Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Initiated Into A New Etheric Light Conception Body In Amenti; The Christ Initiation In Amrita & The Holy Grail Initiation. From The Akashic Records.


Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Are Born Into A New Etheric Light Conception Body in Amenti From Angelicus and Angelica. A Major Initiation From A Blue Sarcophagus. Later Initiated Within A Golden Sarcophagus As We Experience The Christ Initiation In Amrita. Our Third Initiation was From The Holy Grail. All of these Initiations are being experienced by many as Vast Initiations are taking place in the Present Now.

From The Akashic Records. 21 December, 2018.

As I tuned into another deep session with Adam El Daoud, AED says there is something to say Pat. So an Initiation. AED yes, Pat. This seems very significant. AED of course. A New Birth. AED Beyond Pat. What is beyond PURE SPIRIT. AED yes. I pause whilst waiting to put into words as AED said it will filter down as deep information continues to on an on-going basis. So Beyond New Birth Into Pure Spirit Initiation. AED yes. This must be one of the Inner Treasures of The Spirit. AED yes.

So this New Birth Beyond Spirit Initiation has taken place in AMENTI. AED yes. I have a few crown energies. I feel Amrita is also connected somehow. AED yes. Amrita is absent for the moment. AED yes.

So AED you and I have been Initiated into a New Light Etheric Body. AED you added Etheric. Yes, I did. AED we have A New Etheric Light Body Pat and as you sensed we did not stay there in Amenti. AED where do you think we proceeded too? AMRITA. AED yes. Why Amrita? AED it was is time Pat.

Amrita was the Realm we said in the beginning of the year and shared here – The Creator Chose For Descent Into Matter many millions of years ago. AED yes. Does this have any meaning now? AED of course. AED it is very deep Pat.
Amrita has several aspects meaningful awareness for myself. AED yes.
The Creator Chose Amrita For Descent Into Matter; Amrita The Bliss Seed Amrita; The Golden Nectar Of Immortality. AED Immortality Pat. What does Immortality mean AED we are Immortal. AED yes.  

To sum up so far AED we have been Initiated into A New Etheric Light Body Originally in Amenti but then in Amrita. AED yes. This connects us to The Realm The Creator Chose For Descent Into Matter and Connects you and I in some New Way To Immortality. AED yes, this is A Major Initiation Pat. Yes.

.A SOUX Prayer

Many must have been through and into this. AED yes. So Another Sarcophagus. AED yes. A Sarcophagus in Both Amenti and Amrita. AED yes. Yes what colours – Blue. AED yes. So A Blue Sarcophagus for Amenti. AED yes. Blue also takes me to Angelicus. AED yes. So in Amenti we took Etheric Light Conception New Birth from Angelicus and Angelica. AED yes. That is awesome. AED very. So a very profound meaning. AED of course.
You AED and myself took New Etheric Lighted Conception and initiation from Lord do I say Lord Angelicus and Angelica from within a Blue Sarcophagus. AED yes. In Amenti – AED yes. Note Angelicus is sometimes Angelicus although when AED and myself were Initiated into The Holy Spirit Initiation recently, Angelicus was Lord Angelicus.
Yellow lotus another
We then went Into Amrita. AED yes. Into and From Within Another Sarcophagus. AED yes. This must be Golden. AED Yes. The colour of The Cosmic Christ & The Galactic Sun. AED yes.
So Angelicus was not here for The Golden Initiation. AED THE CREATOR as you sensed. Wow, that is awesome. AED very much so. The Creator was there then AED as we took an Initiation Into A New Etheric Light Conception One Body From A Golden Sarcophagus in AMRITA. AED yes Pat.
How is this described as to being Initiated into The Holy Spirit which is one of my posts to share in order soon. This would seem to be the next step or stage. AED it is beyond that. Yes. So with this Golden Sarcophagus Initiation we have Entered Into The Realms Of Pure Sprit. AED yes. So this is The Christ Initiation. AED yes. I see, wonderful. AED yes.
This continues from our tuning in AED of Sunday 16 December. AED yes. So many of us have now been Initiated Into The Christ Initiation as symbolised by The Golden Sarcophagus. AED yes. And The Cosmic Christ & The Galactic Sun in Amrita. AED Yes.Some light workers will have been Initiated elsewhere and not necessarily Amrita. AED yes. So not all then were initiated in Amenti and then Amrita. AED correct. Yes.
So many of us have deeply connected to Blue and Gold and The Christ Light. AED yes it has been a Vast Initiation in that large numbers have taken this Pat. Awesome. AED magnificent. I am drawn to The Holy Grail also. AED yes.
The Holy Grail in a new way. AED yes. It is very deep Pat as this goes beyond what has been written on In Amrita I mean The Golden Sarcophagus & The Christ Initiation which also connects and takes us and other Eternal Beloved’s into A New Etheric Lighted Conception New Birth. AED yes.
Is there A Holy Grail Initiation? AED yes. That is fascinating. AED very. How does this Holy Grail Initiation differ from The Christ Initiation if it does? AED there are many overlapping aspects to a certain extent. Nevertheless, The Holy Grail Initiation has been Achieved by you and I Pat in our One Light Body in the Higher Realms and by many others as we speak. So for many The Holy Grail Initiation is New. AED very much so.
We must have had to have been Initiated prior into The Holy Spirit Initiation to reach The Holy Grail Initiation. AED yes Pat. Do we have to have been Initiated Into The Christ Initiation to Achieve The Holy Grail Initiation? The Holy Grail Initiation Pat as you have just sensed was a separate Major Initiation to The Christ Initiation, although deeply connected. Yes. Once we are Initiated Into The Christ Initiation then The Holy Grail Initiation rapidly follows. AED yes, very quickly Pat. That is awesome.
Note I am posting this Initiation before my full post on AED and myself having recently been Initiated Into The Holy Spirit as that will be shared soon, although I have posted on this briefly. 
This seems Complete now AED. AED yes, this is Complete for now Pat. Yes. AED it is wonderful magnificent Pat. Yes. Thank you Guan Yin, Metatron and team. Experiencing this on the 21 December seems very auspicious. AED yes, perfect.
Amenti and Amrita are Realms Within The Galactic Sun, both going back millions of years and are where AED and myself Emerged Into Being in our One Light Body From A White Lotus – Lotus Born, in Divine Paradise, one of the many hundreds of Worlds, Realms and Pure Lands Within The Galactic Sun which is Below the Sea.
Venus and The Pleiades are not within The Galactic Sun but connect deeply going back many millions of years. AED and myself were also Born Emerged From Sirius always in our One Light Body, The Great Central Sun in The Pleiades millions of years ago where we are described as Galactic. However, this took place AFTER The Galactic Sun and where we are described as Cosmic Angelic. It was fascinating to be aware of this earlier this year as The Great Central Sun had resonated for many years as well.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
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