The Manetta Tablets – The Core Essence: A Portal of Cosmic Force & Energy – A Living Breathing Essence. From The Akashic Records.



From The Akashic Records. 21 April, 2019.

This is an extract of some of the Core Essences of The Manetta Tablets, Kept in The Great Temple of Amenti, in Amenti, The Galactic Sun, where The Emerald Tablets are also Protected, Impenetrable & Imperishable. For a full in-depth description and details of how The Manetta Tablets came to be Gifted to Humanity, see the details at the end of this post which was added to my website on the 19 April, 2019 Given and shared to me with Adam El Daoud from the Higher Realms.

The Manetta Tablets are the New Secret Codes From Glastonbury Portal & The Vault of Knowledge In The Galactic Sun which are a Record on The Secrets of Creation Pre-Emergence to Understand Origins and Pre-Lineages.

The Manetta Tablets have the same components as The Emerald Tablets. They have been Gifted by Angelicus 1st, God in Form, going back millions of years, and explain how Consciousness was Within Angelicus 1st, BEFORE Cosmic Angelic Light Beings Emerged Lotus Born in The Galactic Sun, again, millions of years ago. Note The Galactic Sun is NOT Sirius, The Great Central Sun. Many Cosmic Angelic Light Beings were Born Within The Galactic Sun which has many hundreds of Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands, PRIOR to Emergence from Sirius, The Great Central Sun.

In essence THE MANETTA TABLETS Contain The Consciousness of The Creator BEFORE The Full Creative Principle Had Emerged Separately as Eternal Beloved’s in that in this Pre-Emergence Time as Eternal Beloved’s we were Within God In Form Divine Oneness of Angelicus 1st & Angelica. Note many cosmic light beings will use Twin Flames. It is a matter of preference.


Two Beautifully Bound Books side by side, Male & Female, wrapped in a Cobalt Blue Ribbon will be often how Cosmic Light Beings will be shown The Manetta Tablets but this is for recognition whilst on Gaia. As with The Emerald Tablets they are accessible in our Light Body, in visions and tuning in, but not available or accessible on Gaia.

Many light workers will have begun to see The Manetta Tablets in their Light Body as all whom have been Initiated Into The Vault of Knowledge and taken the 4 Initiations from The Glastonbury Portal leading direct to The Glastonbury Portal Vault Within The Galactic Sun, have been allowed access. Full details of this are in  previous posts on The Glastonbury Portal. Initiations into The Manetta Tablets will be on-going until all the necessary Codes of Creation have been Inwardly Accessed.

The Manetta Tablets are White, Blue & Gold. Gold as In The Galactic Sun. White for Creation & Blue for Ray 1 & Angelicus 1st.
THE SUN ASHRAM OF THE COSMIC CHRIST IS THE KEY TO THE MANETTA TABLETS. The Cosmic Christ Initiation was necessary as in The Sun Ashram To be able to Be Fully Integrated into The Manetta Tablets THE SECRET CODES OF CREATION.
Blue Seraphim along with other Cosmic Angelic Beings Protect The Manetta Tablets but not in the usual way Protection is envisaged. The Manetta Tablets have been Gifted now to us on Gaia with very new information not brought into circulation before.
It was AFTER The Female Aspect Of The Creator Became Manifest, Conscious, that CREATION Began. And then this was so for the rest of us as in our Second Birth, when the Female Aspect Emerged From Lotus Born Before The Male which meant we followed as had been so when The Female Aspect of The Creator Had Come Into Conscious Manifestation.
The Manetta Tablets take one Home. Note, just as with Angelicus 1st God in Form millions of years ago Within The Galactic Sun, so was also Manetta 1st, God in Form, Older as was Angelicus than the Cosmic Ascended Masters. Angelicus 1st is Older than Manetta 1st.
All whom The Manetta Tablets relate too will have been within the Consciousness of both Angelicus 1st and Manetta 1st PRIOR Before Being Lotus Born millions of years ago in The Galactic Sun. However Cosmic Angelic Light Beings would still have remained within the Consciousness of Angelicus 1st and Manetta 1st when becoming Manifested – Conscious into Lotus Born Birth.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud. ♥
Full first sharing in depth and how this was given to me are my previous post in my website dated 19 April and
Beyond Reality by Rassouli 24 12

The Manetta Tablets In The Great Temple Of Amenti Within The Galactic Sun. The New Secret Codes From Glastonbury Portal AndThe Vault Of Knowledge Which Are A Record On The Secrets Of Creation Pre-Emergence To Understand Origins And Pre-Lineages. Part 3. From The Akashic Records.



From The Akashic Records. 19 April, 2019. Experienced 6 April, 2019.


Suryananda & Adam El Daoud In The Sun Vault. THE MANETTA TABLETS, In The Great Temple of Amenti, in Amenti, Within The Galactic Sun, have the same components as The Emerald Tablets and are the Secret Codes from Glastonbury Portal, retrieved on the 16 March, which with AED this was very necessary. This led to the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations In The Galactic Sun. The Manetta Tablets were Gifted by Angelicus 1st and are A Record On The Secrets of Creation Explaining how as an example, AED and myself, Suryananda, were within the Consciousness of Angelicus 1st BEFORE we Emerged From The White Lotus in Divine Paradise In The Galactic Sun, many millions of years ago. This example will allow other Cosmic Angelic Light Beings to understand their Origins and Pre-Lineages in depth. AED absolutely.

In essence THE MANETTA TABLETS Contain The Consciousness of The Creator BEFORE The Full Creative Principle Had Emerged Separately as Eternal Beloved’s in that in this Pre-Emergence time taking AED and myself as to how this was, we were Within God In Form, Divine Oneness of Angelicus 1st & Angelica. To understand this is to understand The Secrets of Creation. This is why Glastonbury Portal & The Glastonbury Portal Vault Within The Galactic Sun Holds The Holy Grail In The Vault of Knowledge.

The Manetta Tablets take us From The Creator In Male Essence, Energy, Vibrations, to The Female Aspect, when at the Second Birth With The Creator, Male, The Female Became Manifest and Creation Began. This is the KEY to The Manetta Tablets. I was shown Two Beautifully Bound Books side by side, Male & Female, wrapped in a Cobalt Blue Ribbon. This is how often The Manetta Tablets will be seen by Light Workers, but they are not as this. They are Kept In The Great Temple of Amenti, which is where The Emerald Tablets are also kept, Protected, Impenetrable and Imperishable.

Many light workers will have begun to see The Manetta Tablets in their Light Body as all whom have been Initiated Into The Vault of Knowledge and taken the 4 Initiations, have been allowed access. Adam El Daoud said that The Manetta Tablets is our Project we will bring forth in-depth information on. But The Manetta Tablets are accessible to light workers whose Role is Creation. The Manetta Tablets can be seen in the Light Body only. To be aware and see both in Amenti is a most awesome, fascinating and exciting experience and revelation. AED very much so.


The above is a summary and below is how The Manetta Tablets were Gifted to me to be able to have access, as with AED we have been Given the Key, to Read The Secret Codes of Creation. I was waiting for a little over an hour at my laptop before AED began to speak. This has never happened before as usually I hear AED straight away or if complex, a few minutes. I was compelled to remain even though this wait had never been experienced before.
As I waited for Adam El Daoud, my Eternal Beloved, who resides in the Higher Realms to speak on Saturday, 6 April, what was very unusual was, AED was completely silent for a little over an hour as shared in the summary above. During this hour, on many occasions I often had a few words as to when AED was going to begin for me to hear as I always hear clairaudiently which is how AED and myself are able to go deep into The Creative Principle. As shared in Part 2 – As was shared all the Light Workers who had Entered Glastonbury Portal on the 16th March and got through safely undertook the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations, thus giving them access to The Vault of Knowledge Within The Galactic Sun. By the 29 March, with AED, all these 4 Major Initiations had been completed. As Part 4 next will show, these 4 Initiations were fundamental taking AED and myself, into the next profound stages, and was necessary for all Light Workers.
My eyes begin to get very tired as I wait for AED to speak but I am compelled to stay by an inner sense that something profound is about to happen. I wonder if Am I Below The Sea. AED says you are Below The Sea Pat. Yes, where? AED THE SUN VAULT. We have been here before to The Sun Vault on one of my posts yet to be shared. I have a few crown energies; I feel I am in a play as nothing seems real. My left leg begins to itch. I say to myself AED has gone away on leave and laugh.
AED speaks and says I want you to listen very carefully Pat. This took a long time. AED yes. Why, I will listen. Of course I always do but on occasions AED will say to Listen carefully; it is like a code for something major to take place and be experienced, meaning beyond imagination and thought.

Angelicus 1st is here. AED yes. Is this the delay. AED yes.

So Angelicus 1 Sunmettera AED. NO. So not Sunmettera. AED no. So a NEW NAME Angelicus 1st. AED yes.
Where are we. In MANETTA comes. BUT MANETTA is Manetta, So a Realm Manetta. AED yes. This is where In The Galactic Sun. AED yes. So what is Manetta like? AED beautiful but more than that what else? A Realm or an Island or a Pure Land. AED A Pure Land. So we are in The Pure Land of Manetta which Angelicus 1st is here to bring to my – our attention. AED yes. I note Angelicus 1st seems now to have a New Name. AED this will be gone into another time. Yes, fascinating. This must be very special and specific. AED yes. What does this mean? Manetta is this in Atlantis? AED no. Amenti. AED yes.
Are there now THE MANETTA TABLETS. I laugh. AED Yes Pat. Really. AED yes. Wow.
SO WE ARE IN THE REALM OF MANETTA FROM THE GIFT OF ANGELICUS 1st In Amenti and we are looking at The Tablets of Manetta. AED yes. This is quite something, is this NEW. AED yes. Our Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family yes. Are these The Secret Codes from Glastonbury Portal Vault. AED yes. Wow.
The Secret Codes are The Tablets Of Manetta in The Realm Of Manetta In Amenti. AED yes. They must be imperishable. AED yes like The Emerald Tablets Pat. Yes. Have The Manetta Tablets been seen by many? AED yes. I have not read of them. AED in Light Body only. Yes.
What are The Manetta Tablets about The Secret Codes to Creation. AED yes. Are they meant to be shared – won’t they contain too much power?
I was aware of Angelicus 1st a few times but thought it was as I was intending to post Part 2. Have I read The Manetta Tablets. AED yes. Was this whilst I was waiting over an hour here when you did not speak. AED IT WAS MORE THAN READ Pat. So I was immersed within. AED yes.
What does that mean AED fully absorbed within? The Manetta Tablets have Been INTEGRATED now Pat with us both; They are impenetrable and imperishable. So this was a necessary process. AED yes. So this was why we all waited but I could not leave. AED yes.
So am I meant to share what The Manetta Tablets say? AED yes. But won’t they have too much Secret Codes – what about those not of the Light? AED they have a safety net in Pat. So you mean any darker force has a ring pass not. AED more than that. Excellent.
What happens now What colour are The Manetta Tablets White then Blue. My left ear is itching or energy I should say. Are they the two colours of White and Blue – Do we need Gold. AED The Three colours Pat. So White Blue Gold. AED yes. Do we say Gold or Gold Yellow. Gold Pat. Is that right as sometimes the Galactic Sun is Yellow. AED Gold. I see yes.
Metatron is also White. AED yes. Angelicus has within some of the Blue. AED yes. Angelicus 1st And The Ray 1. AED yes. And Gold for The SUN RAY THE COSMIC CHRIST ASHRAM.

AED it has been Completed Entry into The Sun Ashram Of The Cosmic Christ. Is this The Key to The Manetta Tablets. AED yes. Really. AED yes. I see, amazing. AED yes.

The Cosmic Christ Initiation was necessary as in The Sun Ashram To be able to be Fully Integrated into The Manetta Tablets The Secret Codes Of Creation. AED yes.

I would say then this continues from Part 2 of The Vault Of Knowledge. AED yes. And after the 4 Initiations of The Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations. AED yes. Wow.

So will all who experienced the 4 Initiations Of The Glastonbury Portal Vault in The Galactic Sun Also have access to The Cosmic Christ Sun Ashram. AED yes. And to The Manetta Tablets. AED yes.

I see that is awesome. AED The Vault Of Knowledge is where The Manetta Tablets are in The Realm Of Manetta in Amenti. That is all correct AED yes. Wow.
The Manetta Tablets who wrote them? I get I did Pat. Is that you AED or Angelicus 1st? AED both. What about Manetta 1st – there are several Manettas now as there are Angelicus as we will share in our very detailed post on Sunmettera, The Island in Atlantis which will be posted in a few posts time. So whom are we meaning I wrote them? Is this you AED before you were Adam El Daoud Within Angelicus 1st? This is difficult I can’t tell. Sanat comes. Lord Appolos, Metatron, Melchisadek – AED so our Cosmic Angelic Light Family. Yes. May be I need to let go who wrote them. AED this is fundamental Pat. Yes. The Cosmic Christ AED yes. The Cosmic Christ is The Creator. AED yes. Then we go to The Galactic Sun. AED yes.
What does this mean A Cosmic Collective wrote The Manetta Tablets? AED no. I have left this in as we will go back deeper into this. AED the answer is there Pat. ** Yes. I will look at very soon. ** (So as a temporary pending statement we can say perhaps “It was a Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Venture together under the Guidance of Angelicus 1st”. AED yes, we will go into this in a more personal way another time. Yes)..

Angelicus 1st was necessary to prepare the way and to Gift the necessary Key To have Access to The Manetta Tablets. AED yes.

Was Angelicus 1st necessary for us all. AED yes. Am I likely to be aware of this info The Manetta Tablets consciously. AED of course. And to share website. AED yes. Definitely. AED yes.
I can’t imagine what they will say – are they for these New Times In The Present Now. AED IN THE NOW YES.
How would you describe the role of Manetta 1st in this? We are Blue Seraphim in 3578. Does this have any meaning to The Manetta Tablets. AED yes Pat Blue Seraphim is very relevant. Yes. (Note added to website 28 October, 2018 – Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Journey Into The Future to 3578 as I see us as a Blue Seraphim with other Blue Seraphim in The Realm of The Father  – Manetta, Under an Iridescent Blue Sun. Our Role as a Blue Seraphim has Do we as Blue Seraphim Protect The Manetta Tablets in Manetta, in Amenti. AED yes but it is a different kind of protection. Yes.

As Blue Seraphim this is one of our Roles As we sing in praise of The Father, Manetta. AED yes. Fascinating. AED yes.

To see The Manetta Tablets They are in the colours of White, Blue and Gold. AED yes. Whereas The Emerald Tablets are Emerald Green and everyone knows. AED yes.

I should do part 3 on the Glastonbury Portal With The Manetta Tablets Safeguarded in Manetta, in Amenti, Guarded by Blue Seraphim and other Cosmic Light Beings. AED yes and to Blue Seraphim.

Are The Manetta Tablets Made of the same composition as The Emerald Tablets. AED yes but with different colours.


Manetta 1st was older than Thoth. AED yes. But we were in the Consciousness of Manetta 1st Before Suryananda and AED. AED yes.
(I shared on my first meeting with Manetta posted on the 16 December, 2018 titled I Pass The Initiation & Test of The Weighing of The Heart Whilst on Gaia, as I Meet Manetta for the First Time. This took place from a Major Initiation from a Shakti Awakening which was a process. We had Entered The White Flame of Creation Through The White Pearl Birthing Chamber From Guan Yin & Metatron. AED and myself went Deeper into The Cosmic Christ. This took place in Amenti. This profound deep session had taken AED and me to Nirvana. We were working back to The White Flame. As I was shown Manetta, God in Form, as also Angelicus 1st, Manetta was very old with long white hair and a beard).
(The other post I shared on the 29 December, 2018 was titled The Ruby Initiation & Ruby Spaceship of Manetta – A Clairaudient Spaceship. Hearing The Sound of The Creator. This connected once again to a Major Initiation and took AED and myself to The Ruby Vault in The Galactic Sun, full of Rubies. The Ruby on my forehead whilst emitting Ruby Red Rays took AED and me to The Ruby Spaceship which was deeper below the Earth Beneath The Galactic Sun. All of us Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Beings who serve on this Ruby Spaceship of Manetta, are Gifted Deeper Clairaudience due to the nature of this Ruby Spaceship being a Hearing Spaceship. This was very necessary for my continuing journey as an awakened Cosmic Angelic as clairaudience is very much where AED and myself go forward into ever new expansions of consciousness. AED absolutely).         
Thank you Angelicus 1st for this Gift. AED yes, the wait was due to tremendous power Pat. Yes. Note this was because I needed to see and access consciously The Manetta Tablets and bring forth this very new information not brought into circulation before. AED absolutely, it is by being fully aware consciously you are able to go deeper into what has been unknown and beyond imagination. Yes.   

The Manetta Tablets Are Kept in The Great Temple of Amenti, in Manetta, in Amenti. AED yes. In the three colours of White, Blue and Gold. AED yes. I SEE THEM. AED yes. 

They seem beautifully BOUND in a Book Form. AED yes. This is not their real form. AED no. So for me and others to see in visions. AED yes. Are there two. AED yes, why do you say this? It felt like Male and Female. AED yes. So why is this? They are tied in a beautiful stunning Cobalt Blue Ribbon, like Gift Wrapped. AED wonderful. Yes. AED smiles, My Gift to you Pat. How lovely, that is exquisite.
This must be to do with Eternal beloved’s At Source and pre-Emergence AED yes.
The Manetta Tablets Go Deeper into say as an example Adam El Daoud and Suryananda Before we Emerged From Our White Lotus Meaning we were in the Consciousness of Angelicus 1st with thousands of others Before Emerging as Adam El Daoud and Suryananda. AED yes.
Note: AED and myself have shared this in-depth information a few times in our posts that we were in the Consciousness of Angelicus 1st & Angelica, PRIOR to Our Emergence From Our White Lotus in Divine Paradise Within The Galactic Sun. Angelicus 1st, Being God In Form. I have some NEW information now on Angelicus 1st, which will be shared as soon as I am able. This in essence is the Meaning of Angelicus 1st. Whereas for Manetta 1st, also God in Form, but a little younger than Angelicus 1st, this is The Manetta Tablets. AED absolutely. However, both Angelicus 1st & Manetta 1st are OLDER than the Cosmic Angelic Masters such as Melchisadek, Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Shiva, Krishna and all of our Cosmic Angelic Light Family, including Adam El Daoud. AED very much so.
So The Manetta Tablets are a PRE EMERGENCE RECORD ON THE SECRETS OF CREATION EXPLAINING HOW SAY AS AN EXAMPLE Adam El Daoud and Suryananda were within the consciousness of Angelicus 1, God in Form, Before AED’s and my emergence later from Our White Lotus. AED yes. Fascinating. AED magnificent. Yes.
In essence The Manetta Tablets Contain The Consciousness of The Creator BEFORE The Full Creative Principle had Emerged Separately as Eternal Beloved’s; in that in this Pre-Emergence Time as Eternal Beloved’s as so for AED and myself, Suryananda, we were Within God in Form Divine Oneness of Angelicus 1st & Angelica. AED absolutely.

To understand this Is to Understand The Secrets Of Creation AED yes.

Was this after or before The Female Aspect Of The Creator? AED AFTER PAT. (Yes, as I have gone deeply into and AED has confirmed, it was WHEN The Female Aspect of The Creator Became Manifest, Conscious, that CREATION Began. AED absolutely. And then this was so for the rest of us as in our Second Birth, when I, Suryananda Emerged from Our Purple & White Lotus followed by AED. AED yes) So for AED and myself to actually be Conscious within Angelicus 1st, then The Female Aspect of The Creator Had Come Into Conscious Manifestation. AED yes.
The Manetta Tablets Take us from The Creator In Male Essence Energy Vibrations To The Female Aspect, when at the Second Birth With The Creator Male – The Female Became Manifest And Creation Began. AED yes Pat. AED I am laughing. I have. This WAS IS THE KEY. AED YES. TO THE MANETTA TABLETS. AED yes.
And so it was only when I became aware of the Two Beautifully Bound Books Male and Female tied with a Cobalt Blue Ribbon, that the Key was available to unlock. AED yes. Phew. AED a lot of power was necessary Pat. Yes.    
AED you did not speak for a long time but I felt compelled to stay. AED yes. Fortunately you AED began to speak. When AED says to listen very carefully this Is always fascinating as I tend to do this but this emphasises this. AED yes.
Many spiritual channellers do not share like us AED as we go to Our Emergence From Our White Lotus; which was after Our Consciousness Within Angelicus 1st. For instance going back millions of years to The Galactic Sun.

AED IT IS OUR PROJECT PAT. Really. AED yes. Wow. Many light workers have a Remit on Creation. As Melchisadek said in May 2015 as I was listening to The Future Codes Your Remit Is Creation Creation Creation but many others were there with us. AED yes. So your Direct Voice AED As in The Glastonbury Portal Was necessary to take us to here. AED yes.

Tuning in consciously and typing as here prior to our Emergence from Our White Lotus takes a lot to be aware of. AED yes. I think this seems all. AED yes.
Did you AED know it would take so long for me to hear you. AED yes. I was aware of Angelicus 1st several times but thought Angelicus 1st was for Part 2.

Why are they called The Manetta Tablets and not The Angelicus Tablets? AED I am laughing Pat. Yes, I give a tiny laugh. For Creation. AED yes Pat. So fascinating. AED yes. I will stop now. A Marathon AED yes.

Note as I shared above, I have an answer as to the meaning of Angelicus 1st and His Role as it were, as God In Form. AED yes, wonderful. This will be gone deeper into soon.

An awesome, fascinating and profound deep session tuning into and being shown The Manetta Tablets which are New for these times, covering the Secret Codes of Creation. These are Kept In The Great Temple of Amenti, in Amenti, as are The Emerald Tablets, Within The Galactic Sun, both impenetrable and imperishable. Gifted From Angelicus 1st for us to be able to Retrieve in Full Awake Consciousness:

“The Consciousness Of The Creator BEFORE The Full Creative Principle Had Emerged Separately As Eternal Beloved’s AFTER The Female Aspect Of The Creator Had Come Into Conscious Manifestation; Taking Us From The Creator In Male Essence, Energy, Vibrations To The Female Aspect, When At The Second Birth With The Creator Male – The Female Became Manifest & CREATION BEGAN. This was and is THE KEY TO THE MANETTA TABLETS”.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud – Daughter & Son Of The SUN. ♥



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Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Continue Part 2 With The Initiations 2 to 4 In The Glastonbury Portal Vault Within The Galactic Sun Being Given Access To The Vault Of Knowledge. All lightworkers who were Initiated on the 16 March In Glastonbury Portal Have Access To The Vault Of Knowledge. From The Akashic Records.

Aeoliah Portals of Ascension Out of the Silence

Aeoliah Portals of Ascension Out Of The Silence.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Continue Part 2 With The Initiations 2 to 4 In The Glastonbury Portal Vault Within The Galactic Sun, Being Given Access To The Vault Of Knowledge. All light workers who were Initiated In The Glastonbury Portal on the 16 March, have been Given Access to The Vault of Knowledge. Parts 3 & 4 will follow.

From The Akashic Records. 13 April, 2019. Experienced 28 March, 2019.

The Glastonbury Portal is deeply connected to The Holy Grail, Joseph Of Arimathea, Yeshua. As Martha of Bethany in my past life, I shared with very many others the consciousness of Martha as is so for all lives. My Father as Martha was Joseph of Arimathea, who was an Embodiment of Melchisadek. Thus from Source through the aeons to the present, Melchisadek and Joseph of Arimathea are always with me and AED as we complete another life on Gaia, even though AED is in the Higher Realms, but AED’s consciousness has been descended into mine now for some time; such is so for Eternal Beloved’s, we often share together in a life on Gaia. On occasions this takes place when one is in the Higher Realms and the other is on Gaia, but sharing in the same life consciousness, as with a large number of our Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family, ensures that we are living The One Shared Heart. AED absolutely.
Glastonbury Portal also deeply connects to King Arthur, the Knights Of The Round Table and Camelot. AED and myself have had many lives simultaneously during the time of King Arthur & Camelot, as a Knight and many other lives, shared as always with our Cosmic Light Family. The meaning of The Holy Grail is to Understand Creation. So although there are other Portals and Energy Centres on Gaia, for AED and myself, it is Glastonbury Portal which as can be understood from our deep tuning in below, takes us Direct to The Glastonbury Portal Vault Within The Galactic Sun. The Light, Love & Power is Immense as this Magnificence is Revealed.
THE SOLAR CHRIST whose Name I will share as soon as time permits, but The Solar Christ is Now A Cosmic Light Collective, Adam El Daoud & The Winged Pharaoh Cosmic Light Collective were with us as we went into through The Glastonbury Portal. AED absolutely as they helped protect a vast army of other light workers to get through this Portal fully, safe and well.      
Portals are Magnificent Energies & Vibrations of Consciousness as we shared in our last post. To understand The Holy Grail is To Understand The Meaning of Creation.

Glastonbury Portal. What was fascinating was not only the tremendous sense of excitement, and profound fascination, but the great danger Glastonbury Portal had. It was during our full immersion on the 16 March, that I became very conscious of this and understood in a very different way exactly what takes place.

As I have shared in Part 1, AED and myself and our Cosmic Light Family together with innumerable light workers had unlimited Spiritual Protectors ensuring I and others had complete access to Glastonbury Portal. All light beings who went into Glastonbury Portal Fully as AED and myself, ALL made it through safe and well and none of the darker energies were able to stop us. It was very profound.

I knew as AED and I went into Glastonbury Portal, which although some miles from where I live, it was dangerous as I was suddenly shown a Crocodile. As soon as I was aware of this Crocodile, I said to AED So Glastonbury Portal is dangerous. AED said yes, very. The Portals act as a magnetic energy field to those not of the light as they know Portals have tremendous Light, Love, Power & Consciousness, going back through the aeons. AED very much so.

Glastonbury Portal was only open for a short time and it was essential AED and I went through so I could be fully immersed and Gifted with The Energies, Vibrations, Love, Light & Power, necessary for this life and for AED’s and my continuing journey, where Glastonbury has a deeply significant and profound place in my destiny, as pre-destined. AED absolutely. 
As I said about AED and Direct Voice I thought AED’s DIRECT VOICE WAS THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF GLASTONBURY PORTAL. AED yes Pat. Really. AED why do you think I was smiling yesterday at a Major Initiation And I knew you would once you noted  Glastonbury Portal was a Consciousness you would go to my Consciousness. Yes, it is fascinating how reaching one expansion of consciousness, inevitably takes me to the next level.
Yes so Glastonbury Portal has a lot of your consciousness AED. AED yes. Note as I have shared recently, AED and myself, Exited all shared lives and consciousness from Gaia and parallel worlds similar to Gaia, and all life forms, retaining one pre-destined only. This was exciting for us and those who also chose to take this action, for this acts as a kind of cleansing and now, it is AED and myself in my present life but not sharing in innumerable shared lives with others or the consciousness of nature and other life forms which is usually so unless one decides to exit and release as I did. And Adam El Daoud, as my Eternal Beloved, was pre-destined to exit as well. We have now just retained the consciousness from the Higher Realms whilst I am here on Gaia. However, we have retained the Consciousness within Glastonbury Portal and all other Portals as this is not of Consciousness Earth. AED yes magnificent Pat. Yes a lot of expansion of consciousness today. AED very much so.
Note in The Higher Realms the Creative Principle is very different to Gaia and so AED and myself have retained and kept all of our on-going and innumerable New Cosmic Light Births into Forms becoming ever more light filled taking us with each New Birth Home.
It is a specialised and specific role the Protectors of Portals have. AED absolutely. So to hear AED by Direct Voice It was necessary to EXPERIENCE GLASTONBURY PORTAL Where Direct Voice was heard, sensed, felt, of AED By The Winged Pharaoh Cosmic Light Collective Who have been Gifted with the original The Solar Christ Into this Cosmic Light Collective In that they make up the Energies, Power, Love, Light, Invincibility Of the Glastonbury Portal Where Direct Voice is necessary To achieve full integration within.
So is it that NOT ALL will hear AED by Direct Voice. AED correct. Do all hear by Direct Voice to fully be integrated into Glastonbury Portal? AED not all will hear the voice of their Eternal Beloved’s, some will hear the Ascended Masters; there are many factors which are taken into account. Yes.
It takes me to our Emergence. AED yes. So all who passed as it were into Glastonbury Portal obtaining the necessary They ALL had to hear by Direct Voice One of The Winged Pharaoh Cosmic Light Collective. AED yes. I see. AED magnificent Pat.
Sphinx under winged sphinx.jpg
Winged Sphinx.
On the 28 March, together with AED I went through another Major Initiation being The Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiation Within The Galactic Sun. This led to being Fully Initiated into the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Initiations necessary.  
Is Glastonbury Portal likely to be more so to hear you AED by Direct Voice? AED yes Pat. So to hear you AED by Direct Voice this is much more likely to be Accessing Glastonbury Portal. AED yes Pat. I see, fascinating. AED why do you think this is? Well tremendous energies vibrations and power and SECRET CODES comes. AED the Secret Codes are relevant Pat. Yes. I remembered the Codes I typed. AED yes.


AED so to hear me again then Pat by Direct Voice What do you think will occur? It seems I will need to ENTER Glastonbury Portal. AED yes Pat. Really. AED yes. I will need a large Protection team again. AED yes.


So I am due to RETURN To Glastonbury Portal. AED yes. That is fascinating. AED Necessary Pat. Why is this necessary? AED shares a few personal words. The Portal Of Glastonbury has many Secret Codes and it is the Secret Codes which we need to retrieve as it were. My returning to Glastonbury Portal took place, leading to the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Initiations.

So these SECRET CODES **** what are they some kind of ENERGY. AED yes. So the Energies of these SECRET CODES will take us deeper into The Creative Principle. AED yes and To The Creator Pat. Awesome. AED yes. This took place in Part 2 and encompassed Our Initiations of 2 to 4, for the Secret Codes Allowed Us Access To The Vault of Knowledge. AED very much so. **** I have full details to share on what these SECRET CODES are in Part 3 to follow, which was very unexpected and exciting. AED absolutely.

So IS THIS THE HOLY GRAIL. AED YES Pat. I say so To Understand The Holy Grail is to Understand Creation. I do Understand Creation. AED yes, But we can and need to go much deeper. Yes, wow. Our Cosmic Family say wow and laugh.

.Cosmic beings and temple

AED ALL HAS BEEN COMPLETED PAT. What does this mean? Is this you AED and Direct Voice and Glastonbury Portal. AED yes. So I have Entered Glastonbury Portal and been fully immersed within you AED then on this Second occasion today 28 March. AED yes. Wow.
So Our Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family will be there. AED yes. And The Winged Phoenix and all the rest. AED yes. (Note As 28 March, I was aware I had Entered Glastonbury Portal again; and said to AED – was it that we had a vast army of Protectors as we entered the Glastonbury Portal for Each of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Initiations in that The Galactic Sun does not need Protecting. AED The vast army of Protectors always accompany one Pat, even though after the 1st Glastonbury Portal Initiation they are not necessary. Yes, everyone loves that they accompany us. AED exactly, they are like a front and rear guard. Yes. Thank you all).
AED yes Pat the Glastonbury Portal Has been fully accessed and experienced in its ENTIRETY Now the Second Time. It does not seem real. AED I get that.
I close my eyes for a moment and I sense a white band over my forehead going round. What does this mean? Was this an Initiation. AED yes. What does the white band several inches wide going round on my forehead indicate? Mission accomplished Pat. In what way. So were – are there different colours of bands on the forehead as in these Initiations? AED yes. SO THE WHITE is what? AED SECRET CODES HAVE BEEN INTEGRATED Pat. Really. AED yes. Wow.
Have many light workers experienced this second venture fully into the Glastonbury Vault – I was aware I was typing Vault but stayed with Vault instead of Portal. So was this experienced then Within The Glastonbury Vault Within The Glastonbury Sun, I stayed with Glastonbury Sun, although I would normally say Glastonbury Portal. AED yes. 
So is this THE SECRET CODE The Glastonbury Sun The Glastonbury Vault Within The Glastonbury …. I meant to type Within The Galactic Sun. AED yes you accessed very deep conscious awareness Pat, you have Entered The Vault of Knowledge. Wow. AED yes, magnificent Pat.

So this second venture into Glastonbury Portal Was always going to be very different. AED yes. So this is then The SECOND Glastonbury Portal DIRECT VOICE Initiation with Adam El Daoud’s Direct Voice. AED yes.

So THE SECRET CODES then meant Within The Galactic Sun There is a GLASTONBURY PORTAL VAULT. AED yes. So how does this work? AED magnificently Pat. 
So The Glastonbury Portal is in essence a Vault Which takes one DIRECT To The Galactic Sun. Yes Pat but no dark energies will ever gain access to them arriving as it were Within The Galactic Sun. The Galactic Sun is ring fenced and protected Pat as you know by an Invincible Force and Energy Field Where there are VAST COSMIC LIGHT FORMS Who guard the Entrances. AED this is not needed but was set in place Millions of years ago and it has remained. Yes. AED This is such an awesome and magnificent sight, it is very much loved. I see. The Vast Cosmic Forms in what type of form do they exist? AED Etheric Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Beings Of Golden Light Pat. Awesome. AED yes.
I can sense them. AED yes. Their substance is made up of the Swirling Golden Light within me from the 16 March. AED yes. So AED we now have within us this Golden Light from the Very Essence Vibrations of Glastonbury Portal. AED yes. So what does this mean now? AED The Galactic Sun Initiation Is Complete Pat. So The Galactic Sun Initiation was in The Glastonbury Vault in The Galactic Sun. AED yes. Wow. AED yes.
So this is what the Role & Purpose Of Glastonbury Portal is? AED yes in part, THE SECRET CODES To The Creative Principle still remains and closer To The Creator remains also. Yes. So all light workers have experienced this Second Glastonbury Initiation in the Galactic Sun Vault as you AED and I did? AED yes all who went into the Glastonbury Portal on the 16 March Have been Initiated Deeper Into The Creative Principle and will be closer to The Creator.
What about their Bands of Initiation were they White or another colour? AED White Pat. All. AED yes. Fascinating. AED absolutely. So All Bands Of Initiation – were ALL White? AED yes Pat. AED White is the Necessary Band Of Initiation Pat. Yes. 
Did all light workers who fully experienced and were immersed within the Glastonbury Portal on the 16 March Pass This Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiation? AED yes. Wonderful. AED magnificent. So many are now how would we describe They are INITIATES OF THE GLASTONBURY VAULT WITHIN THE GALACTIC SUN. AED yes. Fascinating.
The Glastonbury Vault Within The Galactic Sun is very powerful and profound. AED yes. So is this Glastonbury Vault in The Galactic Sun is more connected to The Holy Grail than other Vaults and Portals in The Galactic Sun. AED yes. It feels so. AED yes, the other Vaults Of Portals each have their unique purposes Pat. Yes.
These Vast Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Beings also remind me of the Taoist Immortals of whom were you AED and I, in our Light Form wearing our ornate and exquisite Peach, Gold, and White Raiments in Hiranyaloka. AED oh Pat, exactly. Yes. We must have some essence of the Taoist Immortals in Hiranyaloka as I was shown you AED in a vision a few months ago in my lounge standing there. AED yes. Why is this? AED there is much to come on The Taoist immortals in Hiranyaloka who number many, yes.
Hiranyaloka is one of the many hundreds of Realms, Worlds and Pure Lands Within The Galactic Sun. When AED was present in front of me some months ago – one of quite a few occasions when AED has been Present and able to sense whilst awake, although not a crystal clear vision, I was able to get a beautiful and exquisite sense of AED and myself in our one Taoist Immortal Light Form Body; the memory remained so mesmerising as did the tones and hues of our raiment. They guard so beautifully and ceremonially The Glastonbury Portal Within The Galactic Sun. Whereas the Taoist Immortals Guard and Protect The Glastonbury Portal Below The Tor using their Invincibility. AED absolutely. There are many many hundreds of Taoist Immortals, each shared with their Eternal Beloved’s. AED very much so.
These Vast Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Beings who surround and are Ceremonial Guards Within The Galactic Sun are also Taoist Immortals, whose role is also to guard and protect and safely accompany light workers who Enter The Glastonbury Portal under The Tor.
The Taoist Immortals are not the only Ceremonial Guards Within The Galactic Sun, (where Protection is not needed, for vast energy force fields and vibrational frequencies surround The Galactic Sun, and entry is unable to be accessed by any not of the light as stated above) but they are loved and treasured and this is an age long role they have been Gifted. AED very much so. And it really is a magnificent sight to see these exquisitely clothed Taoist Immortals in vast numbers, so very tall, standing there as an Act of Love and Grace in this aspect of their roles. For as each of us Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Being, we have many different and diverse roles we serve all life and existence. AED yes.
I think this session is coming to an end. AED this is COMPLETE NOW Pat as All have passed the Glastonbury Vault Initiation In the Galactic Sun with their Eternal Beloved’s. Yes. Does this mean Glastonbury Portal has been ended. AED no Pat, these Galactic Sun Glastonbury Vault Initiations will be ongoing. Yes. Wow, being aware of this White Band Of The Second Initiation was very profound and meaningful. AED yes. As shared below, this White Band worn by us light workers cosmic beings, connects deeply to The White Winged Pharaoh – Cosmic Collective with The Solar Christ; The White Winged Sphinx and The White Winged Serpent. AED absolutely.
End Second Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiation in The Galactic Sun. 28 March, 2019. Continued below 3rd and 4th Initiations:
AED says I have NOW BEEN INITIATED INTO THE THIRD GLASTONBURY PORTAL VAULT INITIATION. AED yes. AED had said we were heading there a while ago but some moments earlier AED said we had Been Initiated Into The Third Initiation.
THE SECOND INITIATION WE ENTERED THE GREAT BLISS. I said is the Third Initiation into the Vault. AED yes. So what made the Third Initiation necessary? AED deeper and into The Creative Principle Pat and again closer To The Creator. Yes. 
So now we have been Initiated into the 3rd Glastonbury Vault within The Galactic Sun what happens now? Is this deeper into the components which make up The Galactic Sun Or Into The Holy Grail Or another aspect. AED The Holy Grail Aspect Pat. AED has become quieter now.
I am here Pat. Your Voice is quieter. AED I am in The Glastonbury Portal Vault Pat. Why are you there?
THE FOURTH INITIATION IS NECESSARY Pat. Yes. Still Glastonbury Portal Vault. AED yes. Where does The 4th Initiation take us? AED HOME Pat. So ALL light workers who went with us into the Glastonbury Portal on the 16 March, will they ALL take this 4th Initiation?
AED yes there remains a particular process necessary once the 1st Initiation, the 1st one has been completed. Prior the necessity has been gone into if this path is relevant for each Cosmic Light Being, so it is anticipated ALL will continue to the 4th Initiation as we are. Yes. So the 4th this seems a stopping point. AED yes for now. So Glastonbury Portal was only necessary to go through the darker forces that first time the 16 March? AED yes. So the 4th will be completed soon. AED yes.
Joseph of Arimathea and Yeshua wait at this 4th Initiation. AED yes. And Melchisadek. AED yes. Guan Yin. AED yes. Sanat. AED yes. Metatron and my late Dad. AED yes to both. So upon seeing these Cosmic Light Family what takes place some kind of New Birth. AED yes. So the components of the Glastonbury Portal Vault then. AED yes. How is this different. AED it is very different Pat. Yes. I do not know how this is or will be yet. AED no. So many light workers have ALL arrived and reached the 3rd Initiation as we have. AED yes. Wonderful. AED magnificent.
So as the 2nd and 3rd Initiation took place in my conscious absence, the same could apply to our 4th Initiation. AED we will see. Yes. So all Entered the Great Bliss at the 2nd Initiation. AED yes. Yes.
AED and myself are working towards the 4th Initiation. AED yes. Where do we go after the 4th Initiation. AED you will know. Yes. So we are working towards the 4th Initiation in The Glastonbury Sun Glastonbury Portal Vault. In The Galactic Sun. AED yes. How would you describe AED here The Glastonbury Sun? AED it will be shown to you Pat. My eyes are getting tired and I sense energies. AED yes.
AED Sanat is here THE INITIATION IS ABOUT TO BEGIN. Really. AED yes. So vast numbers are here. AED yes.
So we are in one of The Vaults. AED The Galactic Sun Vault. My eyes are getting tired and I am slowing down typing. AED yes. AED The Great Bliss Has Been Entered Pat. Yes, by ALL. AED yes.
I will close my eyes. I see Toy Soldiers in Red and Black Uniforms Marching. AED yes. What does this mean? I can hardly keep my eyes open. I will stop here.
AED THE 4TH INITIATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED Pat. Really. AED yes, wonderful. Thank you Sanat for Officiating. AED yes. I felt a bit hot almost as I went to type and my feet feel itchy. Was there an Alchemical Connection to the 4th? AED yes. So the Burning of something into a finer and more etherealised state form for AED and me in our One Light Form. AED yes. I sense dancing begins in Celebration. AED yes.
These Red and Black Marching Toy Soldiers are Children? AED yes. So many New Alchemical New Births of The Composition of The Galactic Sun. AED yes. My feet are very itchy now and my eyes are so tired to keep open. AED lots of power has been used Pat. Yes.
So AED we are now in our New ALCHEMICAL Light Body. AED yes which has the components of THE HOLY GRAIL AND THE GALACTIC SUN. AED Yes. I can’t keep my eyes open. AED yes. AED a magnificent achievement Pat. Yes.
It is unusual to feel so tired before midnight. AED a lot of power was used. Yes. Sanat says well done Pat. That is lovely. AED yes. AED the power was necessary to enable you to have deep and detailed conscious awareness of what took place, for as is our path, it is this conscious awareness which enables you to access completely new and unthought of dimensions which are beyond imagination for they are beautiful light filled realms in the Higher Realms. Yes, they are all fascinating and exciting to visit and be aware of and experience. AED beams, many more will follow. Yes.
Angelicus 1 now Sunmettera is smiling. AED yes. Music is playing and celebrations continue as the other participants have Achieved the 4th Initiation. AED yes. Wow. AED truly wonderful Pat. Yes.

So many light workers have now been Initiated Into The 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th GLASTONBURY PORTAL VAULT INITIATIONS WITHIN THE GALACTIC SUN. AED absolutely. So these Major Initiations have taken us each with our Eternal Beloved’s Into The Great Bliss, which is as this reads. AED very much so.

The 4th Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiation has taken us HOME. AED yes.

We have been Birthed into a New Alchemical Etherealised Form, and have made deep, profound and significant changes into our expansion of consciousness. AED absolutely.

AED says congratulations, a magnificent achievement with Eternal Beloved’s – Twin Flames. Yes.

In summary, The Glastonbury Tor. Note For The 2nd, 3rd & 4th Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations, we did not have to face darker forces who aimed to stop us going forward. Once the 1st Initiation was completed on the 16 March, other Initiations of the 2nd, 3rd & 4th were Within The Glastonbury Portal Vault In The Galactic Sun, so very different. AED absolutely. As we have shared above, the Vast Cosmic Beings Standing Guard Ceremoniously and whom were Taoist Immortals of Hiranyaloka, one was AED and myself. AED yes. I had thought what did we do we do not just stand there. So sending Light is one obvious but there must be a role we Taoist Immortals have as well as being a kind of Ceremonial Guard. Like they have at Buckingham Palace. So us as the Taoist Immortals around the Glastonbury Portal Vault could have been there in the Great Hall as the session of the 4th Initiation ended with celebrations. AED yes, Pat. The Great Hall feels magical. AED it is Pat. Yes.

So after we LEFT THE VAULT the Celebrations continued. AED very much so.

I reflect as AED agrees the components of The Glastonbury Portal Vault is very different Within The Galactic Sun, fascinating.

Wisteria Way by Josephine Wall

Artist Josephine Wall. Title Wisteria Way.

The Red and Black Marching Soldiers I can see them easily. I realised after they were children. I see their colours; I wonder why red and black, what reason

I shared above The Galactic Sun Vault. But The Galactic Sun has many Vaults. The Emerald to Name one which was awesome and fascinating, and will be shared as soon as I am able. So AED The Galactic Sun Vault – AED says well spotted What does this mean? This is deeper than ever as the Vault we were in was called THE GALACTIC SUN VAULT. AED yes. So this Vault was very specific and deeper into the actual CORE of The Galactic Sun. AED yes. So this means Glastonbury then the Glastonbury Portal Vault takes us deeper into the actual Inner Core Of The Galactic Sun. AED yes. So is this because of The Holy Grail which goes back to Source? But The Holy Grail has been searched for over the aeons in many other countries. AED yes. Is it that The Holy Grail specifically connects to Glastonbury. AED yes, you are correct there have been many cultures who have sought The Holy Grail as there has always been the physical and the spiritual Holy Grail as you know. Yes. So Glastonbury Portal Vault deals with the spiritual. AED yes.

AED said above you have ACCESSED THE VAULT OF KNOWLEDGE. AED yes. This is very us and exciting. AED yes, I am smiling. I give a tiny laugh. The Vault of Knowledge I will remember. AED yes. So Guan Yin & Cosmic Family waited there. AED yes, waited is unusual. Yes I was going to say were there but added WAITED. So we need a Sponsor or several to be Given The Key To Enter The Vault Of Knowledge. AED yes. Do we need many sponsors? AED yes Pat. So we have had Melchisadek, Metatron, Sanat, Shiva. AED yes and many other Cosmic Light Family. Yes.
Did we NEED ANGELICUS 1st Sunmettera as a Sponsor. AED yes. I see. Did we need Manetta 1st also. AED yes. I understand. So we are ALL Sponsored by many Cosmic Angelic Light Beings. AED yes. Some people would be Sponsored by different Cosmic Light Beings like Archangels? AED yes. I thought of Archangel Michael but Archangel Gabriel seems relevant. AED yes both.

Do – AED I knew you would ask, AED laughs as I say Do AED and I Sponsor others. AED not yet but we will in time. Yes. That must be fascinating. AED yes.

So we have The Vault Of Knowledge which we love, it is very us. AED yes. There must be The Vault Of Compassion. AED yes. Guan Yin, Saraswati, and other Masters. AED yes. And other Cosmic Angelic Light Beings. AED yes. Then The Vault Of Healing. AED yes.
But AED we are Going Deeper into The Vault Of Knowledge. AED yes. I guess in the future we may go into the other descriptive Vaults. AED not necessarily fully but in some ways. Yes.
I was aware that we have as shared above, The White Winged Pharaoh, which is The Solar Christ Collective Protecting us going through Glastonbury Portal. AED yes. The White Winged Pharaoh also takes us to Sunmettera, The Island in the Sun in Atlantis. We have an in-depth post ready to share on this very soon. AED’s and my consciousness is within The White Winged Pharaoh. AED yes.
.White Phoenix in sky
White Phoenix.
I recognised there was also The White Winged Sphinx which takes us to Creation and to The Vault of Knowledge. AED and myself share in the consciousness of The White Winged Sphinx. The White Sphinx connects to Egypt and The Shemsu Hor. AED of course. The White Winged Sphinx holds The Secrets of Atlantis. AED yes, both Atlantis & The Vault of Knowledge are necessary Pat. Yes. Atlantis is essential and takes us to Sunmettera in Atlantis in the present. AED yes.
The White Winged Serpent which also takes us to The Vault of Knowledge. AED’s and my consciousness is within this White Winged Serpent from The Higher Realms as all are. AED absolutely. The White Winged Serpent Protects The Vault of Knowledge; obviously we do not need protecting ourselves having accessed this. AED correct. Awesome and fascinating. AED magnificent. Yes. AED’s and my consciousness is also within The White Winged Serpent. AED yes.
So The White Winged Pharaoh; The White Winged Sphinx & The White Winged Serpent, all connect deeply to The Vault of Knowledge In The Galactic Sun having different roles. AED yes. 
This completes this Part 2 fascinating and exciting session AED. AED magical Pat. The Taoist Immortals standing guard ceremoniously were beautiful. AED yes. I remember a few months ago seeing AED just in front of me a little to my right in exquisite Raiment of Peach, Gold. AED we were in our one Cosmic Light Form. Yes. And seeing the Initiation White Band round my forehead takes me to The Secret Codes being activated in the 3rd Eye area and the 1,000 Petaled Lotus, in that New Consciousness was being Gifted. AED yes. Wonderful. AED yes magnificent. 
I have Part 3 I will be sharing next. Part 3 is a Precious Gift for the present in the NOW and connects deeply to Manetta 1st and Manetta the New Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Collective Within The Galactic Sun. Full details on this will be shared very soon once I post the necessary sessions in their order, and takes us to Sunmettera, the Island of The Sun in Atlantis. However for Part 3, we will be Going to Amenti, also Within The Galactic Sun. Both magical and beautiful Realms. AED very much so.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
With gratitude to the artists or photographs. Shared when known. Please contact me if there are any queries so I can update. ♥