Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Continue into Sunmettera, The Island in Atlantis, Within The Galactic Sun. Part 2. From The Akashic Records.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud continue into Sunmettera the magical and beautiful Island in Atlantis within The Galactic Sun, where vast numbers of cosmic light beings have been arriving since March.
From The Akashic Records. 6 June, 2019. Part 2. Experienced late February, 2019.
Angelicus 1st, is now known as Sunmettera. Manetta 1st, as is also Metatron, Melchisadek, Guan Yin, Sanat Kumara, Yeshua, Shiva, Amon Ra, Osiris, and many other Cosmic Light Beings. Archangel Michael. Whilst Sunmettera is also this beautiful island in Atlantis. The name Sunmettera has within many secret codes and treasure for it goes deep into Ancient Secrets, ready to be revealed.
Together with the shared consciousness of Sunmettera, again, myself, Suryananda and Adam El Daoud were invited to join the Cosmic Sun Collective Of Sunmettera. As I post this a few months since my original typed notes, many more Cosmic Sun Beings have been invited into the Sunmettera Collective.

Guan Gin has a Pearl. AED yes. It is a very specific Pearl. AED yes. This Pearl then connects to Sunmettera and A Lineage. AED yes. Sunmettera is A LINEAGE OF THE SUN. AED yes.

I have a garland of white daisies on my head. Was this an Initiation Ceremony. AED yes. I see White Horses. AED yes. And Unicorns. AED yes. I see Antares & Antara, our unicorns, who are universal to many and often reside on Antares. How beautiful. AED magical.

White Steps are in front of me. AED yes Pat we have arrived. Yes. The White Steps Of Initiation Into The New Lineage Of Sunmettera. I typed SUNMERA. Who is Sunmera, it reminds me of Ancient Sunmeria. AED yes. That takes me to The Shemsu Hor.

I see. AED laughs, as I go into who is Sunmera. This is Female. AED yes. So we have Sunmettera, Male as well as the name of the Island in Atlantis, whilst Sunmera is the Female to Sunmettera as in God in Form. AED yes. So Sunmettera & Sunmera are like a Divine Consort. AED yes.

I sense cold. AED we are deeply Within The Galactic Sun. Yes. And near a Vault. AED yes. I have crown energies.

This VAULT HAS A VAST YELLOW SUN. AED yes. I feel I am in snow, it is very cold. AED yes.

Manetta is here again. AED yes. I hear Moses. AED yes. This is very deep. AED yes. Moses is another Cosmic Light Being deeply connected to AED and myself.

So AED you and I have taken a New Birth From The Breath Of Sunmettera Into The Lineage Of The Sun. AED yes, but Breath is the first stage. Therefore with Manetta 1st and Angelicus 1st, now here as Sunmettera this is a Dual Breath. AED yes. So a Dual Breath From Angelicus 1st & Manetta 1st AED then From The Sun Lotus. AED yes. So we have Breath Lotus From The Sun Flame. AED yes. Then 4, so The Inner Sun Core. AED yes.

We have Entered then The Inner Core Of The Great Bliss. AED correct. The Inner Core Of The Sun Lineage Of The Great Bliss. AED yes, perfect. The Inner Core Of The Sun Lineage Of The Great Bliss From on The Island Of Sunmettera in Atlantis Within The Galactic Sun under the Guardianship Of Angelicus 1st & Manetta 1st under their Dual Combined Name Of Sunmettera Meaning The Inner Treasures Of The Sun. AED wonderful Pat, I am laughing. Yes. I have.

We have Sunmettera & Sunmera who are Guardians of Sunmettera an Island in Atlantis Within The Galactic Sun who are Keepers Of The Inner Treasures Of The Sun.

The Sun Pearl AED beams is An Initiation Gift Pat. How beautiful. AED yes.

We have several Raiments we wear. One is All Yellow or Gold. One has Yellow, Gold & White. The other has the Three Colours of Yellow Gold, White & Blue. AED yes. As I have shared and just recently, Yellow Gold, White & Blue, are AED’s and my colours taking us back to our Origin In The Nirvana Sun Jupiter, billions of years ago. AED yes.

These 3 colours – One has a LARGE EYE over the breast-plate area as The Eye is symbolising The Creator and is a Periwinkle Blue Bright & a Sapphire Blue is on the Eyelashes and around the Outer Of The Eye, so The Eye looks two tones in particular. AED yes. As Sunmetarians our eyes are these two shades and we have yellow hair. AED yes.

We are very Tall Sun Sunmetarians. We all experienced Initiations in Three Sarcophagi prior to having joined The Sunmetarians Gold Yellow, White, Blue. On The Initiations Of New Sunmetarians we wear our Blue, Gold Yellow & White Raiment with The Eye of The Creator on The Eye, which has tremendous power. AED yes. It is not that we have to use this but it was Gifted to us From The Creator as Part of Our Sun Initiation & New Sun Lineage. AED very much so. Wonderful.

The Power of The Creator is Within Us, this Eye, makes us invincible and this also takes me to Archangel Michael.

I close my eyes for a moment as I stop typing, and see this Huge Emerald. This is a two tone Emerald with a White striped look, it is awesome. Emerald as I understand stands for Truth and is very deeply loved by AED and myself. AED yes. In the past I have seen and had on my forehead an Emerald but this is very different. AED it is very different Pat. Yes.

So these two colours on the Emerald must mean New Birth. AED yes, magical Pat. AED you have our session some time ago where we went into The Emerald Vault Within The Galactic Sun, this Emerald World calls to you again and to share this. Yes.

AED and myself were Initiated into both The Emerald Sarcophagus & also The White Sarcophagus. The Sun has these two colours of Emerald & White, Merged. AED yes.

We go into Emerald Green Dragons & An Emerald Green Spaceship together with an Emerald Pearl. Here our Raiments are different. We have one which is Emerald whilst our White Raiment has Blossoms. AED yes. So we have our one Emerald Raiment whilst our other Raiment is half Emerald & half White, Merged. AED yes.

It feels our New Birth took place in Amenti. AED yes. We have Emerald Green Eyes and Platinum White Hair, with an Emerald within or on our hair or garment. AED yes. On our Raiments we always wear an Emerald.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud. ♥
.Three Exotic Birds
Photographer unknown. If given, I will be happy to give name.