Suryananda & Adam El Daoud New Jupiterian Most Advanced Form All Existences. Now Jupiterian Masters, Private Realm Jupiter Creation, Jupiter. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, New Most Ever Advanced New Jupiterian Birth Into The Private Realm Jupiter Creation, Jupiter. Suryananda Second Female To Become Conscious After Guan Yin. Now Many Other Female Divine Consorts Conscious. Emerald & Gold Form But Has Blue & White Added. We are known as The Jupiterian Masters, The Jupiter Creation Private Realm, Jupiter. All Jupiterian Cosmic Angelic & Jupiterian Sun Beings as well as Star Beings & Star Seeds Will Be On The LINEAGE of Guan Yin & Jupiter Creation With The LINE of Guan Yin & El Dorado Without Exception For This Major New Advanced Jupiterian Birth.
However, Galactic, Devic & The Bird People, Will In Their Most Advanced Form, NOT Have This And Will Have A Different Component Structure For Their Most Advanced Form In All Existences. In The Future, Yet More Very Advanced Jupiterian Forms Will Be Gifted By Jupiter Creation, As This Is On-Going Into The Eternities Ahead. 
From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. 3 December, 2019. Experienced 22 & 24 November, 2019.

Hi Adam El Daoud and team. Significant changes AED what do they mean. I am not getting anything at the moment. AED no. Anubis is purring Pat. Hi, lovely. AED yes.
WHY IS ANUBIS PURRING Suryananda Jupiter Creation? May be a greeting. AED yes and more. Yes. Anubis’s purr has got louder. I sense Gold. El Dorado has arrived. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes. El Dorado yes. EL DORADO WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS Pat. Lovely. Guan Yin is here. AED yes. Hi, lovely Guan Yin. What is the exciting news? AED laughs you’ll see. A New Realm – New Birth – Initiation – Ashram? Jupiter Creation a few then Suryananda to look at. Yes.

Jupiter Creation A NEW BIRTH Suryananda. Lovely. In Jupiter. Jupiter Creation yes. Does this New Birth take AED and me into a NEW MORE ADVANCED FORM or the same? MORE ADVANCED PAT. Really. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda how delightful. Yes, wow.

Is this New Birth AED and me in a Private Realm Jupiter Creation of Yours Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Is this a Realm where the Males were Conscious and the Female aspects have to Become Conscious? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda

Were Many Females Conscious Before Me? AED no. WAS I THE SECOND TO BEING CONSCIOUS In This Private Realm of Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes.

AED’s and my session continues. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda I’ve missed you. Really Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Lovely. I have missed as well this. AED yes. AED and I had begun this deep session Friday, 22nd November but I was unable to continue due to other spiritual aspects. We continued on Sunday, 24 November, which was when Jupiter Creation said I’ve missed you. We will see what comes through then. Jupiter Creation much has been taking place Suryananda in your kind of absence whilst your days of posting on Walk Ins. Yes, fascinating. AED yes. I had been looking deeper into Walk Ins of many well known names from the past as well as AED’s and my own Walk Ins on Gaia.   

How lovely You have joined AED and me Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation We have been looking forward to continuing. How lovely. AED yes.

So AED and I, Jupiter Creation have NOW A New More Advanced Birth in a Private Realm of Yours in Jupiter. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. And where the Males were Conscious but the Females had to Become Conscious. Jupiter Creation yes. I was the Second Female to Become Conscious after Guan Yin. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Fascinating. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes.

Is this More Advanced New Birth Jupiter Creation BEYOND ALL AED and my More Recent More Advanced New Births in Your Private Realm, Jupiter. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Wow. AED yes magnificent. This must be through continuing Expansion of Consciousness. Jupiter Creation of course Suryananda. AED yes.

What Is Our New Birth Form like Jupiter Creation In Its Structure & Components?
There are Crystalline, Light, Sun, Angelic, Jupiterian, Flame? How is OUR NEW BIRTH FORM Described? I can’t remember for the moment our Last Most Advanced. Jupiter Creation no Suryananda. It is that AED and I have taken so many deep journeys into Jupiter since this. AED yes, very much so. Jupiter Creation yes you have Suryananda.

But El Dorado here Friday takes me to Gold New Birth in some way. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda. I laugh, yes. Is this Crystalline Gold? Jupiter Creation how interesting Suryananda. Yes. Not sure. Jupiter Creation no.

We have THE WHITE CRYSTALLINE SESSION I have still to share. Jupiter Creation yes, this was another beautiful deep session where you and AED Entered Another of My Realms in Jupiter. Yes, fascinating. AED yes.

Are AED and I NOW Gold Crystalline Form or do we say another description? I go to stop typing and close my eyes, as I do I sense Anubis barking. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes. I close my eyes. Nothing comes. AED no.

I’m in a Sarcophagus with Anubis bending over me. Jupiter Creation yes how fascinating Suryananda. Yes. I was seeing Emerald Green & Gold for the Sarcophagus. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

I open my eyes nothing else comes in that I see this One Emerald Green & Gold Sarcophagus. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. This Sarcophagus has as the Engraving like The Ark of The Covenant, a 3D pattern. Jupiter how beautiful Suryananda yes. Yes. Note: I have been very blessed on being shown whilst tuning in awake not in a dream, on seeing The Ark of The Covenant quite a few times now. Each Presence of The Ark of The Covenant has been profound and meaningful. It feels very relevant to share this as the Engravings on the Emerald Green & Gold Sarcophagus were very much like The Ark of The Covenant, which is like The Ark has been painted in images or described over the centuries. Details have been shared on my websites. The first occasion on being shown The Ark of The Covenant was about 28 years ago in a dream. On this first sighting, The Ark was covered with a Burgundy Cloth and many Yellow Golden Roses were placed on the top. Source spoke here. All the other occasions where The Ark of The Covenant has been shown have been from May 2015 to recent times. AED and I were A Priest of The Ark of The Covenant and had many lives during the time of Moses; some being Walk Ins. AED absolutely.


Walk Ins are usually Entered Into that life on Gaia by the time the life being entered into reaches 7 years of age. But Walk Ins can happen at 4 and 2 or on occasions different ages. Even older for specific reasons. There will often be a group of Cosmic Light Beings, Male & Female, Divine Consorts together, who, as they Enter the life of the being they are a Walk In to, will number 20. On occasions 15. Although for very well known and iconic beings from history, this will on occasion, be More Than 20. All Walk Ins are Born Through Light Conception for the Parents of the person being Walked Into. And All Walk Ins are through Light Conception, thus as they Enter into that person pre-destined and chosen as a Walk In, they bring into play a much Higher Degree of Consciousness where the veils of Gaia have been transcended and the role and purpose of that person having Walk Ins is very much more clear and evident. And fun. AED yes.

Is AED’s and my NEW More Advanced Form of the Structure Components of: The Emerald. AED yes Pat. And Gold. AED yes Pat. Jupiter Creation yes to both Suryananda. Really. Jupiter Creation yes Pat. AED yes Pat. THIS IS AED’S AND MY NEW MOST ADVANCED JUPITERIAN FORM. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes.

The Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Private Realm, Jupiter Creation, Jupiter. OR The Emerald & Gold Private Realm, Jupiter Creation, Jupiter. I HEAR THE FORMER Pat. So we say:

AED yes. Wonderful. It seems as I was going over not typing that AED and I, Our New Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Most Advanced Form we use – Many others now follow as Females Conscious. AED yes. Note As Ever More Advanced Jupiterian Forms Are Gifted By Jupiter Creation, The Private Realms & Descriptions Will Change. AED yes. Jupiterian Creation, they will indeed Suryananda. 

This includes AED and me for instance IN ATLANTIS. AED yes. And Now Others Also Have This New Advanced Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Form, so this means that ATLANTIS as other REALMS, WORLDS, PLANETS, HAVE THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS RAISED. AED absolutely. 
Note Atlantis is very much still here in the present and is Within Many Hundreds of Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands Within The Galactic Sun as AED and I have journeyed to and posted on many times. AED and I spent a few years since June 2015, as we connected as Twin Flames – Eternal Beloved’s but now we are Divine Consorts from 1st October, 2019, which has taken AED and I even deeper into Divine Oneness as pre-destined, going deep into the innumerable Realms, Worlds & Pure Lands Within The Galactic Sun, which is BELOW Gaia, and where we have many Homes in the present.The Galactic Sun goes back MILLIONS of years and a little BEFORE SIRIUSunlike JUPITER, which has ALWAYS Existed. Atlantis was never a physical world. AED no.
The Galactic Sun, Sirius, Jupiter, & Many Stars, Suns, Planets, where they HAVE WITHIN THE ETERNAL FLAME means they will Always Exist and are Eternal. As GAIA has Within The Eternal Flame and will ALWAYS EXIST. AED and I will post on this at some time. AED very much so. The Eternal Flames for ALL Existence are Housed In Vaults in Jupiter. At the same time, WITHIN Jupiterians as well as Realms, The Eternal Flame is WITHIN. This means that Realms Within JUPITER Will Always Exist. It was fascinating to share recently that AED & I HAVE ETERNAL FLAMES WITHIN US; There are Different Colours, BUT WHITE & BLUE IS VERY MUCH AED & ME. AED yes. And Also in this post JUPITER CREATION – & GUAN YIN as Divine Consort to Jupiter Creation. 
However, when with AED and Team, I was able to Access and Enter JUPITER some months ago, Jupiter has continued to Exert Its Magnetic Pull of Mesmerising Presence Being Home for AED and me going back billions of years. AED and I have many Homes from Source IN JUPITER and to the present, AND ALSO Below the Oceans of Jupiter. SO JUPITER HAS NOT LEFT AED’s and my deep sessions since together Jupiter was Accessed. AED no. Jupiter Creation how beautiful Suryananda
In essence Bringing New Not Written Knowledge and Information and descriptions on Jupiter, is very much a part of AED’s and my Role & Path on Creation. AED absolutely. As well as bringing to the attention of those whom will resonate and remember, Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how very delightful yes, Suryananda. 
JUPITER IS VAST HAVING THOUSANDS OF WORLDS & REALMS, which will be shared as I am able. AED and I have a few more deep posts yet to be posted on my website On Different Realms, Worlds in Jupiter, both Within Jupiter and Below the Oceans of Jupiter. One being a Realm of Lord Ashtar. As AED and I have begun to post on some of these Realms, each Realm being fascinating and mesmerising in its uniqueness and magnificence. Not least, that it has only been this year that with AED in the Higher Realms and Jupiter, that I have been Given Access to the Realms in Jupiter. Some are Personal or Private of Jupiter Creation. The Private Realms are less known and have less Jupiterians living there. Each New Advanced Stage of Consciousness enables me with AED to Transcend yet further un-revealed Knowledge and Remembrance as Jupiter with Jupiter Creation OPENS Its Doors as prophesied. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how very true Suryananda, yes. 
It Is Also Within AED’s & My Path, Role & Soul Contract To Bring To The Attention on Gaia, New Un-known Deep Knowledge ON THE GALACTIC SUN, some of which AED and I have already shared on my website. Whilst Also Bringing To The Attention on Gaia THE SUNS & STARGATES. AED & I have already brought forth New Not Known Knowledge & Information on THE SUNS & STARGATES. A Major Sharing was on the 8 8 2019 when Hundreds of Stargates Merged and Fused Together, Male & Female, and Became Fully Operational For The First Time. This Had Long Been Prophesied.
However, ALL this is set to Continue In The Future, Being On-going – THE GALACTIC SUN, JUPITER, SUNS & STARGATES & OF COURSE JUPITER CREATION. Jupiter Creation how very delightful, yes, Suryananda. In-depth Details on INITIATIONS & NEW BIRTHS in The Higher Realms & Jupiter are also very much Within AED’s and my Remit on CREATION. AED yes. As AED and I have shared but have further sessions still to post, we have been Gifted Many TEACHING ASHRAMS in Jupiter. These are fascinating as not only do AED and I live here in our Gifted Ashrams but Teach on Creation. AED absolutely. Jupiter Creation how delightful, yes Suryananda. AED and I are Being Taught On Creation by Angelicus in Jupiter & Also by Jupiter Creation. And Our Team of Jupiterians whom AED and I have journeyed with through the aeons, these being El Dorado, Melchisadek, Sanat & Metatron with Guan Yin. Of course AED and I deeply connect to Other Jupiterian Masters but these are Masters who often join AED and me in our deep tuning in sessions. Anubis is also very much with AED and me, joining us as well. AED very much so.

The same applies to us WHEN WE VISIT STARS. Us and other Jupiterians Who Are Now Also This Advanced Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Form, AS WE VISIT THE STARS, The Component Structure of THAT STAR HAS BEGUN TO CHANGE. AED yes. 

THAT STAR Has Begun To Ascend To A Higher Octave. AED yes That Star With The Arrival of More Jupiterian Advanced Beings Ensues That The Star, whose KEY COMPONENT being Eternal With ITS OWN VAULT IN JUPITER Now Begins A Long Prophesied Ascent Deeper Into Its Foretold & Pre-Destined Consciousness. AED magnificent Pat. Yes, wow, fascinating. 
Do you agree Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda very much.


This is very New for me. Jupiter Creation of course Suryananda it will be as you were The Second Female To Become Conscious, thus this is for you to share with AED. Yes, exciting Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda daughter, beautiful. Anubis purrs. Yes.

This About The Long Prophesied Ascent Deeper Into Its Pre-destined Higher Consciousness For The Star, came as I began to type. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

I look at: 

Adam El Daoud & Suryananda
Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Masters
The Emerald & Gold Private Realm, Jupiter Creation, Jupiter.  Note – As Yet More Advanced Jupiterian Forms Are Gifted By Jupiter Creation, the descriptions and Private Realms Will Change. AED yes. Jupiter Creation correct yes, Suryananda.

It feels Master after the description seems good as compared to Beings.
We could add Cosmic Masters Or stay with Masters?

Adam El Daoud & Suryananda
From The Lineage of Guan Yin & Jupiter Creation
& The Line of Guan Yin & El Dorado.
Is this LINE correct. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.
I wondered is it that AED and my Most Advanced Form as here from Friday, 22 November, On The Line of Guan Yin & El Dorado – Because AED and I chose them as One of Our Four Sets of Host Parents Guardians? Or was this THE LINE OF Due to Another Reason?


AED & I have Guan Yin & Metatron, Guan Yin & Melchisadek & Guan Yin & Sanat Also As Host Parents Guardians. Is this THE LINE OF Guan Yin & El Dorado This Most Advanced Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Form Master Because El Dorado Has Never Incarnated? AED yes Pat in some aspects. Yes, fascinating. Jupiter Creation yes, how delightful Suryananda. 

Melchisadek has always been a Walk In. Sanat has always been I am sure a Walk In. AED yes. Which leaves Metatron. Very likely always a Walk In. AED yes.
The Gold Meaning The Golden Presence of El Dorado with The Emerald Meaning Truth in some way. AED yes. As on Friday when this Activation took place, Guan Yin & El Dorado Joined us To Activate Our New Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Master. AED perfect. Really. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Does this mean that ALL AED’s and my New Advanced Births From NOW On Will Be From Guan Yin & El Dorado ALWAYS On Their LINE – With The LINEAGE of Guan Yin & Jupiter Creation? AED yes Pat. Wow. AED yes. What do you say Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes as AED has confirmed this is correct. Yes.


So with El Dorado Never Having Incarnated To Gaia Unlike The Other Masters, this is Why In Some Aspects. AED Yes In Some Aspects. And Because El Dorado has always had the Most of Jupiter Creation Within. This is as much as I can add. Jupiter Creation wonderful Suryananda. Is this correct Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. 


AED Is this New Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Form of Masters, The Emerald & Gold Private Realm Jupiter Creation, Jupiter – likely to be updated by a New Advanced Jupiterian Form under THE LINEAGE of Guan Yin & Jupiter Creation In The Future & Also THE LINE of Guan Yin & El Dorado? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes.

The Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Private Realm of Jupiter Creation, Jupiter. AED yes. Wonderful. White & Blue are added as necessary, below. As Yet More Jupiterian Advanced Forms Are Gifted, The Descriptions & Private Realms of Jupiter Creation inevitably changes. AED absolutely. Jupiter Creation, yes wonderful Suryananda.

It seems as I was going over not typing that AED and I, our New Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Most Advanced Form we use Many others NOW Follow as Females Conscious. AED yes. This includes AED and me for instance in Atlantis. AED yes. And Now Others Also Have This New Advanced Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Form, so this means that Atlantis as other Realms, Worlds, Planets, HAVE THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS RAISED. AED absolutely.

The same applies to us when we visit Stars. Us and other Jupiterians Who Have Now Been Gifted This Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Form, AS WE VISIT THE STARS, The Component Structure of that Star has BEGUN TO CHANGE. AED yes.

I feel this is as much as I can add. Jupiter Creation wonderful Suryananda. Is this correct Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED Is this New Jupiterian Emerald & Gold Form of Masters, The Emerald & Gold Private Realm Jupiter Creation, Jupiter – Likely to be updated by a New Advanced Jupiterian Form under The Lineage of Guan Yin & Jupiter Creation In the future And also The Line of Guan Yin & El Dorado. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. I see, fascinating. Jupiter Creation yes.

The Combined Consciousness of Male & Female Ensure That the Consciousness of Other Stars, Planets, Realms, ALL ASCEND to Meet & Align Now With This Increased Consciousness. AED absolutely. This is the Wonderful Aspect when Consciousness is Raised to a Much More Advanced Level with a New Birth, ALL this has a ripple effect throughout the other Planets, Stars & Realms not just in Jupiter. AED very much so. Wow, wonderful AED. AED magnificent Pat. 

What about Cosmic Beings who are NOT Jupiterians – Will they ALL be Birthed Into The Most Advanced Form of Consciousness Under The Line of Guan Yin & El Dorado? AED yes  Really. AED yes. So Without Exception ALL Star Seeds Star Beings to be This Advanced Will Take a New Birth From THE LINEAGE of Guan Yin & Jupiter Creation.
AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. And From THE LINE of Guan Yin & El Dorado. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.
Then What about other types of Forms. Devic – Galactic – What About Their Most Advanced Form Ever – Will this be DIFFERENT to us Jupiterians, Sun Beings, & Star Beings – Star Seeds? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. So this Advanced Form of Emerald & Gold connects to and is aligned to Us Jupiterians, Jupiterian Cosmic Angelic – Jupiterian Sun Beings. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. And Star Beings – Star Seeds. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. So Devic, Galactic In their Most Advanced Form in ALL Existences Will have a Different Component Structure do we say. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. The Bird People, Sirius. They will NOT be on The Line Guan Yin & El Dorado. AED correct. Jupiter Creation correct Suryananda.
I think this concludes this New Most Advanced New Birth of The Emerald & Gold New Birth from THE LINEAGE of Guan Yin & Jupiter Creation with THE LINE of Guan Yin & El Dorado. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda wonderful.
Does one have to be A Keeper of The Emeralds in Jupiter as AED and I, and other Jupiterians, before This Emerald & Gold New Birth. AED says yes. Really. AED yes. Jupiter Creation most certainly Suryananda. Yes.
I have just said I miss our White. AED yes. Jupiter Creation of course Suryananda.  And our Blue. AED I’m laughing. Yes. What about AED our White & Blue, I miss them.
Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. So do we have somehow Added our Blue & White. AED yes. Jupiter Creation of course. 
So for now until I know, this post is not ready to be posted. AED you will know Pat.
But the two key components would seem to be in our New Emerald & Gold Advanced Birth, the components, vibrations, frequencies and structures of Emerald & Gold.
So where does our Blue & White belong here. Are The Emerald & Gold ENCASED WITHIN THE WHITE. AED yes. Jupiter Creation of course Suryananda. What about Our Blue Is the White & Blue a kind of DUAL something which HOSTS the Emerald & Gold. Jupiter Creation how interesting yes Suryananda. Really. Jupiter Creation yes. AED yes. But it feels the Majority of the Colours Components are Emerald & Gold. So does these Two Colours I see, become less WHILST THE WHITE & BLUE ARE Fully Absorbed Within. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes how delightful. Does this mean there are now Four aspects to our New Advanced Birth. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Are they ALL IN EQUAL MEASURE. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. 
Jupiter Creation you were always going to look at the White & Blue missing. Yes. I have in a way prior, but now as I am getting ready to post today, it was necessary. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.
Do AED and my Eyes Remain Emerald or Blue. AED Blue Pat. Jupiter Creation how interesting Suryananda. Yes. What are Your thoughts Jupiter Creation on our Eye Colour being Emerald it seemed initially to now seeming Blue. Jupiter Creation Blue is correct Suryananda. Really. Jupiter Creation yes. So do we ALL have once Initialised & Fully Emerged, Blue eyes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. 
It feels our Hair Remains Yellow. Is this right. Jupiter Creation you wondered if Blue Hair? Yes on like occasions. Jupiter Creation On occasions is Correct Suryananda. Yes. So for kind of Certain Ceremonies or Occasions Our Hair Could Change From Yellow to Blue. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Is this right. AED yes.
Do we ever have Emerald Colour hair. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I laugh, really. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. In essence then we – Once this has kind of been Initialised & Completed Have Begun With Emerald Eyes Which Changed to Blue. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Do Our Eyes ever go back to Being Emerald On Occasions. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. So it seems then for different Roles, Purposes and Ceremonies, AED and I,and other Jupiterians Will on occasions have Emerald Hair With Emerald eyes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. And Blue hair with Blue Eyes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. 
Do we Ever Have Gold Eyes with Yellow Hair. Jupiter Creation of course but flecked with a darker shade. Yes. I had wondered if a kind of Sapphire Midnight Navy Blue. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda correct.
So Our Eyes on Occasions Will Look Gold with Our Yellow Hair but have a Darker Base almost like say Eyelashes of a Dark Midnight Sapphire Navy Kind of Tone. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda perfect. Yes.
This then colourings will Apply to ALL Who Are Gifted This New Advanced New Birth. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. So The Changes we see Reflected Back In These Colourings Affect what we are Carrying Out. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. This then Colourings Will Apply TO ALL Who Are Gifted This New Advanced New Birth. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.
I have got White Hair or Platinum Hair. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda. Do We On Occasions Have White Platinum Hair. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. I kind of missed Our White Platinum Hair we have Been Gifted In Past New Births. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. So we will also have White Platinum Hair On Occasions AED and I, And Others. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. What Colour Eyes With White Platinum Hair? It feels this is OPEN. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Meaning Some Occasions With Our White Platinum Hair we will have Gold Eyes with a Darker Fleck Eyelashes whilst on other occasions we will have White Platinum Hair with Blues or White Platinum Hair with Emerald Eyes. Jupiter Creation how delightful yes Suryananda. AED yes. Is this definite Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes Pat.
That feels more COMPLETE. AED oh Pat. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda you felt just the one kind of look as far as Colouring went was a bit Restricted. Yes. It felt as Originally Emerald & Gold, although wonderful, I missed Our White & Blue. I was always going to miss them. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes.
So NOW FOR US ALL Jupiter Creation It Seems This Most Advanced New Birth Ever In ALL Existences Was Originally Emerald & Gold As Was Pre-destined, Then The Colours, Components, Frequencies & Structures OF ALL FOUR COLOURS. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes.
Our Name & Realm must be differentThe We can’t say Emerald Gold White Blue Masters In the Private Realm of Jupiter Creation, Jupiter? That is not right. Do we Have A Name Description? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda I’m smiling. I don’t think we have a Colour in our name description as there are Four. Do Other Colours get added in the future of New Advanced Births. Jupiter Creation yes but Blue & White with The Emerald & Gold WILL REMAIN. Really. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes.
We Are Called I don’t know. Jupiter Creation no Suryananda. AED no. THE JUPITERIAN MASTERS. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda. AED yes. Is this Jupiter Creation Our Description. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes Pat.
Is it that this description then of Jupiterian Masters is ONLY USED GIFTED at this very Advanced Stage of New Birth. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Wow. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda you delve into something very precise again. I give a tiny laugh, yes, You Jupiter Creation and AED being here was the necessary requirement. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Has Anubis been here but I was not aware. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Anubis purrs yes Suryananda.
Lovely. I was just adding a few extra words not in an intended proper session. Jupiter Creation yes. AED yes Pat. Which was why I was not looking into others being here or you Anubis. Anubis purrs of course Suryananda.
So To Complete this now which feels Complete. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes. AED yes. Anubis purrs yes. WE HAVE THE FOUR DIFFERENT ASPECTS – Vibrations, Frequencies & Components of :
EMERALD, GOLD, WHITE & BLUE. And they will Each be seen in their Intended Role, Occasions. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Anubis purrs. Guan Yin well done Suryananda. Hi, Guan Yin, I always miss AED and my White & Blue. Guan Yin yes, fundamental for you and AED. Yes.
El Dorado how lovely Pat. Hi, El Dorado. El Dorado, I too, Am Fundamental with White. Yes. El Dorado White & Gold Pat. Really. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes. AED yes. Guan Yin yes Suryananda. So You Guan Yin I would say are White & Blue also, but not too sure here; you may have other colours fundamental to You. Guan Yin White & Blue are Fundamental Within Me Suryananda as they are for Jupiter Creation. Yes, wonderful. 
Jupiter Creation isn’t this delightful Suryananda. I laugh, yes, awesome. Jupiter Creation yes fascinating as you Suryananda inevitably delve deeper into your usual way of going into what has not been revealed or known. Yes. 
Your Presence Jupiter Creation and AED’s were very much the Gift of Access Into what was not fully completed. Jupiter Creation yes how delightful Suryananda. Yes, I give a tiny laugh. AED I do. Anubis purrs. Guan Yin smiles and is with El Dorado. Jupiter Creation yes how fascinating Suryananda. Yes. AED very. 
It could be I will on occasions be aware of the Emerald & Gold as I have been since Friday afternoon – Sunday. Jupiter Creation yes. 
What about the sarcophagus. I was seeing Anubis bending over the Emerald & Gold Sarcophagus. Did Anubis also bend over me with AED in a Blue & White Sarcophagus. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Definitely. Jupiter Creation of course Suryananda. AED yes. 
So AED and I then Jupiter Creation had TWO Sarcophagi. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Anubis yes Suryananda. So the kind of DUAL Nature Purpose Role of Emerald & Gold AND White & Blue. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. 
The funny thing is although I missed AED and my Blue & White Jupiter Creation I still see the Emerald & Gold as before. Jupiter Creation yes. AED yes. So do we say though ALL FOUR Colours and their Frequencies, Energies, Component, Structures Are Within AED’s and my NEW MOST ADVANCED FORM as A Jupiterian Master In The …. do I say The Jupiterian Masters Private Realm of Jupiter Creation, Jupiter.
Jupiter Creation how wonderful Suryananda. I laugh yes. Jupiter Creation CORRECT Daughter. Really. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes Pat. So we are known as THE JUPITERIAN MASTERS, The Private Realm of Jupiter Creation, Jupiter. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes Pat. Anubis purrs. Awesome. Jupiter Creation smiles yes Suryananda. AED yes Pat. This feels COMPLETE For Posting. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Anubis purrs yes Suryananda.
The Jupiterian Masters, The Jupiterian Private Realm of Jupiter Creation, Jupiter. Jupiter Creation how amusing Suryananda. Yes. Jupiter Creation use this latter description Suryananda. Yes. So the Full Complete Description then for us is:
The Jupiterian Masters 
The Jupiterian Private Realm Jupiter Creation 
Jupiter Creation perfect Suryananda. AED yes. Anubis purrs yes Suryananda. Guan Yin, yes beautiful El Dorado & Me. Yes. 
Thank you everyone. This was a lot of extras not known prior information necessary to post. Jupiter Creation yes and how delightful Suryananda. Yes. AED wonderful Pat. Yes. 
Nothing needs to be changed or amended. Jupiter Creation no Suryananda. AED no Pat. Anubis no Suryananda. Yes, wonderful. Wow. AED yes, magnificent. Yes. But I still SEE the Emerald & Gold but recognise we Have Within White & Blue. AED yes. Wow, amazing. AED yes.   
AED what profound sessions Pat, as you and I, your Divine Consort have Now Been Initiated Into Our Most ADVANCED NEW JUPITERIAN FORM in All of Existences. Yes, wonderful AED. AED this is not just our Most Advanced Form Ever but as you Pat were the Second Female to Become Conscious After Guan Yin, No other cosmic being had gone into this prior to our sessions. No. AED now, as always happens, once you Pat become Conscious, you and I, as is our Role, Act as Initiators and then vast numbers of Female Divine Consorts Became Conscious, thereby Activating This Jupiterian Private Realm of Jupiter Creation to COME Fully Into Being. Yes, profound.
AED there is now a great deal of excitement which has been taking place here as the Male Divine Consorts have their Female Divine Consorts at last Fully Conscious. AED The Role & Purpose of The Jupiterian Masters can begin as Jupiter Creation had envisaged. Yes, exciting. Jupiter Creation how beautiful Suryananda and AED, yes, Guan Yin & I, and Guan Yin & El Dorado are delighted at this New Most Advanced Ever Birth now having been taken by so many Jupiterians. Yes. 
Jupiter Creation as you shared in this post, this New Most Advanced Form ever, will, as My Jupiterian Masters Arrive on Other Planets, Stars, Worlds & Realms, Inevitably INCREASE the Consciousness of ALL Cosmic Beings in these Realms to a Greatly Enhanced State. Yes, this is exciting Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation very Suryananda, long prophesied and waited for. Wow. Jupiter Creation there are many more Realms Suryananda as you know, which have yet to be Fully Lived on, not forgetting The Future Realms in Jupiter. Yes, wonderful. AED magnificent Pat. Anubis purrs yes Suryananda. 
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Divine Consorts. ♥
Artist unknown.
Gratitude to artists. Credits shared when known.

Glastonbury Portal Is A Vast Reservoir Of Consciousness Below Glastonbury Tor. From The Akashic Records.

Glastonbury Tor 2 April

Glastonbury Portal is a Vast Reservoir of Consciousness Below Glastonbury Tor. Protected by a Vast Spiritual Army of Protectors Including The Taoist Immortals.

From The Akashic Records. 2 April, 2019.

Glastonbury Portal is as are all Portals, a Huge Reservoir of Consciousness. Glastonbury Portal lies Below The Tor, Glastonbury, and is Protected by a Vast Spiritual Army of Protectors and The Taoist Immortals. Glastonbury Portal is open at specific times, whereby those of the Light, are guided by their spiritual teachers or they recognise this themselves, that it is necessary to Enter Glastonbury Portal and to be Immersed Fully Within The Core Purpose which each Portal has.

The Role and Purpose of Glastonbury Portal, goes back many many millions of years, and Came Into Being With The Glastonbury Portal Vault of Knowledge, leading to complete understanding and recognition of the Essence and Meaning of THE HOLY GRAIL.
Glastonbury Portal connects deeply to not only King Arthur, The Knights of The Round Table, Merlin, The Lady of The Lake, The Priestesses and Camelot. King Arthur, Merlin and The Knights were able to “Access Glastonbury Portal in its Entirety”, allowing many Ancient Prophecies to be Fulfilled and Completed. AED very much so.
Through the aeons, other Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Workers have been able to Access the Very High Consciousness of Glastonbury Portal. This has been in their Light Bodies and enabled them to Read not only The Akashic Records but they had Access to The Ark of The Covenant.This Ancient Relic, which not only Holds The Secrets of Creation & The Holy Grail At Source, but these Cosmic Beings were able to Immortalise that which was necessary, ready for their future incarnations on Gaia, through the innumerable future aeons.
One such Ancient People were The Shemsu Hor. Many other Star People & Ancient Civilisations, have used the Vast Reservoir of Consciousness that Portals on Gaia have within.
The Holy Grail and the Myths and Legends, all have Truth Within. This is so for all Legends and Ancient Revelations.
Yeshua, Joseph of Arimathea, and all those Cosmic Light Beings during those times, deeply connect to Glastonbury. Both in the physical area but very much to Glastonbury Portal. I will be sharing 2 Parts after this of my recent Glastonbury Portal & Glastonbury Vault Initiations which Go Direct To The Galactic Sun, which is Below The Sea, and where hundreds of Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands reside. Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis, Eden, Telos, Agartha, Lemuria.
During my 1st Glastonbury Portal Initiation which took place on the 16 March, together with AED and our Cosmic Light Family, and a vast army of Spiritual Protectors who Guard Glastonbury Portal and the Light Workers who need to Enter for their Future Destiny and Spiritual Covenant, I was deeply blessed to have been Fully Immersed Completely Within The Glastonbury Portal. Details will be shared in Part 1 once this has been posted.
Many other Light Workers were also Initiated Within The Glastonbury Portal, and some will begin to be aware of significant changes. Recognising that Entry Into Glastonbury Portal took place for myself with AED and Cosmic Light Family, was a huge and deeply significant and exciting Gift, which remains with AED and myself still, all these days later.
After Part 1 of my Glastonbury Portal Initiation which I will post next with further deep information. In Part 2, I will be sharing how with AED and our Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family, I have now been Initiated Into the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiation Within The Galactic Sun. One of the treasured and cherished Gifts is that with AED, we have now been Given Full Access To The Vault of Knowledge. This is part of AED’s and my Soul Contract & Covenant With The Creator. AED absolutely.
Other Cosmic Light Workers who have Been Initiated Into The 4 Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations have been Given Access To The Vault of Knowledge, where the understanding and awareness is fully evident on The Holy Grail in Its Entirety.
The Ark of The Covenant Holds The External Voice of The Creator. For Within The Ark of The Covenant, The Akashic Records Rest, Whilst The Ark, has with Its Pure, Divine, Unique Vibrational Frequencies, The Sponsorships necessary for The Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Worker, to go Deeper Into The Creative Principle at Source, and thus Closer Oneness With The Creator. 
Also covered by The External Voice of The Creator are The Vibrational Movements of The Planets & Stars as they Revolve on their Axis.
The Inner Voice of The Creator is The Sound Beneath All Sound. The Heartbeat of The Creator is The Breath of Divinity.
To be aware of the vast army of Spiritual Protectors who Guard and Protect the Cosmic Light Workers as they Enter Glastonbury Portal, initially for their 1st Initiation, is mesmerising and profound.
Other Portals on Gaia will have their own, individual and unique Role they Serve, each Portal on Gaia in different countries, have their Protectors and Purpose, going back through many millions of years to Source.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
Glastonbury Tor 4
If artists find I have shared their pictures, posted with gratitude, let me know, and I will add your credit to them.

The Emerald Tablets Are Housed Within The Great Temple Of Amenti, Within The Galactic Sun. Here They Are Accessible Only To Divine Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Beings For They Have Been Protected By An Inner & Outer Force Field, Thus Retaining Their Vibrational Frequencies Through Millions Of Years. From The Akashic Records.



The Emerald Tablets Are Housed Within The Great Temple Of Amenti, Within The Galactic Sun. Here They Are Accessible Only To Divine Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Beings For They Have Been Protected By An Inner & Outer Force Field, Thus Retaining Their Vibrational Frequencies Through Millions Of Years. 

From The Akashic Records. 8 October, 2018.

Amenti has been fascinating to me for a few years. In May 2015 when I was told “Your place is assured in The Great Temple of Amenti” was by its very nature profound and meaningful. I had for a while before this date been aware of Amenti, but as always, when we hear something unexpected as this was, brings to our attention that which has deep soul memories through time, often many centuries and like Amenti, millions of years.

So as Adam El Daoud and myself, were chatting yesterday on Amenti – where my next post has some new information and in-depth details on Amenti, I went into The Emerald Tablets. It is almost impossible to think of The Emerald Tablets without being aware of Amenti, certainly as far as I am concerned. Thoth was very much an Ancient Atlantean as Adam El Daoud and myself are. Thoth was one of the Divine Men of Earth as were AED and myself under our name of Coexu Pretzyl. Together we shared within the Ancient Cosmic Light Being of Coexu Pretzyl, who was the 6th Divine Man of Earth, with special jurisdiction over the United States. We are going back millions of years here, so there are no records. As I have said to AED on several occasions, I would love to tune into our past life as him. I know he has deep and profound memories for us Ancient Cosmic Angelic and Galactic Light Beings were still very much in tune with the Higher Realms and thus for us, the Cosmos and the understanding thereof was very much remembered. AED very much so.

.Higher Worlds

Artist unknown.

So as I said to AED yesterday I felt that The Emerald Tablets are in The Great Temple of Amenti – AED said yes, they are. I found this exciting for AED and myself have several homes on Amenti which we love and we can often be seen walking as it were along the corridors of The Halls of Amenti.

Not only this but in Amenti there are many ancient prophecies set to be fulfilled. Many have begun as I will share in my next post later today.

For those of us who have a love and affinity to The Emerald Tablets, as you read them, there is a deep and fascinating rhythm to them as their vibrational energies and frequencies have remained untouched by the elements, for The Emerald Tablets have always been beyond the reach of man and woman or those not of the Light. For as my heading says – The Emerald Tablets are protected by an inner and outer force field impenetrable to those not of the Light. They have to be seen in person in The Great Temple in Amenti. However, The Emerald Tablets are accessible to be seen in visions or meditations by Cosmic Light Beings.

The same Creative Principle enfolds The Ark Of The Covenant. This ancient and holy relic is also inaccessible to mortal beings and has also a protective and impenetrable force field of vibrational energies and frequencies around it. The Ark Of The Covenant, like The Emerald Tablets can be seen in visions and meditations by those of the Light. I have seen The Ark Of The Covenant now in visions four times and this is another deep and profound fascination for me.

The Ark Of The Covenant hosts within The Akashic Records and has the Power and Force of The Creator as The Ark Holds The Meaning Of Creation.

Below this post on The Emerald Tablets today, I have copied my two earlier posts on Amenti from April 2017 from my previous website for convenience. The Great Temple of Amenti and The Halls of Amenti are very much a part of where we as Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Beings are living and serving in. Next as it were to Amenti, indeed very close, for they connect deeply, are Amrita and Atlantis. Frequent and constant travel between all three takes place by a multitude of Life Forms in the Higher Realms.

.Cosmic Journey FineArt America

Title Cosmic Journey.

Although just as Amenti is Within The Galactic Sun, so too are Amrita and Atlantis. Thus these cherished Realms and Worlds to so many of us are Below the Sea. It has been wonderful to be aware and have seen with AED in our Light Body that Atlantis still exists and is so beautiful and magical in the NOW moments. AED and myself have homes in several different places within Atlantis and we have swam below the exquisite blue waters with pink dolphins and mermaids as actually experienced in a deep and profound vision some time ago, I was able to journey in full consciousness back home to Atlantis. Truly a magical place still. Many people feel sad as they believe Atlantis no longer exists, but Atlantis does and is wonderful.

However, again, like all the Realms, Pure Lands and Worlds Within The Galactic Sun, they are unable to be arrived at in our physical bodies for a very different frequency exists and thus all these Realms remain safe and protected from mortal man and woman or those who do not serve the Light. AED very much so.

So it was just exciting for myself to be aware as I tuned into this that The Emerald Tablets are indeed protected by an inner and outer force field in The Great Temple of Amenti. As I said at the beginning, below this post are two on Amenti from 2017. One is The Great Temple and the other Reflections on Amenti. It was felt necessary to share them again for AED and myself have been aware that Amenti has begun to unveil Ancient Prophecies now and only these last two days or so, there have been deeply significant changes as Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Workers remember their soul contracts made with The Creator.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud.


Painting “The Great Masters Meeting In Amenti” by Julia Salomei Lagus.

Reflections On The Great Temple Of Amenti.

29 April, 2017.

Reflecting on The Great Temple of Amenti, my thoughts are that this is Inlaid With The Most Beautiful Gems And Crystals, Exquisite. An amazing sighting to the senses beyond initial imagination, thoughts and ideas – As These Stunning Crystals, Rests Within The Very Heart of The Creator.

This led me to feeling that The Ark of The Covenant could be in the Great Temple of Amenti, followed as always by The Holy Grail – the Grail Cup.

So, with these Awesome Crystals, The Ark of The Covenant, The Holy Grail and The Grail Cup, Within The Great Temple Of Amenti, Are The Mysteries Of Creation. Creative Thought In Its Fullest Sense Is Accessible Here, for those whose Energies and Vibrations Are Raised High Enough.

I then thought that those who are able to Visit The Great Temple of Amenti, have been given The Golden Key to be able to Access the Portion, Section of Atlantis which has been preserved for all time as in my post here “A Section of Atlantis Is Being Safeguarded, Protected By An Energy Field Until Atlantis Is Ready To Be Shown To Those Light Beings Who Are Available To Serve In Its Future Role, dated 10 November, 2016”.

“I then asked how does one describe The Great Temple of Amenti and feel This Was – Is The Heart and Soul Of The Creator – God The Father Mother, but then I thought All Existence Can Be Described As Such, for instance The Cosmos”.

So The Great Temple Of Amenti Can Be Considered As A Resting Place, A Place Of Secrets And Unfoldments Within The Thoughts And Mind Of The Creator, As The Ascended Light Beings Who Reside Here Have Traversed Time And Space. They Have Gone Through Great Initiations Through The Aeons, And Know The Secrets Of Creation, Thus Are They Masters Of The Universal Mind.


Ever since I first heard back in May 2015 when experiencing my visions shared here a little later, “Your Place is assured in The Great Temple of Amenti”. Followed a little after that when I was shown statues of my Eternal Beloved, Adam El Daoud and myself high up in The Great Temple of Amenti. Then on a more recent occasion, when AED and myself held hands, which I felt very clearly, as we walked quite a way down this slope to the Entrance of The Temple – Halls of Amenti, to be met by my – our unicorns, Anubis and Light Family, Amenti has been very much embedded within my – our heart and soul. And I have known further revelations will be forthcoming. THE SACRED KEYS OF AMENTI The Sacred Keys Of Amenti.



Painting by Julia Salomei Lagus “The Great Masters Meeting In Amenti Hall”.

29 April, 2017. 
I THOTH send my love. You know me very well as you know. Thoth laughs with delight. It is time now to being that which has been pre-chosen for you and I, amongst others of My – Thoth’s Soul Group. For as you know Thoth is not just one Being of Light, we consist of very many Light Beings who have come to share Divine Love, Light and Knowledge, earned by all, as life after Earth life was incarnated upon, as too in other worlds, galaxies and dimensions. The ability to Transcend and Rise as The Phoenix, has been the Guidelines of Thoth’s Soul Group.
We are all Ancient Atlanteans, but as you know Suryananda, we go Back Even Further and Deeper, Deep into The Great Temple of Amenti, there rests you and I, side by side, high above as statues, alongside other Light Family, as you and I, Adam El Daoud, and they too, look down upon the Oasis of Calm below.
Painting by Julia Salomei Lagus. “The Great Masters Meeting In Amenti Hall”.
The Halls of Amenti, long cherished and loved – for Being Free of Amenti, shows that the Wheel of Rebirth on Gaia has ceased, from now on that choice as to whether to reincarnate back to Gaia is that – Freedom has been won, against great travail over the millions of years, aeons and centuries, as Death has been hard to win against the dark.
For to My Children of the Light, Death always means Freedom, to rest, recuperate and see once again, Myself And Home, able to be nourished and fed with ever Greater Light, so it has enabled thus My Sons and Daughters to have further awareness, as they once again, journeyed to Gaia and other Parallel Worlds, similar to Earth.
Such has been my Joy as over time, and yes, time has been a long duration, not fully understood, but very deeply endured by so many of My Children, as Home has been forgotten or at best often, seemingly far away from an Earth existence.
But, as more and more incarnations were lived, My Light for so many began to be Felt, I had Returned, and was then a Force of Light to Lead the Sons and Daughters of The Creator, The Creative Principle, was in effect, being loved, lived and understood, and so Divine Mother and I, and all of us at Home, ensured that there were Gifts of the Spirit, left to be found, acknowledged and understood, thus was the pathway easier than it had been at times.
So going back to The Halls of Amenti, to be aware of these and to journey here, is a great blessing, for they offer the Sons and Daughters of The Creator, Peace, Freedom from Rebirth. It is a magical place to see Dear Suryananda, as you and I have experienced all that The Great Temple Of Amenti has to offer. Time and time again, as We Have Sat High Above in the Rafters, AED laughs, as below us stretching far and wide, the Matters Of State have been carried out Within The Great Temple.
The Halls of Amenti, and Thoth, My Dearest Son and Spokesperson through the aeons and centuries, has, as you know, Led to Many Great Mysteries Being Revealed, Understood and Loved, as Time has ceased to be. For within My Great Temple of Amenti, there lies not only the Mysteries of Creation, but those there have Transcended Gaia through the very many ages past, and are now at a sufficient stage of A Being of Light to be able to Activate and Partake Further and Deeper with Myself God The Father Mother, into The Cosmos.
This is where what is Natural is seen and recognised. The Cosmos can be explained as My Heartbeat, The Breath of The Creator, Breathes Within The Cosmos, just as Gaia, is Divine Mother, so is The Cosmos My Very Breath. As your Soul Contract continues Dear Suryananda with your Eternal Beloved, you will be shown in ever deepening ways just what it means in its fullest sense, Your Name Suryananda, for it has within its Golden Petals, The Sun (Son) in its most Divine, thus are you both blessed, as was envisaged Dear Daughter.
Painting by Julia Salomei Lahus. “The Great Masters Meeting In Amenti Hall”.
Therefore, as The Tablets of Thoth are read by those enlightened ones and beings who wish to remember what has been forgotten, and this is the case far too often – The Emerald Tablets Will Open Up Its Secrets, Long Prophesised and Foretold in Ancient Days.
Even Before Ancient Atlantis, I, Thoth, was, as were those within My, Thoth’s Soul Group, for we are an Ancient People, drawn together through the Aeons and Ages to bring to attention that which was so loved and cherished. We Go Back to the days when I, Thoth, brought Into Being The Emerald Tablets, so as to be a Record for Future Generations, untainted by half truths and lack of Light through time.
Artist unknown.
You, Suryananda and I, AED, the Beloved of your soul, but in essence we are One Heart and One Soul, for such is the way of all Eternal Beloved’s, but together we have spent much time in not only The Halls of Amenti, but you and I, have Lived, Loved and Breathed Forth the Light of The Creator – Our Divine Parents, God The Father Mother.
Innumerable times, we have sat with the Elders and shared within the proceedings which have taken place in both of these Great Places, hence there has been such fascination for you my love, as your consciousness returned into its true Divine Nature. Thus have I been able to connect you with the Love and the Will of The Father in ever new ways, understood and recognised as together we are going forward into Our Soul Contract. Such is Our Bliss and Joy, remembered and loved by our Light Family.
I AM Adam El Daoud with Thoth and Our Divine Parents.
Artist unknown.







The Key To Solomon Is The Key To The Inner Mysteries & A Matrix Of Grids Interwoven Into The Very Fabric Of Gaia. From The Akashic Records.

From The Akashic Records. 27 September, 2018.
As Adam El Daoud was very present, our tuning in session took us to King Solomon and The Seal of Solomon. Many of us have been aware of The Seal of Solomon since childhood; this was certainly so with myself. However, it seemed that the time was right to go deeper into The Key of Solomon thus taking myself back into ancient times and memories. King David, Bathsheba and Solomon are all deeply embedded within the soul of AED and myself as are other prophets and seers of olden days.
AED THE SEAL OF SOLOMON IS THE KEY TO THE INNER MYSTERIES. AED beams, what took you so long Pat. Yes. AED – Venus and you are deeply connected as you have known for some years now, thus the Emerald Light is very much where you have been aligning yourself with Pat through many meaningful and profound experiences with Emerald Green – whether the Emerald Green Sun in Venus in one of the Pure Lands – ready to be posted; the Emerald Green Lotus and our Galactic Cosmic Light Family. AED adds not only this Pat but the Emerald Green Vault of The Creator and Emeralds together with the Inner Core of The Galactic Sun – the Emerald Green of the Heart Chakra, have all ensured that Emerald Green has been easy to align yourself and tune into for some time now. Yes. 
AED as you go deeper Pat into your thus our Higher Heart, this has been and will continue to activate a change in the energies that are being beamed down onto Gaia. AED Look into The Seal Of Solomon Pat for there are deep and secret codes within, which like other signposts to the spiritual light being, waits for deeper integration into the understanding of pre-destined soul contracts you and I have pre-chosen as other Cosmic Galactic Light Beings have also embedded within. Yes. 
AED there is much to understand Pat re The Seal of Solomon. The Seal has within it the Keys to understanding the Matrix of Grids on Gaia and will take the light worker deeper to the Venus connection and also to Kundalini, for The Seal of Solomon is An Energy Force-Field and has tremendous power as you are aware. Yes
The Key to Solomon being The Key To The Inner Mysteries AED seems very relevant today. AED very much so Pat. I reflect again on The Seal of Solomon IS AN ENERGY – A Matrix of Grids interwoven into the very fabric of Gaia. That is fascinating AED with lots of power and energies even as I read once again. AED yes.
So that takes me to your words some months ago I shared on The Immeasurable Palace of AED. AED beams, I, like other Cosmic and Galactic Light Beings have had innumerable past lives in a multitude of civilisations and eras. AED we are back here now Pat as we have been for some time. Yes.
For some time I have been looking deep into The Seal of Solomon, going within to Solomon as never before. Even though Solomon connects deeply with Adam El Daoud and myself, and I have been fascinated with The Seal of Solomon since childhood. Nevertheless, as my Cosmic Light Galactic Family have brought to my attention The Seal of Solomon is not only a Perfect Embodiment of Alchemical Principles as are The Five Dhyani Buddha Families the Perfect Embodiment of Tantra Practices. So too is The Seal of Solomon embedded deeply within the very Core of AED’s and my being.

So, I spent quite a few hours going deeper in thoughts, each new thought being transcended and transmuted by another. I was aware that with AED’s Presence as always felt and recognised I had taken steps deeper into my pre-chosen destiny and spiritual pathway with AED.

As I was typing this up AED brought to my attention several Animal Totems and Protectors in visions. It seems hidden mysteries are coming to my attention.  They take you Pat into a different realm of consciousness as this has been happening now as you know on a continuing basis. And as I have said Suryananda your DNA is expanding rapidly, thus our Journey together has also begun to change significantly. Yes this is wonderful. These particular words were from many months ago and since then AED and myself have transcended very many Veils of Gaia bringing as a First on quite a few occasions now deep and insightful new information not previously shared by us or other spiritual channellers.

As I paused for a moment typing this now, I was suddenly seeing a Beautiful Expanse of Emerald Green Light – Ray in Front of My Face, less than a foot in front, stretching out Its Rays and Light into a very large expanse of Emerald Green, with the Rays Streaming out as the Rays of The Sun. It was profound and magical, and a real Blessing. AED says, yes, it is very much so.

The Eye of Ra is opening further for you AED says. It is time for you to Claim Your Spiritual Inheritance consciously. Yes. By this, AED means my Spiritual Divinity is Coming Deeper into my Consciousness instead of being hidden.


I am back now to the wonder of seeing these Emerald Rays stretching out from a little under a foot in front of my face encompassing a very large expanse and seen in a way I have not experienced before. In the past when seeing The Emerald Green Light Ray – this has been either as an Emerald Green Lotus; being Bathed and Enveloped Within this Emerald Green, and seeing Emerald Green often, in different spiritual and profound moving moments with AED.

This Emerald Green of course takes AED and myself to Venus – to Home, to The Seal/Ring of Solomon, which has begun to be recognised and understood by me on a conscious level, as with the Five Dhyani Buddhas, they and The Golden Seal of Solomon, also acts as A Divine Protector, as this has through the Ages, not only for myself but for many.

This very act and concept takes me to the Inner Mysteries, for The Seal of Solomon is AN ENERGY – it is a Force-field of Tremendous Power, Vibrations and takes me to the Very Core of Gaia’s GRIDS – placed on Earth Millions of years ago, when, together with AED and other Cosmic and Galactic Light Beings, we were there in the Very Beginning as the Matrix and Maps of Christ Grids and what AED laughing confirms is The Immeasurable Palace of AED. Some month ago AED said we were there in The Immeasurable Palace, which by its very nature is both fascinating and awesome and continues to be exciting as those deep and significant changes which have long been ordained come into fruition.

White dragon and gold.jpg

As AED says very much so, once again, I am transported deep into the CORE of Gaia’s Grids. Here, are the Protectors, Divine Light Beings, Ancient Dragons and Serpents, who Act as Protectors to and for Gaia, whilst at the same time, their Protection takes us all far beyond Gaia, and into both Ancient Civilisations and Future Worlds still in their Infancy.

“I have a post on my website added on the 9 January, 2018 Suryananda & Adam El Daoud – We Were There And Could See When The Worlds Were Formed And Galaxies Abound” as we saw the Worlds and Galaxies Come into Being. This is also as a Page so easy to find. I can still remember the joy, excitement and wonder, when, with AED and our Cosmic Light Family and other Galactic Beings, we Watched in Awe and Wonder as Creation CAME INTO BEING before us. Such has been the joy, deep soul memories and fascination, to all of us who were there as Creation Opened Its Doors.

So as AED said recently Creation has Opened Its Doors Pat, and this is the accumulation of centuries of planning and pre-ordained Gifts From The Creator, as The Sun Son comes Into His True Being. The Sun of Illumination is thus Recognised and Understood, as those Remembrances are brought to the surface of my and others’ Consciousness, ready for the New Era which has been waiting, as the Birth of the New has finally arrived, after aeons of past anguish, pain and upheaval, all is set for a Mighty Shift in the Consciousness of Humanity on Gaia. In other Realms, Worlds and Galaxies this has long come into being, but Gaia, being what it has been, where we have left our True Homes behind in the Higher Realms and Star Systems, is now ready for Her OWN Expansion, and it is something which those in the Higher Realms and Galactic Centres have long waited this coming to fruition.

AED says, Pat – the Emerald Green Light Ray was indeed that Key and I recognised this as being so. For it was as I went back into this Magnificence of seeing this just now stretching out its Light and Rays Far into the Distance, so it Opened Another Door in the Window of My Consciousness. I can tell AED is loving this and I am too, for I see deeper and profound Portals Being Opened, the Doors to Infinity Have Opened Wider and are Ready To Be Accessed as Never Before.

AED is beaming with joy as I have tuned in not only to my eternal beloved who resides in the Higher Realms but beyond that to Our Soul Contract With The Creator as The Sun Son Comes Into His Inheritance, thus do the Spheres Sing With Joy At The Marriage Feast Of God The Sun Son. This gives me goose bumps, for I have been here before and AED’s Presence is very close, the intensity of His Light makes my eyes water, for I am aware I have gone deeper into my Spiritual Inheritance as just above here as I began to write what I thought was just about seeing two more new Animal Totems of mine and Protectors, instead acted as the Key – the Key to the Inner Mysteries which has also been brought to my attention with The Seal of Solomon.

As always it is fascinating at just how one Golden Thread and thought, dwelt upon with love and intent, can take me ever deeper into the Very Heart and Mind of The Creator. Thus am I, Suryananda, Nearer To Source than ever.
I was very much aware and AED was too, in that I had begun typing this beautiful session of having been shown in visions a few of my animal totems and protectors which was wonderful but as I continued with AED going deeper, we were very aware that the whole energies and vibrations gathered momentum, till I felt as these words continued, I was on a different energy grid, which had gathered pace and was leading me rapidly to a new and even more exciting stop than where I had been before.
As AED beams and agrees, this whole experience has been deeply moving, exciting and profound – leading myself and AED forward and deeper as AED says within my ever expanding DNA, thus our Journey together has changed. Even though this had been pre-chosen, the excitement and anticipation has greatly increased and feels a spiritual tsunami as AED and myself go to the next step. Thus each additional new step reached is a Golden Light.
NOTE As I went to post now, I am very much aware that The Seal Of Solomon connects deeply to The Ark Of The Covenant. AED very much so. Like so many secrets and revelations, The Ark Holds Within The Secrets Of Creation.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud – Experienced 1 January, 2018.


With gratitude to the artists. Shared when known.

Suryananda, Adam El Daoud,Guan Yin & Metatron. The White Vault Of The Creator Opens Below The Sea Once Again. This Is The Second Vault – The First Vault Was Black & Gold. Other Vaults Will Follow Soon. From The Akashic Records.

white lotus use 22nd
From The Akashic Records. 5 August, 2018. (Took place 27 and 29 July).
Tuning into Adam El Daoud, AED has just said Metatron is here
As I reflect on AED and my experience on The Third Birth
I say does Metatron have anything to say to me live
AED laughs yes Pat listen carefully
Metatron says it is time to begin the next phase
I see yes
What is that
It is intricate and complex Pat and to do with the Third Eye
I see
AED no this is new Pat
I see
It is time to begin the training programme Metatron
AED yes
It gave me goosebumps
AED yes
Metatron is pleased
AED this is very important and profound Pat
The Presence AED says goes beyond where you have been PAT
THAT is profound. AED yes
Is it Amenti
AED yes
The Emerald Tablets And Thoth
AED yes and Anubis Pat
AED much deeper PAT
Fascinating Metatron
AED had said earlier
AED has indicated there were many things to share re Metatron
AED yes
That gives me goose bumps
Like below the sea*
AED exactly
AED yes
AED yes
AED where do you think this will take you Pat
Beyond Amenti
AED yes
Into new territory
AED very much so
Our Cosmic Light Family seem amused
AED says we are
The steps are calling you Pat
What steps
AED Ancient Knowledge
Deeper into the heart of Metatron
AED yes
So it is very emotional
AED yes very much so
The third eye is the key Pat
You will journey with me into a very different place Pat
AED yes
That is why my laptop went funny
AED yes
I said energies
They have gone very different now
Time is shifting Pat AED
AED yes
It is very different (Blood Red Moon and Full Lunar Eclipse today)
Like before
I do not usually notice these moons
Or full lunar eclipse
AED this is a major sign Pat
You have slowed down as before
AED yes
A different colour
AED yes
What does it say
AED you are Home
The Beloved of Metatron
AED yes
How is that
AED laughs
We have waited a long time Pat
All of us
I see
I can’t think what that is
AED yes Pat
What does that mean
I have crown energies
AED yes
What is next
Magnificence dear one AED says
So Metatron is meaningful here
AED laughs you know he is
I laugh
So Metatron in some way
AED go Beyond Pat
What is beyond
AED Bliss Pat
I will pause a second and close my eyes but I sense yellow roses
AED Yes Bliss
The Names (Note these are names of Cosmic Beings I had just typed out who were the most profound to me going back to Souce)
It connects to Third Birth
The higher consciousness
AED yes Pat
I have been given more of
AED yes who
AED yes
AED says it is complete Pat
What was necessary has taken place.
What was that
The Ancient Codes took place within you and me Pat
What does that mean
Does Metatron have something to say
AED yes Pat it is very deep
The Keys to the Kingdom come
The Elohim
That was the Devic Kingdom activated the force necessary
An inner force field
AED yes Pat
The portals into the Third Eye
AED yes Pathway 
How will this affect me us AED
AED it has taken you beyond time into the Essence of Pure Spirit
How is that described
AED beyond the thought and words
Yes very
Is there more
AED I have stopped now
AED yes
Has my understanding stopped
AED yes for now
I will close my eyes The Yellow Roses are a White Lotus. AED yes
So Metatron connects to you and my Emergence as one initially
AED yes Pat
So I came from the Womb of Metatron
AED yes
That is strange
AED look deeper Pat
Metatron says I am here Beloved
AED yes
AED yes
I do not know much if anything about this
AED you will
So I came from the Womb of Metatron. AED yes
What happens now AED? Guan Yin is here Pat
Hello I say Guan Yin
Guan Yin smiles you chose well Pat
I was the only female necessary Guan Yin says (Note Guan Yin was the only Female Aspect in over 40 Names)
It is said we have to go into The Great Bliss alone
AED yes. You said AED we have gone into The Great Bliss separate and together
AED yes
So now then I am to go into The Great Bliss with Metatron
AED yes
As yourself Suryananda
I say so this has happened
AED yes Pat

Will this filter down? AED yes


Artist Rassouli.

AED says welcome back as I close my eyes for a few seconds

AED the Golden Sarcophagus This is relevant. Yes. (Note I was shown in a vision before Anubis standing looking down over a Golden Sarcophagus which I knew was myself inside)
I am back to The Great Bliss
AED yes
I know very little of this
AED this takes you deeper into the Mysteries Pat
What do you say AED
AED you know Pat
AED yes
I am Drawn now to Atlantis
AED yes
Why Atlantis
AED says …. I AM THAT I AM
I AM not sure if I can go beyond here
The Great Bliss has taken place Pat
You have crossed over the threshold
I remember the Emerald Tablets the Dweller Of Unal
That gave me goosebumps when l read that heading recently
AED yes
The Dweller is you Pat hear yea the Voice Of The Lord
That is Moses his time
AED yes
I am missing something
AED yes
It has Sand in Between the Waves
AED yes well done
Blue and White Sea and Waves
AED yes
That takes me to AED and my origin in the Galactic Sun
AED yes
We emerged Onto Our Dual Life Ray as White and Blue
I don’t understand The Great Bliss for the moment
I think this is as far as I can go

So that was why my messenger was off for 18 hours to increase the power to me. AED yes


Friday 27 July – this continued on Sunday, 29 July:

The Great Bliss needs more looking into. AED yes.

I say so AED you said this was – is complete AED yes
(Note, early 29 July I go fully conscious into The Great Bliss with AED and Metatron as I am shown in a vision the Golden Winged Sphinx which is Vast resting on a Stand in Atlantis. This Golden Winged Sphinx is made of the same composition of The Ark of The Covenant which I have seen three times since 2015 – see full details at the end of this post).
I say I don’t understand The Great Bliss. AED said no it has to filter down
AED yes Pat it continues from Below the Sea
So there is a significant reason why Metatron say instead of Melchisadek
They seem similar these days in that they kind of go together
AED yes
So is there a similar experience then with Melchisadek
AED yes
I see
AED laughs not yet Pat
AED had said to think of White Light Metatron hence the Vault became White
AED yes
Thank you to Metatron as well
AED it was necessary Pat
As you will understand
I say to AED am I going to understand The Great Bliss
AED says you have gone through this Both Alone and with Melchisadek
And with me
Many more will follow
Do you mean other aspects for want of the right word? AED yes
So I have gone through the Great Bliss with all the names on my list
AED yes it is filtering through AED mentions Cosmic Light Family names
I see
That is quite something
AED magnificent
I mention a few of the names on my list – all yes or going through

So does Guan Yin lead me to all

AED yes
I see
That is quite something
AED yes Pat
Some are my own past lives and with AED
AED yes
Saffron our Water Dragon
AED yes
The Sphinx **
AED look into yes **  (See below in depth details about the Sphinx)
My Two Unicorns Antares and Antara
AED look into yes
Anubis takes place. AED yes
AED and myself mention other names on my list
AED yes completed
So all on my list. AED yes
That is quite something all the Third Birth
So the Third Birth is this The Great Bliss
AED yes
We are supposed to go into The Great Bliss alone
I know
It is the One Shared Heart
AED yes
Well done
So alone but Universal Consciousness
AED yes
We have been together also AED you said
AED yes
Does The Great Bliss have to be by the Third Birth? AED yes
So as you AED had said we had been through The Great Bliss together in the past and myself alone – in essence then I must have reached The Third Birth some time ago
AED yes
I understood this was – is in the present not millions of years ago so how do you describe this AED?
AED that is interesting isn’t it. Yes
So this has to be added to my website? AED yes
The sea and the White Vault on my website
AED yes
So does this mean I should add next
AED yes
I mean Metatron and the White Vault with just a couple of names for my website like Metatron and Melchisadek only
AED yes Pat
So in essence I am writing about The Third Birth on my website before describing the original and second birth 
AED yes it also connects to the Lunar Eclipse and Blood Red Moon
Really? AED yes
AED yes this is a must Pat

AED yes
Thank you Guan Yin and Metatron and team AED
Today is a very special and magical day Pat
Bright blue bird 2.jpg
I was aware of seeing this very Bright Blue Bird like the Cobalt Blue Sun Of Atlantis, one of many Blue Suns. AED yes. I went into what was the meaning of this bright blue bird and AED confirms this can be understood as a sign of Initiation into The Cobalt Blue Sun on Atlantis.
Being initiated into the Pure Land Sun is the process and journey that is the path as The One Shared Heart is understood in its fullest. AED yes. This is a necessary development as one goes Into The Great Bliss. AED yes very much so. As one is Initiated into each of The Pure Land Suns which are innumerable, one takes on the Inner Core and Soul Structure of That Pure Land Sun. AED yes Pat. 
Therefore having been Initiated into The Cobalt Blue Sun in Atlantis, means that I have absorbed this Cobalt Blue Pure Land Sun’s Consciousness Into  my own with AED. AED yes, wonderful. The same process is undertaken through Initiations Into Each Of The Pure Land Suns, thus our Consciousness Is One With The Divine. AED yes, very much so. 
These Initiations Into The Pure Land Suns, where the range and depth of shades and tones is vast, takes us into The Great Bliss. AED yes. At the same time, one goes into The Great Bliss with those Cosmic Light Beings whom one has the deepest and most profound love and soul connection with. AED yes. This is best understood by myself having chosen over 44 Names and being aware that with each of these, Divine Oneness has taken place in very deep consciousness, as The Third Birth, although Lotus Born in the Higher Realms as was our Initial Emergence with our Eternal Beloved Millions Of Years ago, where the Female aspect was Un-Manifested till she was able to HEAR The Inner Voice Of her Eternal Beloved, which as this took place resulted in the Female Aspect, and myself, Suryananda, Going Through The Second Birth Millions of Years ago In the Higher Realms Having been Born from Within the Lotus.
Seeing myself Emerge recently from this exquisite Purple and White Lotus, then led immediately, to Adam El Daoud, coming forth. This then took us to how this was with The Creator Who was Originally Manifested Male in Full Consciousness until then the Female Aspect Of The Creator, became Manifest, in other words Fully Conscious as The Female Aspect Of The Creator, once Fully Conscious has been the Process us as Cosmic Light Beings have followed – then took myself into The Second Birth, where deep understanding of the Meaning Of Creation was realised, as Male then Female, was followed by Female then Male, whereupon Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda were fully complete, thus leading into The Great Bliss. 
I had gone as AED had confirmed into The Great Bliss Millions Of Years ago both Alone and with Adam El Daoud, but now with The Third Birth which is understood as Higher Consciousness, and as I have shared here, The Creator becomes Present as that Vault is opened further as experienced Below The Sea in Atlantis Within The Galactic Sun, thus is my soul’s journey with Adam El Daoud, recognised and understood.
Knowing this same Process has followed The Creator Male – Female, then Female – Male, each Being Lotus Born. As all New Births in the Higher Realms are. I would add here, that it is also true that on Gaia, going back over very many centuries and aeons, both Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, have been Lotus Born, meaning we were Born from within A Lotus, the colours I am aware of, Fully Adult, and not from the usual physical birth we are familiar with on Gaia. 
It is magnificent to be aware of these Truths and the Conception and Emergence From Within the Lotus, truly a Magical, Fascinating state of Higher Consciousness. I have further in depth details from The Creator and The First and Second Births and Etheric Lighted Conception in the Higher Realms, again Lotus Born, which I will share after further posts on The Pure Land Suns Of Lavender, Lime, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Strawberry Pink, Cobalt Blue, Amethyst, Orange – which are all Magnificent and Exquisite.  
As I look at my email I see Metatron says it is time to begin the next phase
I say to AED what is that AED inner mysteries? AED yes – The Sacred Mysteries

Yes. I say to AED after about the Inner Mysteries and AED says they are Home 

So the next phase is the Sacred Mysteries

The Core Essence Of The Creator comes
AED yes Pat
Wonderful wow I give a tiny laugh
The Core Essence
Is that very often understood
AED of course
But you are doing this under Metatron now
So I have in the past studied the core of The Creator under another Master
AED yes
And me AED says
And Melchisadek
AED yes
So do they have different teaching methods
AED yes
How do they vary
AED laughs you’ll see
I see but not now
The Core Of The Creator
What does this mean
I am getting crown energies
How long does this training phase take
AED it has ended Pat
Ha is that right
AED laughs
I love this speed
AED It is was necessary Pat
What happens now
So these teachings are taught by The Elders
AED yes
And certain other Cosmic Light Beings
So AED you say Metatron has finished teaching me the Sacred Mysteries – I have crown energies again
AED yes
Is this a Divine Cosmic Oneness
AED laughs yes Pat
I love this speed
After going so slow
Do I begin the next phase with another Master
AED no Metatron is the one Pat
That is very interesting AED yes Pat
So AED these Sacred Mysteries have been taught and will filter down
AED yes
I say to AED that is lovely so Metatron is my Teacher
AED laughs you know Metatron is more than that Pat
Metatron has only been consciously in my life since May 25
AED yes So just over eight weeks
I am reminded of the Emerald Green Core inner core of The Galactic Sun hundreds of feet high and wide
AED yes
Is this the meaning the inner core of The Creator. AED yes Pat.
So the Inner Mysteries or the Sacred Mysteries takes me to the Inner Core Of The Galactic Sun. AED yes
What about Planets like Venus they are not in the Galactic Sun
How are they affected
AED they interlink more than you realise
So is this the Key
AED yes