Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, New Private Garden Jupiter Creation & Guan Yin, Jupiter & New Private Gold Realm, Jupiter. Golden Wedding Ceremony Leading Deeper Into Love. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.


Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Invited Into A Private Garden of Jupiter Creation & Guan Yin in Their New Private Realm, Jupiter. AED and I experience a Beautiful New Golden Wedding Ceremony Leading Us Deeper Than Ever Into Love. AED and I, Enter This New Tropical Realm, Jupiter, which is Golden with Blue & White. Suryananda & Adam El Daoud are Gifted A New Golden Teaching Ashram as we Exchange Rings. Anubis is Master of Ceremonies as together with Guan Yin & Jupiter Creation, AED & I, go forward into an ever Expansion of Consciousness.

This New Golden Tropical Realm of Guan Yin & Jupiter Take us Deeper into Energies Beyond what is seen and experienced. Suryananda once again, was the second female to become Conscious in this New Golden Private Realm where the Male Divine Consorts had waited for their Female Divine Consort. Now Many Female Aspects Have Become Conscious, so Joy & Excitement Abound as Celebrations Continue. Suryananda Initiated Into Energies Within This New Private Tropical Realm of Jupiter Creation, Jupiter.

From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. 18 November, 2019.
Experienced 17 November, 2019.

As another deep session began, Sanat Kumara said LISTEN CAREFULLY PAT, it’s time to go into a New Perspective you and AED.

Anubis is purring Pat. Yes, how lovely. Anubis yes, I would Protect you to the death Pat. Thank you Anubis, I hope not necessary in this life or in the Higher Realms as a Jupiterian Jedi Warrior. AED no.

How delightful Suryananda Jupiter Creation. Yes, Hi Jupiter Creation, some of us Jupiterians love being a Jupiterian Jedi Warrior. AED yes. Jupiter Creation of course Suryananda.

Are we fighting intense real battles Jupiter Creation as a Jupiterian Jedi Warrior? The Training continues Pat. Yes. I was surprised for a moment Anubis saying that. Jupiter Creation yes. Anubis I wanted to remind you Pat. Yes, thank you Anubis, awesome. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda. Yes.

I feel chilly am I in a Vault in Jupiter. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Jupiter Creation LOOK Suryananda. I almost laugh yes. Metatron I have. Yes. Anubis’s purr has become louder. Jupiter Creation yes, why is this Suryananda? I guess to draw my attention to something Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes, shall we see then Pat. Yes.

I SENSE A DOOR OPENING WIDE INTO SUNLIGHT. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda. Does this Vault Jupiter Creation Lead To Your Private Area? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. This is very new. Jupiter Creation yes. Anubis purrs. How beautiful. Jupiter Creation yes.

Guan Yin is here in Your Garden Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation how delightful, yes Suryananda. Anubis purrs again. Jupiter Creation how lovely of Anubis. Yes.

I HEAR I WANT YOU TO LISTEN Pat. Jupiter Creation that is again isn’t it Suryananda. Yes.

These Doors Jupiter Creation it is as if I SEE THEM OPEN & THE SUN & LIGHT STREAMING IN & A SENSE OF A GARDEN BEYOND. Jupiter Creation yes, Shall We Go Beyond Suryananda. Yes, that will be wonderful Jupiter Creation. Anubis I will Walk with you Pat. How lovely Anubis. I feel emotional. Jupiter Creation yes. I don’t know what Is Beyond, I can’t Go Beyond. You will Suryananda.

Why are We Here Jupiter Creation? Is this a kind of what? A BLESSING SURYANANDA. Yes, lovely. Anubis purrs. Is This A Blessing Jupiter Creation For AED & me or Some Other Blessing? Jupiter Creation you and AED Suryananda. What Kind of Blessing Jupiter Creator? Creation lol, I laugh. Jupiter Creation how delightful Pat. Metatron yes. So you Called Me Jupiter Creator Suryananda. Yes. I have typed Jupiter Creation many times. Jupiter Creation yes.

I HEAR SENSE MUSIC. How lovely Pat. Sanat is here. AED yes. Is This An Initiation Blessing Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation yes in a sense Suryananda. Isn’t this delightful Suryananda. Yes.

I sense many Birds Jupiter Creation here. Jupiter Creation yes, isn’t that delightful Suryananda. ONE SEEMS TO COME TO ME. A YELLOW BIRD. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes. Anubis is in Gold. Jupiter Creation yes, how lovely Pat. Anubis is purring. I laugh, lovely.

I close my eyes and stop typing but before WE HAVE GONE DEEPER THAN EVER BEFORE I hear as I feel chilly for a moment. I take a deep breath and now close my eyes. I don’t think I can go deeper Jupiter Creation. I sense Let It Play Out.

I have sensed AED in Gold earlier but have not gone deeper into this. Jupiter Creation how delightful Gold & AED Pat. It was a sense earlier but not that clear.

I’M HERE PAT. AED, wonderful, yes. I think of the song What Now My Love. Jupiter Creation how delightful yes; but the song says without the other loved one. Yes. AED I WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT YOU PAT. Yes. AED says I’ve missed you Pat. Have you AED? AED yes. Love. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda AED has missed you. I give a tiny laugh yes. Note AED had been a little less here than usual due to aspects taking place.

Jupiter Creation so you are Here In My Private Garden Beyond A Vault, New in Jupiter. Yes, wonderful Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation Guan Yin is here. Sanat & Anubis. Yes. And a Gold Bird. Jupiter Creation yes, how lovely isn’t this Suryananda. I am blessed Jupiter Creation. Note later AED confirmed he has been invited here into the Private Garden of Jupiter Creation & Guan Yin on a few occasions before now, we have been invited together. AED being invited together is wonderful Pat. Yes.

I sense AED again with something Gold Yellow. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I wonder if Gold Roses but not fully clear. Jupiter Creation it will be Suryananda. Will it be? Jupiter Creation yes Pat. Metatron yes Pat.

A GOLDEN WEDDING CEREMONY. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda. AED yes. Is this so? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

I SENSE GOLD YELLOW ROSES. Jupiter Creation yes, beautiful Suryananda. Yes, I love Gold Yellow Roses, they remind me of Atlantis. AED oh Pat and us. Yes.

So AED you and I Are In A Golden Wedding Ceremony. AED yes Pat. In this Private Garden of Jupiter Creation Beyond These Doors Open With Sun Streaming In & With Guan Yin here; With Sanat & Anubis. AED Many Others yes Pat. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda. What Has or Is Taking Place?

YOU ARE BEING INITIATED PAT. Yes, What Into? Into The Golden Presence – Energies. ENERGIES PAT.

What does this mean Jupiter Creation? We have left our Blue & White. Jupiter Creation yes for now Suryananda. I miss them. AED oh Pat. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda, Shall We Add Them. I laugh, yes, lovely. Jupiter Creation isn’t this delightful now – Yellow Gold, Blue & White. Anubis purrs. Anubis is in these three colours. Jupiter Creation how beautiful Suryananda. Yes, wonderful.

Jupiter Creation What About AED Pat? AED SAYS KNOW I LOVE YOU PAT. Yes. I love you AED. Anubis barks. Jupiter Creation yes, what does Anubis have Suryananda? TWO RINGS. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes AED yes. AED places a Ring on my Wedding Finger. AED yes. And has one on his. Jupiter Creation yes, what are the words Suryananda on?

SURYANANDA ALWAYS YOURS ADAM EL DAOUD. AED yes Pat. Jupiter Creation how true Suryananda. Yes, I am Always Adam El Daoud’s. Jupiter Creation yes you are Suryananda. Anubis purrs.

What has taken place Jupiter Creation? AED LOVE Pat. Yes. AN INITIATION DEEPER INTO LOVE PAT, AED. Was this so. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes Pat.

Was this why AED was more quiet or a kind of response? AED I’m laughing at response Pat. Yes. Was this necessary? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda Each Step Is A Necessary Advancement. We are in Your Private Garden Jupiter Creation, this is Very New and Special. Jupiter Creation yes to both Suryananda. I am honoured Jupiter Creation & Guan Yin. Jupiter Creation it is a Joy Daughter. Yes, beautiful. AED yes.

Will other Jupiterians experience this Golden Wedding Ceremony in Your Private Garden Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Lovely. What Is The Conscious Outcome?

AED I AM HERE CLOSER THAN EVER PAT. Are you AED? AED yes Pat. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda. Yes. Thank you Jupiter Creation, Sanat, Guan Yin, Anubis and AED.

Jupiter Creation AED is the Love of Your Life Pat Suryananda. Yes. Jupiter Creation as you are for AED Suryananda Pat. Yes. Anubis purrs AED you know this is so Pat. Yes.

Jupiter Creation yes, now This Gold Wedding Ceremony Will Take You & AED Into NEW TERRITORY SURYANANDA. Really, Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Wonderful. AED yes. Jupiter Creation beautiful Suryananda. Yes.

I feel Warmer. Am I in a Tropical Realm Jupiter. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes. Metatron yes Pat. Anubis purrs.

A Golden Tropical Realm In A Private Realm of Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation I’m smiling, yes Suryananda. I think there are more than one Gold Tropical Private Realms Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes, so what is Here Suryananda Different? I don’t know. You will Suryananda. Will I. AED yes.

The Gold Tropical Private Realm of Jupiter Creation Is Full of Gold Light. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes. Are We With or Without Our Blue & White? Jupiter Creation With Suryananda. Yes, lovely.  Jupiter Creation Your Essence & 12 Frequency Thrives On Blue & White. Yes. As I Do Suryananda. Yes, beautiful. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat.

AED TAKES MY HAND. AED yes. Anubis purrs. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes.

AED & I, Go Up THESE GOLD STEPS. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I am reminded of El Dorado and Gold Steps in another session. AED this is Different Pat. Yes. Jupiter Creation VERY DIFFERENT SURYANANDA. Yes.

Is this difference Jupiter Creation We Have Had A Golden Wedding Ceremony In Your Private Garden Jupiter Creation & Are Now In This Gold
Private Tropical Realm of Yours. Jupiter Creation yes, this is New Suryananda and a Wonderful Progression for you and AED. Really. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

We have here Jupiter Creation a Golden Ashram and Home. Jupiter Creation yes Pat. Wonderful. AED yes. Jupiter Creation  A TEACHING ASHRAM & HOME Suryananda. Yes, wonderful.

Jupiter Creation I Will Take My Leave Suryananda. Thank You Jupiter Creation for Your Love & Blessings & Presence. Jupiter Creation I Loved Looking In Suryananda. Yes, beautiful. AED yes.

Thank you everyone. So Many Jupiterians are Gifted Access To This Private Gold Tropical Realm of Jupiter Creation. AED yes in time. Jupiter Creation yes in time is correct Pat. Wonderful. Jupiter Creation smiles yes Pat. AED very exciting, yes.

AED we will see a difference Pat. Really. AED yes. Wonderful. AED very much so. AED shall we dance, adding a few personal words. Yes. AED oh Pat, I’ve missed you. Yes, I have you AED.

AED I loved that Pat. AED it is pre-destined into the Very Core of Our Being as I share a few words about us. That is beautiful. AED wonderful Pat, and correct. Yes. Suryananda & Adam El Daoud pre-destined to be Eternally One Into The Very Core of Our Being. Yes, wonderful. AED magnificent Suryananda. Yes.

At the end of a beautiful new session where AED & I, Undertook A New Golden Wedding Ceremony and Were Invited Into The Private Garden & Private Tropical Realm of Jupiter Creation & Guan Yin in Jupiter. AED wonderful Pat. Yes, very beautiful and profound. AED yes. And another fascinating and deeply moment was Jupiter Creation and you AED, with Anubis, confirming I was the Second Female Divine Consort or Aspect To Become Conscious In The Private Garden of Guan Yin & Jupiter Creation. AED that was wonderful wasn’t it. Yes. This is now my Second of Becoming Conscious of the Female Aspects after Guan Yin, the First In The Sanat & Anubis Initiation just shared. AED yes, we are as Jupiter Creation said speeding along Pat. Yes, I love speeding along AED, it is exciting. AED very.

Before these last two posts, I Became Conscious as the Fourth Female on a couple of Conscious Awakening In New Realms in Jupiter, the Tenth for The Jupiter Creation & Anubis Initiation and prior a Twelfth, with a few New Consciousness under the Thirtieth. AED yes, you have gone upwards now ever more advanced. I have had so much help AED, you and Jupiter Creation & Team. AED yes, this will continue as part of our long prophesied path on Creation & Its Creative Principle. Yes, awesome.

It is necessary to share that Jupiter has thousands of Realms and many hundreds of Realms below the oceans, Jupiter. In some, they are very advanced, and the Male Masters were conscious before the Female Masters were. AED and I have shared here a few of them, always mesmerising. AED absolutely. We have a few more deep sessions on this to be posted. Delaying does not mean less meaningful or profound but due simply to time, as AED and I continue going deeper into ever new Realms & Worlds, which have been for some months Jupiter. From our first entry into Jupiter, for me on Gaia, AED In the Higher Realms, Jupiter was mesmerising and has continued every day since and will, till I draw my last breath on Gaia. AED beautiful, yes.

For three years when AED and I connected consciously as Twin Flames, Eternal Beloved’s from June 2015, AED and I entered and posted deeply on The Realms, Worlds & Pure Lands, Within The Galactic Sun. The Galactic Sun is also Home to AED and I, having hundreds of realms, which includes Atlantis, Eden, Telos, Agartha, Lemuria, and innumerable other Realms. AED and I are very much Ancient Atlanteans. AED very much so. However, The Galactic Sun going back millions of years is, although older than Sirius, The Great Central Sun, which also goes back millions of years, but both young on age, as compared to Jupiter, which goes back billions of years as does The Jupiter Angelicus Stargate, where thousands of us have Always Been Conscious, in different degrees of Consciousness. AED yes.

It was a real joy to recognise and be aware that Atlantis is still in existence in The Galactic Sun, a most beautiful and exciting Realm, deeply loved and lived on by many of us in the present. AED absolutely. With AED I have journeyed to Atlantis and have shared this, an exciting and profound journey in full awakened consciousness and not a dream.

AED and I go into our deep sessions whilst I am fully awake in my armchair, where I type out there and then what takes place. In this way, the depth, range and clarity is maintained. This was necessary for our path as compared to years ago when dreams were prolific. On a few occasions if I do go deep in a dream, I am able with AED, to go back deeper and retrieve that which took place. AED wonderful yes.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Divine Consorts. ♥


Name of Photographer and type of bird unknown. Grateful thanks to artists or from sources, shared when known.