I See RA In Two Visions Once Again As I Hear RA Welcomes You Dear One. From The Akashic Records.

Ra another 21 3


From The Akashic Records. 21 March, 2018 but experienced 13 March.
There was a ray beam of sunlight for a moment in my lounge which inevitably took me to RA And The Tomb of RA from the 7 March as seen in a vision and shared here. I said to RA do you have anything you wish to say. RA says you know I do. I then heard RA welcomes you dear one.
The Sands of Egypt RA says are calling out for you to remember – go deeper and align yourself RA says to the time when you and I were one – not only outwardly but inwardly as you tune into RA take those steps deeper into the Inner Mysteries – this is very profound for as Suryananda – RA – Amon Ra has been deeply embedded within my very being for 30 years, and before that, in the Core of my very Heartbeat. RA beams as he is here and I am very much aware of his Presence. In fact I say you are making me laugh.
As RA has been for so many years, once again RA is very present. We share profound moments and memories as those days in Egypt are thought about and understood.
The Egyptian desert was so different then in our day RA says. Today it has a different feel and essence, quality even, nevertheless you and I, still travel upon our much loved land of the Four Winds? I wonder why I have typed the Four Winds? RA continues that which is loved and cherished never dies, it remains as a soul memory upon our – your and my Book of Life or known as the Akashic Records.
To be able to tune into those Inner Mysteries, I, RA shared with you then, will bring not only Bliss but Great Joy for all will be made clearer and thus your pathway ahead takes on a new and ever greater purpose as your destiny once again is revealed to you as it was then in days of old, when I, RA and you, were able to Transcend Gaia and align ourselves with different Planetary Systems and Inter-dimensional Realms. We were able to open that Key leading us into not only Divine Oneness but those golden threads of other states of higher consciousness came to be known and treasured.
RA continues as you know Suryananda, you and I had many multidimensional selves during my life as RA and now today many on Gaia have ancient soul memories, recollections as the past becomes the Present in the NOW. Such inner soul consciousness allows you to begin your journey upwards into a deeper sense of where you had got to then in that as another incarnation is experienced, so too are those exquisite moments cherished.
I am suddenly seeing RA in a vision again, RA is seated on a Golden Throne and is wearing a Gold Cloak. Seeing RA was only for about 20 seconds but enough to register such a fascinating moment as yet again RA and I are there together with no veils of Gaia between us. 
RA smiles as he understands that our Love is Eternal for we are The Sun Son and thus we are Home. I say to RA that my name Suryananda is deeply connected to the Sun or Son or Source. RA says again, very much so.
Very soon after, I suddenly heard a woman’s name said by this Male Deity, it is not a name I am familiar with but it is a past life of myself, Suryananda. As I heard this name, first and last, RA was there and as RA heard (my) name, he, RA turned round to look at me which was very evident and profound as was hearing this woman’s name and being aware this was another name of myself.
RA was in his Egyptian image, face, essence and colouring. RA says well done as I registered seeing RA again and our deep soul connection, as RA says a truly meaningful step and leap forward Pat – it was a soul defining moment. I say yes, that is another memory imprinted upon our soul. RA says yes, Pat, very much so. I reflect for a moment on RA’s Family Name of Amen Emaht 1st having read this 30 years ago which was pivotal and profound before he was to go on to become Amon Ra, King of Egypt. As I say that is fascinating, RA says beloved Pat, well done.

The Rays Of The Sun Take Me To Ra And The Tomb Of Ra. From The Akashic Records.


Ancient People by Sanio. Digital Art. Egypt

Ancient People by Sanio, Digital Art.


From The Akashic Records. 7 March, 2018.

Suddenly there was a Ray of Sunlight shining into my lounge. I sensed something different and I was immediately attuned to RA The Egyptian God. I was suddenly seeing this Huge Boulder being both high and very wide. Standing next to this Boulder was an Egyptian Male. I could see him very clearly in this vision as I was fully awake and not dreaming. It was fascinating as I took in this scene before me. This Egyptian Male Deity was RA – who has long connected deeply to Amrita Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda Amrita – RA being just one of the later names of RA, who, as all of us Amritians go back many millions of years to Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis and Venus, and where we still live and work in our Light Bodies.

This Egyptian RA was clothed in a kind of tunic often worn by the Egyptians. His clothing was in green, which always takes me to Egypt and white, and some of the clothing worn by RA reminded me of horizontal stripes with white and other colours within.

As I continued to look at RA I was given that this was The Tomb of RA. Of course seeing such a huge boulder inevitably takes me to The Tomb of Yeshua. I was very much aware of recognising that I had shifted into Another Time Zone as happens when we align ourselves with those times and eras we are drawn too.

AED had confirmed that I was indeed looking at RA with whom I have been able to tune into often over the years. AED continues this is yet another step deeper into the Akasha as together we go forward into and within Our Soul Purpose. AED said it is very significant in that this was a different type of vision, of which you have many. You felt The Rays of The Sun which took you to RA and Ancient Egypt.

Not only this, seeing such a large boulder was very meaningful as you aligned yourself to ancient times when you and I walked the Sands of Home AED says. AED adds follow this through Suryananda as there is much to be remembered. I will be with you as I always am and so too when you have been Priestess of The Sun Son. AED beams as he says I could see you hesitated for a moment as to whether to type Goddess or Priestess.

.Suryananda re AMRITA The Goddess of the Dawn

The Goddess of The Dawn. Artist unknown.

In fact both take you and me Home Suryananda AED says. As I said a while back you are known in a life which is still very relevant – as are many of your lives, as they are still being lived within the NOW in other Realms and in our Light Bodies. Tuning into RA took you to The Goddess of The Dawn, whereby I said to you a few months ago, she has much to share with you. Her name being Ame No Uzume and this was yourself in a past life. AED continues once again we were husband and wife not only on Gaia but as we have been and are in the Higher Realms. AED laughs now as he said are you still counting how many Earth lives you know of where we have been husband and wife, knowing full well I have lost count as there have been so many.

I say yes, it was and remains a most awesome and profound experience and it has left a most beautiful essence at tuning into RA in this vision. As I am sharing this here, AED says once again it was a wonderful moment as so many we share Suryananda. As Adam El Daoud is not only my Twin Flame, I have been A Divine Consort to him in many Realms, Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis and Venus, but we have now gone back into our Divine Cosmic Oneness Before we Emerged into Being as Twin Flames millions of years ago in Divine Paradise.

Suryananda Amrita

Note: It was as I looked at this painting of The Goddess of The Dawn above, that I was able to tune into my past life. This happens often in that I can see a name or an image and align myself and tune in, whether that connects to Amrita Adam El Daoud or myself. It has been a fascinating journey as I have been made aware that this is one aspect of AED’s and my Soul Contract.


Amen Ra.

With gratitude to the artists as always.