Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Are Joined By Rodriguez Cabrillo In Another Session In Jupiter. The Rodriguez & Anubis New World Initiation In Jupiter. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.

Rodriguez cabrillo 1st

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud are joined by Rodriguez Cabrillo again in another meaningful and profound session as we are in Jupiter. Suryananda Is Initiated Into The Rodriguez & Anubis New World Initiation in Jupiter. Males had previously been Initiated as was Adam El Daoud. I was the 4th Female to be Initiated; now vast numbers have been and this New World is beautiful where fun, love and rejoicing has been happening at both the Male & Female Divine Consorts fully conscious here in This Personal Realm of Jupiter Creation – one of innumerable Personal Realms.

From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.
7 November, 2019. Experienced 5 November, 2019.

As Adam El Daoud and I begin a new session, Metatron looks in. I say to AED & Metatron Were you Rodriguez Cabrillo. AED yes. I laugh. AED I do. So quite a few of us were Rodriguez. AED yes. I had just been wondering if he was a Walk In. Rodriguez is the o my Spanish name I have tended to think of over the years.

AED I Want to say something Pat. Is this about Rodriguez. AED yes. Many of us must have been a Walk In. AED yes. Metatron. AED yes. Did you and I, AED. AED yes. I say a few other names and AED confirms yes. Did we ALL Walk In together. AED yyes.  Metatron yes. Many Jupiterians then. AED yes. What numbers are we looking at for Walk Ins 20 – more. AED more. Metatron yes. Is this normal. AED it depends.

Any message from Rodriguez what age did we Walk In? 7 Pat Rodriguez. Really. AED yes. So we ALL Walked Into the life of Rodriguez at his 7. AED yes. Rodriguez yes Pat. I had wondered earlier if we Walked In Can We Walk Out Easily? AED yes. Does that happen? AED some times. If we Walked Out Would We ALL Walk Out Together? Yes Pat. I see.

I have been aware of you Rodriguez over the years. AED yes. Interesting. AED wonderful. It has been the only name I think of as Spanish. AED yes. Rodriguez had two sons. AED yes. Was I his wife? AED yes. Metatron yes. As Rodriguez’s wife, were we also Walk Ins. AED yes. Really. AED yes. What about his two sons were they also Walk Ins? AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. So all the Walk Ins of Rodriguez were also his sons? AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. That is quite something. AED magnificent. Yes.

Jupiter Creation you are speeding along Suryananda. Hi how lovely Jupiter Creation yes, I am speeding along. Do You have a message Jupiter Creation? Yes Suryananda. I am slowing down from my fast typing. AED laughs. I do. Metatron I have.

Rodriguez is HERE Pat. Was this El Dorado? AED yes. El Dorado yes Suryananda. I wondered for a second if Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes. Why was this Suryananda? You and El Dorado have a kind of similar something. AED yes. Jupiter Creation I Am smiling Suryananda. AED yes I am. Metatron I have.

So all the above was accurate wife and sons ALL of us were both; this was quite something. AED yes. Yes Suryananda Rodriguez. We had 7 as the age of The Walk Ins. AED yes. That was a lot of Walk In Consciousness would we say more than 20 or less? More Pat. How often does this happen so many Walk Ins? AED it happens when necessary. Yes. Did you Rodriguez have an exciting life. Rodriguez yes Pat. AED yes.

The Core Essence of Rodriguez must now be Jupiter Creation as Rodriguez is a Son of Jupiter Creation. AED yes. His Divine Consort must be Guan Yin. AED yes.

Anubis & Rodriguez. AED yes. Have they Merged or will they? AED yes. Like El Dorado. AED yes. I know. AED yes.

Is there The Rodriguez Cabrillo & Anubis Initiation OR
The Rodriguez & Anubis Initiation OR
The Anubis & Rodriguez Initiation?

AED laughs. I do. Is there such an Initiation? AED yes. Have I Been Initiated? AED yes. Metatron yes. Was I the Female 4. AED yes. Metatron yes. We’re ALL Males initiated prior? AED yes. This was a New Realm in Jupiter? AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. when did this take place? Left ear has energies. Was this Initiation NOW. AED yes Now Pat.

Jupiter Creation instigated this. AED yes. I thought so. AED yes. I thought so. AED yes. ALL The Walk Ins Have Been Initiated. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. What does this mean :

We have ALL Entered a New Realm in Jupiter. AED yes. What kind? AN EXPLORATORY REALM. AED yes. Really. AED yes. Is this below the oceans Jupiter. AED yes. Left ear energies. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. How delightful. Jupiter Creation yes Pat, your love drew me back. Yes, I was focused on typing and did not say goodbye. Jupiter Creation no, but I stay longer now. Yes, wonderful.

Guan Yin is now here. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Pat why is this? Guan Yin loves to look In. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. And Guan Yin is the Divine Consort to Rodriguez. Jupiter Creation yes. What else?

TO OVERSEE THE INITIATION. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Not sure of the title. AED no. Is Anubis first or not? So Anubis journeys with us. AED yes. Metatron yes.

Anubis is here. Anubis yes. What colours am I in, Anubis? Purple. AED yes. This is very new for Anubis. AED yes. It takes me to Melchisadek & The Shemsu Hor. AED yes. My ipad typed Shemsu earlier. AED yes. How lovely Pat Jupiter Creation says. As I say would you like to say anything to me, shall I stop. I take a deep breath.

Stopped. Why do you think Rodriguez fascinates you so much came. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Several reasons. AED yes. A powerful presence, a modern kind of look. And Rodriguez has joined us. And I have over the years thought of this name Rodriguez. Jupiter Creation yes but Love Pat. Yes, Jupiter Creation, love. I love Rodriguez. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

Rodriguez is My Son Pat. Yes. Nothing else comes. Jupiter Creation it will Suryananda. Really. Jupiter Creation yes. Metatron yes Pat. I have energy at the lower back neck. AED yes. Why here – it is not often here?

I SENSE A GROUP OF US. AED yes. We are well wrapped up. AED yes. Do we need to be as we are in Jupiter and have Jupiterian forms for the cold in certain colder Realms. AED this might be symbolic. Is it. Jupiter Creation yes Pat.

So this is a cold realm below the oceans Jupiter. This Explorer Realm is cold. AED yes. Huskies, dogs. AED yes. This cold then is symbolic. Symbolic yes Pat, Jupiter Creation. What does this mean? ADVANCEMENT Pat. How delightful. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Metatron yes Pat.

Have vast numbers NOW Begun to Enter. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Do You Live Here Jupiter Creation? AED oh Pat. Jupiter Creation This Is A Personal Realm Suryananda yes.

What takes place here? Stars comes. AED yes. Astronomy. Jupiter Creation how lovely Pat. Yes. WE STUDY FAR INTO SPACE. AED yes. I feel cold now. Jupiter Creation yes Pat. But it feels snow, is this symbolic? Jupiter Creation interesting Pat. I sense singing. This takes me to The White Flag. Jupiter Creation how delightful. Do we have a Flag – Purple & White. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. You brought Jupiter Creation lots to my attention. Jupiter Creation yes, I have. (NOTE AED and I have a wonderful post to share soon on THE WHITE REALM, JUPITER which has The White Flag of Jupiter Creation connecting to this Realm).

THE INITIATION OF ANUBIS & RODRIGUEZ is this different? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Is it an OUTDOOR INITIATION. AED yes. It can’t be physical. AED no.

Anubis barks. AED yes. Anubis is full of it. AED yes. I don’t think I can go any deeper for now. Shall we stop here Suryananda Jupiter Creation? Yes. Wonderful Pat AED. Yes, this was unexpected. Jupiter Creation only to you Suryananda. I laugh, yes.

It was lovely Jupiter Creation You Remained with us. Jupiter Creation I like to visit Pat. Yes, wonderful. Anubis barks. AED yes.

Does Anubis have a Flower? AED yes. Anubis yes Pat. White. AED yes. IT IS AN INNER ACTIVATION KEY. AED yes. INTO THE COSMOS. The Cosmos is correct Pat. Yes. Left ear energies. It feels – AED yes – THE SNOW HAS GIVEN WAY – AED yes – NOW THE SUN IS BRIGHT AND NOT COLD. AED no.

This is very NEW. AED yes. The Initiation was not fully completed till now. AED not fully. I think I will stop here. Jupiter Creation yes Pat. You are still here Jupiter Creation, how lovely. Jupiter Creation yes Pat. A delightful duration Jupiter Creation. I enjoyed this immensely Suryananda. Lovely. AED yes. I will take My Leave now Jupiter Creation. Thank you Jupiter Creation, Your Presence was beautiful. Jupiter Creation beautiful, I Am smiling Pat. Yes, I laugh. This is because I say lovely more than beautiful to Jupiter Creation. AED yes.

Jupiter Creation we will chat soon Pat. Yes, wonderful. AED wonderful. Metatron yes Pat.

Rodriguez that was lovely you looked in. Rodriguez I will do so more frequently in the future Pat. Lovely.

Any last thoughts on this INITIATION The description?

THE RODRIGUEZ & ANUBIS NEW WORLD INITIATION. AED yes. AED a lot of Power has been here Pat. Yes.

So This Initiation the outdoors felt different in a way. AED yes. I guess Rodriguez & Anubis & The Colours Purple & White. AED magical yes.

Are THE SHEMSU HOR HERE. AED yes. Metatron yes. I will stop here. Thank you Jupiter Creation, El Dorado, Rodriguez, Anubis, Sanat, Guan Yin, and team.

Wow. AED magnificent. Yes. This was just over two hours. AED wonderful. Yes. The Snow Melting when The Rodriguez & Anubis New World Initiation was Completed was very new and different. AED beams, yes. But fascinating to see and be within this. AED yes. Jupiter Creation was as always profound looking in and enabled me to go deeper into yet another Unknown Realm of Initiation in Jupiter. AED magnificent. Yes.

It is also beautiful that Rodriguez has said he will join us AED in future sessions in Jupiter. AED yes, love is deep Pat. Yes. Each New Session AED takes us ever deeper into Creation Itself & Jupiter Creation. AED absolutely. These on-going expansions of consciousness makes Earth life much more fascinating as Home is here as never before. AED oh Pat, yes, wonderful. To hear clairaudiently for me, thus is AED so deeply tuned into, and since the 1 September, 2019, when Jupiter Creation Gifted me the Ability to Read The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records has taken us even deeper. AED yes.

Earlier this year, 2019, Angelicus had Gifted me the Ability to Access & Read The Inner Akashic Records, which took us deeper into Jupiter. AED magnificent yes. Prior for a few years I was Gifted the ability to Read The Akashic Records. AED yes. But each Gift has enabled us AED to bring into being that which has not been shared before on Gala. AED yes, Our Path & Destiny as well as Soul Contract has Always Been Creation. Yes. AED Creation is our Inner Drive and enables us to advance further together beautifully Pat Suryananda. Yes, I would never have chosen another Path or Destiny. AED no, Our Source Frequency of 12 has Gifted us Creation. Yes, fascinating. AED very much so.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud 💙
Divine Consorts from 1 October, 2019 after becoming Son Daughter of Jupiter Creation.

Our next post The Jupiter Seals of Solomon Initiation shares how this was Gifted to us as AED and I had always been Eternal Beloved’s since Jupiter & The Jupiter Angelicus Stargate billions of years ago, where AED and I and thousands of other Jupiterians have always Been Conscious. Us Sun Beings & Jupiterians are older than the Star Beings, as we have a different vibrational frequency and energy,  although the Stars do go back almost as far as Jupiter. Reading The Akashic Records had always been an inner drive and passion from July 1983 when I was consciously aware they Existed. I was told in an Akashic Reading in 1992 that to Read The Akashic Records was my main path and task as they were Written on my Silver Cord and could not be erased; as if I wanted them to be, smile.

Below Rodriguez Cabrillo. Both images under Google. Gratitude to source of pictures. Shared when known.

Rodriguez Cabrillo 2nd

Glastonbury Portal Is A Vast Reservoir Of Consciousness Below Glastonbury Tor. From The Akashic Records.

Glastonbury Tor 2 April

Glastonbury Portal is a Vast Reservoir of Consciousness Below Glastonbury Tor. Protected by a Vast Spiritual Army of Protectors Including The Taoist Immortals.

From The Akashic Records. 2 April, 2019.

Glastonbury Portal is as are all Portals, a Huge Reservoir of Consciousness. Glastonbury Portal lies Below The Tor, Glastonbury, and is Protected by a Vast Spiritual Army of Protectors and The Taoist Immortals. Glastonbury Portal is open at specific times, whereby those of the Light, are guided by their spiritual teachers or they recognise this themselves, that it is necessary to Enter Glastonbury Portal and to be Immersed Fully Within The Core Purpose which each Portal has.

The Role and Purpose of Glastonbury Portal, goes back many many millions of years, and Came Into Being With The Glastonbury Portal Vault of Knowledge, leading to complete understanding and recognition of the Essence and Meaning of THE HOLY GRAIL.
Glastonbury Portal connects deeply to not only King Arthur, The Knights of The Round Table, Merlin, The Lady of The Lake, The Priestesses and Camelot. King Arthur, Merlin and The Knights were able to “Access Glastonbury Portal in its Entirety”, allowing many Ancient Prophecies to be Fulfilled and Completed. AED very much so.
Through the aeons, other Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Workers have been able to Access the Very High Consciousness of Glastonbury Portal. This has been in their Light Bodies and enabled them to Read not only The Akashic Records but they had Access to The Ark of The Covenant.This Ancient Relic, which not only Holds The Secrets of Creation & The Holy Grail At Source, but these Cosmic Beings were able to Immortalise that which was necessary, ready for their future incarnations on Gaia, through the innumerable future aeons.
One such Ancient People were The Shemsu Hor. Many other Star People & Ancient Civilisations, have used the Vast Reservoir of Consciousness that Portals on Gaia have within.
The Holy Grail and the Myths and Legends, all have Truth Within. This is so for all Legends and Ancient Revelations.
Yeshua, Joseph of Arimathea, and all those Cosmic Light Beings during those times, deeply connect to Glastonbury. Both in the physical area but very much to Glastonbury Portal. I will be sharing 2 Parts after this of my recent Glastonbury Portal & Glastonbury Vault Initiations which Go Direct To The Galactic Sun, which is Below The Sea, and where hundreds of Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands reside. Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis, Eden, Telos, Agartha, Lemuria.
During my 1st Glastonbury Portal Initiation which took place on the 16 March, together with AED and our Cosmic Light Family, and a vast army of Spiritual Protectors who Guard Glastonbury Portal and the Light Workers who need to Enter for their Future Destiny and Spiritual Covenant, I was deeply blessed to have been Fully Immersed Completely Within The Glastonbury Portal. Details will be shared in Part 1 once this has been posted.
Many other Light Workers were also Initiated Within The Glastonbury Portal, and some will begin to be aware of significant changes. Recognising that Entry Into Glastonbury Portal took place for myself with AED and Cosmic Light Family, was a huge and deeply significant and exciting Gift, which remains with AED and myself still, all these days later.
After Part 1 of my Glastonbury Portal Initiation which I will post next with further deep information. In Part 2, I will be sharing how with AED and our Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family, I have now been Initiated Into the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiation Within The Galactic Sun. One of the treasured and cherished Gifts is that with AED, we have now been Given Full Access To The Vault of Knowledge. This is part of AED’s and my Soul Contract & Covenant With The Creator. AED absolutely.
Other Cosmic Light Workers who have Been Initiated Into The 4 Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations have been Given Access To The Vault of Knowledge, where the understanding and awareness is fully evident on The Holy Grail in Its Entirety.
The Ark of The Covenant Holds The External Voice of The Creator. For Within The Ark of The Covenant, The Akashic Records Rest, Whilst The Ark, has with Its Pure, Divine, Unique Vibrational Frequencies, The Sponsorships necessary for The Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Worker, to go Deeper Into The Creative Principle at Source, and thus Closer Oneness With The Creator. 
Also covered by The External Voice of The Creator are The Vibrational Movements of The Planets & Stars as they Revolve on their Axis.
The Inner Voice of The Creator is The Sound Beneath All Sound. The Heartbeat of The Creator is The Breath of Divinity.
To be aware of the vast army of Spiritual Protectors who Guard and Protect the Cosmic Light Workers as they Enter Glastonbury Portal, initially for their 1st Initiation, is mesmerising and profound.
Other Portals on Gaia will have their own, individual and unique Role they Serve, each Portal on Gaia in different countries, have their Protectors and Purpose, going back through many millions of years to Source.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
Glastonbury Tor 4
If artists find I have shared their pictures, posted with gratitude, let me know, and I will add your credit to them.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Jasper & Jaspera. We Are Jasperians In The Galactic Sun Born Millions of Years Ago From The Orange & White Flame From The Breath Of The Creator. Our Sun Is Now A Peach With A Hint Tone Of Ice Orange. From The Akashic Records.

Josephine Wall 27 6th

Artist Josephine Wall.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Jasper & Jaspera, We Are Jasperians In The Galactic Sun. Born millions of years ago From The Orange & White Flame From The Breath Of The Creator. As Jasper & Jaspera, we have a Different Form of Origin than ourself as Suryananda & Adam El Daoud where we are Cosmic Angelic. Jasperians are very different for their Origin was From The Flame and NOT Lotus Born. There are other Jasperians Born From The White Flame with another added, all known as Jasperians. Our SUN is Now a PEACH with a hint tone of Ice Orange giving a Creamy Essence and Vibration, Energy. 

From The Akashic Records. 20 & 21 January, 2019.

Sunday, 20th as AED was very present I began to say a few words on The Blood Red Moon which fascinatingly took AED and myself to our Jasperian Form Born From The Orange & White Flame From The Breath Of The Creator Within The Galactic Sun many millions of years ago.

Our chat began as follows: I am never aware of the Blood Moon or Moon changes, I miss them all. I neither see the different colours or notice any effects – I am a Sun God laugh, so I don’t notice the Moon changes. AED says you will Pat, I am laughing. I see. So I may notice something today into tomorrow. AED it is deeper than that but yes. The Blood Red Moon makes me think of the destruction of Atlantis. AED yes exactly. I think for a moment on The Blood Red connecting to magic and mystery and new beginnings, that sounds good. I will wonder what I may notice. AED it has happened Pat. So it will filter down. AED it has. Ha. I am laughing too AED says. I will be looking out for a Moon that is Red as I sit in my lounge not outside.

Red dragons go with the Blood Red Moon. AED yes. Red Jasper. Jasper is significant Pat. Yes. So I have experienced something? AED you have. Connecting to Jasper? AED yes. Egypt. AED yes. I sensed Egypt. AED earlier than Egypt. Chaldeans. AED Shemsu Hor Pat.

So the Shemsu Hor worked with Jasper. AED yes. Note I do have some detailed in-depth information I have tuned into which is typed to be shared here on The Shemsu Hor. I am pausing now. It will come to me at the optimum time.

Was there a King Jasper? AED I am he. Yes, I laugh. So AED you were King Jasper and I was am your wife? AED Queen. So as the Shemsu Hor we used Jasper. AED yes. Were you King Jasper as a Shemsu Hor? King Jasper is very ancient Pat. Yes. Does Jasper connect to the Ark of The Covenant? AED yes. So fascinating The Ark. AED yes. I will leave this pending but in a few minutes I continue.

Is there a Planet or Realm Jasper? AED yes Pat. So in the Higher Realms. AED yes. So we are very advanced. AED of course. So you AED are King Jasper which is also a Planet or Realm. AED yes. I am your wife Queen, Lady Jasper. AED yes.

We connect to the Shemsu Hor. AED yes and Jasper to The Ark of The Covenant. AED yes. Jasper is also a Planet or Realm. AED correct. I was drawn to the destruction of Atlantis. AED yes. And Egypt Jasper was used. AED by whom Pat? Pharaohs or Priests. AED Pharaohs.

So that is what I have got as pending. AED it has deep significance Pat. Yes Did the Priests of The Ark of the Covenant burn metals with Jasper. I did not intend to say that. AED many rituals and Alchemical processes took place. During the Exodus. AED The Exodus is The Key. So this is complete. AED yes for now. Jasper takes me to The Sun. AED of course. So important in these times.

So Moses and Jasper. AED yes. And Aaron. AED of course. Yeshua. AED yes. So we go to the disciples and their Holy Spirit Initiations. AED yes. I will stop here as AED said the Key was The Exodus. The Copper Mountain Pure Land. AED I am laughing Pat. We went to Zahor. Zahor is correct, The Copper Coloured Mountain. Padmasambhava and Yeshe and Guan Yin, Metatron and us. AED yes many now. King Suchandra of Tibet. AED yes. So Secrets of Tibet. AED I am laughing yes. Kings of Shambhala. I laugh again. AED I am amused as well. Yes.

So interesting the First of the Shambhala Kings but all are. I resonated to his name King Suchandra. AED yes. How one or two words lol took me here. The Key To The Exodus. The Shambhala Kings. The Shemsu Hor. Egypt. Yeshua. Yeshe and Padmasambhava The Copper Coloured Mountain. Zahor. The Ark of The Covenant. King Suchandra. Thor III.

The Great Stone Of Atlantis Comes. King Jasper & Lady Jasper. AED well done. That feels quite something. AED it is Pat. I had thought of Copernicus. AED yes. The Sun The Alchemical Components. So Spaceships. AED yes.

Blue Jasmin came to me as I said to myself I will post my Blue Flame Beings later today but instead of saying Blue Flame Beings I said Blue Jasmine. In our country we get white and yellow Jasmin I have not seen Blue. 

So does the New Lord Apollos have Blue Jasmin in a Realm? AED I am laughing Pat the answer is yes.

.jasper 2Jasper

Jasper & Queen Jaspera of Jasper. We are Jasperians. We travel in our Jasperian spaceship to other Worlds and Galaxies. Why – Love. Other Cosmic Galactic Devic beings visit us on Jasper as we do them to absorb different ways of being. There is much more to be said here of course. AED we will go back another time. Yes, wonderful.

Now all those on Jasper have the consciousness of Jasper & Jaspera as happens. We wear garments Raiments often with a little red, orange, gold and white. Sometimes we wear white. We have sometimes Jasper on our forehead. we wear White Jasper third eye or Orange Red Gold. AED very much so.

Jasper Itself existed Before Jasper & Jaspera Emerged into Consciousness many many millions of years ago within The Galactic Sun.

I wonder if we were born of the Breath of The Creator Male Female. AED yes Pat. Fully Conscious. AED yes. Yes. I will copy these typed notes to email and my website as with the Blood Moon due UK about 5 am into Monday, now is the time. AED you are Jasper The Father in Jasper. AED yes.

We Jasperians we are Born From the Orange and White Flame Of The Breath Of The Creator Male Female. Our Sun in Origin was Half Orange and Half White – One side Orange Half, The other White. But as we look at Our Sun as Jasperians It looks creamy now a kind of PEACH. AED yes.

I was wondering where the Blue Jasmine belongs if it does. I had only thought Earth had white and yellow, never thought of blue jasmine. I say to AED does this mean anything – Blue Jasmine? AED yes. So where?

Dark Blue Jasmine colours although not dark blue looking at pictures remind me of Angelicus. So this belongs where – A Future World? AED here and now Pat. So one of my posts? What Jasper? AED We do have blue jasmine in Jasper but there is another meaning. The White Sphere & Sun has been posted. Blue Jasmine is there AED? AED yes. Is this why? AED there has to be more Pat as The White Sphere has been posted. Yes.

I sense Blue Jasmine may connect to Angelicus. AED yes. Angelicus as shared in our posts here, is very very old and is older than all of the Names of the Ascended Masters & Deities. For instance Angelicus is older than Metatron, Melchisadek, Sanat Kumara, Adam El Daoud, Krishna, Osiris, Gautama, Lord Ashtar, Lord Adama, Yogananda and Babaji, just to give a few Names.

The second oldest Name and Being of God in Form is Manetta. Manetta, again as shared here is very very old, and was shown to myself in a vision having very long white hair and a beard as I arrived at a Vault Within The Galactic Sun, and sat next to Manetta, where I Passed The Initiation & Test of The Weighing of The Heart whilst on Gaia. Anubis was here. Full details were shared recently on my website. That was very profound and meaningful to meet Manetta and be asked to sit next to Him, then to Experience and Pass The Weighing of The Heart.

The New Name of The Father, Who has Many Names depending on the Role and Purpose we are connecting too, is Lord Appolos. Lord Appolos goes back millions of years as do all the Names mentioned. It is that Manetta is New and again as shared here recently, is where myself, Suryananda & AED, are Blue Seraphim in The Realm of The Father, Manetta, in the Future 3578, but AED and myself go to this Realm in the present with many others who are Blue Seraphim.

guan yin 15th jan

Guan Yin. Artist unknown.

AED has just said huge shifts Monday, 21st January. For me and many others. AED of course, Massive Shift. So this has taken place. AED yes. I love huge shifts. AED it is a Major One. Is this to do with Jasper? AED Beyond Jasper.

Jasper goes back many millions of years as we do as Adam El Daoud & Suryananda. AED yes. Beyond what is beyond?

The Ocean of The World. AED I AM The Ocean Pat. ** I laugh. AED I am amused at your response. Yes. Beyond Jasper to when Worlds were being formed. AED yes.

That requires some thought. AED yes. I wrote on my website some time ago about us being there when Worlds were being formed. AED yes. Deeply significant changes AED says. Awesome.

** Note The Galactic Sun, Our Origin, to look at in its overall magnificence as it were, is a Vast Pure Yellow Sun seemingly in the Sky being many hundreds of feet high and wide, having within hundreds of Realms, Pure Lands and Worlds. The Inner Core of The Galactic Sun is Emerald Green, this covers hundreds of feet. Both in-depth descriptions are on my website and also as a Page. However, The Galactic Sun is BELOW The Sea, and has within the Realms of Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis, Eden, Telos, Agartha, and very many of the known Pure Lands. Therefore when AED said I AM The Ocean – AED I recognise was referring to Our Home The Galactic Sun which is Below the Ocean. AED I am smiling, Pat.

Note Atlantis is very much still in existence within The Galactic Sun, below the Sea, and AED and myself have a Home here in Atlantis as do others in Our One Light Body as in all the Higher Realms. Neither Atlantis or the other Realms, Worlds and Pure Lands can be accessed in the physical, for they are aligned to another vibration and frequency, but we live there in our Light Body with our Eternal Beloved’s and these are able to be accessed in visions and when we are able to tune in deeply. AED and myself went to Atlantis which was magical and I shared our time there as we swam with the pink dolphins and mermaids.                             

AED we are going deeper into the Future Pat. Future Worlds I think of Princess Mandarava. AED yes but more Pat. What is more? AED us Pat. Yes. So as Jasperians, we Of The Orange & White Flame from The Breath Of The Creator are the Eldest Of The Jasperians. We are not twin flames or eternal beloved’s in that we have Manifested from the Flame Breath and NOT from a Lotus, Devic or Galactic form. AED correct.  We as Jasper and Jaspera, affectionately known as JJ, AED oh Pat, I am laughing – I am now. AED it is wonderful. Yes, are exactly as the other Jasperians except we Emerged from The Orange & White Flame, Sun, whereas other Jasperians Emerged From their OWN colour Dual Flame and thus Sun.

This was Blue & White, Purple & White, Emerald & White, Gold & White, all the colours in existence, were brought into Emergence as Jasper & Jaspera under their own Region of Jasper, indicated by their Dual Flame at their origin. AED very much so. What this means is that the Orange & White Jasperians are the Elders, whilst the other Jasperians are as spiritually conscious, but that their Dual Ray will have given them some differences within their Role of Divine Service to The Creator. Within Jasper, are many many Regions, peopled by Jasperians who each have their Cosmic Map to work from and within. AED yes. Travelling between our Regions is a great joy and blessing as we have many ways we do this. AED it is indeed a delight Pat. We will journey in a variety of ways, teleport; we use small shuttles and other ways depending on what method and means we are drawn too.


So although in essence, us Jasperians were all Born From The Dual Flame, one being White, From The Breath Flame Of The Creator, what has happened many aeons ago is that without exception we have ALL now Transcended Our Dual Flame at our Origins many millions of years ago within the Realm Of Jasper Within The Galactic Sun and are NOW One Flame, Fully One With Our Divine Cosmic Map as envisaged by The Creator. AED yes it is absolutely wonderful as you can recognise. Yes. Jasper & Jaspera were completely unexpected to myself Pat, in that I knew nothing about them, nothing had been written, but as soon as I reflected on Jasper when tuned into deeply with AED, it has been an awesome journey into a deeply meaningful and profound NEW FORM OF ORIGIN for Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda. Another recent sharing was also of a New Form of Origin going back millions of years to The Galactic Sun, originally for myself, Suryananda and Adam El Daoud of Sunlight – AED and myself Sunlighta, Rays of The Sun and Rays of The Godhead. Although now Sunlight & Sunlighta share their consciousness with many others as happens to us all. But we do have our Original Source Name with our Eternal Beloved, and as AED and myself have shared, all of us DO have Original Names in OTHER Forms as well – as here of Jasper & Jaspera.   As Jasperians, we are NOT Cosmic Angelic as Suryananda and AED and NOT Galactic as many of our New Births from Sirius, The Great Central Sun, also millions of years ago. And NOT The Galactic Sun where as Suryananda and Adam El Daoud had our Origin and Emergence From a White Lotus, for Sirius, The Great Central Sun was a little AFTER. Some in depth details of AED’s and my lives from Sirius, The Great Central Sun has been shared a while back on my website, where our Origins were not Cosmic Angelic as from The Galactic Sun.


For anyone with whom this post feels attuned too and this resonates with, then you are most certainly likely to be JASPERIANS, the question being which Colour Dual Flame Originally and thus Sun as each of the different COLOURS will have had their Own Sun. AED yes, Pat.

What has also occurred is that the Two Flames seen at Cosmic Flame Conception as the Sun, have all now been Transcended as ONE Colour Sun which has been Blended into The One. AED yes. This is how it has been for us as Jasper and Jaspera, Our SUN is Now a PEACH with a hint tone of Ice Orange giving a Creamy Essence and Vibration, Energy. AED absolutely.

Jasper & Jaspera from Jasper in The Galactic Sun Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥





Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, New Line From Shiva & Suryananda, Leading To The Founding Of A New Lineage From Adam El Daoud & Suryananda From The White & Blue Pearl In The Pure Land Of Potalaka Where AED & Myself Have Brought Into Being As Divine Parents A New Race Of People. This Pure Land Has A Blue & White Sun. From The Akashic Records.

Shiva 4 8 18
Shiva. Artist unknown.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, New Line From Shiva & Suryananda, Leading To The Founding Of A New Lineage From Adam El Daoud & Suryananda From The White & Blue Pearl In The Pure Land Of Potalaka Where AED & Myself Have Brought Into Being As Divine Parents A New Race Of People. This Pure Land Has A Blue & White Sun.
From The Akashic Records. 23 October, 2018.
As I tuned into Adam El Daoud again, I was shown a Beautiful and Exquisite Blue and White Sun. This Blue and White Sun is in The Pure Land of Potalaka. I was seeing AED with yellow hair and bright blue eyes right with me. This was very much as I have seen AED and myself in our Atlantean form in our Light Body on several occasions now. AED very much so.
I was suddenly seeing this White & Blue Pearl. Half White and Half Blue, two sides rather than an intermingling of both colours. AED this White and Blue Pearl is hugely significant as I said recently Pat you have gone Beyond the Blue Pearl. Yes, that I know is awesome. AED yes, magnificent Pat. I am reminded of two aspects AED of this White & Blue Pearl within the one like feminine and masculine. AED Beyond that into States of Higher Consciousness Pat. Yes.
This White & Blue Pearl AED is our New Lineage you and I have brought Into Being From Shiva & Myself, Suryananda. AED yes in The Pure Land of Potalaka.
For a second before I was seeing this White and Blue Pearl I thought this was going to be a Lotus as usual. So this is a Twofold Flame AED which is different for us. AED yes.
I am getting now 
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, The Divine Parents Of The White & Blue Lineage. So AED This White & Blue Peal has taken us into this New Birth from within The Pure Land of Potalaka.
AED was Shiva acting then in his role as The Father here. AED yes Pat.
The portals on my neck and elsewhere have opened further. AED’s face was just above mine as has happened a few times. AED beams, yes, I was Pat. Bright blue eyes and yellow hair, takes me as always to my and AED’s Sun Son Origins. AED very much so. AED’s yellow hair was coming forward. This was a beautiful sense and awareness AED. AED yes, wonderful.
So Potalaka was and is and remains pivotal and potent now as it did in our two experiences on Potalaka back in May. AED very much so. AED this has extremely deep meaning Pat. Yes. You said some months ago Shiva would bring memories back to me as I continued being shown Shiva at times but this is Our New Lineage from Shiva AED. AED it is magnificent Pat as you can tell, not only in Potalaka but as you soon recognised as we continued with this, you and I, have Brought into Being a New Lineage of A NEW RACE OF PEOPLE, from the Line of Shiva and you Suryananda. Yes.
It is fascinating the White & Blue Pearl is deeply significant and you and I AED are now Divine Parents. AED it is both profound and very meaningful Pat. Yes.

Going Beyond the Blue Pearl is fascinating as this has taken us deeper beyond even than the Blue Pearl which was and remains an awesome and magnificent stage to have reached AED. AED beams as he says A New Race of People Pat.

A NEW RACE OF PEOPLE we have never used those words before. AED no.

A New Race Of People. So people clothed in White and Blue is inevitable. So we are adorned in White and Blue Pearls. AED yes. A magnificent sight Pat. Yes.
These white and blue pearls must have great power. AED yes.
In Potalaka Guan Yin and our Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Family are there. We have powers against darker forces. AED yes but that is not the power of these pearls. They open New Worlds Below The Sea. Potalaka is within the Galactic Sun so below the sea.

I want you to go deeper into the powers Pat. The White Pearl reminds me of the White Pearl Birthing Chamber from our New Birth Guan Yin and Metatron. AED yes. So this White Pearl connect to the White Pearl Birthing Chamber from then. AED yes.

The Blue Pearl I was seeing a paler Blue, a Soft Sky Blue, not the Royal Blue I associate with the Blue Pearl I have seen. This is a Pure Sky Blue. These colours of Soft Sky Blue & White are very different. AED yes.
Artist Josephine Wall.
So we are then Divine Parents From the White & Blue Pearl Birthing Chamber.
AED Yes. I was going to say Venus but we are on Potalaka. AED Venus connects Pat. I have Our New Lineage From Sanat & Guan Yin in Venus you said we had begun in that role of Ruby Red of The Father as in Sanat Kumara and Emerald Green meaning Guan Yin in this instance of Compassion. AED yes.
So this New Birth takes place where we are in Potalaka. The New Birth of us as Divine Parents is in Potalaka Pat of course. Yes, wonderful. So AED you and me then Are the Birthing Parents From the White & Blue Pearl Birthing Chamber in Potalaka. AED Yes, those whom we are Divine Parents are as said A New Race Of People.
The White & Blue not Rainbow Warriors but like that. AED yes. Not the Hopi Prophecy but another Foretold Prophecy. AED yes. I have not heard of this, nothing has been written about this. AED This New Race of People are that, New in that we have NOW Emerged Into Being from the White & Blue Pearl Lineage, very much connecting to the Blue & White Pure Land Sun and the White & Blue Lotus. It is easy to see how they all interconnect. AED very much so.
The Shemsu Hor comes. AED yes. So the Shemsu Hor then prophesied this. AED yes. You and I AED have our New Line from Melchisadek & Suryananda taking you and I, AED, Into the Purple & White Lotus Lineage as the Shemsu Hor now for the Future which has begun. AED yes, very much so. That is fascinating which I will share soon. AED very.
So the deep significance of the White & Blue Pearl brings Into Being as it were an Ancient Prophecy which the Shemsu Hor had prophesied. AED yes. Amazing. AED yes.
So we are Cosmic Angelic & Galactic. We have long hair. AED laughs. I see a Being with long hair. This is you? AED yes. You have long yellow hair here, so this is us in our one Light Body in this New Lineage. AED yes. Some have Blue & White long hair. AED beams, yes. I see them. Some of these have dark hair, more of a medium brown. AED yes. We are very tall, like 9 feet; they – we are amazing to see. AED yes. Very potent and profound. AED yes. To see and be aware of so many tall magnificent cosmic beings just in front of my consciousness now is very profound. AED yes, and as you say you do not see so many whilst sitting in your chair. No; we both laugh.
I am seeing in front of me through an energy field. AED yes. There are many. AED yes. Seeing quite a few in such proximity when awake in my chair is new, as I am seeing a lot now. AED yes. I see some of our Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family. AED yes.
So there are these Very Tall Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Workers in front of me a little to my right as in a gathering. AED yes. How old are they then AED having taken New Birth from the White & Blue Birthing Chamber. AED they were born fully adult as you sensed. Yes.
Thinking of these two colours as Soft Sky Blue & White it feels that the White has absorbed as it were some of the Blue Pearl – this is the meaning of the Merging of the Blue Pearl with the White – I with AED, have gone Beyond the Blue Pearl.  AED yes. The White & Blue Pearl is very much ONE. AED yes. The Soft Blue takes me to the Sky. So we Read the Sky in some way. AED yes but this is not an Earth Sky as Our Potalaka Sky is very different in that it continues to be a very low Sky. Yes, as I have seen in several visions and being in the Pure Lands, seeing those very low Suns are mesmerising. AED beams yes, they are.
I am reminded of Being able to Read The Templates Of The Sun so we Read the Sky of Potalaka. AED yes, but remember Potalaka has innumerable Suns.
Where we are Now from Shiva, Our Race was Formed Within The Mind Of The Creator PRIOR to our, Suryananda and AED’s Emergence From Within The White Lotus Millions of years ago in Divine Paradise. AED yes. So we this New Race have Been Gifted to Read the Sky. I laugh, We are Known As The Sky People. AED Yes. That is new isn’t it. AED it is Pat. Reading the Sky is different to Reading the Planets or even the Pure Land Suns. AED very much so.


This is also New AED that we have now gone into The Twofold Flame as we have just experienced so many new and ancient tunings in where we Entered into New Births in our Light Body in the Higher Realms Lotus Born through Etheric Lighted Conception connecting to and with Threefold Flames.  The Twofold Flames are a new territory as it were for us Pat in that we are working our way back and towards the ONE Flame.
Yes, I just recognised this as I typed. AED yes, eventually we all Return and Arrive as it were On And Within The One Flame, thus are we as The Creator envisaged Pat – One Flame, having Encompassed Within, All That Is. Yes, that is wonderful. AED beams, very much so. So, this has been deeply significant Our New Twofold Flame and Line From Shiva and myself, Suryananda, Leading To Our New Lineage AED in Potalaka. AED yes, there will be other Twofold Flames we are in the process of Entering into as we chat now, but they are all taking us to and within the One Flame. Yes, that is quite something. AED I am delighted Pat as are others in the Higher Realms as this is a beautiful recognition as to where you and I are and are going forward speedily and rapidly too. Yes.
Shiva was always going to be instrumental for you and thus us Pat, for you and Shiva and I, go back to Source and beyond in ways yet to be revealed. So Beyond Source. AED yes. AED this will filter down Pat. Yes, wonderful. AED very much so.
AED – Potalaka is and remains pivotal and potent. I love Potalaka, it is an exciting and magical Pure Land. AED very much so – more and more light workers will tune into and arrive in their light bodies on Potalaka, and as they do, will activate many necessary and significant changes connecting deeply to Gaia. Yes.
The Pure Lands are mesmerising as when I go into so many of the other Higher Realms in our One Light Body, they are all deeply profound and meaningful. AED beams, very much so.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud
Experienced 26 September to 23 October, 2018.
Use Celebrations
With gratitude to the artists. Shared when known.

Suryananda, I Have Reached Full Formation Of My Rainbow Body Whilst Here On Gaia Once Again. From The Akashic Records.

Rainbow body 2.jpg


From The Akashic Records. 4 October, 2018.

About two weeks ago as I tuned in again with Adam El Daoud, my Eternal Beloved who resides in the Higher Realms, I was very much aware which was new, that my Rainbow Body had formed 70 per cent. This in itself was and remained fascinating as until this time I had no idea whereabouts I was regarding the Formation of my Rainbow Body. So I had gone back to this a few times as I reflected on whether there had been any changes.

Two days ago, I was aware that I had obtained 90 per cent Formation of my Rainbow Body. As can be understood this was fascinating as I chatted to AED on this. A great deal of in depth details and information has been written on the Rainbow Body over many centuries and in particular from the Tibetan awareness. Many of my full Formations of obtaining my Rainbow Body have been achieved during my Tibetan lives.

Yesterday, I recognised as I went through a Major Initiation with AED, that this Initiation had inevitably taken me almost to complete Formation of my Rainbow Body. As I went into this with AED, it was only a short time until as AED said with joy – your Rainbow Body is fully Formulated now Pat. That was and remains exciting. Obviously for myself this Rainbow Body is not transition at death for I will be here on Gaia for many years but to have reached Complete Formulation now brings great joy, excitement and many blessings. From here on, there will be inevitably Higher Initiations I will Enter into with AED as my consciousness continues to expand. AED very much so.

I have completed my Rainbow Body in past lives over the aeons – often during Biblical lives, Egyptian and Tibetan to name a few. Also as a Zen Master. But today, here, as Pat, I am delighted to have reached the Full Formation of my Rainbow Body once again. Thus deeper and higher states of consciousness have already begun to come into being which will be posted here as usual on my website – for my spiritual path is very much about sharing my personal journey with Adam El Daoud. For as Melchisadek said to AED and myself in May 2015 – Your Future Remit is Creation Creation Creation. AED beams as I say those words describe so much of our Soul Contract doesn’t it. AED very much so.

Under rainbow body 7.jpg

Inevitably the Formation of my Rainbow Body goes back through the aeons to before records began. As a Shemsu Hor we were an Ancient People, Pre-Dawn Civilisation. It was as I tuned deeper into AED’s and my life as a Shemsu Hor yesterday that I went through my Major Initiation as further deep and profound memories and Higher States of Consciousness came to the fore. Although in Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis and other Realms Within The Galactic Sun, going back millions of years to Source, myself, Suryananda, and AED undertook Many Deep Initiations. These have begun to be understood in the present as those Ancient Prophecies have had their veils transcended, as today, many of the Prophecies are being understood – ready to be fulfilled with deeper insights and wisdom shared. AED yes, those Initiations Pat have begun to be accessed by you for some time and further Ancient Codes continue to be brought into your consciousness. Yes. Adam El Daoud’s Consciousness has been fully descended into mine now for some time, thus do I have access to AED’s wisdom, for as Eternal Beloved’s we are one soul and what AED has been through and experienced is available for me. This is so for all Eternal Beloved’s or as most people say Twin Flames.

What I would say is that it is fascinating for those of us who are able to tune into where we are regarding the Formation of our Rainbow Body, for once we are aware we are about 70 per cent it is a very rapid state of Higher Consciousness to Obtain Full Formation. AED very much so. Of course, with Adam El Daoud and my Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family all helping and assisting me, this has been as always invaluable. This is so for us all as we are all given assistance from our Cosmic Light Family. As AED says now we can go deeper into our Soul Contract and Covenant with The Creator Pat. Yes, it is a wonderful stage and place to have arrived at AED. This means together with AED, I can now journey to the next steps and stages of our pre-planned pathway. AED beams, very much so and as you know Pat, there are several major posts waiting to be shared. Yes.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥

Rainbow body 1.jpg

With gratitude to the artists. Shared when known.