Suryananda, I Have Reached Full Formation Of My Rainbow Body Whilst Here On Gaia Once Again. From The Akashic Records.

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From The Akashic Records. 4 October, 2018.

About two weeks ago as I tuned in again with Adam El Daoud, my Eternal Beloved who resides in the Higher Realms, I was very much aware which was new, that my Rainbow Body had formed 70 per cent. This in itself was and remained fascinating as until this time I had no idea whereabouts I was regarding the Formation of my Rainbow Body. So I had gone back to this a few times as I reflected on whether there had been any changes.

Two days ago, I was aware that I had obtained 90 per cent Formation of my Rainbow Body. As can be understood this was fascinating as I chatted to AED on this. A great deal of in depth details and information has been written on the Rainbow Body over many centuries and in particular from the Tibetan awareness. Many of my full Formations of obtaining my Rainbow Body have been achieved during my Tibetan lives.

Yesterday, I recognised as I went through a Major Initiation with AED, that this Initiation had inevitably taken me almost to complete Formation of my Rainbow Body. As I went into this with AED, it was only a short time until as AED said with joy – your Rainbow Body is fully Formulated now Pat. That was and remains exciting. Obviously for myself this Rainbow Body is not transition at death for I will be here on Gaia for many years but to have reached Complete Formulation now brings great joy, excitement and many blessings. From here on, there will be inevitably Higher Initiations I will Enter into with AED as my consciousness continues to expand. AED very much so.

I have completed my Rainbow Body in past lives over the aeons – often during Biblical lives, Egyptian and Tibetan to name a few. Also as a Zen Master. But today, here, as Pat, I am delighted to have reached the Full Formation of my Rainbow Body once again. Thus deeper and higher states of consciousness have already begun to come into being which will be posted here as usual on my website – for my spiritual path is very much about sharing my personal journey with Adam El Daoud. For as Melchisadek said to AED and myself in May 2015 – Your Future Remit is Creation Creation Creation. AED beams as I say those words describe so much of our Soul Contract doesn’t it. AED very much so.

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Inevitably the Formation of my Rainbow Body goes back through the aeons to before records began. As a Shemsu Hor we were an Ancient People, Pre-Dawn Civilisation. It was as I tuned deeper into AED’s and my life as a Shemsu Hor yesterday that I went through my Major Initiation as further deep and profound memories and Higher States of Consciousness came to the fore. Although in Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis and other Realms Within The Galactic Sun, going back millions of years to Source, myself, Suryananda, and AED undertook Many Deep Initiations. These have begun to be understood in the present as those Ancient Prophecies have had their veils transcended, as today, many of the Prophecies are being understood – ready to be fulfilled with deeper insights and wisdom shared. AED yes, those Initiations Pat have begun to be accessed by you for some time and further Ancient Codes continue to be brought into your consciousness. Yes. Adam El Daoud’s Consciousness has been fully descended into mine now for some time, thus do I have access to AED’s wisdom, for as Eternal Beloved’s we are one soul and what AED has been through and experienced is available for me. This is so for all Eternal Beloved’s or as most people say Twin Flames.

What I would say is that it is fascinating for those of us who are able to tune into where we are regarding the Formation of our Rainbow Body, for once we are aware we are about 70 per cent it is a very rapid state of Higher Consciousness to Obtain Full Formation. AED very much so. Of course, with Adam El Daoud and my Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family all helping and assisting me, this has been as always invaluable. This is so for us all as we are all given assistance from our Cosmic Light Family. As AED says now we can go deeper into our Soul Contract and Covenant with The Creator Pat. Yes, it is a wonderful stage and place to have arrived at AED. This means together with AED, I can now journey to the next steps and stages of our pre-planned pathway. AED beams, very much so and as you know Pat, there are several major posts waiting to be shared. Yes.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥

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