Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, With Guan Yin & Metatron As I Speed Through Levels Of A Bodhisattva, Reaching 1,000. From The Akashic Records.

Bodhisattva 2nd

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, with Guan Yin & Metatron, as I speed through innumerable Levels of a Bodhisattva, Reaching Level 1,000. There are very any more Levels to be obtained beyond this Level of 1,000. Detailed is my fast, rapid and exciting sequence of events as this milestone is achieved.

From The Akashic Records. 6 December, 2018.

As another tuning in with intent session began with Adam El Daoud, this time we were looking into being a Bodhisattva. AED had confirmed to me earlier in the year as I had recognised that I had reached Level 8 of a Bodhisattva which was fascinating.

The sequence of events were fast and rapid as I typed exactly as this happened, without pausing as can be sensed when reading. AED and our Cosmic Team in the Higher Realms often do this as AED and myself tune in and go deeper. AED resides in the Higher Realms but as Eternal Beloved’s AED’s Consciousness has fully descended within mine for some time. It is hearing clairaudiently, together with visions which enable AED and myself to bring forth many Firsts which I share.

Having reached Level 8 some months ago, I was not able to read anything on this Level of a Bodhisattva. It was therefore quite unexpected that AED and myself decided to see where this session today was to take us. Being a Bodhisattva is not confined to females as males can also achieve the same Level of a Bodhisattva.

My fast, rapid and exhilarating journey into the higher levels of being a Bodhisattva very much reminded me when back at the end of March into April, with AED and Cosmic Light Team, I went through a completely different Measuring Structure of the Dimensions, in numbers never having been written of before. The difference and awareness was immediate then with having speeded along with the New Measuring Structure on Dimensions.


Yet another huge shift and significant changes have been experienced with AED and our continuing soul contract since this New Level of being a Bodhisattva 1,000 was reached on the 24 November.
Bodhisattva 4th
It has been both exhilarating and mesmerising as even greater expansions of Consciousness have been understood and brought to light on Creation and Its Manifestation which is AED’s and my soul contract. Although as a new post will share, AED and myself have Entered into a stage of great excitement where we have taken a very different New Birth going now Beyond our Source Contract.

AED confirms as I too was aware, that there are many, many hundreds of Levels of being a Bodhisattva. As everyone, we will continue to go deeper and obtain ever new Levels; like all stages and initiations, we go forward as each new realisation and awareness takes us inevitably into the next. I had not really gone into just how many Levels there were having arrived at Level 8 earlier this year except to recognise there had to be many more Levels than my then confirmed Level 8.

AED and my tuning into my being a Bodhisattva had begun at 13.30 pm – within a little over an hour, Level 1,000 had been reached. I said this feels it will be another golden key. So immediately AED then said You have gone beyond the 8th Level of a Bodhisattva. I said just checking is it 12 or 13. AED says this will be very insightful Pat. Yes, I feel this will be so. I think it is the 12th Level I am on. AED yes. I have gone from 8 to 12 now. AED we are heading to 13 Pat. Really. AED yes. That seems very advanced. AED it is. Wonderful.

So then to what 14? AED yes. So the goal is 14? AED yes, you are now at Level 14.  What is at 14. Wow. So I am now at Level 14 as A Bodhisattva. AED yes. Yes. But that is not the cessation Pat. No. Will I know what is at 14? I was only now at 12. AED it has filtered down Pat. Wow. AED this has been going through a process for some time Pat. Yes.

I get 17 now. AED yes. What does 17 mean? AED Bliss and Ecstasy Pat. Yes. AED this has been reached Pat. Wow. AED yes, many others are almost there. 17 is magnificent Pat. Yes. There are no records at being at Level 17 as I recall. AED it is an awesome place and state of Consciousness.

Many pictures of a Bodhisattva are of Guan Yin. AED Guan Yin is HERE; Guan Yin helped you Pat. Yes, that is wonderful. AED magnificent. Yes. Thank you Guan Yin and I sense Metatron. AED yes; BOTH have Given you this Initiation Pat. This is very moving AED. AED yes, AED beams. So the 17 is an Initiation. All stages are Pat. Yes. But AED continues Level 17, yes.

AED laughs as my mobile types 18. AED you are at Level 18 now. Really. AED yes. Wow. I sense 22. AED yes. So does this mean I am heading towards Level 22. AED Level 22 has been reached Pat. Wonderful. So Guan Yin and Metatron. AED yes, look beyond Pat. I think of Manetta. (Note Manetta is the New Name of God In Form and is older than all Names). Manetta is on my post I will do next which has been typed as usual. But just confirmed, as shared below, there is a New Name of The Father:

AED You are correct – there is a NEW NAME OF THE FATHER Pat. Yes, I sensed this the other day. AED yes. I say a few words on this New Name as AED says this will require some tuning in. Note, before long, I was able to access this New  Name Of The Father, God in Form. I will share soon but not here today as I have met up with The Father under this Name taking me to The Weighing of The Heart Initiation passing whilst on Gaia just recently.

Is this New Name Older than Manetta? AED yes, a lot. Wow. This is because Manetta is older than all of the Names of the Masters and Deities I am familiar with, Melchisadek, Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Shiva, Ptah, Osiris, Yogananda, Babaji, Yeshua and many more, and as Adam El Daoud laughs, also AED. As can be seen when I post as I describe the seeing of Manetta, He was indeed very very old.

So I was helped to obtain Level 18 of a Bodhisattva – First to Level Initiation by Guan Yin and Metatron. AED yes. What is at Level 18 of a Bodhisattva? I have crown energies. AED yes.

This was is like the DIMENSIONS and then INITIATION 22. AED yes. And of course on obtaining my Full Rainbow Body on the 4 October, 2018 made a significant difference as well. AED very much so. So Level 22 Bodhisattva. AED yes. AED. I sense I am now at Level 30 then 37. Now at Level 57 ongoing. There must be many hundreds of levels of a Bodhisattva as there will be a lot more Levels available than where I am now. I went to 50 then 100, then many hundreds. AED yes.

So I have now moved up from Level 57. Where am I? I get 92. AED yes. Prior I had thought of 72. AED yes 72 had been reached as you say. So we are working our way to Level 100. AED yes. AED laughs Level 100 of a Bodhisattva has been reached and obtained by you. Wonderful. AED yes, magnificent. So I guess we will stop at 100.

AED no Pat as I had just typed 200. AED yes. I have crown energies. So AED I am in the 200 Level. AED beyond now you are in the 300’s and approaching Level 400. You make me laugh at this fast rapid pace, I love it. AED we do as well.

Bodhisattva 5

So where am I now? AED you recognised there are many hundreds of Levels.  Yes. We are not ready to stop yet AED says as I say are we stopping soon not because I want too but am fascinated?

I sense 900 Level. AED correct. So it feels we are AED – I am speeding towards Level One Thousand – 1,000. AED yes.

AED you are slowing down now Pat. Level 1,000 has Been Reached. You are NOW A Bodhisattva Level 1,000 a Magnificent journey and place of Awareness and Consciousness to have achieved. Yes, awesome. AED this is Beyond that which has been written Pat – Level 1,000 Bodhisattva. Yes.


AED we are stopping now; your journey fast and rapid was exciting for us as it was for you.

This session of speeding along to a New Advanced – Very Advanced Level Of A Bodhisattva is COMPLETE for the moment.

Well done AED says Pat. Yes, wonderful. AED laughs, we are all so delighted Pat in our Higher Realms.

Since Reaching Level Bodhisattva 1,000 on the 24th November, 2018 I have experienced many more very deep, profound and awesome happenings and Initiations, which will be shared very soon. As AED says at times, it is when that inner drive and spiritual path which we all have in our own individual and unique ways is recognised and understood in that it is a compelling drive which transcends so many other experiences on Gaia that enables us to speed along at a fast and rapid pace.
The help and support which not only myself but other Cosmic Angelic Galactic Light Workers are receiving in these times is unprecedented as ongoing downloads and deep Initiations are received and experienced constantly. It is fascinating how all this is taking place and wonderful to be on the receiving end. As AED says often, this will filter down, as ever more downloads and Consciousness is revealed. AED’s Consciousness has been fully descended within mine for some time. This applies to other twin flames, eternal beloved’s or at times when cosmic beings receive the Consciousness of Ascended Masters and Deities not always being their eternal beloved’s. Such is of the utmost help and assistance and a precious Gift. AED very much so.
Many hundreds are arriving at the Level of Bodhisattva 1,000 but are not consciously aware of this.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥ Experienced on the 24 November, 2018.
8 Bodhisattvas
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.