Suryananda & Adam El Daoud New Role of Jupiterian Jedi Warriors To Protect Future Eventualities In New Future Worlds, Jupiter. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.



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From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. 12 November, 2019.

As I was into another deep session with Adam El Daoud, my Divine Consort in the Higher Realms, I was aware I was Experiencing Many Initiations. AED and I took these Initiations together in our New Jupiterian Form. This was the exciting news AED said yesterday AED had to share.

AED and I went from room to room, each room had its Trials or Tests. AED yes. This was whether curtains were a minefield of danger or others coming into this Vast House. This being THE HOUSE OF INITIATION. AED correct. There were about 50 Rooms In The House of Initiation, with each Room being an Initiation Into Bravery & Skill. AED absolutely.

Towards the end of AED and my Initiation In The House of Initiation, other Cosmic Beings Entered, and the tests were also against them as well. I noticed this group who had Entered were all Male and about 5. I understood these new beings who had Entered The House of Initiation were also trying to be the winner as it were over AED and me. AED yes Pat.

I said to AED this Battle seems very New, is this in the present? AED yes. Why? AED I was with you Pat. Yes.

Did we successfully pass these Mind & Bravery Challenges? AED yes. Were there many with us AED taking these Initiations? AED yes. Fascinating. AED very. It was only towards the end of this session I was aware of these other beings in The House of Initiations. AED yes. Did we need Protecting AED? AED yes this was a very special and involved test in preparation for Our Future Role so a TEST INITIATION.

This was held in Jupiter. AED yes.  AED The House of Initiations is Now Complete Pat as you recognised Jupiter was The Host. Yes.  I see. So this had to seem real. AED yes. Did everyone pass? AED yes. AED to be Given The House of Initiation Tests, it is necessary to be at a very advanced stage. Yes.

So other Jupiterians were with us with their Divine Consorts. AED yes. Wonderful. AED yes. How do we describe the outcome?

Initiation Completed Pat. Yes, awesome.

AED to us and other Jupiterians this was a fascinating and specific Initiation within a particular set up in Jupiter. Yes. This was Training for a Jupiterian Jedi Warrior. AED wonderful yes. Our New Role Pat. Do we fight in the future if needed then battles in the Cosmos or Space. AED yes. But this seems very different to us AED as A Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protector. AED this is very different Pat. This is more personal. AED yes, in our New Role Gifted by Jupiter Creation we are looking at Future Eventualities in Future Worlds, meaning the necessary safeguards are here even though not likely to be needed.

The Inner Core of Jupiter trains us AED. AED yes. This must be very advanced. AED yes, here we are Training for Future Worlds Coming Into Being. Wow. AED very exciting. Yes. Why do these Future Worlds need protecting do you feel? AED it is a defence strategy. I see. Jupiter Creation looks in, Yes, Suryananda. Wow. How lovely Jupiter Creation you looked in. Jupiter Creation I like to look in as you know Suryananda. Yes, wonderful.

We are a Jupiter Jedi Warrior Jupiter Creation and Invincible. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda you have tuned in beautifully. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes dear son daughter perfect. Yes.

Jupiter Creation smiles Suryananda you have not asked what Female Aspect you are? No. I am drawn to 2 or 4. AED 2nd Female Becoming Conscious. Wonderful, I have been the 4th Female to Become Conscious.  Really. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

Who of The Jupiterian Cosmic Masters Teach us? Angelicus & Manetta. AED yes both. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda both. Metatron. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. El Dorado. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Sanat. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

Do Melchisadek and Joseph of Arimathea look in. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes both look in Suryananda. We will leave the Jupiterian Masters who teach here. Yes.

A New & Exciting Role On Being Invincible. AED wonderful. This is very different.

AED and I are already a Jedi Warrior and also A Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protector from Lion’s Gate 8 8 19, where one million of us Protect the darker forces from controlling humanity on Gaia or in the Cosmos or Darker Stars Planets. A few posts on this AED and I have shared.

But this is New as we are for the moment a small Jupiterian Jedi Warrior Group as we have Begun New Training for this Future Role Gifted by Jupiter Creation. AED exciting Pat. Yes.

We are all sons daughters of Jupiter Creation in this New Very Specific & Specialised Jupiterian Jedi Warrior Role.

Jupiter Creation this is an exciting process Suryananda. Yes, awesome Jupiter Creation. This was your exciting news from yesterday AED. AED yes.

UPDATE a few hours after posting. The Training is intense AED says but exhilarating and fun. AED we are a beautiful Jupiterian Jedi Warrior Force, recognising that the ideal is that we are NEVER NEEDED but in the eventuality that we are, ALL FUTURE WORLDS will continue to be Light Filled. Yes. AED so this can be considered us being trained to continue with our Invincibility In Ever New, Innovative Ways of Protecting and Maintaining Prior to any alternative outcome. Yes. This is fascinating AED. AED wonderful Pat. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda. Yes, beautiful Jupiter Creation.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Divine Consorts. 💙

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