Suryananda & Adam El Daoud at Home on The Pure Land of Zahor (Zangdog Pairi) known also as The Pure Land of the Copper Mountain. Of Metatron – The Father, and where Padmasambhava & Yeshe Tsogyal live. From The Akashic Records.

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Archangel Metatron. Artist unknown.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud at Home on The Pure Land of Zohar (Zangdog Pairi) known also as The Pure Land of the Copper Mountain. Of Metatron – The Father and where Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal live.

From the Akashic Records. 8 July, 2018.

The first insight into this Pure Land of Zahor came as I had tuned into with Adam El Daoud to this Beautiful Pure Land where I was aware was The Kingdom of The Sun and The Sun God, as in many of the Pure Lands The Sun God resides. The Land of Zahor comes. So this is The Pure Land of Zahor. AED yes Pat and The Pure Land of the Copper Mountain. So we have a Home on Zahor. AED smiles, yes, Pat. AED we have been back to Zahor many times. 

As I close my eyes for a moment, immediately, I see several Beautiful White Lotuses floating on water, they are so exquisite. AED said we are here already Pat in The Land of Zahor.


I am suddenly seeing the Yellow Sun very low over these White Lotus Blossoms; this Sun is magical and awesome. I have never seen such a low Sun before, a Yellow Sun, so low, this Sun is almost resting on the water. It is magical and fascinating to see. It is another one of the vistas which, as AED and myself go into yet more Pure Lands with their different coloured Suns, takes us way beyond Gaia into exquisite memories and Home. AED says Welcome Home Pat. AED you are in a magical place and I am with you. This is wonderful. AED yes.
AED and myself continue with being Home. I see AED and myself, Suryananda, walking hand in hand in what I sense are Elysiam Fields – in other words, Paradise. AED very much so.
I sense and see a White Horse – Unicorn. AED both the White Horse and our Unicorns are one and the same. Note AED and myself have two Unicorns who have been with us millions of years going back to The Galactic Sun, and I have seen them in visions quite a few times, and heard Antares, our Male Unicorn by Direct Voice as shared in the past. 
This is a beautiful opening – AED yes Pat, magical and perfect. I have a few tears. The beautiful white lotuses on the moving water. AED and myself, holding hands in what feels Elysiam Fields, but as AED says is Paradise, and I have seen our White Unicorns are here with us. AED yes Pat. After wiping my eyes I say to AED that was very moving, AED of course, there is more to come.

I have never seen The Sun so low down like that almost on top of the White Lotuses. AED we are in A Pure Land now. Yes. We are there now Pat – close your eyes we are waiting for you. That is very moving. AED yes.
Sun Rising DeviantArt
Sun Rising Deviant Art.

I have crown energies again and am aware of Light Family cheering. AED – Metatron is here Pat. I close my eyes again. Metatron says I have waited a long time for this. I give a tiny laugh and open my eyes to type to retain that clarity. It seems profound Metatron is here now. AED yes there is a reason Pat. So this is The Pure Land of Metatron? AED yes Pat, yes, but this is more than that. The Pure Land of The Father. AED yes Pat.
This has to be a very special honour and Gift to have arrived here. AED yes it is Pat and yes this is where we have been known as The Kingdom of The Sun – Son – The Pure Land of Metatron or The Pure Land Of The Father. Is that correct The Pure Land of The Father? AED you know it is Pat. Wow, that is very moving. AED yes, deeply moving and profound Pat. Yes. Each of these experiences here on Zohar have all been so moving and profound. AED yes they have Pat.

I say how have I arrived here at The Pure Land of Metatron – of The Father? AED says with Love Pat. Yes. AED has taken my hand and we are walking. I see us walking ahead in that we are going away from me and not facing me. I have on a long type of gown, it feels like a ball gown on, and I see steps ahead. AED and myself walk up the steps holding hands.

First of all I felt these steps where AED and myself were walking towards were outdoors – then it feels they are also Inner Steps, so a kind of marble appearance as it were almost. AED says yes Pat – outer and inner, perfect.

I sense AED and myself are still there holding hands – AED is leading me but we are going together. I now sense a Star and Stars in my gown; they take me to the Stars in the Sky and the Cosmos. AED very much so. It seems Within these Stars on my ball gown are many Secrets. AED yes. Each Star denotes a  signpost – a memory ready to be woken – a New Step Upwards into The Creative Principle. The Cosmos has waited a long time for me to arrive here whilst on Gaia – now I am Home – once again Within one of the Hundreds of Realms – Worlds – Pure Lands Within The Galactic Sun. AED beams as AED says Father is pleased Suryananda. (Note I have several detailed and in depth posts on The Galactic Sun which includes how The Galactic Sun looks and what takes place within The Galactic Sun).
Yes, I am very blessed, honoured and feeling deeply grateful and humble. I am somewhere which has many spiritual jewels and Gifts, whereby I have gone into New Beginnings. AED yes. Metatron says Suryananda you are most welcome, I and those gathered here have been waiting for you. Yes, I am very blessed Metatron. Metatron smiles as I am aware having thought Father. AED smiles, yes, Pat.
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Archangel Metatron. Artist unknown.
AED continues we are all here. Metatron – The Father has left but He is still with us and connected. Yes, wonderful. That is awesome. AED yes it is Pat. AED says we are Home now. Yes. Wonderful.

AED is very Present I have my eyes closed again. So we are going Deeper into The Devic Kingdom then with Anubis. AED yes Pat, you and I have been here very deeply for a long time as you know. And yes, Anubis and the Devic Beings are playing their roles – indeed they have played out their Roles in The Weighing of The Heart Ceremony so beautifully experienced and gone through into the next step and stage of our Soul Contract and Divine Blueprint. Yes, wonderful.
AED The Portals of Presence continue to open further Pat. Yes, ever since I was made aware of these words – they have been fascinating and AED and myself have gone into many new and deeply meaningful experiences, some into past lives and memories, whilst at other times AED and myself have been into Future Worlds and Pure Lands.
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So seeing the Sun as it were at the beginning over the White Lotus Blossoms on the Water inevitably took me to The Father. AED of course. Beautiful. As my Cosmic Light Family have said and also AED, I have been on the Path of The Father always from Source. This not only connects to my name Suryananda but that it is where I have always been destined on The Path of The Father. For myself, this is symbolised the most by Metatron. However, there are other names of whom The Father refers too, and they will vary with different people, each recognition is correct.
AED says I loved that. Yes, I did as well as all the profound experiences and visions which arose as with AED I have been into The Pure Land of Zahor. Wonderful. I feel very blessed. AED beams – Father Metatron is very pleased. Yes. I say to AED The Kingdom Of The Sun means The Kingdom Of The Father. AED yes Pat. And in essence The Sun God takes one to The Father? AED of course Pat. I say but not always. Correct AED

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥

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Archangel Metatron. Artist unknown.

With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.