Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Initiated Into The White Sphere, The White Flame With The White Sun As We Are Initiated Into The White Flame Of Purification Within The Galactic Sun. From The Akashic Records.

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Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Initiated Into The White Sphere, The White Flame With The White Sun As We Are Initiated Into The White Flame Of Purification Within The Galactic Sun. We Are Keepers Of The White Sphere Of Creation. We Are Known As Star Beings Of The White Flame & White Sphere Of Purity Within The Galactic Sun. This White Sphere Has Initiated Us Deeper Into Creation. And Wisdom Keepers Of The Golden Lotus. NEW NAME OF THE FATHER IS LORD APPOLOS. Lord Appolos is The Father Who is mentioned here, now confirmed.(Follows on from post 17 January).
From The Akashic Records. 19 January, 2018.  

As Adam El Daoud was very present, I said had I, we Experienced an Initiation. AED it was a Major Initiation. So was this in the White Sphere. AED yes. So The White Flame. AED yes. This White Sphere White Flame must have a White Sun. AED yes Pat. This takes us to Communion with The Divine. AED more. I have Merged With Into The White Flame. AED yes. It is a blissful state. AED yes. We went Into The Great Bliss. AED yes. This was with The Father in His New Role & Name. The Father is now confirmed as Lord Appolos. AED yes, who else? Sanat Kumara. AED yes. Metatron and Melchisadek. AED of course. So quite a few of us. AED yes, our Team. So Guan Yin. AED yes.

So this is a very high honour. AED yes. So with WHITE do we go into and be aware of the usual. AED yes. So White Dragons Of The White Flame in The White Sphere. AED I am laughing Pat but yes. So what is our Role? Creation. AED yes Pat. Is there a White Vault. AED we have no need do you think as I was going to say were we in The White Vault. So is this White Sphere still within the Galactic Sun. AED yes Pat.  

So we in this White Sphere are in the Realm Of The Father under His New Name & Role not yet given. AED yes Pat. Confirmed now as Lord Appolos. Somewhere Within the Galactic Sun but Within and Under The White Sun. AED yes. We are clothed in Raiments Of White. AED yes. Fascinating.
I sense Blue like what is our chest area. AED yes. Not a Cobalt or Royal Blue. AED yes. But quite deep, not unlike the Blue Of Angelicus AED that is very significant Pat. Yes.
So we are clothed in white with a little blue. I was going to say Blue Lotus but now feel is this a Blue Star. AED Blue Star is correct Pat.
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So this New Name of The Father Lord Appolos connects to the Blue Star or White Star. AED yes. But we are within the Galactic Sun in that the Blue Star, Sirius is not within the Galactic Sun. AED why is that you sensed after the Blue Star but we are still within the Sphere of the Galactic Sun. I don’t know. This is quite something. AED wonderful magical. Yes.
So we are the Star Keepers. AED yes. We have us as Keepers Of the Light. AED yes. Now we are Star Keepers. But we are in THE WHITE SPHERE. I am drawn to THE WHITE SPHERE OF CREATION. AED yes Pat. So we are now Star Beings Of The White Flame & White Sphere Of Purity & Creation Within The Galactic Sun. AED yes. Wow, that is fascinating. AED wonderful Pat.
Note as with all of what I share as AED and myself go into The Vaults of The Creator Within The Galactic Sun, Below The Sea, the Initiations within the sarcophagi, seeing the different colour Suns in the Pure Lands and Higher Realms, being Seraphim – this has begun to happen frequently to myself and AED, and are not as those referred to in the Bible – in that being a Seraphim, whether Blue – now and in the Future 3578 in The Realm of The Father, Manetta, Rainbow, Gold, and here White, are happening now in these present times. The vast types of spaceships with their different colours, designs, Roles and dragons – usually the colour of the Spaceship and Suns, are ALL accessible to everyone, it is just I am able to both see, experience and hear what has taken place and so share here. AED very much so.
We are clothed in our White Raiments with a Blue Star on our chest type of area. AED yes. So we have The Golden Lotus somewhere. AED yes. I pause a moment and close my eyes. I have a few crown energies. The Sphere has Initiated us Deeper Into Creation. AED yes of course.
Note as I experience these deep tuning in sessions I type there and then to retain the clarity which works very well for us. In the past I used to go deeper with dreams but for the last few years with AED we are able to access these many different Realms and Pure Lands and their associated experiences whilst I am fully awake and typing.
So what is this New Name of The Father – AED this will be recognised soon. The Father is now confirmed as Lord Apollos. Yes. I feel we have blue eyes. AED yes. Platinum hair ie a kind of white or yellow corn colour hair I sense one of these is very likely. AED it will come. 
I see Gold Sandals. AED I am laughing Pat. Really. AED yes. he Gold sandals signify we are the WISDOM KEEPERS OF THE GOLDEN LOTUS. AED yes. Really. AED magnificent Pat. Yes.
Wisdom Keepers is new for us. AED necessary Pat. Yes That is a fascinating. AED yes. So The New Name of The Father In His New Role Is The Wisdom Keeper Of The Golden Lotus in the White Sphere Of Purity & White Flame Of Creation Within The Galactic Sun which has a White Sun. AED we are all laughing now. The answer Pat is yes. Wow. AED yes. I laughed as I typed that long sentence. AED it was very funny Pat. It is as I go deeper into very new and profound experiences and expansion of consciousness, I always ensure everything is crystal clear. 
So this is from the Divine Oneness and Partnership of The Father under His New Name of Lord Appolos & Guan Yin AED yes.
So we are known as The White Seraphim. AED yes. So many are all being Initiated into The White Flame Of Creation. Yes Wonderful.
We have a White Spaceship. AED yes. So AED you and I were Initiated at one stage from The White Sarcophagus. AED yes. So all from The White Sarcophagus are now White Seraphim. AED yes. Many more Initiations have taken place AED. AED magnificent Pat. Yes, awesome.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud  ♥  Experienced 15 January, 2019.
Following on from Our New Birth From The Golden Lotus, From The Golden Realm Of The Father, Manetta, Into The Gold Core Of The Galactic Sun dated 17 January.
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With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.