Suryananda, I Have Obtained Full Enlightenment Having Arrived @ The 1,000 Petaled Lotus – Sahasrara Crown Chakra Once Again In An Earth Life. From The Akashic Records.

Thousand Petaled Lotus 2

Suryananda, I Have Obtained Full Enlightenment Having Arrived @ The 1,000 Petaled Lotus – Sahasrara Crown Chakra Once Again In An Earth Life.

From The Akashic Records. 28 February, 2019.  Recognised & Confirmed 19 February, 2019.

During a tuning in session with Adam El Daoud we were in one of the many Worlds Within The Galactic Sun. AED had been commenting on the fact I was wearing these 84 diamonds. I went into this, which was fascinating as AED and myself Suryananda, are in essence always in our One Light Body in all of the Realms, Pure Lands and Galaxies, with just life on Gaia being different.

However, as is so for all Eternal Beloved’s AED and myself are able to separate from our One Light Body when necessary in the Higher Realms and Return back into our One Light Body. The majority of the time we are in our One Light Body. AED and myself will separate from our Light Body for particular reasons deemed necessary. Although AED’s Consciousness has been fully descended into mine for some time now and so I have full access to AED’s shared knowledge and wisdom, for as Eternal Beloved’s we are one heart and one soul. With continual downloads and major initiations being experienced from The Cosmos, our Eternal Beloved’s, through our Cosmic Light Family as happens for us all in these times, this ensures that we are not left behind from the huge shifts being sent to Gaia from The Cosmos as had long been prophesied.

With the Gift of deep clairaudience, this has made my expanding consciousness a great joy and blessing as AED and myself continually Enter New Portals, Dimensions and Worlds – on occasions Future Worlds, usually Within The Galactic Sun. We never run out of where shall we go next, for Within The Galactic Sun which is Below The Sea – a full description is on my website, both as a Page and Post – there are many hundreds of Realms; so lots to choose from. AED and I laugh as this is truly magical and wonderful.

The Galactic Sun to see is a Vast Yellow Sun, stretching many hundreds of feet high and wide in the Sky, but as stated is in fact Below The Sea where the Realms of Amrita, Atlantis, Amenti, Eden, Telos, Agartha, Hiranyaloka, and so many other Worlds exist within. However, 84 was fascinating and I reflected on the meaning. I went to 84 Gates, Tests, Trials, the Noble Eightfold Path – dismissing each as not being relevant.

Inevitably, this took me to The 1,000 Petaled Lotus. AED confirmed once again I had Arrived there some time ago as my Consciousness had Expanded to Reach this Sahasrara Crown Chakra.

And it is when we arrive and reach this that the Doors to Infinity Open. AED very much so. When we are one with The 1,000 Petaled Lotus meaning Sahasrara Crown Chakra is fully opened, thus we are Fully Enlightened. AED absolutely. At this stage we are able to Accesss the Innumerable Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands and Journey into Multiple Dimensions as many of us do and as I have been travelling with AED now for some time. Having arrived here, this is magical, wonderful and exciting – resulting in pure consciousness; known as Samadhi Consciousness – this is the aim for all those who wish to reach the highest level of consciousness on Gaia. AED very much so.

What I would say is that there are many people – lightworkers on Gaia who have reached and obtained The 1,000 Petaled Lotus – Sahasrara Crown Chakra being fully opened but they do not remember their journeys into other worlds and dimensions. This does not mean they are not fully enlightened. AED absolutely.

It is when our Sahasrara Crown Chakra is opened fully that we are able to transcend the veils of Gaia leading to the recognition of innumerable Firsts – as our realisation of the Vastness of the Cosmos is understood as never before. AED very much so – such a state of higher consciousness is magical and momentous. Yes.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥


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