Suryananda & Adam El Daoud. I Am Gifted From Angelicus 1st On Being Able To Read The Inner Akashic Records Which Is Even More Advanced & Specialised. This Takes AED & myself Deeper Into Knowledge & Creation. From The Inner Akashic Records.

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Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, As I Recognise I Am Now Able To Read The Inner Akashic Records which is even more advanced and specialised and was Gifted to me From Angelicus 1st. This has allowed AED and myself to go very much deeper into Knowledge & Creation. One aspect of this has been accessing unknown knowledge on Jupiter recently. Also, in my next post, where new in-depth information continues on Jupiter – which has not been written on Gaia since time immemorial. It has been necessary to Read The Inner Akashic Records consciously on Gaia.

From The Inner Akashic Records. 23 June, 2019.

It was wonderful seeing and sensing Angelicus 1st. Several times and Angelicus 1st saying a few words.

As Adam El Daoud and myself continued with another deep tuning in session, I say Is there anything I need to be aware of? AED yes. You are being Given Secrets & Codes AED. Yes. Where does this take me too as we have had several Secrets & Codes. AED yes.

Is there AN INNER AKASHIC RECORDS. AED yes. Really. AED yes. Wow. AED laughs, we have been waiting for you to recognise and be aware of this. Yes, it is so unexpected in that I have known for 30 years it was my destiny to write on The Akashic Records, as this was to be my main task and love to bring such knowledge to those on Gaia. AED yes, and as you were told from several Akashic Readings – Reading The Akashic Records was on your Silver Cord and could not be erased. I laugh, as if I had wanted this as Reading The Akasha has been a fascination and passion since July 1983; in that as soon as I was aware that The Akashic Records existed and had all knowledge within going back to Source, this was just a case of waiting. AED yes, whilst this was building up you were able to access deep information from The Akasha but it has been these last few years together, where the real depth of going deep into The Akasha has come from. Yes, with your shared knowledge and wisdom AED as well. AED it has always been your path Pat with myself from the Higher Realms to bring forth the wisdom and knowledge I am able to share with you. Yes. it has been wonderful, fascinating and exciting. AED laughs, very much so.

So this Inner Akashic Records is very advanced and specialised. AED yes very.
I am delighted to have reached this. AED yes. I wonder how many who read the Akashic Records can Enter the Inner Akashic Records?
Whom gives permission? AED I am laughing Pat. Yes. The Omnipresent Or Angelicus 1st?
AED ANGELICUS 1st Pat. Really. AED yes. Wow.

Isn’t that awesome The Inner Akashic Records. AED it is much more than the Inner Akashic Records Pat. THE HEARTBEAT OF THE CREATOR. AED yes. AED why The Heartbeat? INNER SOUND. AED yes. THE SOUND BENEATH ALL SOUND. AED yes.

Is this why – AED yes – You have been much quieter these last few weeks. AED yes.
Are you here AED because the Door has been Opened and Permission given for me to Read the Inner Akashic Records. AED yes.

The Inner Akashic Records Isn’t that fascinating. AED magnificent. Yes.

It is like the Inner Circle Of Yeshua. AED yes. Did Yeshua and Joseph of Arimathea teach me how to read the Inner Akashic Records. AED yes. But also many other Cosmic Masters such as Metatron, Sanat, Melchisadek. AED yes.

Have I been practicing? AED in a way. Does everyone graduate to the Inner Akashic Records? AED that is the aim.

So Angelicus 1st has Gifted me this Key. AED yes. Angelicus 1st is very helpful. AED yes.
What kind of changes will occur? AED Jupiter was one. Yes. So to tune into Jupiter as we did recently – was this the Reading of the Inner Akashic Records? AED of course.

I have not heard of The Inner Akashic Records. AED no. Would Angelicus 1st Gift all In this way? AED yes. Is that right. AED yes. Wonderful.

Where will we go Into The Inner Akashic Records – Deeper into Jupiter. AED yes What else?

THE COSMIC BEING OF JUPITER; I have crown energies. AED yes. I sensed a being like Jupiter. AED laughs I am Jupiter. Yes. Was this you I was sensing. AED yes. AED the two of us together Pat. Jupiteer Nirvana myself and Jupiter Nirvana you AED. Yes; I was aware of lots of white on the being of Jupiter. AED yes. Your – our presence was magnificent in that we were very tall and with a very strong and fascinating presence. AED laughs of course. I can see us still. AED this will remain Pat and be another inner activation key as we return to Jupiter whilst you are on Gaia. Yes.

Note we are known on The Nirvana Sun & Jupiter as Nirvanians Jupiterians Cosmic Sun Light Beings where our origins were billions of years ago. Full details in our previous post dated 3 June, 2019.

So as our deep tuning in session ends it has been wonderful and a real surprise that there is The Inner Akashic Records which allows those who are able to Read them, much Deeper Access Into Knowledge and Creation. AED absolutely, to Enter The Inner Akashic Records is a precious jewel. Yes, spiritual treasure. AED very much so. 
It remains awesome and profound how often Angelicus 1st comes into our deep sessions AED. AED beautiful. Angelicus 1st has such a sweet essence as well as being even older than you AED – being God in Form and older than all our Cosmic Angelic & Sun Family. AED beams, Angelicus 1st loves to come and say hello Pat. Yes, as will be seen from our next post as we went Deeper into Jupiter a few hours ago, it is always very special when Angelicus comes to say a few words. AED yes, you are able to sense Angelicus’s Presence very well. Yes, and Angelicus is always clothed in His Blue Raiment. AED yes. Very much as the Blue of this Blue Rose. AED yes, beautiful.
Blue Rose 23rd
I am really looking forward AED as we Enter Further and Deeper Into The Inner Akashic Records – The Heartbeat of The Creator – The Inner Sound – The Sound Beneath All Sound. AED we have many sessions already planned and waiting Pat. Wonderful. AED not only Angelicus 1st but our Cosmic Angelic & Sun Family have all been pivotal as we have gone into this; in that as you recognise and we have shared – we have had very many Sponsors From The Higher Realms which continues. Yes, that is fascinating and we are very blessed. AED absolutely. 
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
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