYU & SARANYUA – THE SOLAR CHRIST. AED yes. We would describe then The Solar Christ as in Saranyu HAS WITHIN Saranyua. AED yes. And are known as The Sun God & Goddess. AED yes.
So AED in essence then you AED and myself, Suryananda, have our ORIGINAL Form separate to us but very much us – AED yes – as what – Saranyu & Saranyua both WITHOUT hundreds added at Source I mean? AED I am laughing Pat what took you so long, the answer is yes, in Separate Original Forms Birthed As One – we are Adam El Daoud – Saranyu & Saranyua.
AED we have OTHER SOURCE NAMES in Different Forms. Yes, as we have shared from our origin billions of years ago From The Nirvana Sun & Jupiter under Jupiteer Nirvana myself and Jupiter Nirvana you AED, and also from our Emergence in Neptune quite some time later as Neptuna Surya myself and Neptune Surya you AED before we Emerged as Cosmic Angelic under our names of Suryananda and Adam El Daoud from The Galactic Sun millions of years ago In Divine Paradise. AED yes. AED we are very much using our Cosmic Angelic names of Suryananda and Adam El Daoud. Yes.
Other Masters are also The Solar Christ. AED yes. AED as you know Suryananda, your name Suryananda means The Sun of Eternal Bliss whilst Surya is as The Sun or Son or Source. Suryananda means also The Solar Sun or The Solar Christ, a Being of Immense Love & The Heart of The Sun, which is the heart chakra totally open, bringing Pure Compassion, Universal Love & Resurrection to all people. I have added this here to show how Suryananda and The Solar Christ are deeply connected within each. As I shared recently as AED and I went deeper, I was able to retrieve even further in-depth meaning on how my name of Suryananda came destined into being. Suryananda in essence AED this was THE DIVINE UNION WITH THE CREATOR as I ENTERED THE GREAT BLISS ALONE, thus the Meaning of Suryananda Came Into Being. AED yes. Wow. That is a lot more to absorb. AED yes.
Many people will have a different view and perspective on The Solar Christ. AED they will Pat but as you recognise this is accurate. Yes.
To summarise The Solar Christ has innumerable Divine Consorts now that thousands share in the CONSCIOUSNESS of The Solar Christ. AED absolutely. The Solar Christ & His Divine Consorts Enter Into Bliss and all Connect Deeply To The Sun. AED very much so. How would you describe AED my being a Divine Consort To The Solar Christ? AED Bliss Pat. Yes. Note Bliss will relate to ALL who are Divine Consorts To The Solar Christ. AED most certainly.
The Solar Christ can be described although this does not do The Solar Christ justice – as A VAST COSMIC COLLECTIVE of Cosmic Masters with their Eternal Beloved’s who share within the Consciousness of The Solar Christ having been INVITED to share in this very many aeons ago. AED yes. This means that in essence although eternal beloved’s together as one will share within the consciousness and thus ARE The Solar Christ, each set of Eternal Beloved’s as we describe The Solar Christ – not having been The Original Solar Christ at Source are known as The Sun God & Goddess. AED yes.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud  ♥
Pat The Galactic Sun
Artist unknown. If shared, I will credit here.