Suryananda & Adam El Daoud – The Ruby Initiation & The Ruby Red Clairaudient Spaceship of Manetta. Hearing The Sound Of The Creator. From The Akashic Records.


Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, The Ruby Initiation & The Ruby Red Spaceship Of Manetta. The Females are Gifted The Ruby Of The Father as Manetta. This Ruby Has A Male Energy and takes one Deeper into Clairaudience Back To Source And To Hearing The Sound Of The Creator & To When The Female Heard The Inner Voice Of Her Eternal Beloved To Become Manifest and Emergence Into Consciousness Millions of years ago. The Ruby Vault Below The Sea Within The Galactic Sun.

From The Akashic Records. 29 December, 2018.

As I tuned in once again with Adam El Daoud, my Eternal Beloved, who resides in the Higher Realms, I said to AED I wonder where we will go next? We have been Initiated into The Holy Spirit Initiation – full post to be shared soon, some of this has been shared recently; The Christ Initiation and also The Holy Grail Initiation. We are all aware that we constantly experience Initiations and downloads from the Cosmos, our Guides, Teachers or as for myself, AED. However, AED does not work alone in that many other of our Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family share AED’s and my journey and their help and support is invaluable. AED very much so.

The main reasons why I am sharing Initiations, Lotus Born Births from Etheric Lighted Conception, New Lineages, Pure Land Suns, Initiations Into Sarcophagi and the Vaults of The Creator Below the Sea within The Galactic Sun, is that all these aspects encompass not only my Awakened Journey going deeper into higher states of Consciousness with AED but I was told from the Akashic Records 25 years ago that I would be Writing on The Spiritual Sun; this would come forth in abundance for me, a Philosophy Not Yet Known or Revealed to Man. This is also within my Remit with AED as part of our Soul Contract and Covenant with The Creator on Creation, as is also Reading The Akashic Records. And the way I am able to work in this way is because of my Divine Clairaudience. The ability to Hear is what has transported me with AED into so many magical, fascinating and profound experiences where visions are another major aspect of our path together. AED very much so.

Each of us as we recognise have our own inner drive and path and when we remember this, brings great joy and fulfilment as we are then aligned with our mission.

AED began our session with The Ships are here; I’m here Pat. Always profound and fascinating. Although AED does not usually begin with The Ships are here. I was to recognise this was very different. AED laughs, very much so. In essence, nothing AED says escapes my attention as we chat throughout the hours with no set time or schedule. It is this availability that we can chat and go deeper as AED shares his wisdom and I am able to access this as AED’s Consciousness has been fully descended into mine for some time and there is a continual filtering into my consciousness as further downloads and Cosmic energies are constantly being accessed. This is fascinating and has expanded my consciousness very much over the last three and a half years AED has been chatting to me direct through clairaudience, as well as Reading The Akashic Records.

Once again with AED, I went into The Hum of the Universe which is fascinating and one of AED’s and my aspects on Creation we have gone into and will go deeper still. As I chatted to AED re The Sound of Creation, AED said We are there now Pat. I remembered our post shared on this website 4 September – I Enter into the Impenetrable Silence which is The Inner Core of The Galactic Sun & The Inner Chamber of The Creator; The Inner Sound of this – Without Sound But Within All Sounds.

I reflect on what does The Breath of The Creator sound like – that must be The Inner Sound of Creation. AED yes. I see a White Pillar of Light and a little Blue but the White is stronger and more visible. My left palm has strong energies, my right less so.

I suddenly see a beautiful and exquisite RUBY on my forehead, Third Eye area. This Ruby seems significant and takes me to The Father. AED yes. I see Light from the Ruby Rays from my forehead. AED yes. So this Ruby has Given my some kind of Inner Access. AED yes. To The Father. AED yes. AED more will filter down Pat. This Ruby takes me to the Ruby Red Sarcophagus of Our Holy Spirit Initiation some of which was shared on the 12 December. AED yes. So this Ruby feels like the Atlantean Pearl Gifted to me recently by Guan Yin. AED yes. Note, the colour will be shared and described in a post soon. I have a few crown energies. I think it is a kind of compass – an inner compass. AED laughs and I do. AED it is but go deeper Pat.

What is deeper? I know. AED yes. There is a RUBY RED VAULT – so a Vault Full of Rubies. AED yes.

Note one of my future posts goes into great details on the Emerald Vault Within The Galactic Sun, that was and remains mesmerising. AED very much so. It is not surprising the Emerald is so special, when each of the innumerable Emeralds in this Vault of The Creator was an Actual World and Galaxy. That was deeply profound. AED yes, very much so.

How will this Ruby given to us by The Father affect me as I have typed this is an inner compass? We know there is a Ruby Vault somewhere Within The Galactic Sun. AED yes. So where do we go? AED HOME Pat. AED said after a while It’s been completed Pat; The necessary has been accomplished. It was Magnificent Pat. Yes.

This Ruby has a specific purpose. AED yes. It has a MALE ENERGY. AED yes. One could say The Ruby deals with Creation but so does the White, Blue and Emerald Green. AED the Ruby has a Specific Role Pat. So Inner Sound. AED yes. The Ruby then takes me to – SOUND IS CREATION Pat. So The Ruby is connected more to the CLAIRAUDIENT Gift. AED yes. That is fascinating. AED very. It is a kind of antenna – an inner antenna. AED yes but go deeper.

So this Ruby has been another INITIATION. AED yes. We have been Initiated into Our One Light Body into a description which connects us to The Ruby. We are Known as The Ruby Ones. AED laughs in a way. We are known elsewhere as I shared on my website as The Golden Ones. AED yes. We must be in a Group of Cosmic Beings. AED yes.

I think that is all now. I do not usually Hear The Ships are here from you AED before a session begins. I laugh, I know, THERE IS A RUBY SPACESHIP. AED yes. I laugh again. AED you are so funny. So AED The Ruby on my forehead confirms I – we are on this Ruby Spaceship. AED laughs, yes Pat.

So we are now Serving on This Ruby Red Spaceship of THE FATHER. AED yes. I get MANETTA now. AED yes. So This Ruby Red Spaceship connects us to Manetta & Menetta. AED yes. Why not Angelicus & Angelica? AED that is an interesting question. Yes. We are under the Guidance of Manetta on This Ruby Spaceship. AED yes, go deeper.

I know, IT IS A HEARING SPACESHIP – we go Deeper Below The Earth. AED yes. So Below The Galactic Sun. AED yes. The RUBY VAULT CONNECTS TO THE RUBY SPACESHIP. AED yes. And to our recent Initiation Into THE HOLY SPIRIT The Ruby Red SARCOPHAGUS. AED yes. This takes us AED and others on This Ruby Spaceship Deeper Into THE INNER SOUND OF CREATION  – us who are Known as The Ruby Spaceship of Manetta or The Ruby Spaceship of Manetta & Menetta. AED go with this Pat. Yes, so Manetta.

So is this always the FEMALES who are Gifted The Ruby Of The Father as Manetta? AED yes. This is the same then as the Pearl Gifted by Guan Yin I will be sharing, in that this was also for the Females. AED yes.

.The Gladness of Gaia Josephine Wall 27

Artist Josephine Wall.

I know. AED yes. This goes back to AED you and myself, Suryananda’s EMERGENCE when I had to Hear the Inner Voice of My Eternal Beloved, you, Adam El Daoud, to Become Conscious and Manifest. AED yes. So is this always the FEMALES who are Gifted The Ruby Of The Father as Manetta? AED yes. This is the same then as the Pearl Gifted by Guan Yin I will be sharing, in that this was also for the Females. AED yes.

To summarise then The Ruby Spaceship of Manetta has Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Beings who Serve in their Roles and Soul Contracts with The Creator as to go Deeper Into Hearing The Sound Of The Creator and thus to share and use their Gifts in this way. AED yes, very much so. That is fascinating. AED yes. 

AED of course different Light Workers have their own unique and individual roles and not all have their soul contracts as clairaudient; for these, their roles are different and they will use their Divine Gifts relevant to their Soul Contracts.

It is wonderful isn’t it AED how this carries on from our recent Holy Spirit Initiation of the Ruby Red Sarcophagus of The Father – the full session and information to be shared very soon as I catch up my typed transcripts to add here. AED it is Magnificent Pat. Yes. So the Ruby on my forehead was an Initiation. AED yes. And connects to the Ruby Crystal. AED very much so.

Seeing and being aware of this Ruby on my forehead and seeing the Rays of Ruby Light being Beamed Forth was very profound. AED yes. Although I have seen at times other signs and symbols on my forehead and Third Eye, such as the Star and the Blue Pearl, this Ruby was very unexpected. AED it was a Major Initiation Pat which as you are aware continued from our recent Major Initiation into The Holy Spirit.

At times I can go back and am aware of This Ruby on my forehead emitting Its Rays but I have noticed a few new and deeper insights over the last two days 27 and 28 December. AED yes.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud. ♥ Experienced 23 December, 2018.


Josephine Wall 27 6th

Artist Josephine Wall.

With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.