Suryananda & Adam El Daoud At Home On The Purple Lotus Spaceship Of Melchisadek Whose Crest Emblem Is The Purple Lotus. From The Divine Oneness Of Suryananda & Melchisadek Leading To The Lineage Of Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Where We Are Known As The Purple Light Warriors. From The Akashic Records.

Lotus lavender deep into purple

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud at Home on The Purple Lotus Spaceship of Melchisadek whose Crest Emblem is the Purple Lotus. From the Divine Oneness of Suryananda and Melchisadek leading to the Lineage of Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, where we are known as The Purple Light Warriors.

From The Akashic Records. 22 September, 2018.

I say to Adam El Daoud who is my Eternal Beloved in the Higher Realms, I wonder where we will go next in our deepening journeys, pathway and soul contract. I think we will go to a Future Life. AED beams, yes, Pat. Wow.

So somewhere in the higher realms. AED yes and laughs. AED this is ongoing Pat and not just a one off. This is the continuum of existences but in higher worlds. Awesome. AED yes. So like one of the Pure Lands. AED yes. A New Pure Land AED. AED yes. Or a Spaceship – I laugh. AED yes that too.

AED what do you say? AED you make me laugh Pat. So AED you and myself could access a Future World tomorrow or earlier. AED yes it has been accessed Pat. Gosh, already. AED beams, yes. So have we gone to a New Pure Land? AED no not a Pure Land. A Galaxy or Spaceship? AED a Spaceship Pat. Wow, is that right. AED yes. So whom drives it Melchisadek. AED yes and laughs.

Does Melchisadek have a Spaceship. AED of course. That is new. AED many other firsts are coming Pat it is an exciting time. Yes, wonderful. So what is different about this Spaceship of Melchisadek. AED you will have to wait. No, AED I am teasing. What do you wish to know.

I don’t know anything about a Spaceship and Melchisadek. AED no Memories will come down Pat through the Ether. So do you and I AED live on this Spaceship of Melchisadek. AED we do. As I went over with AED some of our Cosmic Light Family it was fascinating and interesting to be aware of others who AED and myself deeply connect too being with us on The Purple Lotus Spaceship.

I wonder what this Spaceship is called. AED laughs. Is this a Purple Lotus. AED Yes Pat. Do you mean this Spaceship is called The Purple Lotus Spaceship. AED yes. Amazing. AED you were correct in sensing a Purple Lotus. Yes. Yes, we are very into Lotuses. AED yes that is why we live on this Purple Lotus Spaceship Of Melchisadek. Yes.

.three purple lotus flowers

I have not read of a Purple Spaceship. AED no. This is new. So this is a Spaceship for Future Explorations do you mean AED. AED yes. That kind of gives me goose bumps. AED yes. So we on this Purple Spaceship are like forerunners. AED yes. So how does this work. AED laughs you’ll see. I see very different. AED not really just you have not gone here before. I see again a Purple Lotus. AED yes.

AED says we have gone into The Great Bliss with Melchisadek. So a New Lineage. AED yes Pat. In the present or past or future. AED the Future Pat.

Really. AED you know this is the Future. I am drawn to Eden. AED yes. Beyond. AED yes beyond Eden Pat.  AED says yes this is correct. So would this be Cosmic AED? AED yes Pat. I see. Is this different to our origin Cosmic Angelic? AED yes. So Cosmic. AED laughs yes Pat. A difference between Cosmic Angelic and Cosmic must be that under Cosmic our definition of our Role changes AED in how we work and serve. AED yes. We need to look into exactly what is here in the Future in Eden soon. AED yes we will Pat. Wonderful. What is beyond Eden AED. AED the Realm World Of The Purple Lotus. This is separate to the Purple Pure Land Sun. AED yes it is a Magical Realm Pat. How would you describe this AED. THE CREATOR IS NEARER PAT. Yes.

So with The Divine Oneness with myself, Suryananda and Melchisadek, then as has been taking place through the aeons, you and myself, AED Founded The Lineage Of The Purple Light Warriors. AED yes. Melchisadek was very close. AED yes. So is the Purple Lotus Spaceship separate to this Future World Beyond Eden where The Creator is nearer. AED yes Pat. AED says much is happening as we speak. Wonderful. AED yes Pat. Amazing. AED yes.

NOTE   I have tuned into AED and myself as BLUE SERAPHIM, where with others, AED and myself have begun to journey to this REALM OF THE FATHER – where we and others are known as the Blue Seraphim IN THE FUTURE 3578. This was and remains fascinating having been made aware that AED and myself will be in One Of Our Light Bodies in 1,560 YEARS IN THE FUTURE, and which as AED says is a Magical and Wonderful Place. I will be posting on this soon. All AED’s and my other One Light Bodies will continue in the innumerable Realms, Worlds and Pure Lands, but this is a very specific recognition of a Future Realm, where since I was shown and tuned into this a few days ago, has activated inner keys. Now AED and myself have begun as have other Cosmic Light Beings who are destined to live and serve in The Realm Of The Father undergone and continue to do so, many steps and stages necessary to undertake this deeply profound and meaningful role in Service to The Father Mother God.  

Another deep tuning in just recently has been going into great detail on The SHEMSU HOR. The Shemsu Hor are returning Pat as you know sharing many secrets AED says. Yes, it has been fascinating how such ancient happenings had never been known consciously by myself AED in this life. AED that is why as we bring forth Firsts which as you know Pat is one of our roles there are inevitably completely new states of recognition and understanding being brought into the public domain from your website on Gaia. Yes, it is quite something AED as Doors to the Inner Mysteries are continually opening. AED beams, I am so delighted Pat. Yes, it is meaningful and a great joy AED. AED yes very much so.  

I SENSED BEINGS WITH PURPLE EYES. AED yes. Unlike earth. AED yes. So do we here in this Future Realm or World have Purple Eyes. AED yes. AED we are known as The Purple Light Warriors. Amazing. AED yes Suryananda. AED you rarely say Suryananda. AED yes. AED it is that this takes you deeper into you and I as one of The Purple Light Warriors. Yes. That is very meaningful. AED it is Pat.

white lotus use 22nd

I am aware of lots of White now. AED yes. I had thought of Sanat Kumara just before. AED yes. So this Realm of Purple Lotus has White as well. AED very much so. Who connects to the White AED. Metatron. AED yes Pat. The White cools the Purple down. I am reminded of Alpha and Omega. AED exactly. So Alpha Male and Omega Female. AED yes the two aspects are perfectly balanced Pat. Yes.

There is a Temple Of Alpha and Omega on Amrita. AED yes. I serve in that Temple with you AED. AED of course. So us Purple Light Warriors have And wear a kind of cloak or garment of purple and white. AED yes. So purple is that the masculine energy. AED yes the white is feminine Pat. So perfectly balanced. AED yes.

Many of these building are purple and white. AED yes. Is there another colour added. AED yes

So Purple – White. What about Blue. AED yes what kind of Blue tone. Pale. AED yes. Ice Blue or Aquamarine. AED Ice Blue Pat with White and Purple. These must be our Kind Of Crest as Purple Light Warriors with these colours. AED Yes. SO OUR SUN IS A WHITE SUN. AED Yes, Pat. Pat, you are going very deep. Yes.  I have crown energies. AED yes. I see on our Purple Garments a White Sun. AED yes. As I see us – this White Sun is to my right but would be on our left. AED yes. Being aware of us as The Purple Light Warriors with Purple Eyes which are very vivid is profound. AED yes. Seeing us with deep Purple Eyes and our Purple Garments – Light Bodies is stunning in that our purple eyes are very deep and as our Emblem Crest of The Purple Lotus. AED yes.

So this White Sun has within Pale Blue and Purple. AED yes. Guan Yin is smiling. AED yes. Is this with Metatron or Melchisadek? AED both. That is complex. AED no not really. Wonderful. Yes it is quite something AED smiles. I have crown energies. AED yes.

I sense AED that the Purple takes us to Melchisadek. AED yes. So that leaves the White and the Pale Blue – one must be for Guan Yin and the other Metatron. AED yes. I am drawn to White being for Metatron. AED yes, Pat. So that means the Pale Blue belongs to Guan Yin. AED yes, wonderful Pat. They are like the THREEFOLD FLAME – so AED Our Personal Threefold Flame made up of White, Purple and Pale Blue. AED yes.


These are the colours of Etheric Lighted Conception Lotus Born from us then AED. AED yes. I can see AED Our Lotus of White, Purple and Pale Blue within the one. AED yes, it is exquisite Pat as you can see. Yes. The White AED seemed necessary to cool the Purple. AED yes, White has a particular essence necessary and as you are aware takes us to Metatron, thus Guan Yin, Universal Mother. Yes. AED you will find you will see more of these three Lotus colours Pat as further memories are activated. This is what has happened on a few other occasions AED for our Own Threefold Flame. AED yes. We have one with White, Blue and Yellow instead of the usual Threefold Flame colours without the Pink for us. AED yes.

So as I realised as I continued to tune in deeper AED, our Lineage from Melchisaek and myself and then through you and myself, take us to The Purple Light Warriors which is both fascinating and exquisite. AED yes, magical.

I love how you AED and myself, are constantly taking on New Lotus Born Etheric Lighted Conception Births in our One Light Body in so many different Worlds and Pure Lands, each having specific roles of service and qualities. AED yes, there are very many more Pat to go into together. Yes, wonderful. It was a great privilege and blessing AED wasn’t it, that once again, we go forward together with Melchisadek. AED yes, truly wonderful Pat.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥

Experienced 15th and 16 September, 2018.