The Galactic Sun – A Visual Description. For Full Details See The Galactic Sun, next post, Interdimensional Portal Station Into Other Worlds & Galaxies. This Is Home. From The Akashic Records.

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This describes the Visual Appearance of The Galactic Sun only.

(Note see separate post which covers in full The Galactic Sun posted after this which describes the visual appearance as well as new in depth information not brought to Gaia before).
From The Akashic Records. 15 May, 2018.
As Amrita Adam El Daoud was very present, I closed my eyes for a mment when I was suddenly seeing this Vast Yellow Sun as an Intergalactic Portal Station with Cosmic Beings I could see up through the different paths and heights – likened to Station Stops for Arrivals and Departures. This vision which lasted for some time was completely fascinating, magnificent and awesome, and to have seen this was exciting and mesmerising.
The sheer scale and vastness of being shown The Galactic Sun is beyond the range of what can be imagined, as the Vast Galactic Sun rose upwards many hundreds of thousands of feet and was also hundreds of thousands of feet in width and then some. You would have to be looking at one of the very largest of the Planets in a vision to get the sense of the vastness of The Galactic Sun. The fascinating colour of Pure Yellow throughout was truly awesome, with the whole of The Galactic Sun being of the same tone of Yellow.
I have been aware for a long time the Sun is an Intergalactic Portal Station where Cosmic Beings and Light Forms gather for both arrivals and departures to a Multitude of Worlds and Galaxies, but to see the Vast Cosmic Sun as this huge Galactic Centre Space Station in an actual sighting and vision will be with me forever.

This Vast Cosmic Sun was many thousands of feet high as it was Vast, as I was very aware the Cosmic Beings I was shown were very tiny in comparison to its Vast Cosmic Structure. The colour of The Galactic Sun was a Bright Pure Yellow, each section of The Galactic Sun having the exact same tone of Yellow.

In essence, The Galactic Sun is the same colour of The Cosmic Christ, with the Sun as seen in the Sky – Ether, the Symbol of The Father, as shared in a dream in 1989. So the symbol of The Cosmic Christ and The Galactic Sun are both of the same tone of Yellow. By this I mean neither colours merged into a Golden Yellow, Both are the Exact Same Shade and Tone of Yellow.  

To see this Galactic Sun in its role as an Intergalactic Station for a multitude of Life Forms in the Higher Realms was both awesome and profound. Once seen never forgotten.
It reminds me of The Sphinx with minute tiny people moving up and down its vast structure although The Galactic Sun is very many times larger in both height and width. The beautiful Yellow colour was awesome with every part of this vast Galactic Sun being the same shade of Yellow, truly Awesome.
It is wonderful and so exciting and mesmerising to see this  Intergalactic Sun as A Space Station for both arrivals and departures of Cosmic Beings and Advanced Life Forms. So all the Galactic Beings Arriving and Departing are Being Born And Going Into New Births In The Higher Realms. 

It was very profound to see The Galactic Sun and all the Birth Stations for Arrivals and Departures.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥