Suryananda & Adam El Daoud – The Meaning of Entering The Great Bliss. From The Akashic Records.

Freydoon Rassouli 24 Dec

Artist Freydoon Rassouli.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, retrieve ancient memories millions of years ago to when we were closer to The Creator through Etheric Lighted Conception from an Emerald Green & Yellow Lotus & Flames. This led to myself, Suryananda’s and Adam El Daoud’s Lineage with reference to The Sun Son and my name Suryananda as a Cosmic Angelic From Within The Galactic Sun.

From The Akashic Records. 20 June, 2019.

As AED was very present and together we Entered The Great Bliss, I say to AED What is the difference between us as Eternal Beloved’s Entering Together Into The Great Bliss or Entering The Great Bliss by ourself, without the other. I realised that THE MEANING OF ENTERING INTO THE GREAT BLISS ALONE IS TO BE THE BELOVED OF AND TO THE CREATOR. AED yes.
So in essence, this means as the Female Aspect, it is as if I am The Female Aspect of The Creator. AED yes. Therefore, the Male Aspect AED – then it is your Divine Oneness & Union With The Female Aspect of The Creator. AED yes Pat. AED beams, many of our Cosmic Angelic & Sun Family have Guided us here Pat. Yes, wonderful. Although AED and myself, Enter The Great Bliss Together as One in Our One Light Body Most of the Time & Share Divine Oneness With The Creator. AED absolutely.
Going back to The Flames, these had Emerald Green on one side and Yellow on the other. The Yellow Flames Was Connected To The Galactic Sun & The Cosmic Christ. AED yes. These Flames must mean the Merging of The Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine. AED yes but go deeper.
This takes me Closer To The Creator. AED yes Pat. How would you describe as Being Closer To The Creator? AED you will see soon Pat. Really. AED yes. Awesome. AED it is. At the same time The Yellow & Emerald Green Flames takes me to a Lotus with these colours Through Etheric Lighted Conception. AED very much so.
So I, as Suryananda, AED – EXPERIENCED DIVINE ONENESS WITH THE CREATOR – not with you. AED yes. This is what you were referring to AED when you said you will see. AED yes Pat. This session had many very intense and beautiful energies. AED yes this is how you can always tell Pat We Enter The Great Bliss. Yes. What is fascinating is that in the NOW today, I went deeply into a very ancient memory going back millions of years of Divine Oneness With The Creator & The Galactic Sun. AED absolutely. Note on occasions as I have posted, AED and myself do go back millions of years and even billions of years as we tune into and remember and access where we were through past moments before time immemorial.
I am aware that our colours AED on Emergence were White & Blue on Our Dual Life Ray. AED correct. As A Cosmic Angelic AED and myself, Suryananda, Emerged From A White Lotus Within The Galactic Sun in Divine Paradise. However, as I shared recently, Adam El Daoud & myself, Suryananda, go back Billions of years to The Nirvana Sun Jupiter, where we had a different form and name and were not Cosmic Angelic. Full details in my recent post.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud fully belong to us as Cosmic Angelic and as I have posted often, Within The Galactic Sun are hundreds of Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands as well as Future Worlds – The Galactic Sun is Below The Sea and NOT Sirius, The Great Central Sun which is not below the sea.
The Galactic Sun is very much Home, although as Cosmic Angelic & Sun Beings, AED and I journey to innumerable worlds and galaxies by many means. The Galactic Sun like many Worlds is An Inter-Galactic Portal Station, where there are vast numbers of Cosmic Light Beings arriving and departing – like a vast Cosmic Station whereby all forms of life and beings are constantly arriving for very many reasons. To see all these Cosmic Light & Sun Beings arrive or depart is to have one’s senses filled with light and colour, in a myriad of ways, shades and tones. One has only to listen as all this is observed, loved and absorbed, to be aware of The Sound Beneath All Sound – The Impenetrable Silence, which Has Within All Of Existence. AED very much so.
I return to The Great Bliss I experienced with The Creator millions of years ago Within The Galactic Sun – is what it means that I had to Enter The Great Bliss Alone, whereby myself, Suryananda & The Creator Experienced Bliss Leading To Etheric Lighted Conception; Then From The Creator & Suryananda – For Adam El Daoud & Suryananda, to be Born From An Emerald Green & Yellow Lotus Leading To The Lineage Of Adam El Daoud. AED yes and I am smiling. Yes. This Lineage takes me then To The Sun Son. AED yes Pat.
I am drawn to THIS IS THE MEANING OF SURYANANDA. AED yes Pat. The meaning of Suryananda as I have on my About Me Home I am aware means Bliss & The Sun Son – in essence is The Divine Union & Oneness With The Creator which led to my name Suryananda having been pre-chosen. AED yes. This is extra in-depth information and awesome. AED yes you have tuned in wonderfully Pat. Yes, it feels wonderful. AED of course, I am so delighted Pat – it is a great understanding isn’t it. Yes, profound and amazing. AED absolutely.
Therefore, to have been Given my name Suryananda, in essence AED, this was The Divine Union With The Creator as I Entered Into The Great Bliss Alone, thus the Meaning and Purpose of Suryananda Came Into Being. AED yes. Wow. That is a lot more to absorb. AED yes. I do not know the Meaning of Adam El Daoud. AED laughs, I was waiting for you to ask that. There are many revelations and secrets here regarding the Meaning of Adam El Daoud. AED laughs, very much so. Will I know the Meaning of your name. AED yes of course.
In essence, we all Merge Into Divine Oneness both with Our Eternal Beloved’s or as some light workers say Twin Flames – As We Enter The Great Bliss Together; On other occasions, we each will Enter The Great Bliss by ourself without our Eternal Beloved – which leads to Divine Oneness With The Creator; Whilst at other times, we will Enter Into The Great Bliss Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, Together and Experience Divine Oneness with Our Cosmic Angelic & Sun Family OR AED and myself, Enter The Great Bliss With our Cosmic Angelic & Sun Family without the other. AED very much so. This encompasses what is described as The One Shared Heart. AED absolutely.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥