What Is The Consciousness Of The Golden Rose For Me. From The Akashic Records.

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From The Akashic Records.  2 April, 2018.

My first thought was LOVE.

I know I went over that chapter many times over the years bearing in mind it has been getting on for 30 years since I purchased the book The Sacred Vessel – The Search for The Rose of Light chapter.

For a second I thought after Love – SERVICE
But this chapter took me to the Ray Children, the Dhuman Adamic Race, Adam El Daoud – El Daoud and of course Atlantis – were and are all embedded within this chapter. AED says very much so.


The Golden Rose also takes me to The Ark of The Covenant. As when I first saw The Ark Of The Covenant 28 or so years ago in a dream, The Ark was covered with a Burgundy Cloth, and on the top were masses of Yellow Golden Roses whereby Source then spoke for quite a few minutes. Since that first profound time of seeing The Ark Of The Covenant, since May 2015, I have seen The Ark Of The Covenant three times in visions without a burgundy cloth. Just as this ancient and sacred relic has always been pictured and painted, engraved and adorned in exquisite Golden symbols, Cherubim.

The Ark Of The Covenant also takes AED and myself to Moses and those times. But in essence, The Ark is much older going back as The Ark does to Created Life millions of years ago. Like The Akashic Records, The Ark Has Always Existed.

The Ark Of The Covenant Holds Within This Sacred Relic The Secrets Of Creation. I say to AED I love that. AED says I knew you would.

The Golden Rose is also very deeply connected to The Cosmic Christ, Who Has Many Names. However, the Original Cosmic Christ was and is Amrita Adam El Daoud.

So LOVE was and is the first consciousness I would say but it encompasses within this the above words.

What I have always been aware of was that I was always fascinated with this Chapter and an immediate recognition occurred. Ever since the Yellow Golden Rose has been my favourite Rose. Although in the last couple of years I feel AED and myself, Suryananda, have the Blue Rose as connecting to Our Blue Ray being Twin Flames and Divine Consorts. AED says yes, we do, Our Blue Rose is exquisite as your inner self has recognised. AED laughs as he says there is much to be said on our Blue Rose as well. I say, yes. As is so for all Twin Flames we are One Soul.

It has also been confirmed as I felt, that I was a Priest in the Temple of The Golden Rose in Atlantis.

So The Golden Rose takes me to Source.  AED says well done at that.

(**  Mona Rolfe says the Golden Rose is imprinted in your heart…. you are not asked to hold it in this life but its imprint is in your heart soul).

The Golden Rose takes me to The Creator
To God’s Mind and Heart
It takes me to The Sun Son

AED says yes, you are dreaming this life in the Heart of the Rose.

With Adam El Daoud, sharing AED’s Knowledge and Wisdom, encompassed within Love. Love for all life forms and existences, worlds within worlds – with knowledge, life has hope, and with hope faith is intensified, Knowing Life is Eternal and we are Immortal brings joy and light to others as there is that awareness that life beyond Earth is Golden. it is a Golden Era and Time and Bliss and Ecstasy will be Experienced and Understood.

I say to AED – Really is that right – I am dreaming in the Heart of the Golden Gold Rose. As I reflect on the Sounds – I am drawn too The Soul Note of the Universe, The Cosmos, The Heart of The Creator Divine Mother.

AED says this is what he is trying to show me by connecting to so many of us. And to help people to understand we are Immortal, we are Eternal, and will go through Eternity side by side with Our Beloved – Or God The Father Mother – Deities, or whomever we are drawn too and aligned with in Infinite Love and Bliss. So AED is saying The Golden Rose Is Our Key.


I say to AED am I meant to look deeper into the Heart of the Golden Rose?

AED adds To truly see into the Heart is to know THE turning point. Which takes me to as I said above us Ray Children, Adam El Daoud, Atlantis and Source.

(**  From the chapter The Search for the Rose of Light – The Sacred Vessel).

(**  You are at the turning point, to you is given the gift of the knowledge of spiritual things, the power to transmute the light of the spirit which is within your own heart into that great beam of light that none can or may dim; a light so radiant that, not only will it transmute your own physical body into light, but the physical bodies of others will also be helped by your work in that service).

These words are very profound I love them they are embedded deep within. AED says yes.

What do I do now with regards to The Golden Rose –  It is embedded deep within AED’s and my soul. AED says yes, very much so.

(**  Mona Rolfe says you do not have to touch it….. for it is imprinted in your hand
You were given the symbol that you might carry it in your heart forever).

AED says yes, you don’t have to touch it as it is not touched by human hand. It is Nameless, Timeless And Eternal.

(**  The Golden Rose was in your heart and its imprint was in your hand and it is through the power of the Golden Rose that the healing rays which come through the palm of your hand).

AED says you have always lived in the Heart of the Rose. The other experiences you have had have been merely dreaming.

Ever since I read about the Golden or Yellow Rose from The Sacred Vessel, it has been my favourite.  It takes me to AED and Cosmic Light Family.

The Golden Rose has to also connect to the Sun Son
The Heart of The Rose

AED is giving me a Golden Rose  That is beautiful. 

AED says Welcome Home, Pat. ♥

Amrita new picture 12 April