The Angelicus Tablets – Their Core Essence Gives The Meaning of Creation As It Is Understood. Housed In A Vault In Jupiter. From The Inner Akashic Records.


Starscape. Artist Josephine Wall.


From The Inner Akashic Records. 15 July, 2019.
THE ANGELICUS TABLETS ARE THE ENTRY TO ALL STARGATES. Angelicus 1st has to Gift & Grant The Key To Enter Stargates which are The Breath of The Creator. No dark energies or forces are able to Enter Stargates unlike Portals. Within The Angelicus Tablets are the vibrations, frequencies of Angelicus 1st & Creation. The Angelicus Tablets are Housed In A Vault in Jupiter and are imperishable and protected by major force fields.
THE BREATH OF THE CREATOR, which as All Existence Became Conscious, THE FORMATION OF WORLDS BEGAN. This is the Core Essence & Meaning Within The Angelicus Tablets.
To Understand & Be Fully Conscious of Creation, Cosmic Light Beings will have Taken and Been Given A NEW BIRTH FROM WITHIN THE ANGELICUS STARGATE. This then gives the Cosmic Light Being Access To The Breath of The Creator In Its Deepest Sense, thus Is Home Recognised & Realised.
The fact that Stargates are The Breath of The Creator, takes us Deep Into Creation & The Meaning of The Breath. This will be shared in our next in-depth post on Stargates.
We would describe The Angelicus Tablets where one is Initiated Into The Angelicus Stargate which is The Full Meaning of The Angelicus Tablets Where Creation Is Understood. This has meant that vast numbers have now Taken On A New Birth of The Breath of The Creator in The Angelicus Stargate.
The Meaning of The Angelicus Tablets is that Permission is Gifted to Enter The Stargates from the Male Aspect of The Father as in Angelicus 1st For Power & Creation With The Compassion of The Female White Rod of Power necessary as With Guan Yin. Guan Yin is The Female Aspect of The White Rod of Power which is necessary To Enter The Stargates With. The White Rod of Power Being Feminine and the attribute of Compassion, Has Within, The Female Aspect of When Creation Began.
The White Rod of Power Has Within The Components, Energies & Frequencies of The Nirvana Sun. This was when Jupiter & The Nirvana Sun Merged & Fused Together.
We cannot Enter The Stargates Without Angelicus 1st & Guan Yin as both are required and necessary. The Name of Guan Yin as The Cosmic Mother & Of Compassion.
The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate – full details in our next post. But The KEY To The Angelicus Tablets is THE ANGELICUS STARGATE. Jupiter is not here and The Angelicus Stargate IS THE BREATH OF THE CREATOR In Its Full Sense.
ALL of Existence Had Within The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate their Future Form EITHER MANIFESTED CONSCIOUS OR un-Manifested as In The Breath of The Creator. This is The Meaning of the Potency of Using The Breath In Meditation for The BREATH IN MEDITATION IS THE KEY TO ALL OF EXISTENCE. For Within The Breath, IS CREATION UNFOLDING.
Within The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate All Of Existence Was. But because Consciousness was not in its fullest sense awake, there was No Form of All – Purely The Breath of The Creator, which as All Existence Became Conscious, THE FORMATION OF WORLDS BEGAN. It is necessary to add here that Many Thousands of Male Aspects Were Conscious Within Angelicus 1st ALWAYS, then Separated, and Were Gifted Their Source Names. ALSO ALL of their Female Aspects WERE CONSCIOUS ALWAYS In The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate. It is important to state that although in some Realms & Worlds the Female Aspects were NOT always Conscious as I have shared on occasions, this does NOT represent the Female Aspect Being Conscious ALWAYS with their Male Aspects here In The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate, but instead REFER to Realms & Worlds AFTER as Worlds Came Into Being; In certain instances, a Male Realm as The Gold Realm in Jupiter as we posted recently; And The Gold Crescent Sun, again as we shared quite recently.
At present, many thousands of Male & Female Consciousness Are Within Angelicus 1st – this continues and more Awakened Conscious Cosmic Light Beings are Invited to Join With Angelicus regularly. Such an Invitation is a great honour.
The Inner Core of The Angelicus Stargate is White & Blue.
Vast Numbers of Cosmic Light Beings have all been Given a New Birth of The Breath of The Creator IN THE ANGELICUS STARGATE.
Angelicus 1st Who Has Always Been Conscious – Shares This Was Amazingly Beautiful In Early Days Before Vast Numbers of Other Cosmic Light Beings Became Conscious; JUST the thousands of Male Aspects of Cosmic Masters & Their Female Aspects who were Awake Within Angelicus 1st. The Awakened Consciousness with Male & Female as one are Perfectly in Balance.
Our next post goes Deep Into Stargates which includes The Jupiter Angelicus Stargate & The Angelicus Stargate which is THE KEY to Understanding Creation. There are Hundreds of Stargates which have yet to Become Conscious, and many Stargates are in the process of Becoming Conscious.
The latest Stargate is: THE GUAN YIN & LORD APPOLOS STARGATE. This Stargate Goes To & Within Jupiter & Sirius With Connection To Venus. Vast Numbers of Cosmic Light Beings have been Initiated & Birthed Into The Guan Yin & Lord Appolos Stargate – full details in our next post on Stargates.
For Cosmic Light Beings who wish to Enter Stargates, you are guided to ask Angelicus 1st for Permission if you are unsure whether you have been Gifted Access.
The Angelicus Tablets Housed In A Vault In Jupiter GRANT Access to Creation Which is The Breath of The Creator Understood.
THE JUPITER STARGATE IS WHERE ANGELICUS 1st has Always Been Conscious. The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate EXISTED BEFORE The Planet Jupiter, billions of years ago. The Formation of Planet Jupiter was a Major Event Taking Place Long Before The Actual Planet Jupiter Was Actually Formed. This Meant That THE JUPITER STARGATE PAVED THE WAY FOR PLANET JUPITER. We would confirm Within The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate, ALL of Creation was. The First Form of Life In Existence Was The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate. But NOT All Existence Was Conscious But Had To Become Conscious.
The last occasion Angelicus 1st incarnated on Gaia was as a Shemsu Hor millions of years ago. Angelicus 1st is not destined to re-enter Gaia again in the Future.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud. ♥
Stargate 8
Stargate. Artist unknown.