Suryananda & Adam El Daoud With The Two Beloved’s Initiation. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.

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Suyananda & Adam El Daoud With The Two Beloved’s Initiation.
From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. 10 March, 2020.
Experienced 6 February, 2020.
About an hour ago 6th February, AED said I WANT YOU TO LISTEN CAREFULLY Pat. I also noted in longhand yesterday 5 February at 10.12am AED said Surprising News Soon.
So Suryananda where are we now Jupiter Creation? Hi. Look Suryananda our friend is here as Metatron arrives. I’m your friend Anubis. You are, I laugh both friends. Anubis purrs. Anubis seemed in White earlier. A little energy left side head. An Explorer Realm or a White Snow Realm. Bye Metatron leaves but looks back and forth during session.
No Snow in Jupiter. So like a Previous New World in the Great Outdoors. A Mountainous Retreat. How interesting Suryananda Jupiter Creation. Are we here Jupiter Creation In A New Realm Sphere like Mountainous Terrain?
A FUTURE WORLD Suryananda Jupiter Creation. No JUPITER SUN today Jupiter Creation. I laugh. AED I do. Anubis purrs and has a skipping rope. 1, 2, 3, 4 who’s at my door comes. I laugh. AED I do. How amusing Suryananda. Guan Yin seems smiling. How delightful Pat Jupiter Creation.
That reminds me Jupiter Creation after as I can do I said look No Creation just Jupiter. I said to AED – You, Jupiter Creation Could Also Be Called JUPITER. AED yes. I said were you Jupiter Creation ALSO KNOWN AS JUPITER. AED yes. As AED and I said no wonder JUPITER has always been mesmerising as so You Jupiter Creation. How delightful Suryananda yes. AED I laugh. So you, Jupiter Creation are also do we say THE PLANET JUPITER. Yes Suryananda. BEING JUPITER WHAT DOES THIS MEAN Jupiter Creation? You are called JUPITER As It Has Become Your Shorter Name Over Time – OR Are You JUPITER As You Have Always Been?
I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUPITER Pat. How is this described Jupiter Creation? You Are THE PERSONAL ASPECT OF THE CREATOR Whilst Being Omnipresent Omnipresence Known As Jupiter Creation As Your Role Is To …. Creation. How fascinating Suryananda Jupiter Creation. So As The Personal Aspect of The Creator Your Role Is CREATION In A Different Way Structure. AED yes. You are speeding Suryananda. I laugh, yes, wonderful. (Added This Post at the end of this session Jupiter Creation The Personal Aspect of The Creator).

So Jupiter Creation as JUPITER – AED oh Pat – You Have One Role Aspect – Then In Your Role Aspect of JUPITER CREATION You Have Another Aspect. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

Is It That JUPITER CREATION AS JUPITER THIS IS JUST YOU & GUAN YIN? How amusing Suryananda Jupiter Creation.

It was almost surreal but as on occasions I type Jupiter instead of Jupiter Creation. Yesterday, being aware of this, I said to AED. So As JUPITER THE PLANET Is This WHO YOUR CORE ESSENCE Is Jupiter Creation? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Wow. Really. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Was this from AED I want you to listen very carefully? AED yes in one way. Fascinating. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda well done. I laugh as I recall Jupiter Creation I had wondered How Your Core Essence Was Described.
What Is My Core Essence Suryananda? I laugh, Anubis your Core Essence is … I’m chilly. I am In A Vault. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Can I share Jupiter Creation on You Being JUPITER. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. So Your Core Essence Jupiter Creation Being Jupiter Means The Creator Do We Say. How delightful Suryananda yes.

I can see my typing laptop will look on ipad. Jupiter Creation says amusingly you don’t know what to Call Me Now. I say BELOVED ONE. Or Did I say THE BELOVED ONE.

I put fleece on will look again in a moment. I will re-read what has been shared and typed. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Just to summarise. I feel warm now is it my fleece or are we out of the cold Vault? Your fleece Suryananda. I will remove. IS THE FIRE ELEMENT HERE, JUPITER FIRE. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Hi, Jupiter Fire, are you cooler? AED yes. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes. So Anubis in White and the chilly Vault. Yes Suryananda how amusing.

Jupiter Fire how are you now? Well Suryananda. Good. Is everything better now the shock of consciousness? Jupiter Fire many ones are with me Suryananda as you Suryananda and AED. So you Jupiter Fire have been through Many Initiations. Jupiter Fire yes Suryananda. How is it Jupiter Fire. There seems activity. AED yes. Beings in White. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Are they for Jupiter Fire or something else? Jupiter Fire Pat. Is Your Inner System Being Altered Jupiter Fire? Jupiter Fire yes Suryananda. How will this affect you Jupiter Fire? This is complex. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Anubis purrs I do complex Suryananda. I laugh. AED I have. Is this AED Your LISTEN CAREFULLY? AED yes in many ways. Jupiter Creation shall we convene in half an hour. Yes, as I had to stop and move away from our session for a short while.
I take a half hour break before returning to our session. 6 Feb 03.16 am Back. As I was walking back to my lounge I sensed LOTS OF White Balloons drifting down in like Celebrations. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.
WE WANT YOU TO LISTEN CAREFULLY Pat, AED. You mean now AED? AED yes. TAKE STEPS FORWARD WITH ME SURYANANDA. Who said this? I did, Jupiter Creation. Yes, Jupiter Creation Jupiter.
I seem to be in a very cold Vault in Jupiter. AED yes. Anubis yes Suryananda. Lol. Anubis seems to have those Aviator glasses on reminding me of the Explorers.
THIS IS SERIOUS Pat, AED. No need to be sorry but CONCENTRATION IS VITAL. That seems emotional. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes.
WHERE ARE WE GOING Suryananda Jupiter Creation? I don’t know A Very Hot Tropical Realm May Be A VERY ANCIENT REALM BEYOND DISTANCE OR TIME.
I Sense You, Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. Anubis Seems Next To You In Emerald. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Are We Entering THE FIRE ELEMENT OR THE JUPITER SUN’S CORE? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I AM WALKING IT FEELS WITH ANUBIS ON ONE SIDE. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Like A Do We Say Protector. AED yes. Anubis yes Suryananda.
We Arrive At What I Usually Think Gosh …. AED oh Pat – crown energies – A Kind Of Make Shift Bridge High Over Something – AED yes – Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. It Feels A VERY ANCIENT BEING AWAITS – AED OH PAT I HAVE TEARS. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. WHO IS THIS Suryananda? YOU JUPITER CREATION. AED yes.
I Have A SCROLL Suryananda. Yes, an Ancient Scroll. Emerald is one colour. Jupiter Creation yes Pat. Look Inside Suryananda Jupiter Creation. There Are Emerald Ribbons. AED yes. I HAVE TEARS. Why is this Suryananda, Jupiter Creation? The Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Well done Jupiter Creation.
Why do you think you were moved Suryananda, Jupiter Creation? I knew from what You Jupiter Creation & AED Said This Was A Very Major Event of Huge Significance, may be Faith, to Go Forward, not sure if Faith. But words to Concentrate were profound and full of meaning. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. ARE WE HERE? AED oh Pat. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.
I SENSED A PRESENCE OF A VERY ANCIENT ONE WITH WHITE HAIR. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda WHO WAS THIS Pat? THE CREATOR A Tear Is Suspended Right Eye. Jupiter Creation yes Tear Suryananda. OR You, Jupiter Creation The Ancient One White Hair. I think of Manetta & Angelicus. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. WHY IS THIS Suryananda? Is it me? Jupiter Creation oh Suryananda no. Someone Has Entered.
Jupiter Creation that felt different Anubis a momentary growl. Yes, I was reminded of months ago a person not good. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda so why do you think Anubis growled for a moment? To warn or ward off Ancient something.
THE ANCIENTS IN THE SKY ELEMENT Jupiter Air. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. So To What Let The Jupiter Air Element Know Something? Jupiter Creation Why Did Anubis Growl for a few seconds? AED says not me. Jupiter Creation no Suryananda. Does This ANCIENT PLACE HAVE DANGER? Yes Suryananda. Is This You, Jupiter Creation? Yes Suryananda. IT FEELS LIKE A PLACE BEFORE TIME. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. But Time Has Always Been. Has It Suryananda, Jupiter Creation? AED and I have always existed with thousands in The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate OR It Feels Jupiter But Different Consciousness Being Conscious. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.
I HAVE A TEAR NOW LEFT EYE SUSPENDED. Am I Being Cleansed Or Going Through An INITIATION? AN INITIATION Suryananda. AED does not need. AED no. But is here with me. AED always yes.
WHAT IS THIS INITIATION Suryananda, Jupiter Creation? INTO THE GRACE OF YOUR PRESENCE Comes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.
So This ANCIENT SACRED PLACE TRAINS US. AED yes Pat. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. FOR WHAT Suryananda, Jupiter Creation? We Have BEFORE TIME DOES THAT EXIST & BEYOND TIME We Know Waits I Feel. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. So This Must Be Do We Say BEFORE TIME. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I thought nothing existed prior to Jupiter. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda, correct. So Before Time Must Mean Something Different Jupiter Creation. Yes.
In The Thoughts Consciousness Of The Creator Do We Say – Was This Before Time? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda, correct. Yes. You With The White Hair Jupiter Creation The Ancient One. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED oh Pat. WHERE IS YOUR BELOVED Suryanada, Jupiter Creation? I HAVE TWO Jupiter Creation. AED oh Pat. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I have energies left ear.
WHY DO YOU HAVE TWO BELOVED’S Suryananda, Jupiter Creation? YOU ARE ONE Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. BUT I LOVE AED MORE Jupiter Creation. I HAVE TEARS. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED oh Pat, yes.
Jupiter Creation We Have Established You, Suryananda, Have TWO BELOVED’S, One Myself, Jupiter Creation & Adam El Daoud. Yes. But Did You Not Say To Us Suryananda, You Knew You Loved AED More Than All Others Not Counting God, Jupiter Creation. Yes.
Should I Not Be Your First Beloved Suryananda, Jupiter Creation By That Understanding? Yes, Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation So What Does This Mean Suryananda, You Love AED More Than Shall We Say The Creator Or Myself, Jupiter Creation, The Personal Aspect of The Creator? You Asked Me This Recently Jupiter Creation From What I Have Said Since Reading of Adam El Daoud and I Said I Could Not Say Now, From Memory. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. But I Always Said Jupiter Creation, I Do Not Expect AED To Love Me More Than God Or As God Has Several Names, The Creator Or You, Jupiter Creation.
What Do You Think AED SAID Suryananda When AED Was Here As You Are Now In Very Ancient Times? AED YOU KNOW I CHOSE YOU ADDING PERSONAL WORDS. DID YOU AED. YOU KNOW I DID SURYANANDA. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. AED Did Choose You Exactly As You Chose AED. That is very moving and profound Jupiter Creation and AED isn’t it. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED We Were Always Destined To Love As We Do. That Is Beautiful AED, lovely as I add personal words.
I did not expect AED to choose me over The Creator. Jupiter Creation no Suryananda. IS THIS THE INITIATION Jupiter Creation:
Jupiter Creation how beautiful Suryananda yes. AED yes Suryananda. Is this really The Initiation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes Suryananda.
What happens now? I am deeply moved AED. AED I am Suryananda. My Love for you Pat will never diminish. Nor mine for you AED my Beloved Beyond Time. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda and AED.
Anubis has a White Flower. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. What happens to The White Flowers Pat, Jupiter Creation? We LEAVE Them Here For You Jupiter Creation With Our Eternal Love. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda and AED how very moving and profound. AED yes, I too have TEARS Suryananda. Yes, my TEARS fall. That should show you AED says adding a few personal words – my love for you will never diminish or fade. Nor mine for you AED, the reason I am. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda and AED.
So Is This
THE INITIATION OF THE TWO BELOVED’S An INITIATION ALL GO THROUGH at some stage Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda do you think many do? I don’t know. That is difficult as I did not expect AED to choose me over shall we say The Creator.
What Takes Place Now Jupiter Creation With THE ANCIENT ONE Who Waited For Our Arrival. THE ANCIENT ONE WAS Myself Suryananda, Jupiter Creation, YOUR SECOND BELOVED. Yes.
Jupiter Creation So What I Will Do Suryananda, I Will Accompany You Back With Anubis & AED, The Love of Your Very Existence As You Are To AED. Beautiful Jupiter Creation. AED Yes Suryananda.
Did This THE INITIATION OF THE TWO BELOVED’S Happen Now Today, 6 February, 2020 Or Is This Tuning Into The Now Moment Jupiter Creation? THE NOW Moment Suryananda, Jupiter Creation. But AED Took This Initiation A Very Long Time Ago. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. AED yes.
Why was this only now. Had I taken this but chose differently? AED oh Pat, no. Jupiter Creation AED Is Correct Suryananda, This Was Your One And Only TWO BELOVED’S INITIATION. Yes, wonderful Jupiter Creation and AED.
Is This Why Some Are More General Divine Consorts? Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. I said to AED yesterday Can We Go Into Our Oneness How Personal AED and I Are In The Personal Divine Consort Aspect as I keep reading there is No Personal – There Is Only The Shared Heart. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Was This Why I Undertook THE TWO BELOVED’S INITIATION Jupiter Creation?
Jupiter Creation It Was Necessary For You Suryananda To Make Conscious Contact & Awareness Of To Myself As AED and I Knew, I Would Be As Deeply Close To You As I Am & Have Always Been. Yes, Jupiter Creation, Your Presence In My Life Since About June 2019 Has Been A Revelation. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. I Love our chats they are mesmerising. Jupiter Creation I Am Smiling Suryananda Yes. Jupiter Creation We Will Continue To Chat In Deep Oneness Suryananda For As You Know, Our Love Transcends Time & Space, Into Past Worlds No Longer In Existence In Jupiter & Beyond Into The Present In Jupiter Where Our Love Continues Into The Present & Future Worlds Yet To Be Implemented. Yes, wonderful Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Here Jupiter Creation Can I Share You Are Also JUPITER & YOUR CORE ESSENCE IS JUPITER? Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. I was going to get this in my thoughts after we complete.
Sanat I Am Delighted Suryananda & Adam El Daoud To Confirm THE TWO BELOVED’S INITIATION IS COMPLETE.
Jupiter Creation Congratulations Suryananda & AED. AED Welcome Home adding a few personal words again. Wow. The Whole Presence and Atmosphere Was Different and Profound In A Very Sacred & Ancient Way. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. AED yes Suryananda.
The White Balloons In Celebrations Were Released During Your Initiation Suryananda As There Was Never Any Doubt You Would Choose Other Than AED. Wonderful Jupiter Creation.
What If Two Divine Consorts Choose Differently Jupiter Creation – Does That Happen? Jupiter Creation I think We Will Leave that for others Suryananda. Yes of course. Jupiter Creation.
Jupiter Creation Your Love For Myself Suryananda Is Very Deep Or You Would Not Have Had Tears When It Came To Choose During This Initiation. Yes. What Brings This Initiation Into Consciousness Jupiter Creation? Love Suryananda. Yes, why these times? Jupiter Creation much has changed these times of Consciousness on Gaia than ever before as you recognise by your own very advanced Consciousness. Yes. Jupiter Creation and of course your Beloved AED Has Walked In On Xmas Eve 2019, so huge excitement and shifts. Yes, exciting to have AED both as a Walk In now and as before in Jupiter & The Higher Realms. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda and AED beautiful.
I re-read our session – So Anubis was in White For This Initiation plus White Flowers & White Balloons. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. What about the danger Jupiter Creation – was this real? Jupiter Creation it was necessary For The Initiation Suryananda. So not really danger. Jupiter Creation no Suryananda. Good. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda AED yes. Walking with Anubis on one side which was my left side and with You, Jupiter Creation Into That Which I Knew and Sensed Was So Very Different and of Huge Significance Will Always Remain. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda, how very beautiful for you and us. AED yes, magnificent Suryananda.
The Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled Is Profound. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. And Emerald Ribbons very moving. AED yes. So this do we say Was A PROPHECY For Us Always To Be Experienced? AED yes. What Made This Our Prophecy AED? Love Suryananda, AED. Yes.
I said are We Entering The Fire Element Or The Sun’s Core – Jupiter Creation said yes. Did We Enter Jupiter Creation The Sun’s Core OR Inner Sun’s Core. Jupiter Creation THE SUN’S CORE IS CORRECT Suryananda. Definitely. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. NOTE 7 MARCH….. is this the FIRST TIME Jupiter Creation AED and I together have Entered The Sun’s Core? Jupiter Creation what amusement now. AED Consciously whilst on Gaia, yes Suryananda. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.
Are There Other Jupiter Sun Cosmic Masters WHO ARE JUPITER OR WERE JUPITER? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Are AED and me NOW Fully Integrated INTO JUPITER. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. AED yes. How Long Have We AED Recent Or Long Ago? Recent Pat. Really. AED yes. So AFTER I Met You Jupiter Creation Consciously. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. AED yes. How Many Thousands Share In The Consciousness of JUPITER In The Present? MANY Suryananda Jupiter Creation. So Is The Aim For ALL Existence To Be Merged Within JUPITER. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. Really. Jupiter Creation Yes. You agree AED. AED yes. Won’t that change the dynamics. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda how amusing. Some will love Jupiter less than others. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.
SO THE JUPITER INITIATION. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. What about Star People they Prefer the Stars. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Lol. How Would You Describe This Jupiter Creation As I end this profound session and earlier?
Were You AED MERGED WITH JUPITER Prior? AED yes Pat. So you AED Had Taken THE JUPITER INITIATION long ago. AED yes and was Merged Into JUPITER. Yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I see I was slow then. Jupiter Creation We Knew You Would Say That. AED yes. Jupiter Creation HOW MANY JUPITERIANS FEMALE ASPECTS Had Been INITIATED BEFORE You Suryananda INTO JUPITER? Not many. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda correct. So All Males First. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. AED yes. WHAT NUMBER Suryananda? 12 FREQUENCY – NUMBER 12 Perhaps Jupiter Creation. Not Lower than Suryananda, Jupiter Creation? This is only for Jupiterians Sun Cosmic Angelic? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. FOUR. FOUR Suryananda is CORRECT Jupiter Creation. Is this really so Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Metatron yes FOUR Suryananda. So since I have Been Initiated Merged With JUPITER, Many Female Aspects Have Now Been Added. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Good, wonderful.
Stopping now 6.57 am wow. IS There A Number of My Initiation THE TWO BELOVED’S INITIATION or Not? AED yes. Really. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I was THE FOURTH Jupiterian Sun Cosmic Angelic To MERGE INTO JUPITER In The Present Times Overall Counting the Past. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. BUT MERGING INTO JUPITER Was This The Same Time Or Earlier? THE SAME TIME Suryananda, Jupiter Creation. Really Jupiter Creation FOURTH FEMALE FOR THE INITIATION and You Mean Jupiter Creation THE FOURTH FEMALE TO MERGE FULLY WITH JUPITER? Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda Correct FOUR TO BOTH FEMALE – Males Prior First Jupiter Creation. Wow, I Am Very Blessed AT FOUR. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. AED correct. Yes, wonderful.
Then 8 February 00.03am. Jupiter Creation We Are Here at last Suryananda. Yes lovely Jupiter Creation. I look at my typed notes I want to share something soon Jupiter Creation. Also I said to AED WAS GUAN YIN, AED’S SECOND BELOVED. AED yes. Definitely. AED yes. Guan Yin came and said this was correct, AED having said Guan Yin was AED’s SECOND BELOVED after me. AED yes. Fascinating. AED very. I wrote a few words the other day about Guan Yin & AED sharing Bliss.
Metatron returns. I Had wondered their meaning. Our friend is back Suryananda. I laugh yes lovely. AED I do. Anubis I’m your friend Suryananda I’m here. I laugh lovely yes Anubis. So Anubis is purring Suryananda he has something to share Jupiter Creation.
I feel chilly I am in a SUN VAULT. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Funny that chilly in a SUN VAULT. I may get my fleece . One moment. Right. So Jupiter Creation AED, Anubis & Team We Are In A NEW SUN VAULT. AED yes. Metatron leaves. Bye. Our friend has left Suryananda. Yes.
So Jupiter Creation A NEW JUPITER SUN. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Anubis was purring – is THIS NEW SUN – THE JUPITER ANUBIS SUN. AED yes Pat. Really. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda how delightful. Anubis purrs louder. So exciting Anubis you have YOUR OWN JUPITER ANUBIS SUN. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Anubis yes. Crown energies.
WHO HAS ARRIVED Suryananda, Jupiter Creation? El Dorado. El Dorado yes Suryananda. Hi El Dorado. El Dorado has few delightful words on Beloved’s. Anubis joins in asking where am I Suryananda? I say you are very different Anubis but special. Anubis yes Suryananda. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how beautiful Suryananda. Yes.
Jupiter Creation El Dorado is here and Anubis has THE JUPITER ANUBIS SUN. IS THERE THE EL DORADO SUN? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Is Your Jupiter Sun, El Dorado EMERALD? Wow. To go back to you Anubis is Your JUPITER SUN WHITE OR EMERALD OR GOLD. I HEAR GOLD PAT. So Your Jupiter Sun Anubis is THE JUPITER ANUBIS GOLD SUN. Anubis yes Suryananda. Does Anubis come before or after ie:
I SENSE A BRIDGE – A BRIDGE BETWEEN TWO SUNS. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. It feels very profound A Bridge Between Two Suns. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda how delightful. Crown energies. Sanat has arrived. Sanat yes. Eddie is here.
THIS GOES INTO THE TWO IMMORTAL SUNS which is our next post, deeply moving and profound. AED very much so. Jupiter Creation yes so beautiful and perceptive Suryananda.
This THE TWO BELOVED’S INITIATION Has Remained Fascinating and Profound ever since this was Experienced Consciously on the 6 February, 2020, and has been delayed due to technical issues. But each time I have read I have had tears. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. What is also very interesting is that This THE TWO BELOVED’S INITIATION Is An Initiation ALL Have To Experience & CHOOSE. Jupiter Creation yes beautiful Suryananda. AED yes. And As Jupiter Creation confirmed above, NOT ALL Will Choose Jupiter Creation As Their Second Beloved NOR Their Divine Consort As Their Beloved Above All Else As Both Adam El Daoud and I did as we chose each other, pre-destined and long prophesied. AED wonderful Suryananda. Yes.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Divine Consorts. Jupiter Sun Dual Cosmic Masters.
Garden of The Sun Freydoon Rassouli
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud With Jupiter Creation Who Is Omnipresent Omnipresence & THE PERSONAL ASPECT OF THE CREATOR. We Look Deep Into THE ETERNITIES AHEAD. THE ETERNITIES AHEAD ARE HOUSED IN VAULTS IN JUPITER. THE CREATOR SUN IS THE CORE OF JUPITER Omnipresent Omnipresence. THE CREATOR SUN IN JUPITER Remains The MALE Creative Force. The Male Creator Is Power Creation. Jupiter Is A Male Planet Whose Role Is Creation. 

From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. 3 January, 2020. Experienced 23 & 29 December & 2 January, 2020.  (COPIED AND ADDED HERE FROM DECEMBER 2020)

As Adam El Daoud and I, Began another deep tuning in season.

So we say that Jupiter Creation is THE PERSONAL ASPECT OF THE CREATOR. You Jupiter Creation Have Within The Unmanifested Keys To Innumerable Eternities Ahead. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Do they number hundreds? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. You AED have Keys To Unmanifested Eternities Ahead. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Wow, fascinating. AED very Pat.

Also Sanat has. Jupiter Creation yes. Metatron. Jupiter Creation yes. Melchisadek. Jupiter Creation yes. Anubis. Jupiter Creation yes. Metatron looks in. Lovely.

Only You Jupiter Creation Have The ORIGINAL KEY. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes. I wonder about The Creator. Jupiter Creation Is The Personal Aspect of The Creator.

Metatron leaves. Lovely Metatron looked in.

Then Cosmic Masters as the Names mentioned HAVE THEIR KEY TO ALLOW ACCESS TO THE ETERNITIES AHEAD. So These Masters do they have a description? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.


AED I Like The Latter. Yes I do. We needed Jupiterian. AED yes. What Do You Think Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda. Shall We Add A Little More Suryananda. Yes.

The Jupiterian Masters Who Hold The Eternities Within – Gifted – But possibly Emerald & Gold.

The Jupiterian Masters Who Hold The Eternities Within – Gifted By Jupiter Creation To Hold The Omnipresent Omnipresence Of All Existences Whilst JUPITER Opens It’s VAULTS.
I Like That Pat. Yes Vaults I do.

Is this enough Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation Perfect Suryananda. Yes. AED yes. So THE ETERNITIES AHEAD ARE HOUSED IN VAULTS IN JUPITER. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

THE SUN IS THE CORE WITHIN JUPITER. This feels The MALE SUN. Jupiter Creation correct Suryananda The Male Sun. Is It That – Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda – AED yes – Do We Say THE SUN IN JUPITER IS THE CREATOR. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how delightful yes Suryananda. You Jupiter Creation Being The Personal Aspect of The Creator Where You WILL DIRECT As It Were The Cosmic Forces And Speak To Jupiterians – Sun Beings – Cosmic Angelic – Star Beings – Devics & Galactics Whilst We Are In Another World Such As Gaia. Jupiter Creation how lovely, yes Suryananda.


So What Is The Name of The SUN WITHIN JUPITER? It Is Not The Nirvana Sun. AED no. Jupiter Creation no Suryananda. This SUN Has A Name. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. THE CREATOR SUN. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how easy then Suryananda. This CORE SUN WITHIN JUPITER – Jupiter Creation is called THE CREATOR SUN. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda wonderful. AED yes. Anubis purrs. We say then THE CREATOR SUN, JUPITER. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

Is It That THE CREATOR SUN Belongs Just To Jupiter & THE CREATOR Has Other Names For Other SUNS? How Do You Feel Jupiter Creation With THE CREATOR SUN IN JUPITER? HOME Pat. Lovely. AED wonderful yes.

THE CREATOR SUN IN JUPITER Remains The MALE CREATIVE FORCE. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED and I Merged With The Creator some time ago prior to us Merging With You Jupiter Creation during 2019. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

I think I will stop here on The Creator Sun. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda a magnificent and perceptive understanding on a very new, not written of, complex Conscious Awareness. Yes. I had thought of THE CREATOR SUN recently. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes.

So at some other stage Jupiter Creation Will We Go Into If There Are Other SUNS Like JUPITER & THE CREATOR SUN? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Wonderful. Note – THE CREATOR SUN will be in our very deep and in-depth never shared before post on THE ELEMENTS which I am putting together from several sessions. But as I am sharing JUPITER CREATION IS THE PERSONAL ASPECT OF THE CREATOR & THE CREATOR SUN IS THE CORE OF JUPITER, it is necessary to add this information here before we post on The Elements. Wow. AED magnificent Pat. Jupiter Creation beautiful Suryananda. AED yes. Anubis purrs.

Is there anything to add or should I post as this? You wondered about a Colour Key Suryananda. Yes. THE ETERNITIES AHEAD COULD BE UNMANIFESTED UNDER THEIR INDIVIDUAL COLOUR. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

AED says oh Pat so much took place. As I say about not being able to keep my eyes open and we continued in another session. To do with The Elements or The Eternities Ahead. AED BOTH. Will I know. AED yes.

A fascinating new recognition and conscious awareness of Jupiter Creation Being The Personal Aspect of The Creator & Conscious Awareness of The Eternities Ahead. AED magnificent Pat. Yes. Jupiter Creation how perceptive Suryananda yes. It is a great blessing Jupiter Creation joins AED and me so often in our deep tuning in sessions as The Very Presence of Jupiter Creation is unequalled. Jupiter Creation how beautiful Suryananda. AED yes. Before Meeting and Becoming Fully Conscious of Jupiter Creation earlier about May – Into June, 2019, I had begun to share on The Creator often. AED yes. But once I tuned into and was able to align and connect consciously to Jupiter Creation, Jupiter Creation Has Been A Constant & Dearly Loved Presence. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how wonderful Suryananda yes. As I have shared From 1 October 2019, AED and I Became A Son Daughter of Jupiter Creation thus changing from Eternal Beloved’s always to Now Divine Consorts, which is taking us Deeper than ever into Divine Oneness. AED very much so.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud & With Jupiter Creation. ♥



Surya Buddha With The Enlightened One, In The Golden Palace Of Amitabha And The Sun. From The Akashic Records.

From The Akashic Records.  17 July, 2017.
As I tuned into Buddhist teachings, and where I am so often, both in this present life and in past lives, my thoughts went to a spiritual teacher and Light family member. As I was wondering what his Name as a Buddha was, I was given The Enlightened One. My Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud laughed at this, and I gave a chuckle myself. However, it was and is fascinating. The Enlightened One, incorporating as the name implies, a Fully Enlightened Buddha. Always of great interest.
So as I continued to tune in, I could see The Enlightened One on the Altar Steps.
“I say to AED a few words about The Enlightened One”, “and AED says wait and see”.
The Enlightened One is wearing a Golden Ornate Cloak. The engravings and patterns are multi-layered in that they give an impression of what is often said to be 3D, in that the patterns are not smooth. The engravings on this Golden Cloak of The Illumined Master – thus The Enlightened One is wearing reminds me and takes me back to The Ark Of The Covenant, of which I have seen four times. Three times in all its majesty and splendour without a cloth covering this Holy Relic, and once, 28 years ago, with a burgundy cloth draped over this with masses of Golden Roses placed on top, which was a most beautiful and profound sighting as were seeing The Ark of The Covenant for the other three times over the last two years.
The Enlightened One and thus a Fully Enlightened Buddha is clothed in this Beautiful Golden Cloak as I said above. This Male Enlightened One is to Head this Ceremony. It is An Initiation Ceremony, and myself, Surya Buddha am there, as both a participant and an observer. This feels very fascinating, just as all Initiation Ceremonies are, let alone seeing this Enlightened Light Being wearing a Golden Cloak.
During 14 days of deep visions back in May 2015, I saw many Light Beings in their Golden Cloaks. They were always the same, just as this one The Enlightened One is wearing now. They all had as this one, that 3D type of effect, as the Golden Cloaks always seem to have engravings on, just as The Ark of The Covenant, and other Holy Relics have. 
In my visions back then, many of which have been shared on my previous website, these Golden Cloaks were worn by The Elders; by Melchisadek; by Several Cardinals; by Ancient Pharaohs, so to see once again a Light Family member being clothed in a Golden Cloak, is once again fascinating.
This Initiation Ceremony I am told is Being Held In The Golden Palace Of Amitabha And The Sun.    
Amitabha Buddha. Artist unknown.
The students, of which there are a large number, have finished a particular stage in their studies on once again becoming a Fully Enlightened Buddha, hence this Ceremony. 
The Enlightened One is just like a Golden Buddha. The Buddha Of The Sun – Of Amitabha in His Golden Cloak. This feels and is awesome. 
AED and myself, Surya, chat for a few moments about my pathway being A Master of Knowledge. We have a delightful chuckle, as AED and myself as Twin Flames, we are one. And so as AED shares and imparts to me His Wisdom – this is very much an Aspect of Our Soul Contract with The Divine, with God The Father Mother.
“As I reflect Being A Master Of Knowledge, this is as nectar to my and thus AED’s and my soul for we are one soul” – “AED says, it is indeed dear one”. “These words sing to my and thus our Heart and Soul”. “In fact, I am often aware, where there are many doors with different titles on, I, Surya, inevitably go to the Door of Knowledge”. “The Door of Knowledge, is a magnetic pull, even though I, fully understand, that with Knowledge, Love and Wisdom needs to be here as well”.
“However, for my pathway in this present life, once again, it is The Path and Door of Knowledge AED is guiding me through” “and of whom I am an excited Student yet again of Retrieving and Sharing Divine Knowledge”. This goes back to very many past lives and Into the Meaning of my Name at Source, Suryananda or Surya, with my Beloved, Saranyu Adam El Daoud, in that we connect very deeply to both The Sun and Amitabha Buddha, for AED and myself, and so many of our Light Families are on The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line.
So The Enlightenend One Stands On The Altar Steps as he waits for this Initiation Ceremony to Begin in The Golden Palace of Amitabha. “AED chats and says how this is indeed so”.
So, as Surya Buddha, I Stand Before The Throne Of The Most High, dressed in my Initiation Robes.
There are many of us here, as we await The Master of Ceremonies.
Sanat Kumara now appears. It is always of great fascination and interest, as over several of the Initiations I have gone through with AED by my side, sharing once again in the process; quite often, Sanat Kumara has been there then, as he is present now in his Role as The Officiant, in charge of that which is going to take place.
In essence, all of us students at this time know Sanat Kumara very well, for we go back to Ancient Atlantis, Venus and the Pleiades, and the different Star Systems and Worlds. So many of us have shared life times with Sanat Kumara and our Light Family, as those golden threads are inter-woven in life after life, worlds and galaxies, realm into higher realm, so have we lived, loved and breathed within the same pathways and journeys through the aeons.
The Great Hall in The Palace of Amitaba is full of colour. I was going to type noise. However, once the Initiations are over, there will be great cheering. Many tears of joy too, as we connect both to The Palace of Amitabha. The Golden Throne awaits for Pandara, Divine Consort of Amitabha.
There is a quiet expectant hush of excitement. The dignitaries and guests are all gathered to share in and be a part of another profound, meaningful and special Initiation Ceremony. Indeed, there are many which takes place here in The Great Hall of Amitabha Buddha, One of the Five Embodiments in the Buddhist Tradition of God.
Each of the Five Embodiments of God have their own unique, individual and personal Role to Fulfil, which they do, side by side with their own Divine Consorts. It just so happens that Pandara, Beloved of Amitabha, and the rest of us, Rules and Controls The Fire Element. The Fire Element takes us to The Sun. The Sun, being the Divine Symbol of The Father and The Cosmic Christ. As once again, the Inter-Galactic Portals to the Different Worlds and Star Systems are able to be accessed.
Transport is available. It is an awesome sight to see and understand the great significance and the tremendous importance that Pandara with Amitabha have amongst their Galactic Light Family. In fact all those whose Buddha Family is Amitaba, have their role to play and participate in, as together Pandara with her Beloved Amitabha, Directs and Manipulates the Element of Fire, so very much within the Very Being, Heart and Soul of The Sun, as the Fire Element Transforms and Transmutes all that is of a lower energy and vibration.
Thus the Roles that the Divine Consort has within these Five Buddhist Galactic Families is both vast and immense, and beyond the understanding of many.
Going back to the Initiation Ceremony, it is a test for the students, who once again, have partook in the Meaning, Understanding and Realisation of the stages and pathways necessary for them to have Become A Fully Enlightened Buddha. Thus have the students at times shared with each other their thoughts, understanding and way of processing all that has had to have been recognised, as once again, they, the students have come into their own and can own that they are A Fully Enlightened Buddha.
In essence all these Tests and Initiations have been learnt, loved and recognised through the aeons, as student after student, has once again, remembered just WHO they are. Such then has been their joy and of their Galactic Light Families which is how today is for them, as they watch, listen and wait for their loved ones to have such an honour bestowed upon them.
My own Galactic Light Family is here, and of course my beloved Adam El Daoud. For where one of us goes the other is very much aware, for to be separate, although but an illusion of Gaia, is nevertheless, something which, over the innumerable aeons, AED and myself have at times, experienced. “And as he said recently in one of my shares – “I have waited for you before, and will do so again”. “I have found this fascinating and hope to go back into the in depth meaning of this”. “AED has just said now, we will and that I will be amazed”.
Such is the case today, in these times of Great Cosmic Energies being beamed to us on Gaia from the Galactic Centre, and the Sun, which is as A Portal to Higher States of Consciousness and Inner Awareness, as those of us – AED and my Light Family, once again Partake and Share in The Divine Love, Wisdom and Power, of Amitabha on The Sun Line, both here on Gaia and in the Higher Realms and Sun Itself, that Portal of which, AED and myself are very much cherished and loved, within.
Artist unknown.