Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Enter The Blue World With A New Species combined of Blue Dragons & Blue Phoenixes, as we are Birthed Into One New Sun Form as we Enter The Immortality Circle Within The Galactic Sun. From The Akashic Records.

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Blue Firey Dragon, DeviantArt.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Enter The Blue World which has Blue Firey Beings which are half Blue Dragons & half Blue Phoenixes, these being a New Species. We are Initiated from a Blue Sarcophagus as we are Birthed From The 4 Elements, the 4th Being The Sun which has the actual components of The Galactic Sun. We are in The Sun Vault, Within The Galactic Sun.

From The Akashic Records. 4 June, 2019. Experienced late February and 3 & 4 March, 2019.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Enter The Blue World which has Blue Firey Beings, Blue Flame Dragons but a New Species. Four Elements New Birth 4TH IS THE SUN.

Yes, a Blue Sarcophagus. So we have The Yellow Sun Of The Creator AED yes. We have the Threefold Flame of Yellow, Blue & White. AED yes.

So with this New Etheric Lighted Conception Birth AED you and me are in our ONE SUN FORM. AED yes. Made up of Blue, Yellow & White From The Components Of The ACTUAL GALACTIC SUN In what was originally I felt a Blue World With a Blue Sun with Blue Firey like Dragons but a NEW SPECIES. AED yes. 
This World of where Guan Yin & Metatron give Lord Appolos His New Name. AED yes. So we AED are from the I Know – AED yes – THE LINEAGE OF THE SUN. AED yes.
I have gone cold – we are Below The Sea. AED yes. So The Galactic Sun is extra close. AED yes.
We are IN THE SUN VAULT. AED correct. Wow. AED magnificent.

It is VERY COLD. So we are very very deep Below The Sea in the Vault. AED yes. It is awesome. AED very much so. I think of Metatron initially, then Lord Appolos. AED Beyond Names. Yes. This takes me to Guan Yin. AED yes. So A NEW WORLD. AED yes. What kind of World – this feels different? AED it is Pat. I laugh, delightful. AED yes. A BLUE WORLD. AED why Blue? In this instance Lord Appolos is Blue. AED correct. So this New Name takes us to Guan Yin and into A Blue World. AED yes. Blue Firey Beings. AED yes. Are they Blue Flame Dragons of a different kind. AED yes. A New Species. AED laughs, yes. Ha.

Is this Blue Realm – I am reminded of The Blue Phoenix, Interesting In the Galactic Sun. So within The Galactic Sun is A Blue Sun. there are many I know. Blue yes. The Sun is Yellow so The Galactic Sun. AED yes. So Initiation has taken place Into The Blue Sun and The Yellow Sun. AED yes. It feels Lord Appolos has taken an Initiation. AED yes. So Yellow must be Male, The Father. AED yes.
Lord Appolos – His New Name connects to both The Blue Sun and The Galactic Sun In a very different way. AED yes. It is very profound. AED yes.
The Father is different or is This the Creator? The Creator Pat. This is very deep. AED we love deep. I laugh, yes.
I sense and am aware of Forget me not Flowers; I have I know a deep connection to the forget me not flowers, but these go to Alpha I think. AED yes. Are they relevant? AED yes. We are there. AED of course.
So AED you and me have Been Initiated Into – AED yes – Ha – AED yes – A Blue Sarcophagus. AED I am laughing Pat. Yes, a Blue Sarcophagus; so we have The Yellow Sun Of The Creator. AED yes.
As said above, we have A Threefold Flame of Blue, Yellow & White. These are very much our colours AED from past sessions and deep tunings in. AED yes. We always tend to have White. AED yes, White takes us to Creation Pat and From The White Lotus of our Emergence from Divine Paradise within The Galactic Sun, millions of years ago. I find also many colours tend to be enhanced necessarily by White. AED yes, that is so for you and I, isn’t it.
So is this the same as The Jade Kingdom Of The Sun – Meaning Breath, Lotus, Flame Or is their a FOURTH ELEMENT? AED A 4th Pat.
Air comes but Breath may be Air. So there are 4 Aspects AED to our New – I know SUN FORM. AED yes, of course. This is very new. AED yes.
With this New Etheric Lighted Conception Birth AED you and me are in our one SUN FORM – AED yes – Made up of Blue, Yellow, & White From The Components Of The ACTUAL GALACTIC SUN In what was originally I felt a Blue World With a Blue Sun with Blue Firey like Dragons but a NEW SPECIES. AED yes. Wow. AED I am laughing Pat.
So as above, we are Below The Sea. AED yes. The Galactic Sun is extra close and we are in The SUN VAULT. Wow. We have been to a few Vaults now AED and they are all magnificent and awesome. AED yes. But This Sun Vault is very different. AED it is Pat. It is very cold. AED yes.
Sanat Kumara comes to mind. Then Jupiter. Jupiter is different Pat. Yes, Jupiter took me to Zeus. AED yes. So there are details on Jupiter. AED of course at some stage Pat, Jupiter is very close to us, both the Planet and the Divine Cosmic Light Being of Jupiter. Yes.
Note AED and I have just posted 2 Parts on The Nirvana Sun Jupiter our Origin billions of years ago, where it can be seen these three colours of White, Blue & Gold, are very much with AED and myself in our Origins here, and which continues through many worlds, some shared, others still to be posted.
Where are we going? AED we have Reached this. Wow. I was going to type Perfection but then thought of Nirvana – We are in The Great Bliss. AED yes.

Guan Yin has the Forget me nots. AED yes. Guan Yin wants me to remember. I close my eyes for a few moments as I have been typing fast as always as I am tuned in, but I was somewhere for a moment. AED many are here Pat. We are in a Podium. AED yes. This takes me AED to an Initiation many months ago we seemed to be connected to a podium as I recall. AED Podiums each have their roles. Yes. This is different Pat. Yes. My right foot is itching under. Is that masculine. AED where are we Pat?

IN THE BLUE REALM OF THE PURE LAND SUN. AED Pure Land Suns have innumerable colours of Suns. Yes. I see lots of little ones, Light Children. AED yes. They are playing amongst the Forget me nots looking down and laughing. AED yes. Why young ones? My right foot is itching very strong again, what does this mean?
You have Entered ….. The Immortality Circle. Circle is relevant Pat. Circles take me to The Jade & White Sun. AED yes.

We were at the Circles with our Sponsors connecting to The Jade & White Sun. AED yes. So this takes us to the Next Stage & Step From The Jade Kingdom Of The Sun. AED yes. That was and remains very special. AED of course. We had a Jade & White Crystal Form. AED yes. 

Have we gone away from The Blue World of Guan Yin & Metatron? I begin to type letters for the New Name of Lord Appolos but not adding here for the moment, as from this we go into Sunmettera, The Island in Atlantis – We added a small post on Sunmettera some months ago but I have lots of deep information on Sunmettera, a beautiful and magical Island in Atlantis, Within The Galactic Sun, typed, ready to share as soon as I am able.
The Solar Christ is here. I have this post ready typed to add. AED yes. I will stop here. AED a Magical Experience Pat. Yes, wonderful.
The young children are here. AED yes. So they symbolise New Birth. AED yes. You said earlier 4 Components or Aspects or Elements – Breath, Lotus, Flame & Sun. AED The Sun here is the Key. The Galactic Sun of The Creator in a different way as described above.
I say thank you to Guan Yin. Guan Yin says it is my pleasure. Lovely. In place of our Blue Firey like New Species of Dragon I did get Blue Phoenix, so perhaps a kind of half Phoenix and half Dragon. AED magnificent Pat. Really. AED yes, perfect. Wow, I laugh, wonderful. AED I am delighted you recognised this. Yes, I am.
AED continued to be very present and I then saw us Walking through these Blue Flames. Beautiful energies. I did sense these were connected to Metatron and I feel this was also connected to The Blue Realm World where Guan Yin & Metatron wait. AED yes. 
I hear Sunmettera now. AED yes. This Name is The Island of The Sun in Atlantis as well as Divine Cosmic Light Beings to be shared soon. AED I love it and I’m laughing. So Sunmettera is not only an Island in Atlantis in the present, but a Name of The Father, God in Form. AED yes. It is a beautiful name. AED yes.
As AED’s and my deep tuning in session ends, it was and remains magnificent for AED and myself have been Gifted a New Birth From The Breath, Lotus, Flame & The Galactic Sun as we are in the SUN FORM From The Sun Lineage. AED this is wonderful Pat and magical. Yes. But we are able to continue with further in depth information on Sunmettera, which was given to me and which goes deeper into The Sun Vault and closer to The Creator. AED absolutely. This profound experience also connected us deeper to Angelicus 1st & Manetta 1st.
Following on, this took us to our next session in March, where we Entered The Blue Dolphin World From a Time Capsule and shared in the consciousness of these Blue Dolphins for less than ten seconds, which was all that was necessary to experience their consciousness.
This was a project exercise necessary at that time, as I have NOW EXITED as has Adam El Daoud, all shared consciousness in lives and life forms ON GAIA, retaining one pre-destined aspect only. This Blue Dolphin World went back over a million years, but since then, these Blue Dolphins have changed form and are very happy in their continuing expansion of consciousness. AED and I return on occasions to meet up with them; such love in the Higher Realms continues.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud. ♥
Blue Fire dragon