The Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protectors Take Thousands of Humanoids To One Of The Rehabilitation Realms In Jupiter As They Tried To Destroy The Suns. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.

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DeviantArt. Humanoid.

Thousands of Humanoids are taken to one of the Rehabilitation Realms in Jupiter as they tried to destroy THE SUNS who are Eternal. They were pre-programmed by the darker unknown Stars and darker beings and had been in hiding.

From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. 22 September, 2019.
Experienced 17 September, 2019. First section. Second Section to follow after this post – THE GOLD OCEAN REALM OF JUPITER. A Magical Realm Below The Oceans, Jupiter.
How are you Pat I heard just now as I was in the kitchen. It did not necessarily seem like Adam El Daoud; there was a difference. AED yes. This was a past life presence of Adam El Daoud speaking from the Higher Realms.
I am here Pat. Yes. Do you want to say anything. AED yes. Always fascinating. AED of course.
I’M READY NOW PAT. I WANT YOU TO LISTEN CAREFULLY. I sense MARCHING again. AED yes. This was from also a moment Saturday, 14th September. AED yes. A sense and hearing of footsteps marching.
Are we going somewhere have we taken prisoners. AED oh Pat. To which. AED both. Really. AED yes. Where are we going AED. I will close my eyes and stop typing. I see those American girls in the US who entertain the crowd Majorettes. So a Kind of Entertainment. AED yes. We have captured prisoners, we can’t be in Jupiter. AED no. Have we disembarked From The Jupiter Angelicus Starship Submarine. AED yes. Whom did we take as prisoners from a World Outer Space. AED oh Pat, yes. Wow. AED wonderful.
AED oh Pat. What does this mean. I sense Anubis. Anubis is different. AED yes. I have a little crown energies – just prior it was as if Anubis was bounding up as before. Anubis seems clothed in a GOLD RAIMENT. AED yes. WHERE WE ARE GOING. Note Anubis Has Been Promoted and has a greater degree of the Consciousness of Jupiter Creation as was shared in The Anubis Initiation & The Jupiter Creation Initiation posted 16 September, experienced 7 September – which goes into great detail on The Anubis Initiation. However, Anubis retains ALL His Protector Roles but has other New Roles and Responsibilities.
Metatron looks in for a moment before leaving. Often Masters just look in for a brief moment, sharing and projecting their energies to enable deeper access into the session AED and I are into.
So one of your past lives AED is here. AED yes. To bring you something Pat. A gift or a memory. AED both. Yes. So you AED are giving me a gift and a memory from a past life. AED yes. Fascinating. AED very.
Chilly Am I in a cold place or because I get no sun here where I live. AED A COLD PLACE PAT. Are we Below The Oceans in Jupiter. I sense for a second a Submarine; then something in pink. Not the Jupiter Angelicus Submarine. Perhaps An OCEAN CARRIER WE USE IN JUPITER UNDER THE OCEANS. AED yes. Wow. AED yes. Was the Pink a Dolphin or similar. AED yes.
This kind of Mini Submarine is like an underwater vessel which we use as Transport Below the Oceans of Jupiter. AED yes. This session began as stated as I sensed Marching as I did Saturday. AED yes. Saturday, 14 September was The Emerald Stargate Initiation. To be shared soon.
We took prisoners In Outer Space in Our Role As A Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protector. AED yes. So as a prisoner they are not good. AED no. What did they do? What will happen to them? Is there a World in Jupiter For Rehabilitation? AED yes.
What kind of crimes have they committed – Are the Crimes in Space? AED yes. Like in Star Wars the film. AED yes. Whom did they fight Not THE SUNS. AED yes Pat. BUT THE SUNS ARE PROTECTED. AED yes. So they attempted to injure THE SUNS. AED yes. But our recent post said peace between the Stars and Suns; so these prisoners are not Darker Stars. AED no. Why do they want to injure the Suns? What kind of form are these HUMANOID. AED yes. I never say Humanoid. AED no. NOTE This was under our post shared on the 2 September, 2019 – The Hundreds of Darker Unknown Stars Have Been Destroyed To Protect The Hundreds of New Suns They Were Aiming To Destroy.
Are we in a COLD WORLD BELOW THE OCEANS OF JUPITER. AED yes. So this Realm where these prisoners have been marched too then is a Rehabilitation World Beneath The Oceans of Jupiter. AED yes. Will they keep retain their kind of machine programming. AED no. So this machine kind of robot type what happens to them – do they retain any core? AED we will be looking at this Pat. Are there Many Worlds Below the Oceans used for this. AED yes. But they won’t have the type of form bodies for the cold. AED it can be added quickly. Yes.
I am in this cold place. Twice I have heard marching. Has This Been A Major Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protector Role of lots of robots humanoids. AED many. How many thousands. AED yes. But we work quick as A Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protector. AED yes. I heard Saturday sensed now Tuesday. So A Vast Army of Humanoids. AED yes. Metatron yes. Has this been Completed Now. AED yes. Do they look scary these Humanoids. We see many Pat. Yes.
So they were programmed by the Unknown Darker Stars. AED yes, And other Dark Beings. AED yes. So when the Darker Stars were destroyed where were these hidden? That session was posted 2 September. THEY WERE HIDDEN PAT. Really. AED yes. Gosh. So there must be many similar humanoids. AED yes. Programmed by the Unknown Darker Stars or dark ones. AED yes.

Will they ALL GO TO THE WORLDS BELOW THE OCEANS OF JUPITER. AED many yes. But not all. AED no. What happens to the other humanoids are they less programmed? AED yes. So what happens to them? Will they have redemption? AED yes. So they will need to be un-programmed. AED yes. Will they want to exist in a kind of robot form?

I AM GETTING COLDER. AED yes. We Have Gone Deeper Into Another Cold World. Metatron leaves. AED yes, deeper into another cold world. What is this like? AED magical Pat. So now a Beautiful World Below The Oceans of Jupiter. AED yes. What is this World called? Metatron, Guan Yin & Angelius are here. AED yes. This is our next post The Gold Ocean Realm of Jupiter, an exciting and magical Realm, where AED and I are both fully conscious here. This is a very advanced Realm, Below The Oceans of Jupiter.
As I post this now – 22nd September, what is the situation with these Humanoids? There were Thousands who were captured, some will have been rehabilitated. AED yes. How many have been rehabilitated? AED significant changes Pat. Where are we now? About ten hours ago there were hundreds who had been rehabilitated. AED yes. AED NOW 1,250 Humanoids have been rehabilitated. AED however, this will continue to change as the rehabilitation of the Humanoids will exhaust all avenues in their rehabilitation before their future is fully known. Yes. So excellent, at the moment 1250 Humanoids have been rehabilitated, this has to be a good sign but not the final number having been rehabilitated. AED no, but there is a great deal of support to ensure they have the best of chances for their future existence. Yes.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
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DeviantArt. Humanoid.