Suryananda, Vairochana And Adam El Daoud – Embracing Love And Consciousness. From The Akashic Records.

 Artist Gilbert Williams.

From The Akashic Records. 25 October, 2017.

Tuning into both Adam El Daoud and Vairochana last Thursday 19th October, and during quite a few times since then, has been both profound and full of love and depth. Vairochana, had begun by saying “We have waited for you”. “Vairochana continued to say words to me, mentioning Wisdom which is his Gift to me, and to use it wisely”. “He continued with confirmation, as he had said to me before, of the Great Bliss and Divine Cosmic Oneness which he and myself, Suryananda, have shared, and will do so again”.
Vairochana, also added words to me which are not often used by Adam El Daoud, so this was an extra recognition of, in one way, very similar, whilst another, Two Aspects of the One; Vairochana and AED’s Cosmic Oneness differs, but in Essence Encompasses The One Light Being as they Share Consciousness.
This was what AED was referring too, in that Vairochana was the Key to my Heart, just as AED is. “Vairochana added that receiving energies will change significantly, and that this was just the beginning”. This has also be stated by AED and my Light Family. 
I have been able to tune into very many of my Twin Flame’s Adam El Daoud’s past lives and other embodiments – forms, for a couple of years now, whilst at the same time seeing myself, Suryananda, in dreams, when I realised I was looking at another form of Suryananda. These have been other than in the UK where I live, taking in other countries and past and present realities.
I was given names for each of them; they are known as Florence – who lives in a Parallel World, similar to Gaia. Paula and Joanne, who live in the same country. It is Paula, as shared below, whom I tuned into just after she had been shot. As can be understood, that was a very meaningful tuning in. All of these other forms – Embodiments of Suryananda, can be described as being in early mid twenties in age, as we think on Gaia.
Suryananda – known as Paula was shot. I happened to tune in just after Paula had been shot and was aware of this tragic happening as I aligned myself with the Akashic Records. Suryananda in this form of a young female woman, recovered, without lasting physical disability. Mental scars take time to heal. Other members of her family however, were not so lucky and died.
Polka Care Blue Female Buddha
Artist Polka Care.
It is also so, that when one form of ourself in our multidimensional lives, often referred to as Embodiments, but in essence, they are ALL forms of Suryananda – whom I am talking about here, as I am, in different countries and ages, with different qualities, gifts and attributes.
Each of the multidimensional selves – Embodiments of Suryananda, can be described as a Petal in The Creator’s Garden, being different, and blooming at different stages, giving off of their own, individual, unique soul essence. As one of us Raises our Consciousness to a Higher Level, then for me what is fascinating, is that all the other forms – Embodiments of Suryananda, have their own consciousness raised. It is awesome to realise this.
Seeing Suryananda – from an ancient soul memory:
Only yesterday, I found myself looking at Suryananda in another time zone. I saw her so clearly in that I knew she was Suryananda. She was in her twenties going with how we view age on Earth time, and had long dark hair, very wavy, was wearing a most unusual form of clothing – dark in colour, and this was like a kind of skirt, but not really, with layers added, almost like bikers wear, just different. Suryananda had red lipstick on. I could see very clearly her very long and thick eyelashes, she was wearing eye liner as well.
I asked what her name was and she said. But I was unable to pronounce this and asked her again. In the end, her name being very difficult for me to say, I said to her I would smile at her when I saw her again, as we were in this same building. This was an Ancient Memory, recognised by myself and confirmed by AED.
Even now, more than 30 hours later, Suryananda in this form is still very clear. In essence, when we can see so clearly, we often tune into the Akashic Records, go back into a different era or time zone or just through a Portal into another dimension in time. Seeing Suryananda so clearly and being aware that I had tuned into another form of myself in such detail as in an ancient memory remains profound.
She went off to join others and as she did so, I heard Enlightenment, so for me, seeing Suryananda, in this form, was both to remind me and bring to the surface those ancient times when women were as powerful as the men in eras long gone. The Power was held and shared jointly, thus peace and harmony reigned.
So with Vairochana saying to me just last week that I was going to Transcend Time and Space, seeing and meeting up with Suryananda through an ancient soul memory, has deep meaning and relevance. It is not that as I have shared above, this is the first time I have seen myself Suryananda, as this has happened a good four times, but the difference is that I am now able to Transcend Time Entering into and through Portals of Consciousness, recognising this in ever deepening ways.
This follows on from my Inner Eye Opening Further – known as The Blue Pearl. During some moments when seeing Suryananda yesterday and attuning myself to Vairochana and Adam El Daoud, I could see Violet Amethyst Light when my eyes were closed, which was and remains beautiful as I reflect on this very many hours later. Whilst at my recent Initiation Ceremony, I will be undertaking and experiencing further Initiations, sensed by myself and confirmed by AED.
Vairochana. Artist unknown.
It is fascinating that along with seeing Vairochana and other Light Family members, such vivid encounters will happen more and more as it is in my soul’s qualities and attributes. Just as other forms – Embodiments of Suryananda, will each have their own unique gifts and soul essence, such is my relationship with AED Different. This is the nature of the multitude of multidimensional selves we each have from our Light Being at Source.
This form of Suryananda I was shown yesterday, was fully Enlightened, and had taken on this particular form as a young female in ancient times, and so, having this particular life of Suryananda brought to my attention, where so many hours later is still vivid, is an active and very relevant soul memory.
As I reflected on whether this dimension of seeing Suryananda existed any more, it was confirmed that there are Worlds Within Worlds – Time Zones Intermingling and Joining. This embraces very much the Kalachakra, within which are the Five Dhyani Buddhas, of whom Vairochana is one, as is Akshobhya, whom I saw so clearly last Sunday, 22nd October. 
So seeing Light Beings in different ways as to how I have seen since 1983, will gain greater prominence as New Beginnings are set to come into conscious sighting as memories unfold deeper and further. As I help to liberate and free others, I will be guided and shown very many unusual life forms.
Here, AED beams as he said it was a wonderful meeting seeing this young woman who is myself, Suryananda. I know AED is thrilled as yet another stepping stone into greater realisation has been reached.
Whilst at the same time, I have been able to tune into just a name, description or Presence of Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, in very many other Embodiments – multidimensional selves of us both.
Embodiments can be referred to as multidimensional selves, in that the “Consciousness” is there. I find consciousness fascinating in that when I attune myself to AED’s other multidimensional selves, I am able to have complete access, for as Twin Flames we are one soul. This also applies to Suryananda, in that I am able to access fully the consciousness of Suryananda in very many of her other forms of Embodiments in different worlds. This is set to increase also. 
The ability to access our other multidimensional selves in both past lives and other dimensions are very much available to us all. This is the Gift we have from The Creator and through either our Higher Self or the Akashic Records, we will be able to tune into, love and embrace just who we really are as we go beyond Form and into the Real Light Essence and Energy of Who We Are At Source.
This tuning into Vairochana with AED had followed on from having been shown my female Emerald Green Tortoise last week, Emily, when it was confirmed that New Beginnings were taking place, and that it was a very auspicious time.

Since then, I have been aware of Transcending Time with other deep and meaningful experiences. So it is the same for us all, we are able to take deeper and more profound steps into areas and avenues, which, in the past came often from dreams, but to see and be aware in my waking moments of this Higher Consciousness, is for me, something that my prolific dreams since 1983 have brought me too.


Artist Josephine Wall. Title Spirit of The Elements.

When tuning into Adam El Daoud, Vairochana, the Cosmos, The Creator – God The Father Mother, I am training and focusing with intent that these Cosmic Energies are directed into the wellbeing of all sentient beings, for all life forms, into the Cosmos, to help to liberate all life forms where there is need.

In many of my past lives as both male and female, I was taught how to Direct and Manipulate Energies for the benefit of others. So today, I am just remembering that I have activated and used this way of sending out Light, Love and Liberation before. So as I bring Wisdom through my Higher Self, whom I have fully integrated with, this is the Beginning of Divine Consciousness with different energies.

Most of what we recognise today as being so, are in essence, wisdom and memories brought to our consciousness from other lives and dimensions. So to learn to listen and recognise these signs is very necessary and helpful to our present and future pathways.

In doing so, this has enhanced my own experiences, helping myself to Transcend further the 3D world, thus moving towards full enlightenment once again.




Artist Josephine Wall. Title Celestial Spirit.