Significant Discoveries Interdimensional Portal Has Opened. From The Akashic Records.


Artist Aeoliah.

Significant Discoveries Interdimensional Portal Has Opened.
From the Akashic Records. 11 April, 2018.

I had very strong crown energies, extremely powerful, so much that I knew there was a specific purpose with information to be shared. Amrita Adam El Daoud said Significant Discoveries Interdimensional Portal has opened. This was all then but I wrote down as always saying this was fascinating and exciting. A couple of hours later AED said it goes way beyond a recent past life into Ancient Secrets. I say that feels very profound and awesome. AED laughs and says it is Suryananda.

I say, Ancient Secrets are they older than Egypt? AED says yes, Suryananda, very much older. I say do they go back to Atlantis and Source? AED continues with yes, you know they do. I say what kind of Secrets? AED says what do you think Suryananda – Our Soul Contract. I say that is wonderful. AED beams, yes, it is.

I continue with when will these significant discoveries be revealed. AED says soon.  I say will I share – AED laughs what do you think. I give a tiny laugh as it is in our Soul Contract and pathway that I share AED’s and my journey and joint mission. As I add that will be fascinating, so these secrets connect to those we know and our Cosmic Light Family. AED says of course and many others. I say to AED as I do at times, clairaudience is fascinating. AED beams as it is wonderful for us both as it is the spiritual tool Gifted by The Creator that the Twin Flame – Divine Consort is the Inner whilst the male is the Outer – certainly with regard to AED and myself, Suryananda.

I end our chat and say do these significant discoveries take us to the Dragon Realm where I have a new post to share very soon. AED laughs and says yes. The Dragon Realm is relevant.

So another wonderful tuning into AED as he shared further profound discoveries due to be revealed.

Suryananda ♥



Artist unknown.

Gratitude to the artists and shared when known.