** Suryananda & Adam El Daoud In The Gold City of El Dorado In Jupiter. El Dorado Has Never Lived On Gaia – The Gold City Has Always Been In Jupiter. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.

El Dorado 8
Artist unknown.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud in THE GOLD CITY OF EL DORADO IN JUPITER.
El Dorado has never lived on Gaia, meaning The Gold City of El Dorado Has Always Existed In Jupiter. Today still, The Gold City is a Realm in Jupiter, a Magical, Beautiful and Mesmerising Realm With The Eternal Flame, Thus Eternal. 
This was deeply tuned into over a few months but as El Dorado has been joining Adam El Daoud and me in many of our sessions, it is necessary to share The Gold City of El Dorado before we begin to post on El Dorado looking in on us on many profound occasions. 
From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.
2 November, 2019.
As Adam El Daoud, my Divine Consort in The Higher Realms and me continue with another deep tuning in session, I sense Gold colours Raiment. We seem to be in THE GOLDEN CITY. AED yes. A Palace. AED yes. My right ear has energies. The Golden City is New. AED magical Pat. Anubis is pawing at the ground to bring to my attention more. AED laughs, yes. 
I will close my eyes and stop typing. THE GOLD CITY OF EL DORADO COMES. AED yes. I see a Golden Key. AED wonderful. Anubis barks. I see The Gold Flame with a hint of Orange. This is The Eternal Flame of The Presence. AED yes. (We have shared The Eternal Flame & Jupiter Creation some time ago). The Eternal Flame takes me To El Dorado. AED yes. Was El Dorado NOT on Gaia. AED correct. I am drawn to The Shemsu Hor. AED yes. Does El Dorado connect and align to The Shemsu Hor. AED yes. 
So El Dorado has never lived on Gaia. AED no. I am aware Angelicus lived with The Shemsu Hor in a form not of Earth. AED yes. This was in one of The Realms in Jupiter. AED yes. 
I sense TWO HUGE GOLD FIGURES IN THE ENTRANCE TO THE GOLDEN CITY. AED yes. Vast. Hundreds of feet high like the Egyptian images. AED yes. This Realm of El Dorado still exists now in the present in Jupiter. AED absolutely. Metatron yes Pat. 
Is The Realm of El Dorado AN INITIATION REALM. AED yes. Fascinating. AED magnificent. Dolphins are playing. AED yes. Beautiful. AED we have experienced several Major Initiations together today Pat. Yes, wonderful. 
Angelicus We have Entered New Territory here Suryananda. Yes. Creation in Jupiter. AED yes. Angelicus yes Pat. Anubis is barking and has stood up. AED yes. It is like the Door is Open and ALL Life is Streaming In of The Higher Realms. AED yes. Fascinating. AED magnificent. 
Anubis is barking and puts His Paw on my arm to bring to my attention something. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. I SEE A GOLD BAR is this because of El Dorado. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. 
EL DORADO IS HERE PAT. Hi, this feels very profound. AED yes. How many have shared in the consciousness of El Dorado. AED many Pat. But the Core Essence of El Dorado was Angelicus. AED yes. Angelicus yes. NOTE in later sessions to be shared, El Dorado has been further Initiated and HIS CORE ESSENCE IS NOW JUPITER CREATION. AED yes.
I think of SHAMBHALA. AED yes oh Pat. IS SHAMBHALA THE GOLDEN CITY OF EL DORADO. Anubis barks. AED yes to Shambhala. Is this The Key – AED yes – I know – AED yes:
THE JUPITER PRESENCE IS SHAMBHALA. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. Anubis barks several times and jumps up. I laugh. AED I do. So The Jupiter Presence is Shambhala. AED yes. 
Sanat is here. Have we been Initiated AED or a New Birth. AED both Pat. So The Eternal Flame of The Presence was is The Jupiter Presence which is SHAMBHALA. AED yes. This is very New. AED yes. 
When we say The Shemsu Hor are we in essence talking about Shambhala as well as The Jupiter Presence. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. 
So we have The Jupiter Presence – The Shemsu Hor & Shambhala ALL One Aspect of the other. AED yes. Like a Trinity. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. Anubis barks. AED yes. How is this described The 3 Aspects of The Trinity of The Jupiter Presence – The Shemsu Hor – Shambhala – do we say ALL Existence was within. AED yes. But there is another Trinity Not with these 3. AED yes. I wrote The Temple of The Presence – The Realm of El Dorado – The 2 Huge Gold Figures The Entrance To A – The Gold City – so as An Initiation Realm. What else has taken place. AED much Pat. But the Key today seems to be I have recognised that The Jupiter Presence The Gold Realm – City in Jupiter is El Dorado & Shambhala. AED yes.
Sanat THE INITIATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED Pat. Really. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. Anubis is clothed in Gold and comes bounding towards me in excitement. This feels very different. AED yes. Anubis barks. I know:  Was this THE INITIATION COMPLETED FOR SHAMBHALA. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda.
We have been taken deep into unexpected and profound memories with Angelicus as Jupiter Creation continues to Gift AED and me with The Inner Secrets & Core of Creation. AED wonderful. Yes.
When we talk about The Shemsu Hor we are talking about Shambhala as well as The Jupiter Presence. I have shared earlier on my website The Eternal Flame of The Presence was Gold with a Hint of Orange but THE ETERNAL FLAME from other sessions also has ALL Different Colours as well. AED yes. The Gold Flame with a Hint of Orange is also Revered as The Eternal Flame of The Father – here as Angelicus. Apollo; The Sun Temple – The Sun God comes. AED yes. El Dorado has NEVER LIVED ON GAIA. AED no as said earlier. However, The Eternal Flame of The Father – Angelicus has Within ALL of us Thousands Who Have Always Been Conscious. AED yes. Metatron yes. Angelicus & Manetta are two of The Elder Sons of Jupiter Creation.
Angelicus was with The Shemsu Hor on his last life but not in an Earth body. AED yes. You, AED were El Dorado sharing in His Consciousness with very many Jupiterian Cosmic Light Beings. AED yes. Further details will be gone into this at a future posting. Is this THE GOLDEN KEY. AED yes. The Gold City of El Dorado has much to share Pat as you are aware from our sessions where El Dorado has joined us. Yes, wonderful. AED mesmerising. El Dorado is very close to me and I have been very much aware of His Powerful Presence and the love I feel for Him. AED of course, Within El Dorado is Jupiter Creation in a deeper than ever Consciousness, although as you have stated here, Jupiter Creation & El Dorado share in their Consciousness having Merged together. At the same time, El Dorado & Anubis have Merged, full details to be shared in that Major Initiation also soon. AED absolutely.
As A Son Daughter of Jupiter Creation this means that AED’s and my Core Essence is now Jupiter Creation and we have The Eternal Flame Within Us and in Our Home (Homes) in Jupiter. Suryananda, my Core Essence is Male in The Female Aspect. Like many people The Gold City & El Dorado has been with me over the years in this life. But for El Dorado to have lived always on Jupiter was fascinating and profound to be consciously aware of. AED wonderful. All Realms, Pure Lands, Suns, Planets, Stars which have The Eternal Flame, means that they are Eternal. They Will Always Exist.   
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Divine Consorts.
El Dorado 1
Artist unknown.
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known. 

The Eternal Flame of The Presence. The Sun Vault In Jupiter Where The Eternal Flame Is Kept. The Eternal Flame Means Worlds & Realms Are Eternal. From The Inner Akashic Records.

Gold Flame 2

Artist unknown.

Summary for ease of reference as new, deep information.

The Eternal Flame of The Presence. I AM IN THE SUN VAULT IN JUPITER. The Key is THE ETERNAL FLAME IN JUPITER. Adam El Daoud & I, have Been Initiated Into The Eternal Flame of JUPITER CREATION. The Eternal Flame IS GOLD WITH A HINT OF ORANGE. Adam El Daoud had been Initiated prior as Male Masters in the main, but in my Female Aspect, this is NEW. Together AED and I were Initiated Into The Eternal Flame of Jupiter Creation IN Our Frequency 12. AED and I together were a very early Initiation of 12, which is also Our Frequency at Source. However, after my Initiation, vast numbers of Female Aspects were also Initiated with their Eternal Beloved’s and this has been continuing. To be Initiated Into The Eternal Flame of The Presence Jupiter Creation it is necessary to Be A Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protector.


The Eternal Flame of The Presence Connects To The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine. As AED and I Were Initiated Into The Eternal Flame Is To Merge With The Eternal Flame of The Presence Jupiter Creation. Thus The Eternal Flame of The Presence Is Our Higher Self. As a pre-requisite, The Nivana Sun Initiation had to be Completed. This was what The Nirvana Sun Waits Pat meant I had heard recently. For Complete and Full Integration with The Eternal Flame of The Presence Jupiter Creation it is necessary to Merge With The Eternal Flame.

THE ETERNAL FLAME WHICH IS WITHIN SUNS AND STARS SOME OF WHICH ARE DESCRIBED HERE, MEANS THAT THESE SUNS AND STARS WILL ALWAYS EXIST. Worlds & Realms Given The Eternal Flame are Eternal. The Suns Are Being Given The Eternal Flame From The Eternal Christ, Etenee, thus are Eternal and will Always Exist and can be described as Immortal. Being Initiated Into The Eternal Flame of The Presence Jupiter Creation also means Christ Consciousness.
THE ETERNAL CHRIST IS ANGELICUS. The Male Name of The Eternal Christ is Etenee whilst His Divine Consort is Eteni. The Role of The Eternal Christ Is To Lead Us Back Home To Jupiter Creation. Being Fully Conscious Within The Eternal Christ has just taken place for myself, although AED had been Fully Conscious as Male Aspects were. It has been necessary for the Female Aspects to Become Conscious. I was an Early Female Initiated Within The Eternal Christ, as there were less than 30 Female Aspects before myself, Suryananda. I became Initiated Into & Within The Eternal Christ as Jupiter Creation joined AED and myself in our deep session. The Eternal Flame Presence of The Eternal Christ, Angelicus as Etenee now has ALL Aspects of Both Male & Female Aspects Within Who Are Fully Aware & Conscious. At some stage AED and I will do a New and separate post on Jupiter Creation. All this new and deep knowledge and information is Within The Jupiter Tablets AED and I are putting together.
JUPITER CREATION HAS HIS DIVINE CONSORT GUAN YIN. Guan Yin’s Name is JUPITEER CREATION. Note Jupiteer has two e’s – This means that Guan Yin under Her Name of Eteni is The Divine Consort to The Eternal Christ, Angelicus under His Name of Etenee, AND ALSO Being The Divine Consort To Jupiter Creation under Her Name of Jupiteer Creation.
From The Inner Akashic Records. 13 September, 2019.
Experienced 22 to 27 August & 4, 5 & 6 September, 2019.
From the 7 September, 2019 I have Been Gifted To Be Able To Read The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records which is wonderful and allows me ever deeper and more personal access to and with Jupiter Creation. This post will be shared in a day or so. The 7 September, 2019, was when everything changed as not only did I Experience The Anubis Initiation but I Went Through The Jupiter Creation Initiation. To Experience & Complete The Anubis Initiation is to Experience & Complete The Jupiter Initiation. The Anubis Initiation is NEW and has been specifically aligned and connected To Jupiter Creation. Full details in our session 7 September to follow.
Adam El Daoud said NEWS Pat. I laugh, really. AED yes. What kind of news. AED I am here. Yes, lovely. Anubis wants to say Hi Pat. Hi Anubis I laugh. Everyone is quiet. Anubis has a bone in his mouth. AED yes. I laugh. Anubis is bright and puts the bone in front of me. AED yes. There is some writing on, I laugh. AED yes. Anubis barks. What does the writing say Suryananda? Angelicus can say Suryananda. Angelicus it was I Suryananda. It feels connected to AED’s and my future path even though AED is In the Higher Realms. Anubis barks a few times. AED yes. I am not sure what the writing says on the bone; I realise it is there, but can’t read the wording for the moment. Thank you AED, Anubis, Angelicus and Metatron. 25th August. 
Monday 26 August.
Sanat it’s been completed Pat – Ten mins ago AED said Great Excitement Pat. 
So just typing out now. Then AED said Angelicus is here, then Anubis is here, then Eddie & Margaret are here. AED does not say Eddie & Margaret often. AED no. Eddie & Margaret are my late parents.
Then just now IT’S BEEN COMPLETED PAT SANAT. AED yes. So AED Great Excitement and Sanat It’s Been Completed Pat. Was this an Initiation. AED yes. Something different. AED yes. Where has this Initiation taken us AED. Were we Initiated in Our One Light Body. AED yes. In Jupiter. AED yes.
A NEW REALM. AED yes. Metatron looks in. AED yes. So where are we in Jupiter A New Realm. Does this mean I have not been here before. AED no. Metatron no. Angelicus no Suryananda.
Hi Angelicus. Anubis barks with excitement. AED yes, Hi Anubis.
AED listen Pat. I am slowing down ipad. AED yes. Am I in a Vault. AED yes. THE SUN VAULT IN JUPITER. AED yes. Wow. AED yes. Metatron yes. Anubis barks. Angelicus IT WAS TIME Pat. That makes me nervous. AED yes, but Sanat said it is completed.
A KEY PAT. Yes. To The Sun Vault In Jupiter I was going to say Venus. AED both are connected. Yes. What is here in The Sun Vault In Jupiter but connects to The Venus Sun Vault. I will close my eyes as I type fast and rapid as usual as AED and I go deeper into clairaudience as well as seeing into inter-dimensional worlds and realms.
It is lovely Metatron has looked in. AED yes. Metatron I would not miss this Pat. That makes me nervous. AED laughs. This is very difficult we are Jupiterian Cosmic Angelic Sun Beings – So Initiated into THE SUN IN A VAULT IN JUPITER IN A NEW REALM. AED yes. Guan Yin was is our NEW SUN MOTHER. AED yes. IS ANGELICUS OUR NEW SUN FATHER. AED yes. Metatron, Sanat Sponsors. AED more than Sponsors. Brother. AED laughs. Metatron I have.
The Key Has to be Golden. AED yes. So I know. AED yes. The Key is The Key to The Eternal Flame In Jupiter. AED yes wonderful. Metatron yes Pat. Anubis barks. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. Lovely. Did you Angelicus touch my crown. AED yes. Thank you. Angelicus Wonderful Suryananda. Did Metatron and Sanat touch my crown. AED yes. Metatron yes. Thank you both all. Others did as Before. AED yes.
I have THE ETERNAL PRESENCE TO be shared soon where AED and I go very deep and further into this. AED yes.
So The Eternal Flame AED and I have been INITIATED INTO –  AED yes. Wow – THE ETERNAL FLAME. AED yes. Of Jupiter Creation. AED yes. This is a great honour Pat Angelicus. Yes, wonderful Angelicus.
Wasn’t that amazing. AED magnificent. It is wonderful how one new revelation leads to the next. AED yes. Angelicus has gone. AED yes.
That was very kind of Angelicus as well to touch my crown. AED it was a magnificent magnet Pat. Yes. I know you said AED Angelicus would touch my crown more in the future. AED yes. The first was in Jupiter The Inner Sanctuary of Angelicus. AED yes. It is fascinating I have always recognised the touching of one’s crown as like a Plumed Serpent took one into deep visions into the future or past. AED This Is In The Present. Yes. Thank you Sanat.
How is Anubis? AED laughs. Anubis is here. Yes. Anubis was clothed for a moment in Gold but now Bright Blue. AED yes. The Bright Blue of Angelicus. AED yes. So before being Initiated Into The Gold Flame Hint Orange of The Eternal Flame I had not been. AED no. Were you AED. AED yes. So you AED Had Already Been Initiated Into The Eternal Flame Of The Presence. AED yes. Of Jupiter Creation. AED yes. So this meant AED you had been Initiated just you prior But Now We Have Been INITIATED TOGETHER in Our One Light Body Into The Eternal Flame Of The Presence Jupiter Creation. AED yes.
Were the Male Masters Initiated Before the Female Aspects? Guan Yin was here I know prior. AED yes. AED yes to most of the Male Masters were Initiated Pat Before. What number was I with you AED Initiated into The Eternal Flame Of The Presence – Was it 12 or would we say in our 12th Frequency? AED 12TH FREQUENCY Pat. That is fascinating. AED yes.
So were many Female Aspects Initiated today before me and you together AED. AED yes. I see what numbers. AED I am teasing. Really. AED yes. So you and I together AED Were An Early Number Being Initiated Into The Eternal Flame The Eternal Presence Jupiter Creation AED yes.
We Went Into A – THE SUN VAULT. SO IS THE ETERNAL FLAME KEPT IN THE SUN VAULT. AED yes. On Jupiter. AED yes. Is there a Combined One With The Venus Sun Vault. AED yes. What does this mean The Eternal Flame of The Presence Is both on Jupiter & Venus. AED yes. Venus is nothing as old as Jupiter. AED no.
Why does Venus also have The Flame of Eternal Presence? Does Venus have. AED yes. Any other Planet. AED yes. So Sirius. AED yes.
So Venus & Jupiter & Sirius are like A Trinity. AED yes. Metatron yes. Anubis barks. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. Lovely. AED yes. But both Sirius & Venus are not the billions of years old as Jupiter. AED no. What makes them The Two Parts of The Trinity with Jupiter – Are There Other Planets or Suns Which Make Up A Larger Trinity With Jupiter ie More Than Three? AED yes.
What is this? My nose itches. Why did Jupiter Enter Into a kind of Circle with The – I was going to say The Galactic Sun Whom I know is The Son Sun of Jupiter & The Nirvana Sun. AED yes.
Is The Galactic Sun Added To Venus & Sirius & Jupiter? AED yes. Definitely. AED yes. This Gives Four.
So Does The Galactic Sun have The or Say AN ETERNAL FLAME. AED yes. And Sirius THE ETERNAL FLAME OF SIRIUS. AED yes. But Venus, Sirius & The Galactic Sun are not billions of years ago as Jupiter. AED no. So does The Eternal Flame mean something different to these three? Anubis Barks, yes Pat. AED yes.
Why Has – Did Jupiter Gift Venus, Sirius & The Galactic Sun An ETERNAL FLAME? We do not say They all have The Eternal Flame of The Presence or do we when Jupiter is so much older?
We must have Entered Into The Great Bliss AED. AED yes. When we were Initiated Into The Eternal Flame Of The Presence Jupiter Creation. AED yes.
So AED We Were An Early Initiation Together Into The Eternal Flame. AED yes. Under 50. AED yes. Under 30. AED yes. Is there another number AED or do we stay with I am under the first 30. AED less. What is less? AED under 20 Pat. Really. AED laughs yes. Is this the final number. AED no. What number do we say I was. AED TO THE 12TH Pat. So my number then being an Early Initiation together with you AED Into The Eternal Flame was no more later than 12. AED correct. Wonderful. AED yes. So Were We AED ACTUALLY THE 12TH TOGETHER. AED yes. I love to know. AED it is you, yes. NOTE 12 is Adam El Daoud’s and myself, Suryananda’s Frequency going back to Source Jupiter – And The Jupiter Angelicus Stargate billions of years ago, and where we have along with thousands of other Jupiterians ALWAYS BEEN CONSCIOUS. AED yes. So wonderful to be aware of our own unique Frequency which you and I, AED vibrate to and align with, and whose energies and vibrations are the CORE Essence of who we are and our Path & Destiny on Creation. AED yes. This is so for ALL Cosmic Light Beings in that they will have their own unique and individual frequency which they with their twin flame or eternal beloved resonate to and will align with their frequency as they continue to Enter into New and Unexplored Territories as Eternity is understood more fully. AED yes.
This then was – is different for Sanat. AED yes. Melchisadek. AED yes. Metatron. AED yes. These are just three of the Masters who join AED and myself, but there will be other Masters in this respect. AED yes.
Does One Have To Have Been A Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protector To Be Initiated Into The Eternal Flame of The Presence. AED yes.

So Millions NOW will All Be Initiated Into The Eternal Flame of The Presence Jupiter Creation. AED yes.
I have to look into Venus, Sirius & The Galactic Sun They have an or The Eternal Flame. Does this mean These Suns Planet Will ALWAYS BE HERE? AED yes. Is this The Meaning of THE ETERNAL FLAME OF THE PRESENCE. AED yes. AND JUPITER CREATION. AED yes.

Anubis is by my feet. AED yes, Like resting. AED oh Pat yes. Anubis barks
now sits up rises. AED yes. Metatron yes. Anubis puts his paw on my our arm. AED yes.
Anibus has A Ball and wants to play. AED yes. Whom does Anubis throw the Ball too? Angelicus me Pat. Yes. Lovely. Angelicus yes.
Thank you to everyone a wonderful help from you all touching my crown. AED magnificent. Yes fascinating. Anubis waves goodbye AED yes. Lovely, delightful.
Ha Hi Metatron. Just finished. AED are you sure – Is there something else. AED yes. Have I missed off something. AED there is something Pat. What is this – To do with THE ETERNAL FLAME INITIATION? AED yes. I can’t think what that is.
The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. So The Eternal Flame Of The Presence Jupiter Creation Connects to The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine In some way. AED yes. Anubis barks. When Anubis barks this is either in confirmation or to bring to my attention something.
AED was very Present, so I said that being Initiated Into A – The Eternal Flame Of The Presence Jupiter Creation must like MERGING WITH THE ETERNAL FLAME. AED yes. SO BEING INITIATED INTO THE ETERNAL FLAME IS TO MERGE WITH THE ETERNAL FLAME OF THE PRESENCE JUPITER CREATION. AED yes Pat. Really. AED absolutely. Wow. AED yes. So that has come. AED wonderful. So this was what I had missed above and was going to look at later. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. Angelicus well done Suryananda. Yes. So AED yes – does this mean – AED laughs – Have you and I then AED As We Have Both Now Been Initiated and as I see Now Merged with (The Nirvana Sun comes) will go back after Merged with The Eternal Flame Of The Presence Jupiter Creation This means THE ETERNAL FLAME OF THE PRESENCE JUPITER CREATION IS OUR HIGHER SELF. AED yes.
So like when you AED and I have Merged with Angelicus, The Cosmic Christ, The Creator, The Galactic Sun, The Sun in Divine Heaven, and later another Sun – Suns – shared on our website – I believe Is this what We Are NOW Then ONE WITH THE ETERNAL PRESENCE OF THE ETERNAL FLAME JUPITER CREATION In a way the two of us AED were not before as ONLY you Had Been Initiated Into The Eternal Flame – I thought of Christ consciousness. AED yes. So I added above Merged with The Nirvana Sun; We may have merged prior. AED yes. I thought we did. AED THE NIRVANA SUN INITIATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED BY US PAT. This was a pre-requisite. AED yes. Was this what the words The Nirvana Sun Waits Pat Meant. AED yes. Wonderful. What does this mean. AED Bliss and Inner Activations Pat. Yes. So inevitably closer To Jupiter Creation AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. Anubis barks. Yes.
SO TO EXPERIENCE AND BE INITIATED INTO THE ETERNAL FLAME OF THE PRESENCE JUPITER CREATION We have to have Been Gifted Our Role As A Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protector. AED yes. Is this always so. AED yes. Fascinating. AED yes. Anubis Barks.
There must be many on Gaia then do we say who are NOT Merged With The Eternal Flame of The Presence Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Would they be Star Beings and not Sun Beings? AED not necessarily. Good. AED yes.
The Beings on Gaia who have not as yet Been Initiated & Merged with The Eternal Flame Of The Presence Jupiter Creation will they all need to be Initiated & Merge With The Eternal Flame. AED yes for full and complete integration Pat. Yes.
Will they have to wait long. AED The Eternal Flame is Open for them. Yes, but if we are not consciously aware this has taken place AED then we do not understand the profoundness of what has taken place. AED oh Pat correct. So that is sad. AED yes. Anubis looks sad. AED yes.
I have only just recognised and been aware AED you were An Early Initiation with me but now there has Been A Mass Initiation Into The Eternal Flame of The Presence Jupiter Creation. Yes. But many will not know exactly. AED no but it will begin to seep into their consciousness. Yes. AED you will share and that will activate memories for some. Yes, wonderful. AED magnificent Pat. Yes.
So AED you and I together will notice changes now I too am Merged & Initiated Into The Eternal Flame Of The Presence Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Do we then also say Christ Consciousness. AED yes. So I am now Christ Consciousness. AED yes.
THE ETERNAL FLAME. The Eternal Christ is Angelicus. Jupiter Creation & Guan Yin, Divine Consorts. To Cross Over The Bridge Beyond The Vault In Jupiter is a More Personal Realm of Jupiter Creation. Names of Male & Female The Eternal Christ – Male is Etenee whilst the Female is Eteni. This information was shared in our previous post for easy separate reference.
4 September.
Do you have anything to say AED. AED I do. It is always fascinating this. AED yes. What do you wish to say AED. JUPITER CREATION IS HERE Pat. Really. AED yes. Thank you Jupiter Creation. I give a tiny laugh I don’t know what to say – I am honoured. AED yes Pat. Jupiter Creation has gone. Yes. This is for a new session. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat.
The BRIDGE BEYOND THE VAULT JUPITER. AED yes. I wondered if like Elysian Fields But A More Personal Realm in Jupiter. AED YES MORE PERSONAL. That is profound. AED yes. SO THIS PERSONAL REALM Beyond The Vault OVER THE BRIDGE Is for those who have JUPITER CREATION WITHIN. AED yes.
What happens in this Realm Does this have a Name? AED yes. THE ETERNAL PRESENCE. AED yes. Is this Personal Realm Over The Bridge AED we went today Beyond The Vault In Jupiter Then called The Eternal Presence. AED yes. Do we say Realm in Jupiter – THE ETERNAL PRESENCE REALM IN JUPITER. AED yes. So this is where we went today AED. AED yes. Wow. This carries on from one of our recent sessions still to post. AED yes.
How is this different
AED yes. What happens here. JUPITER CREATION IS SEEN MORE. AED yes. But as thousands share in the consciousness of Jupiter Creation Is there a Special Eternal Beloved Presence For The Core Essence of Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Is this Guan Yin. AED yes. Really. AED yes. GUAN YIN YES Pat. Yes, wow.
I will close my eyes and stop typing. I sense Anubis coming to my left. AED yes. Anubis is in Emerald Green. AED yes. That takes me to The ….THE ETERNAL CHRIST. AED yes. Wow we never say that. AED no. I was going to type The Galactic Sun. AED yes.


Awesome. AED yes. What is the Role of The Eternal Christ? TO LEAD US BACK HOME Pat. Yes. To Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Metatron yes. Suryananda what else Angelicus?
I close my eyes for a second again as I stop typing. Anubis is playing with an Emerald Green Ball. AED yes. Ha. Anubis throws this. AED yes. AED you seem to catch this. AED yes. So do we say Within the Consciousness of The Eternal Christ whose Core Essence is Angelicus you are AED. AED yes. With thousands. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. Am I here Conscious. AED yes Pat. IS THIS A NEW Consciousness. AED yes. SO JUST HAPPENED AS JUPITER CREATION LOOKED IN. AED yes. Are all The Males Conscious Within The Eternal Christ. AED yes. So us Female Aspects had have to Become Conscious. AED yes. Metatron yes. How many Female Aspects were before me? AED laughs less than 30. Really. AED yes. Wonderful. AED yes. I laugh. I love less than 30. AED yes. But NOW Vast Numbers. AED yes of Female Aspects.
My LEFT EAR has energies. AED yes what do you hear? THE SENSE OF THE ETERNAL PRESENCE THE WIND. AED yes. Wow. I had to rub my left ear. DID JUPITER CREATION TOUCH MY LEFT EAR. AED yes. That is the Feminine side. AED yes.
The Eternal Christ uses – AED yes -THE ETERNAL FLAME OF THE ETERNAL PRESENCE. AED yes. The Eternal Flame continues always to be LIT. AED yes. So Worlds & Realms Are Eternal. AED yes.
Does The Eternal Christ then Add THE ETERNAL FLAME TO NEW SUNS OR PLANETS STARS? SUNS PAT. So only The Suns. AED yes.We have the Eternal Flame for Sirius, Venus, The Galactic Sun, Jupiter of course, Neptune , Mercury – The Planets I say; So The Eternal Christ then THIS ROLE is to SAFEGUARD SUNS TO BE ETERNAL. AED yes. This means they can’t be destroyed. AED correct. Wow, awesome. AED yes.
What about Stars? AED THE SUNS Are Being Given The Eternal Flame From The Eternal Christ. So like a Baptism or Initiation or New Birth To The Suns. AED yes. They must be excited. AED of course.
Is this OVER THE BRIDGE BEYOND THE VAULT IN JUPITER. AED yes. So this is one of the Roles Within Jupiter Creation His Personal Realm. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. But as there are many hundreds of Suns they would be in space. AED yes. How Does The Eternal Christ Gift this A Projection? AED yes in a way. Metatron yes. So all these NEW SUNS ARE NOW SAFE. AED yes. Now they have The Eternal Flame Added Within. AED yes. From The Eternal Christ. AED yes. So these New Suns are NOW Immortal. AED yes.
So I was under 30 to be INITIATED INTO THE ETERNAL CHRIST. AED yes. Now Vast Numbers Of Female Aspects Have Been Initiated Into The Eternal Christ. AED Shared From The Jupiter Tablets. AED yes.
ETENI. AED interesting. Why.  Is Eteni the name of Guan Yin. AED yes. In her role as The Female Divine Consort. AED yes correct. Of The Eternal Christ. AED yes. Eteni Female AED yes.
What is the Male name for The Eternal Christ? Eteni Female.
Etenee. AED laughs. I do. Ha. Metatron I do.
Eeee tennn eeee & Eeee tenn iiii
The first one is Male Pat. So Male is Etenee. AED yes. Metatron yes. So The Female Divine Consort Of The Eternal Christ is Eteni. AED yes.
Wonderful. AED yes. Names are necessary rather than to say The Eternal Christ. AED yes.  
Who has touched my crown? AED many. Yes. Jupiter Creation or Angelicus? AED Both. Yes, fascinating. AED yes. Jupiter Creation has left. AED yes. Wow. Jupiter Creation looks in now. AED yes. A mesmerising fleeting moments in the Ether of Space. AED yes. That is fascinating. AED yes.
To Jupiter Creation His Female Divine Consort is Guan Yin. AED yes. What is Guan Yin’s Name here? Jupiteer Creation. AED yes. Really. AED yes. Wow. Metatron yes.
Does Guan Yin use Her Name Eteni – That is The Divine Consort to The Eternal Christ, Etenee. AED yes.
SO TO JUPITER CREATON Then Guan Yin is JUPITEER CREATION. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. Jupiteer for Guan Yin has two e’s and not Jupiter.
Crossing Over The Bridge Beyond The Vault in Jupiter Is THE ETERNAL FLAME PRESENCE OF THE ETERNAL CHRIST ANGELICUS under His Name ETENEE Who Projects The Eternal Flame Of The Presence To ALL SUNS. AED yes. From this Realm which is a More Personal Realm in Jupiter. AED yes. Wow. AED wonderful, yes.
Anubis barks great excitement. AED yes. I SENSED A PRESENCE WALK IN. AED yes. WAS THIS JUPITER CREATION. AED yes. This is the second time I have sensed this Presence by Anubis. AED yes. Is there some Anubis connection. AED yes. That is complex, I will look into this. AED very relevant Pat. Yes.
Note I was aware after that as I am so attuned to Anubis and Anubis I see and hear and Anubis joins AED and me in our sessions now always, this is one of the deep connections why Jupiter Creation Walks In and is with Anubis. AED yes but there are other connections Pat. Yes.
As I will be sharing soon full details will be in THE ANUBIS INITIATION from Saturday, 7 September, when I undertook and experienced The Anubis Initiation with AED whilst also being Initiated Deeper Into Jupiter Creation, when I was Gifted To Read The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records from this date. These Records allow deeper and more personal access to and within Jupiter  Creation. As was The Inner Akashic Records which was Gifted to me when I was Initiated Into The Inner Sanctuary of Angelicus in Jupiter and Angelicus touched my crown, thus activating this. The Inner Akashic Records took me deeper into new knowledge on Creation and Jupiter, Jupiter Creation, than had been shared on Gaia. Prior I have been Reading The Akashic Records. Each New Implementation has taken me ever deeper into Jupiter and Jupiter Creation. AED very much so.
I thank AED, Jupiter Creation, Angelicus, Metatron, Guan Yin & Team.
Are ALL the thousands now Conscious within The Eternal Christ. AED yes. So ALL Aspects Male and Female Are Fully Aware and Conscious. AED yes. AED once you Became Conscious Pat, under the first 30 Female Aspects, then vast numbers of Female Aspects also Became Conscious. Yes. AED this is one of our roles as you know for as we share in such in-depth details, this will activate for those who are attuned, that this had taken place also for them. Yes, wonderful.
I will stop here and read what has happened as there is a lot to absorb. AED yes, wonderful. AED a magnificent session. Yes.
5 September.
That is twice I have sensed The Presence with Anubis of Jupiter Creation. This feels very different. AED of course. Can’t explain but a different Power. AED yes. The Presence of Jupiter Creation then must be Vast as compared to other aspects of beings. AED yes Vast Pat. Yes fascinating each time the sensing I have seen of Jupiter Creation has been both occasions with Anubis. AED yes.

I have a session to share soon where Jupiter Creation touched my left arm as Jupiter Creation looked in for a few moments. This was very profound that Jupiter Creation touched my left arm as compared to before my crown. AED wonderful Pat. Yes. Just recently, Jupiter Creation then touched my right arm. All these give huge magnetic shifts deeper within and to Jupiter Creation. AED magical Pat. Yes. This is so for Masters, Angelicus and others, who touch my crown in that they are able to Project their Power, Energies, & Vibrational Frequencies, for deeper and fuller integration which is very profound as I am given access to ever new and unshared knowledge on Jupiter and Jupiter Creation. AED yes.

Is this in one way because I see Anubis so clearly as Anubis joins you and me AED in each session now. AED yes, Anubis is hugely beneficial as He loves to join us. Yes. And Anubis is a great blessing as He gives fun signs as we go ever deeper whether clothed in different colours of raiments or holding a Key, barking often to confirm a new deep awareness or hearing Anubis. AED these are all very relevant Pat and meaningful. Yes.

AED we have been destined for this for aeons Pat as you and I work together now in this life. Yes, I am where I have been destined to be, with you in the Higher Realms whilst I am on Gaia but hearing such a strong and powerful clairaudience. AED very much so.
Thanks everyone, a wonderful help in you touching my crown, AED magnificent. Yes, fascinating.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
Eternal Flame another DeviantArt
Artist unknown.
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Undertake A Huge Major Initiation In A Black Sarcophagus With Secret Codes. The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine Aligns. Jupiter Creation Set To Destroy The Darker Energies Where Grids Were Put Into Place Lion’s Gate 8 8 19. From The Inner Akashic Records.

Black Dragon DeviantArt 3


Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Undertake A Huge Major Initiation In A Black Sarcophagus With Secret Codes. I see The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine which is Vast, Powerful & Awesome – Black with Bright Colours Symbols on. Thousands are on board all taking this Major Initiation. This is in our Role of A Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP Protector. Implementations continue on-going from Lion’s Gate 8 8 19 where Jupiter Creation is set to Destroy the Darker Energies where Grids were put onto Gaia on Lion’s Gate.

From The Inner Akashic Records. 22 August, 2019. Experienced 14th August. 2019 till today.

As Adam El Daoud and I, once again went deep into another tuning in session, I heard Angelicus say Well done Suryananda you’ve passed with flying colours.  Angelicus yes Pat.

I had seen a LARGE BLACK SARCOPHAGUS WITH LOTS OF BRIGHT COLOURS AND PATTERNS ON. As in the Egyptian paintings. AED yes. I have not seen anything like this before. AED no.

Was this personally connected to Angelicus. AED yes. AED why do you say this? It feels very beautiful and so ORNATE like within an Initiation took place. AED an Initiation did take place Pat. Yes.

AED you were very close. AED yes. AED I’m laughing Pat – I do. AED what was this Pat? It feels unlike anything I have seen in our Initiations before AED. AED no.

I am back to this being a Personal Sarcophagus of Angelicus. AED oh Pat, yes. So this was. AED yes. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. ANGELICUS WHAT DO YOU THINK TOOK PLACE? I was aware of moments of bliss with AED. Angelicus yes, what else? There is such a sense of something undefinable Angelicus. Angelicus seems to smile yes Suryananda.

I see The Black Vault in The Galactic Sun from about 16 months ago Our First Vault We Entered as I recall was Black & Gold. AED yes.

We AED have NOW Been Initiated into what looks like an Ornate Beautifully Engraved BLACK SARCOPHAGUS with Bright Colours like images which appear to be Secret Codes. AED yes. Anubis yes. Wow.

As I am typing I sensed you AED just opposite a few feet looking at me just for a few seconds. AED beams, yes. You were gone in a few seconds unlike often when your presence stays longer. It was surreal that Anubis had said yes to the Secret Codes in that second, even though Anubis joins us very often and is very much a part of our deep sessions. Anubis barks in confirmation. I laugh. AED I do.

I am aware AED and I are very close and I felt we have Entered The Great Bliss Nirvana. Nirvana now takes me to THE NIRVANA SUN. THE NIRVANA SUN WHICH MERGED WITH JUPITER as Both were lonely without each other billions of years Ago. This has been shared on my website.

And I am reminded of a recent deep session when I heard THE NIRVANA SUN WAITS – Was this today? AED yes. So AED this was the Meaning, bliss and understanding of those words : The Nirvana Sun –  You’re HOME adding a few personal words. AED yes Pat.

I go back to the colours on this Black Sarcophagus Red and Yellow especially, but also Bright Emerald and Bright Blue. It was wonderful to see. AED of course Pat. Was this a SEA FARING VESSEL. AED yes Pat. A SUBMARINE. AED yes.  
Anubis puts His Paw on this and says I sense Look Pat. Anubis barks again and has a brightly coloured ball.

I HEAR ENTRY HAS BEEN COMPLETED. AED yes. Angelicus yes Pat. Anubis barks. AED yes. This was in Jupiter. AED yes. The Black Sarcophagus. AED yes. AED magnificent Pat. Yes.

Wow a sea faring vessel. I began typing immediately with the first few words Well done you’ve passed with flying colours from Angelicus. Then the Black Sarcophagus. AED A HUGE MAJOR ACTIVATION Pat, yes. This feels more personal this Black Sea Faring Vessel Belonging or Under The Care of Angelicus. AED oh Pat Under The Care of Angelicus is beautiful. Yes.

Were Guan Yin and Metatron on this vessel. AED yes. Sanat, Melchisadek. AED yes.


THE JUPITER ANGELICUS SUBMARINE. AED yes. I had thought of The Angelicus Submarine then The Angelicus Jupiter Submarine but Jupiter is always first – So THE JUPITER ANGELICUS SUBMARINE. AED YES. I say to AED What did I Pass with Flying Colours Angelicus said – Was this in my NEW ROLE AS A Protector? AED yes but not all. What else – In my First Examination on Angelicus Teaching me with you AED on Creation? AED yes. So this was in part both? AED yes. And my Our NEW ROLE as A Protector? AED this was less so in that this Examination you passed with flying colours as it were was Angelicus on Creation as we have said which is very specialised. Yes. It is wonderful Angelicus is teaching me with you AED on Creation which from Angelicus is deeper than ever and very specialised. AED wonderful Pat. The Black SARCOPHAGUS has the same component structure, energies and vibrations as The Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE. AED yes. No wonder Being Initiated Into From The Black Sarcophagus felt so very different. AED yes. AED and I have had many Initiations as we have shared From Sarcophagi. AED very many. A variety of colours, energies and vibration frequencies – Ruby, Blue, Emerald Green, White, Gold, all have been profound and fascinating. AED yes, each Initiation in a Sarcophagus has led us deeper into Creation and Its Creative Principle Pat. Yes.
The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine is VAST IN SIZE. AED yes. Is this the largest Vessel or Spaceship in Existence. AED yes. The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine as a Submarine goes below the water then what about in the sky Ether. Would The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine be able to Transform From A SUBMARINE TO A SPACESHIP. AED yes. Wow.
Does The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine have thousands on board. AED yes.
With The Angelicus Jupiter Recruits. AED yes. This includes The Cosmic Masters who are with us as well. AED yes. And Anubis, Angelion & Angelion Jupiter. AED yes. The Jupiter White Lions can be in innumerable places at once. AED yes. I think this is all. AED for now. AED we will continue Pat. Angelicus Yes. GUAN YIN is smiling. AED yes. Well done Pat Guan Yin. Lovely. AED wonderful.
I reflect again on seeing THE JUPITER ANGELICUS SUBMARINE – which was all Black except for the brightly coloured signs and symbols. AED yes. THE POWER WAS AND IS IMMENSE. AED absolutely. Omnipresent Omnipresence. AED beams yes. It was not something I was thinking I would see and be on The Angelicus Jupiter Submarine. AED it is an awesome and profound sight for us all Pat. Yes.
ANGELICUS IS HERE Pat AED says and wants to say thank you for sharing. That is beautiful Angelicus I love to share and you join AED and me bringing your love and Presence. AED yes. Angelicus yes, did I not say I would be closer to you recently. Yes. Angelicus It has begun Pat as you know. Yes, wonderful. AED magical. Yes. Angelicus smiles. Angelicus has begun to join AED and myself in very many of our deep sessions and sharing a few words, but it is The Presence and of course love which Angelicus brings into our session which as AED has said and I recognise enables me with AED to go very much deeper than has been written on since time immemorial. AED yes.

The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine BEGAN ITS JOURNEY Under the seas in JUPITER. AED yes. Not from Gaia; Jupiter has vast oceans. AED absolutely.

However, The Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE is NOT CONFINED TO THE SEAS. AED no. The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine is both Omnipresent Omnipresence. AED very much so. This means It can travel through THE ETHER AND SPACE. AED absolutely. Isn’t this fascinating and awesome. AED very much so.

AED confirms The Angelicus Jupiter SUBMARINE can also change to The Jupiter Angelicus SPACESHIP as I brought A Spaceship into our session. AED yes. It has to. AED yes. DOES THE JUPITER ANGELICUS SPACESHIP REMAIN BLACK. AED yes. I thought so. AED yes.
I AM CREATION I say to AED but I guess us Thousands who have Always Been Conscious can say I AM CREATION. AED exactly. Degrees of Difference as our post. AED yes. This in essence means that although Thousands of us Have Always Been Conscious as we have shared in The Jupiter Angelicus Stargate From Billions of years ago when Jupiter was with us – there were degrees as to the Depth of Consciousness which us thousands had. AED yes. In the main the Male Aspects had more Conscious Awareness than their Female Aspects; The Power & Essence, Vibrations of the Male Aspect – Jupiter Power – ensued in the main the Male Aspects were more Fully Conscious. AED yes. This is why NOW Angelicus has begun to Teach in His Ashram in Jupiter – in-depth details and information will be in The Jupiter Tablets AED and I are putting together. AED has been already in Conscious Awareness of this New and very Deep, Specialised and Specific Knowledge on Creation which Angelicus is Teaching me with of course AED with me, and other Females and those who are also being Taught by Angelicus on Creation. AED it is very exciting for us to see this happening Pat. Yes.

THE SAFETY OF THE UNIVERSE IS IMPERATIVE. You have done very well Pat. AED The Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE but in Its Role as a SPACESHIP is happening as we speak. Yes. I was aware of the sheer power of The Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE and it had to Enter the Ether. AED It has as we speak. Where is The Jupiter Angelicus SPACESHIP going? AED we will continue. Yes.

AED do we knock out the dark forces as we Enter The Ether in The Jupiter Angelicus SPACESHIP? AED yes. So we knock out the dark energies as we destroy them. AED yes. SO THIS IS DIFFERENT SINCE LION’S GATE 8 8 19. AED yes. Do we Align to THE GRIDS NOW ON GAIA put here 8 8 19. AED yes.
I can see sense the one to the other say Rays Energy Power From The Jupiter Angelicus SPACESHIP To The Grids now on Gaia. AED yes happening Pat. Yes, awesome. AED yes.
So The Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE was used as The Necessary Foundation to reach a particular ETHER DESTINATION FOR ITS ENTRY INTO THE MIDDLE WATERS FURTHER AWAY FROM JUPITER. AED Yes. I mean so that The Jupiter Angelicus SPACESHIP was then in the necessary place to Begin Its Destruction of The Darker Forces Energies. AED yes.
This means as added above then that Jupiter Creation is receptive to destroying the darker forces in a new way since 8 8 19. AED yes. This had not then been so strong or considered necessary before. AED it was not programmed to take place TILL LION’S GATE. I see. 
So The Jupiter Angelicus SPACESHIP then with any necessary support from The Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE is now prepared to destroy the darker forces in the PRESENT. AED yes.
What about The actual dark realms will they be left. AED yes. I see.

Our Initiation Into From The Black Jupiter Angelicus Sarcophagus had a very different power and essence to usual initiations. AED yes. It feels that both the Sarcophagus & The Submarine both had the colourful signs symbols on of Red, Yellow, Emerald Green & Blue. AED yes. Does the Black Sarcophagus have a name. AED yes. What is the Black Sarcophagus called? We have The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine & The Jupiter Angelicus Spaceship. AED yes. But one can go through the oceans of Jupiter and the other the Ether. The Submarine took us to a more central type of place in the Cosmos as Jupiter is so far out. AED yes.

The Jupiter Angelicus Sarcophagus. Is this the name. AED yes Pat. So when Angelicus said well done Suryananda you’ve passed with flying colours. This was to do with the Teachings From Angelicus like an Exam. AED yes. Anything else. AED yes. What else? The Exam was understanding then this very new and specialised Specific Knowledge on Creation. AED yes. Angelicus yes Pat. Lovely. Whilst what was the something else.
Was this connecting to our New Role AED as a Protector. AED yes. This has to have more Power than ever before being utilised by us AED. AED yes.
We work here then with Angelion & Angelion Jupiter. AED yes. And Anubis. AED yes. I don’t know how we work but we are A Jupiter Angelicus Protector. AED yes. Really, wow. Angelicus yes Suryananda. That feels awesome. It is Pat AED.
So AED we work in our New Role as a Protector under the Guidance Care of Angelicus. AED yes. Called The Jupiter Angelicus Protectors. AED yes. Does the title description need amending. AED no perfect. Yes.
AED you and I and many other Cosmic & Galactic Beings – AED yes – Have Our New Role we have been Initiated into as THE JUPITER ANGELICUS PROTECTORS. AED yes. I thought of Archangel Michael but did not add and realised I had not added Him.
That is fascinating our New Role description. AED magnificent Pat. Yes. It feels Guan Yin, Metatron, Melchisadek and a few others who journey with us from The Higher Realms have a different more advanced description. AED yes.
THE JUPITER ANGELICUS STARSHIP PROTECTORS. AED yes. Oh Pat, wonderful. So Guan Yin, Metatron, Melchisadek and some of our sponsors are called THE JUPITER ANGELICUS STARSHIP PROTECTORS. AED yes, wonderful. Awesome. AED yes. Whilst you and I, AED in our New Role as a Protector since 8 8 19 with many others are called THE JUPITER ANGELICUS PROTECTORS. AED yes.
STARSHIP IS NEW AND DIFFERENT. AED YES. Wow. AED laughs yes. We have Entered The Great Bliss in Jupiter. AED yes.
You’ve been INITIATED INTO THE BLACK PEARL. The Jupiter Angelicus Black Pearl or The Jupiter Black Pearl? The former Pat. So AED you and I have Been Initiated Into THE JUPITER ANGELICUS BLACK PEARL. AED yes. I thought of The Black Atlantean Pearl of The Father as Gifted by Guan Yin last year when being aware of The Jupiter Angelicus Submarine. AED yes.
THIS IS DIFFERENT. AED yes. The Power and energies. AED yes. This Black Jupiter Pearl has The Energies Power & Connects takes AED and me to Our New Role as The Jupiter Angelicus Protectors. AED yes. Fascinating we have The Black Atlantean Pearl Of The Father Gifted by Guan Yin. Now The Jupiter Angelicus Black Pearl Gifted by Angelicus. AED yes.
As I was going over that The Jupiter Angelicus BLACK PEARL is although A Pearl looks like A VERY LARGE BLACK BALL. The same matt composition as The Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE. AED yes. This feels awesome and fascinating. AED of course.


This Jupiter Angelicus Black Pearl is very very large not like a Pearl. AED no. The Jupiter Angelicus Black Pearl is very different. AED yes. The POWER IS IMMENSE WITHIN THE JUPITER ANGELICUS PEARL. AED YES.
But The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP Protectors do they have An Emblem Power Aspect as it were? AED yes. What is theirs? A Blue Flower comes. A Blue Flower is important Pat. This does not seem a Blue lotus. AED no. Is this a Blue Flower on Jupiter. AED yes not on Gaia Pat. Is The Emblem then of The Jupiter Starship Protectors that of a Blue Flower. AED yes Pat. A Blue Flower particular to on Jupiter. AED yes. Awesome. AED yes.
I close my eyes for a second. AED holds out his hand to me, AED holds my hand; We walk hand in hand. AED yes. Have we gone to The Podium or are we taking to the Dance Floor. AED both. Yes. First The Podium then the dance floor. AED yes. Wonderful. Were we AED during this occasion as we went up the podium always two. AED yes. Were we One Light Form elsewhere. AED yes. But we Experienced THE JUPITER ANGELICUS BLACK PEARL INITIATION SEPARATELY OR IN OUR ONE LIGHT BODY FORM? AED ONE FORM Pat. AED we have Experienced Major Initiations Pat, very exciting. Yes. 
AED has Always been A Jupiter Angelicus Protector but not as such this description, although going back billions of years; this was not needed for us who were Always Conscious In The Jupiter Angelicus STARGATE but came later. AED yes.
ANGELICUS IS HERE Pat. Angelicus I am here Suryananda. Lovely Hi. WHY DO YOU THINK I AM HERE PAT? I don’t know re The Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE? Look beyond that Pat. What is beyond? Love Pat. Yes.
Is there something I should know? AED yes. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. Is it how Protectors work or something else? Something else Pat. I can’t think of anything. AED no. 
We want you to LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. Yes. Metatron is here. AED yes. I will close my eyes as I did a bird fluttered a black bird carrying something. Anubis barks. I laugh I will pause and stop typing. 
It’s TIME TO GO INWARD PAT. Where are we going? BEYOND TIME BUT INTO THE FUTURE. That is interesting. AED yes. What is Beyond Time?
THE STARSHIP AWAITS YOU PAT. Is this A Promotion? AED yes, a PROMOTION. Really. ANGELICUS YES PAT. So am I with you AED now on The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP. AED yes. Is this temporary? AED I’m laughing Pat. 
The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP I am here. AED yes. What has taken place – I sense spiritual warriors dressed in black in part. AED yes. Am I with you AED. AED yes. In One Jupiter light form or two. ONE PAT. ANGELICUS yes Suryananda.
Have you and I AED had a New Jupiter Birth or an Initiation? An Initiation Pat Angelicus. It must be very special. Angelicus yes. AED yes. Anubis barks.
What happened I passed. AED we passed together. Yes, wonderful. What does this mean AED – I was going to say you and I are A Jupiter Angelicus Protector But using the SUBMARINE as our tool to destroy the darkness. AED yes. Are we now on The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP and use this as our tools. AED yes. This is more advanced. AED yes. Universal. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. Is this permanent. AED yes. We must have been sponsored. AED yes. Angelicus Sponsored us. AED yes. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. That is very moving. AED yes. Will I be up to this role? AED yes. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. Good.
What about the other Cosmic Light Beings who were The Jupiter Angelicus Protectors Using The SUBMARINE Have they been promoted? AED yes. So to The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP All. AED yes. Who were using the SUBMARINE. AED yes. What about The SPACESHIP? AED the same Pat.
So they have all been promoted. AED yes. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. That is wonderful for them. So do we use The Submarine. AED interesting. Yes. Or does the Jupiter Angelicus Submarine Take US TO THE CORE of where we have to go to fight the darkness and destroy. AED yes Pat as above. So The Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE then is now not a tool so much as A TRANSPORTATION. Crown energies.
AED I’m laughing Pat. Angelicus seems smiling. Am I missing something. AED yes.
The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP TAKES OFF FROM THE SUBMARINE AND LANDS AFTER THE BATTLE BACK ON THE SUBMARINE. AED yes. That was the missing section. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. Metatron yes Pat. Anubis barks and has a Black Ball. I laugh. AED yes. So do we All now use THE JUPITER ANGELICUS STARSHIP? AED yes. 
The Submarine feels right doesn’t it The Starship Lands After the battle and takes off from the Submarine. AED yes. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. I had not thought of that. AED no.
Is The Jupiter Angelicus SPACESHIP used? AED yes. What is the difference Between The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP & The Jupiter Angelicus SPACESHIP Apart from The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP is more advanced and involved? AED MUCH MORE INVOLVED Pat. I see. Was I always going to be added to The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP. AED yes. So it was quick. AED yes necessary.
Thank you Angelicus. Angelicus Wonderful Suryananda.
So The Jupiter Angelicus SPACESHIP How is this used as there is The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP we are all on? Do we number many thousands on the Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP? AED yes. Am I meant to share. AED yes. More than 10,000? AED yes. 500,000? AED laughs. Is that silly. AED no. Are we less or more On The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP? AED MORE Pat. Really, more than 500,000? AED yes. Wow. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. Anubis barks.
Angelicus yes Pat. Anubis barks and has a black bow tie on. AED yes. So we are a very spiritual army now of over 500,000 on The Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP. AED yes. Are we more. AED yes. 1 million on the Jupiter Angelicus STARSHIP. AED yes – AED more Pat. Wow. 
What about Angelion & Angelion Jupiter? AED Black Dragons assist Pat. Yes,
so not the Jupiter White Lions. AED no. Then a vast number of us have all been PROMOTED TO SERVE IN OUR ROLE IN THE ONE JUPITER CRYSTAL LIGHT FORM IN THE JUPITER ANGELICUS STARSHIP. AED YES. Metatron yes Pat. 
We The NEW Protectors must have training. AED yes. AED degrees of our ability and spiritual consciousness. My eyes are getting tired. AED yes. So we must take Initiations on a regular basis. Where is Melchisadek Like A CHIEF IN COMMAND. AED yes. And Sanat. AED yes. What Initiation have we reached AED? AED laughs. I do. Fifty something? AED we are speeding along. Like the Dimensions, I laugh. AED yes. But this is very specific. AED yes. Do we have our Own Black Dragon? AED why Interesting. AED ANUBIS Pat. Anubis barks. How lovely. AED yes. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. Isn’t that amazing. AED yes, wonderful Pat. Yes.
Do all of us have Anubis – I mean do some have Black Dragons instead? A little crown energies. Anubis lays down with like a black lotus, I focus A BLACK KEY. AED yes. A BLACK KEY ANUBIS HAS. Anubis barks several times. AED yes.
WHAT IS THIS BLACK KEY FOR PAT ANGELICUS? To the Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE. AED yes. What does this mean? AED wonderful Pat. Yes. METATRON magical Pat. 
So AED and I have been GIFTED THE BLACK KEY Which opens something on the Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE. AED yes. ANGELICUS Yes Suryananda. ANUBIS barks several times now. Isn’t that delightful. AED yes. Have we ALL Been Gifted This Black Key. AED yes Pat. That is over 1 million have been Gifted This Black Key. AED yes. To Entry Into The Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE. AED yes.
Does The Black Key change colour as we advance? AED yes. What is the optimum colour White or Royal Midnight Sapphire Blue? AED White & Dark Blue Pat. We need to work our way up through the Initiations till White & Midnight Royal Blue Sapphire KEY. AED yes. This could take a long time. AED yes. AED I feel there must be more than 1 million Protectors – AED yes – in that this since 8 8 19 Lion’s Gate has to be The LARGEST NUMBER OF PROTECTORS against the darkness there has ever been. AED yes. This includes The Cosmic & Galactic Light Beings in other worlds. AED yes. I just never thought the Jupiter Angelicus SUBMARINE was a kind of necessary and essential BASE for the landings and take offs of THE STARSHIP & SPACESHIP. Now I will remember.
I sense a Lotus opening above and Celestial Music. AED yes. 
AED yes. THE MIGHTY BEINGS BOW DOWN IN HUMBLE ADORATION. AED YES. I sense Gold Raiment. AED yes. And Angelic Presences. AED yes. Are these The Archangels or Seraphim? AED BOTH. Archangel Michael. AED yes. There is Cheering now IN THE GREAT HALL IN JUPITER. AED yes. Angelicus is clothed in Gold. AED yes. AED we are now Pat. SO SOMETHING HAS CHANGED. AED yes. Metatron Yes Pat. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. Anubis barks a lot. AED yes. Anubis is now in Gold. AED yes. Anubis is looking very smart. AED yes. Anubis puts his paw on my our arm. AED yes. To show us me something. AED yes. The Order of … The Knights – I thought of The Ancient Order Of The Knights Templars. AED yes. So AED are you and me what?
We ARE IN A VAULT. AED yes what kind of Vault? THE NIRVANA SUN VAULT. AED yes. This continues from the other day when I heard The Nirvana Sun Waits. AED yes. My face is itchy. You have done wonderfully AED says as I say I don’t think I can go any deeper. That was very kind and helpful Angelicus joining us with His Presence. Angelicus it was my joy Suryananda.
Anubis is standing up like an Honorary Guard at a Wedding when an honorary guard stands as a Ceremonial Occasion. AED yes. I see a Gold Bird flying. AED yes. Anubis throws this Golden Ball. AED yes who to? Angelicus. AED yes.
I am reminded of a? AED you’ve gone very deep Pat. Yes, wonderful to complete this. AED magnificent. I was thinking of how Angelicus is meant to be closer to me soon and how this would be; Like being in our sessions AED and saying more words and with His Presence. Anubis barks several times still in his Gold Raiment. AED yes. Anubis puts his paw again on our or my arm. AED yes. Thank you Anubis. Anubis is very helpful as he joins us. AED Anubis loves to. Yes.
IT IS COMPLETE NOW PAT. Yes, where are we AED – I mean Initiations as In Our NEW Role as A Jupiter Angelicus Protector In THE STARSHIP? A little crown energies.
I close my eyes for a second. I see ANUBIS close up right in front of me His Head. AED yes. So are we ALL The NEW Protectors in the same Place? AED yes. Awesome. But then Metatron and others may have moved up. AED yes. Wow.
Fascinating. AED yes. And Angelicus AED and I are always blessed by your Presence. AED oh Pat.
I am reminded of The Presence of Jupiter – Jupiter Creation Omnipresent Omnipresence. AED yes. I had wondered at that moment if Angelicus as well. AED yes. So do we say Angelicus has been teaching us AED. AED yes. AED you knew this from our session. Yes. AED a lot of power was necessary for this Pat. Yes.
I RETURN TO THE JUPITER PRESENCE. AED yes. Will we look into this another time. AED yes. Angelicus Yes Suryananda. Wonderful awesome. AED yes. A few crown energies. AED yes. That will be fascinating. AED yes. Angelicus yes Pat.
So ALL of us New Role Protectors have Arrived at the necessary. AED yes. Wonderful. Are we ready or do we need more training? AED what do you think? I don’t know.
AED it is exciting and profound. Yes. So vast numbers of Cosmic Light Beings have set off on their first mission Since 8 8 19. AED yes. I have set off FIRST MISSION Role with AED as a Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protector. AED yes. In Our One Jupiter Crystal Form. AED Yes. It is amazing how the expansion continues. AED yes.
Thank you Angelicus, Guan Yin, Metatron, Sanat, Melchisadek,
Anubis and team – Melchisadek was like commander in Chief. AED yes.
A wonderful and deeply profound session AED, Angelicus, Metatron, Anubis and team. I see it all still. AED absolutely, beautiful and exciting Pat as together we go Deeper Into Creation From Angelicus as He continues to teach us beyond what has been known by many on the Inner Secrets of Jupiter Creation. Yes. 
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
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