Suryananda And Adam El Daoud, The Many Ways We Tune Into & Follow Our Soul Contract Whilst In Different Worlds & I Transcend Gaia. From The Akashic Records.

A SOUX Prayer

Artist unknown.


From The Akashic Records. 26 June, 2018.

Reflecting on the different ways and spiritual experiences I have as I am able to delve deeper into the Higher Realms and attune to Adam El Daoud, my Eternal Beloved, it is fascinating to be aware of the diverse ways this takes place. This post details the wide ranging ways AED and myself continue with our pre-destined Soul Contract even though AED is in the Higher Realms and not on Gaia.

AED will begin to chat and say a few words – although we chat continually, so there is no set plan. It is wonderful AED loves answering my on-going questions. AED beams as he loves to answer as this is in our DNA and very necessary for our journey together once again.

A major and significant way for myself to be able to go much deeper has been to hear AED clairaudiently. This is very strong and powerful.

At the same time, being able to Read The Akashic Records is another profound and major aspect of AED’s and my soul contract. I was told back in 1992 that it was my destiny to Read The Akashic Records – it was written on my Silver Cord and could not be erased. Reading the Akashic Records had been a passion and fascination since July 1983, so being able to tune into the Akasha has been a source of great joy and interest.

I have heard other Ascended Masters speak over these last few years. The first one after AED was Sanat Kumara, where on that occasion, I was shown a picture of Sanat drawn by a spiritual artist which had always been my favourite where at the same time Sanat shared a few words.

I have heard Archangel Michael, Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda, Babaji, and some of the Dhyani Buddhas. Other Cosmic Light Beings such as Shiva, Metatron have also come and said hello. Some of the Divine Mothers have looked in and shared moments as well. I have also tuned into quite a few of my past lives and heard words from them, both male and female. During all of these moments, as always, further Keys have been activated.

I always knew back in the late 1980’s that to achieve what I knew to be my spiritual pathway as a spiritual writer being able to go deeper into Knowledge and Creation, that I would need to hear clairaudiently, and this has as I had recognised, proven to be essential.

To see with clairvoyance was also something I knew would enable me to go deeper into higher consciousness. Thus experiencing visions from May 2015, began this aspect of AED’s and my pathway.

Not everyone works spiritually in these ways I have shared. We are all unique, individual and have our own Divine Blueprint and Soul Contract going back to Source. Our Source Name gives a strong indication as to what our Soul Covenant is with The Creator. My Name Suryananda, connects to The Sun Son and I have a Page on my Website on the meaning of my Name Suryananda.


Some times I am aware of beautiful and profound energies as AED and myself draw closer into Divine Oneness. On other occasions, I will see visions as we go into past memories, moments in the NOW, or even into Future worlds of which we are Entering into often. These Future Worlds vary, some are New Pure Lands, others are still considered New, but AED and myself have been living on them for a while.

AED and myself have Homes on many of these Future Worlds just as we do in innumerable Realms and Galaxies in the Higher Realms. We have very many Homes on The Galactic Sun which has many Hundreds of Realms and Worlds. Also, On Venus, Sirius B and Medina and others in The Pleiades.

Some times my visions are shown when I am typing; on other occasions, if I have closed my eyes for a moment whilst awake. There are many instances when everything happens at the same time – energies, visions, chats, which as always I type out there and then, so the depth and clarity remains, rather than trying to remember the exact words. I find as I type out our sessions, they are then retained in my memory and thus act as a further signpost upon my journey with AED.

I can read a name and tune in and know with certainty that was or is AED. The same applies to myself, Suryananda, and other embodiments or multidimensional selves in the past and different time eras and centuries.

I can see a picture, read a description, and know if that person is AED or myself. I am able to do these because of the help and support I get from AED and my Cosmic Light Family and with all these New Cosmic Energies being given to us all here on Gaia, and myself.

Without AED being present and tuning into AED, I find that I would not be able to go so deep, and so it is as AED is with me and sharing with me his wisdom and knowledge, I am able to transcend Gaia in ways which were not possible three years ago when AED and myself connected consciously when I was awake and not in dreams. Before June 2015, I would have prolific dreams where many profound experiences took place. These days I dream very much less as I am able to tune in when awake. It suits me to be conscious and experience visions and other spiritual happenings as I am able to type out there and then, as this was something I had wanted to experience for many years – the ability to tune into in depth and see Adam El Daoud and our Cosmic Light Family.

I can look at a picture taken somewhere in nature, and have at times been able to be transported into the far distant past, even millions of years ago, which has been fascinating as often that picture was a recent one taken. Or I can go back aeons to when Gaia was very different.

I can answer spiritual questions as AED will answer as AED shares his wisdom with me to be of assistance to someone. At the same time, as AED and myself continue our journey together, I am aware that I would describe myself as speeding along in ways which, without AED, would be less fast. So where I am now, is very much to having AED around all the time to chat to and share our journey together. Thus my spiritual pathway is both exciting and wonderful having AED with me once again on Gaia.

AED and myself have recently chatted on Eden, the Realm, and we have Homes in many of the different Realms within Eden, which is within The Galactic Sun. AED and myself journey into Future Worlds and Realms within Eden, as there are so many. Some are New Realms and Future Worlds, others are less new. There is much taking place regarding Future Worlds being accessed in the NOW by AED and myself.

AED and myself also have Homes Within The Galactic Sun on Amrita and Amenti.

AED and myself visit Gaia in our Light Bodies, and I have conscious memories of about five different countries – Egypt, Japan, and Below The Tor in Glastonbury, for instance.

By Rassouli 24 12

I go through Inter-Galactic Portals with AED in different Realms, and this is on-going. Many Portals are within The Galactic Sun, others are in The Great Pyramid and other ancient places. I visit Venus often, as AED and myself have a Home there.

I have seen AED in the Ether Space in my lounge a few times. AED is always a little in front and to my right. I have seen Yogananda crystal clear, again in a vision in my lounge. Yogananda was to my left. Yogananda appeared as a vision when I had my eyes open and remained for many minutes.

I have opened my door and seen myself in a vision in the air just in front of me – not looking as I do now but in another embodiment.

I have seen many Dragons, Phoenixes, Animal Totems and Unicorns.

I have seen AED holding my late cat in his arms. My cat lives with AED and they are always together. Just as AED has with him our many Animal Totems and Dragons, they  live with us in the Higher Realms but can leave for different reasons if they chose as it takes but a moment for them to return.

I have rode AED’s and my Water Dragon into The Dragon Realm. That was an awesome and profound experience, and has recently been shared. Saffron, our Water Dragon is always with AED and Saffron is seen by myself often. At times, Saffron and AED wait together for me to notice them in this way.

I have heard my Unicorn through Direct Voice which was wonderful. Hearing Antares my Unicorn lasted for about 25 minutes. I have also heard Melchisadek through Direct Voice, again this was about 30 minutes. That was also wonderful.
Eighteen months ago, AED and myself had a beautiful and profound Atlantean Water Meditation as shared on my website, as many of my experiences have been posted individually. AED and myself, Suryananda, swam beneath the waters in Atlantis with the mermaids and pink dolphins. It was magical, and AED said at the time it was AED’s Gift to me. It is wonderful that Atlantis exists Within The Galactic Sun, and where AED and myself have a Home. Like all these Realms and Worlds, they cannot be accessed in the physical. They are lived there in our Light Bodies but can be accessed on Gaia as we raise our Consciousness, Vibrations and Energies. I love AED’s Gifts as there is always something beautiful to be experienced and shared together.
I am delving into new ways of aligning myself into deeper consciousness all the time and these last three years with Adam El Daoud have been blissful, exquisite, profound and filled with love, light and joy, as together once again in an Earth life, we are in strong and deep communication, which takes places on many levels and enables myself, Suryananda, to Transcend Gaia, which are precious gems.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud.
Artist unklnown.
With gratitude to the artists. Shared when known.