Suryananda The Jupiter Alchemical & Anubis Initiation. Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Have Our Own New Tropical Sphere In A Future World In Jupiter But Accessed In The Present With Us As Guardians. A Black Panther Was The Form For Alchemy As Anubis. This Initiation Is A Female Initiation. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.

Anubis jewelled
Suryananda The Jupiter Alchemical & Anubis Initiation. Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Have Our Own New Tropical Sphere In A Future World In Jupiter But Accessed In The Present With Us As Guardians. A Black Panther Was The Form For Alchemy In This Instance As Anubis. It Is Necessary To Experience This Initiation Prior To Our Own Future Sphere In Jupiter. This Initiation Is A Female Initiation Only. This Initiation Covers Love For The Creator & A More Advanced Divine Oneness With Jupiter Creation. AED & I Then Undergo A Marriage Ceremony. Suryananda the Second Female of Jupiterians – Sun Beings & Cosmic Angelic To Experience This Initiation; The Devics & Galactics Have Their Own Numbering Sequence.
From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. 11 January, 2020. Experienced 6 January, 2020.  

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud continue another session as AED is at Home in Jupiter & The Higher Realms. Our session began as AED said I’ve Some Surprises Coming Soon. I love surprises. AED laughs. I do. Lol. I said hours, days, weeks. AED NOW Pat. I’m in a Vault Pat as I say to AED, AED seems quiet to hear. What Vault AUSTRALIA OR Other? Australia Pat. The Elements will be in a separate post soon. 

Jupiter Creation much going on Suryananda. Yes, wonderful Jupiter Creation. Anubis has HIS RAIN HAT ON. How lovely. AED yes. Anubis purrs. A little rain not enough. I get it will be. AED yes. Anubis has had his rain hat on now on several occasions. All the group prayers for rain must also help. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. So is this one of my surprises AED You in this Vault of Australia. 

What would you like for your birthday Pat AED? You choose AED. Jupiter Creation how lovely Suryananda. AED laughs. I do. Anubis purrs. And has a SUN HAT on. AED yes. I laugh yes. Jupiter Creation it looks we are going somewhere tropical Suryananda. I laugh, lovely. Is This In The Future Jupiter Creation Or The Present? PRESENT Suryananda. Lovely. Is this a NEW PERSONAL SPHERE of Yours Suryananda… I left that in ha – Of Yours Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation how interesting Suryananda you typed Your Own Sphere. Do you think you and AED have your OWN SPHERE Suryananda? Do we Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Wow. AED yes.

A SPHERE IS NEW going into The Spheres Beyond Existence. What does this mean Jupiter Creation AED and I have our OWN SPHERE? ADVANCEMENT Pat. How lovely, wonderful. AED magical Pat. So we have A NEW TROPICAL SPHERE AED and me, Jupiter Creation IN A FUTURE WORLD IN JUPITER. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Are You here in this Future Sphere Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda how delightful.

Are we do we say then Jupiter Creation GUARDIANS as would this not be Your Personal Sphere? Jupiter Creation how amusing Pat. Yes. I laugh. AED I do. You found that funny Suryananda. Yes, I did. Guardians I like that Suryananda. Yes. AED yes. What is this FUTURE SPHERE CALLED? There seems a quietness. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes. I almost feel by myself. AED yes. This has happened before. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes.

So it is then Jupiter Creation AED and I are Guardians in our NEW FUTURE SPHERE. How delightful Suryananda, Jupiter Creation yes.

It is a FUTURE SPHERE then Jupiter Creation But Accessed In The PRESENT. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes.

My eyes seem to be getting tired. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. This SPHERE is in Jupiter itself. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. What is it’s description and purpose? AED LOVE Pat. Lovely. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Wow. Anubis purrs. I was beginning to drift. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. So that happens if we go extra deep. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda but – Keys missing ipad will have to turn off and be back. Back black keys on again.

How does this NEW SPHERE DIFFER Jupiter Creation to the two we have been to but not posted but will do so soon? It seems quiet AED. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes

Is it in this NEW BLUE OR WHITE SPHERE? Why is this quiet Suryananda? Not many Jupiterians here perhaps Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda how astute. Yes.

Is this an Explorer Sphere Jupiter Creation? You’re getting tired Suryananda. Yes, I was drifting. Shall we liven our session Jupiter Creation to keep you awake. I seem to get very tired or eyes tired recently. I am very tired. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda there is a reason. Going deeper can make me sleepy or my eyes tired. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Crown energies, AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I don’t think I can go any deeper Jupiter Creation. Shall we leave this for now Suryananda, Jupiter Creation. It is wonderful Jupiter Creation I am aware of this Beautiful Gift Surprise NEW FUTURE SPHERE AED and I are in as Guardians. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

My right leg feels a bit itchy. Is This Some Additional ALCHEMICAL PROCESS? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. My legs are itching. Is this Alchemy and not that my lounge is too hot. Jupiter Creation ALCHEMY Pat. My legs get more itchy. Have we experienced something AED? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED and I have how do we say – MERGED IN SOME WAY? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Has this generated heat. AED yes. And extreme tiredness. AED yes temporary. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Anubis is purring. AED yes. I am very dry. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. So this Alchemical Process is you said just before AED A MAJOR INITIATION. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

Sanat IT’S BEEN COMPLETED Pat. Thank you Sanat. I loved saying that Suryananda. How lovely. AED yes. Has my FORM CHANGED? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. My physical form feels like I could sleep. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Usually it is my eyes which get very tired but here it feels my physical form. Your PHYSICAL FORM IS Correct Suryananda Jupiter Creation. Is this Alchemical Process Connected To This NEW ADVANCEMENT. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. It does not feel my physical form will be different. AED I’m smiling Pat. Will something seem different in my physical form? You’re so tired Pat, Jupiter Creation. Yes. It Is very unusual to be so very tired not just my eyes. Does This INITIATION Have A Name? I think we should stop here Suryananda Jupiter Creation. Thank you Jupiter Creation, Anubis, Sanat, Metatron & AED but I can’t focus I am too tired. AED yes.

Have I Been INITIATED IN A SARCOPHAGUS. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Can we continue another time. AED yes.


I stopped typing and closed my eyes and sensed a kind of BLACK PANTHER. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I am not drawn to panthers. Oh Pat much was accomplished as I said I am so tired. What was accomplished? LOVE PAT. I laugh lovely. I am slow typing. AED yes. This seems the most tired ever. AED yes. My left leg is itchy. Did I have to overcome not being drawn to a Panther? AED of course not. I have tears. I don’t like panthers. Jupiter Creation it’s nothing like that Suryananda. Until I know I will wonder now. Will I know. AED of course. I am only drawn to Spirit Large Cats. I don’t know where I am now. AED oh Pat. I think I have woken up a bit at The Panther. AED you were meant to Pat. To wake up or see The Panther? BOTH Suryananda Jupiter Creation. I don’t know what this means now. AED no.

The PANTHER IS YOUR FRIEND Pat. I don’t like panthers I always say. AED yes. The panther what was this for? LOVE Pat. THE ALCHEMICAL PROCESS IS COMPLETE Pat. Was The Panther Anubis? ANUBIS Yes Suryananda, THE PANTHER WAS ME. Really. Jupiter Creation, yes Suryananda. AED yes. Anubis purrs. Why was Anubis a panther for me to recognise? It was necessary Pat. To see a species I am not drawn to? AED yes. It woke me up, the shock. WHAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED Jupiter Creation? LOVE Pat. You mean for other species? I sense it is THE PANTHER WITH GREEN EYES. I feel emotional. It is Anubis in panther form. Have I passed the test? AED of course. I don’t know what to say now. THE INITIATION IS COMPLETE PAT, SANAT. So that has to be great. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I am very pleased Pat Jupiter Creation. How lovely. AED wonderful.

The Jupiter Alchemical & Anubis Initiation. AED oh Pat. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes. Is this correct or needs amending. It Is correct Pat, Jupiter Creation. Fascinating. AED yes. So The Jupiter Alchemical & Anubis Initiation. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

Was this Initiation BEFORE OR AFTER Our New Sphere in Jupiter? They connect Pat, AED. Yes. Do we have to experience The Initiation Prior To Our Own Sphere although I said AED and me Are Guardians? PRIOR Pat, AED. Yes.

So This INITIATION will all see then this BLACK PANTHER? AED No. Really. Jupiter Creation No is correct Suryananda. We see a form we do not like then? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I see. What if it was other forms not liked? AED we take care of the form shown. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. I may, when I see Anubis next go to this Black Panther. AED yes Pat. What will this mean for us AED?

I SEE THE BLACK PANTHER AGAIN. AED yes. Nothing comes what it will mean to us AED. Have we had AED A MARRIAGE CEREMONY? AED yes. You felt very close AED. AED I was. Yes. That took me to us having A Marriage Ceremony.
I am drawn to me being the Second. Jupiter Creation Second is correct Suryananda. This was the Second from Jupiterians – Sun Beings – Cosmic Angelics but not including Devics & Galactics. So was it that the numbering only takes into account of the Females? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

Why don’t the Males have to experience THE JUPITER ALCHEMICAL & ANUBIS INITIATION if this is so? This Being A Female Initiation why? FEMALE is as confirmed correct Pat. Yes. So what was and is the Purpose of THE JUPITER ALCHEMICAL & ANUBIS INITIATION for me and other Jupiterians & Cosmic Females, you have Both confirmed this was LOVE. In What Capacity Does Love Cover? THE CREATOR Pat, AED. So The Jupiter Alchemical & Anubis Initiation is our GIFT ENTRY INTO A More Advanced Divine Oneness With Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. And may be our Role & Path AED Branched Out Further To Encompass Even More Un-Revealed Aspects of Creation & The Creative Force. AED wonderful yes Pat. Jupiter Creation how beautiful and perceptive Suryananda yes. What happened in Our Marriage Ceremony AED was this somehow different in that we experience and go through Marriage Ceremonies quite often, always beautiful and profound. AED This Marriage Ceremony Was Different Pat. Yes, fascinating. AED yes.

I wonder what colour of Raiments we were wearing during Our Marriage Ceremony? I am drawn to us wearing Blue & White Raiments with a Gold Emblem on the front. AED wonderful, Yes, Pat. I sense our Gold Emblem on the front of our Raiments. Did we go anywhere after the Ceremony? AED we have blond hair Pat. Crown energies. Really. AED yes. Blue eyes Pat. I sense with another colour. Navy Pat, yes. We Are Very tall indeed. AED yes. Do ALL The Jupiterians and others wear the same Raiments and have the same appearance? AED yes. As you sensed Pat, After Our Wedding Ceremony as happens, there was a Beautiful Banquet for all of us in Jupiter who had just had this Marriage Ceremony. Yes. AED as you have seen on these occasions, singing, dancing, much laughter and joy is experienced by us and our Jupiterian Family and all there. Yes, wonderful. 
There was also a sense of quietness on occasions during our session. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. And with Anubis. AED oh Pat, Anubis never left. No. Anubis no Suryananda. AED we were in the background more so you sensed us less. Yes. Thank you everyone and Sanat. Sanat I love to look in Suryananda. Yes, lovely.

I think this is as far as I can go for now. AED Our Marriage Ceremony on this occasion was yet another where Anubis Officiated & Our Jupiterian Family Shared In Our Joy & Happiness. Yes, wonderful. Jupiter Creation Yes, Beautiful Suryananda & AED. 
AED Whilst THE JUPITER ALCHEMICAL & ANUBIS INITIATION Has Gifted you Suryananda Deeper Access Into Creation & The Creative Principle Together With The Keys To Jupiter Creation In Advanced Consciousness Yet To Be Revealed. Yes, fascinating Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes.
AED & if and when you see a Black Panther again, on those occasions a significant change has taken place as The Black Panther was the chosen form for this Very Advanced & Major Initiation which was a necessary requisite for our Path On Knowledge & Creation. Yes, exciting AED. Jupiter Creation Wonderful Suryananda & AED. Anubis Yes, Suryananda & AED purring.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Divine Consorts. ♥
Black panther 1
Artist of Anubis unknown. Photographer of the black panther unknown. Sources Google, shared when known source.

** Suryananda & Adam El Daoud In The Gold City of El Dorado In Jupiter. El Dorado Has Never Lived On Gaia – The Gold City Has Always Been In Jupiter. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.

El Dorado 8
Artist unknown.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud in THE GOLD CITY OF EL DORADO IN JUPITER.
El Dorado has never lived on Gaia, meaning The Gold City of El Dorado Has Always Existed In Jupiter. Today still, The Gold City is a Realm in Jupiter, a Magical, Beautiful and Mesmerising Realm With The Eternal Flame, Thus Eternal. 
This was deeply tuned into over a few months but as El Dorado has been joining Adam El Daoud and me in many of our sessions, it is necessary to share The Gold City of El Dorado before we begin to post on El Dorado looking in on us on many profound occasions. 
From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.
2 November, 2019.
As Adam El Daoud, my Divine Consort in The Higher Realms and me continue with another deep tuning in session, I sense Gold colours Raiment. We seem to be in THE GOLDEN CITY. AED yes. A Palace. AED yes. My right ear has energies. The Golden City is New. AED magical Pat. Anubis is pawing at the ground to bring to my attention more. AED laughs, yes. 
I will close my eyes and stop typing. THE GOLD CITY OF EL DORADO COMES. AED yes. I see a Golden Key. AED wonderful. Anubis barks. I see The Gold Flame with a hint of Orange. This is The Eternal Flame of The Presence. AED yes. (We have shared The Eternal Flame & Jupiter Creation some time ago). The Eternal Flame takes me To El Dorado. AED yes. Was El Dorado NOT on Gaia. AED correct. I am drawn to The Shemsu Hor. AED yes. Does El Dorado connect and align to The Shemsu Hor. AED yes. 
So El Dorado has never lived on Gaia. AED no. I am aware Angelicus lived with The Shemsu Hor in a form not of Earth. AED yes. This was in one of The Realms in Jupiter. AED yes. 
I sense TWO HUGE GOLD FIGURES IN THE ENTRANCE TO THE GOLDEN CITY. AED yes. Vast. Hundreds of feet high like the Egyptian images. AED yes. This Realm of El Dorado still exists now in the present in Jupiter. AED absolutely. Metatron yes Pat. 
Is The Realm of El Dorado AN INITIATION REALM. AED yes. Fascinating. AED magnificent. Dolphins are playing. AED yes. Beautiful. AED we have experienced several Major Initiations together today Pat. Yes, wonderful. 
Angelicus We have Entered New Territory here Suryananda. Yes. Creation in Jupiter. AED yes. Angelicus yes Pat. Anubis is barking and has stood up. AED yes. It is like the Door is Open and ALL Life is Streaming In of The Higher Realms. AED yes. Fascinating. AED magnificent. 
Anubis is barking and puts His Paw on my arm to bring to my attention something. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. I SEE A GOLD BAR is this because of El Dorado. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. 
EL DORADO IS HERE PAT. Hi, this feels very profound. AED yes. How many have shared in the consciousness of El Dorado. AED many Pat. But the Core Essence of El Dorado was Angelicus. AED yes. Angelicus yes. NOTE in later sessions to be shared, El Dorado has been further Initiated and HIS CORE ESSENCE IS NOW JUPITER CREATION. AED yes.
I think of SHAMBHALA. AED yes oh Pat. IS SHAMBHALA THE GOLDEN CITY OF EL DORADO. Anubis barks. AED yes to Shambhala. Is this The Key – AED yes – I know – AED yes:
THE JUPITER PRESENCE IS SHAMBHALA. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. Anubis barks several times and jumps up. I laugh. AED I do. So The Jupiter Presence is Shambhala. AED yes. 
Sanat is here. Have we been Initiated AED or a New Birth. AED both Pat. So The Eternal Flame of The Presence was is The Jupiter Presence which is SHAMBHALA. AED yes. This is very New. AED yes. 
When we say The Shemsu Hor are we in essence talking about Shambhala as well as The Jupiter Presence. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. 
So we have The Jupiter Presence – The Shemsu Hor & Shambhala ALL One Aspect of the other. AED yes. Like a Trinity. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. Anubis barks. AED yes. How is this described The 3 Aspects of The Trinity of The Jupiter Presence – The Shemsu Hor – Shambhala – do we say ALL Existence was within. AED yes. But there is another Trinity Not with these 3. AED yes. I wrote The Temple of The Presence – The Realm of El Dorado – The 2 Huge Gold Figures The Entrance To A – The Gold City – so as An Initiation Realm. What else has taken place. AED much Pat. But the Key today seems to be I have recognised that The Jupiter Presence The Gold Realm – City in Jupiter is El Dorado & Shambhala. AED yes.
Sanat THE INITIATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED Pat. Really. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. Anubis is clothed in Gold and comes bounding towards me in excitement. This feels very different. AED yes. Anubis barks. I know:  Was this THE INITIATION COMPLETED FOR SHAMBHALA. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda.
We have been taken deep into unexpected and profound memories with Angelicus as Jupiter Creation continues to Gift AED and me with The Inner Secrets & Core of Creation. AED wonderful. Yes.
When we talk about The Shemsu Hor we are talking about Shambhala as well as The Jupiter Presence. I have shared earlier on my website The Eternal Flame of The Presence was Gold with a Hint of Orange but THE ETERNAL FLAME from other sessions also has ALL Different Colours as well. AED yes. The Gold Flame with a Hint of Orange is also Revered as The Eternal Flame of The Father – here as Angelicus. Apollo; The Sun Temple – The Sun God comes. AED yes. El Dorado has NEVER LIVED ON GAIA. AED no as said earlier. However, The Eternal Flame of The Father – Angelicus has Within ALL of us Thousands Who Have Always Been Conscious. AED yes. Metatron yes. Angelicus & Manetta are two of The Elder Sons of Jupiter Creation.
Angelicus was with The Shemsu Hor on his last life but not in an Earth body. AED yes. You, AED were El Dorado sharing in His Consciousness with very many Jupiterian Cosmic Light Beings. AED yes. Further details will be gone into this at a future posting. Is this THE GOLDEN KEY. AED yes. The Gold City of El Dorado has much to share Pat as you are aware from our sessions where El Dorado has joined us. Yes, wonderful. AED mesmerising. El Dorado is very close to me and I have been very much aware of His Powerful Presence and the love I feel for Him. AED of course, Within El Dorado is Jupiter Creation in a deeper than ever Consciousness, although as you have stated here, Jupiter Creation & El Dorado share in their Consciousness having Merged together. At the same time, El Dorado & Anubis have Merged, full details to be shared in that Major Initiation also soon. AED absolutely.
As A Son Daughter of Jupiter Creation this means that AED’s and my Core Essence is now Jupiter Creation and we have The Eternal Flame Within Us and in Our Home (Homes) in Jupiter. Suryananda, my Core Essence is Male in The Female Aspect. Like many people The Gold City & El Dorado has been with me over the years in this life. But for El Dorado to have lived always on Jupiter was fascinating and profound to be consciously aware of. AED wonderful. All Realms, Pure Lands, Suns, Planets, Stars which have The Eternal Flame, means that they are Eternal. They Will Always Exist.   
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Divine Consorts.
El Dorado 1
Artist unknown.
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known. 

The Blue Ray Of Creation Has Been Opened. The Blue Pearl & The Blue Flame A Twin Initiation. Blue Flame Beings Older Than The Blue Rays. Alpha & Omega – Alpha Male – Blue, Omega – Female, White. The Blue Flame Beings Remit Is Creation. We Are In An Ancient World. The Blue Pearl From Guan Yin Has Been Etherically Birthed Within Us. From The Akashic Records.

blue flame 2
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud – The Blue Ray Of Creation Has Been Opened. The Blue Pearl & The Blue Flame A Twin Initiation. Blue Flame Beings Older Than The Blue Rays. Alpha & Omega – Alpha – Male Blue, Omega – Female White. We Are In An Ancient World. We Who Have Opened The Blue Door Of Creation Are Known As The Blue Flame Beings. The Blue Flame Beings Remit Is Creation. The Blue Fire Of The Holy Spirit. Born Of The Breath Of The Holy Flame. The Blue Flame Spaceship Of Angelicus Which Has A Vast Angelic Presence.  We Are Beneath All Sound Where The Creator Is. The Blue Pearl From Guan Yin Has Been Etherically Birthed Within Us. A Magical & Major Initiation. The White Fire Of Eternal Bliss & The Creative Force. The Vaults Within The Galactic Sun. We Have Been Gifted The White Pearl From Guan Yin & Metatron Born Of The Breath. Etheric Lighted Conception Born Again Of The Breath Of Guan Yin & Metatron Taking Us To The Twin Flame Dual Ray Of Creation Blue & White – White & Blue. The White Pearl Spaceship With A White Lotus.  We Are On The Way To Stage 3 Taking Us Deeper Into Immortality.
From The Akashic Records. 7 January, 2019.
As Adam El Daoud was very present, AED said Major Initiations and AED had something to share. That is always fascinating. So today. AED yes and more to come.
The Blue Ray Of Creation has been Opened Pat. That is awesome. AED it is magical. Wow, AED laughs this is ready for access Pat. I say to AED we are going at the speed of light almost. AED and me laugh. So Major Initiations Into The Blue Flame. AED yes. The Blue Flame Of Creation. Of The Creator Pat. Yes. AED says again yes it has.
Melchisadek and Angelicus. AED The Blue Flame & The Blue Pearl. Melchisadek Pat primarily. Wow. AED yes. – I know I have transcended the Blue Pearl.
So this Blue Pearl is different? AED The Blue Pearl will take us very deep Pat It has already. Yes. AED it is different only that you are Sharing the Energies with The Blue Flame Together Like a Twin Initiation – One takes the Other Deeper Together. Wow that is awesome. AED like us Pat. Yes. So wow. AED laughs.
Which was first The Blue Pearl or The Blue Flame? This must happen to everyone at a particular stage. AED at a very advanced stage. Yes magical – so the two together like Male and Female. AED yes. Is the Blue Flame Male? AED yes.
The Blue Pearl Female. Wow. The Blue Pearl Of Guan Yin. AED yes. Universal Mother Guan Yin. AED deeper than Guan Yin. So Guan Yin has Gifted me The Blue Pearl. AED yes. Wonderful. AED magnificent Pat.
The Father or The Creator The Blue Flame. AED yes. Wow. So who Melchisadek I typed – now Metatron. AED both. Yes. So these two From The Blue Flame. AED and myself Pat. Wow. So like The Blue Flame Trinity. AED I am laughing Pat. Is that right? AED yes Pat. I laugh. AED we are as well. So this Major Initiation has come about with the Blue Pearl Gifted Guan Yin And the Blue Flame From Through – AED yes Through – Melchisadek, Metatron, Adam El Daoud. AED yes. Wow. AED you are so very deeply intuitive that is magnificent. Wow.
So I have now The Blue Pearl. Is this of compassion? AED in a way but more than that. The Mother of Christ comes. AED yes. So have I Given Etheric Lighted Conception. AED yes. With you AED, I am pausing here To whom the Cosmic Christ? Yeshua? I am not sure here Whom I am saying?
I am not sure here The Mother Of Christ I have with AED. AED yes. We have become Host Parents OF THE BREATH. AED yes. Like Guan Yin and Metatron to us. AED yes. I have this typed ready to be shared as soon as possible. AED yes.


So AED and me, I know – AED yes – Gave Etheric Light Conception Through The Breath of The Blue Flame of Melchisadek, Metatron, Adam El Daoud. AED yes. I am laughing AED. Is that right? AED of course. With the Female Aspect Of The Blue Pearl From Through Guan Yin. AED yes magnificent. Wow, yes.
So both were needed to OPEN The Blue Ray Of Creation. AED yes. Wow, that is awesome. AED yes. So I needed as it were you three and Guan Yin. AED yes. Will others have other sponsors? AED yes at times. And Their eternal beloved as one. AED yes. Wow.
Do I have other Male aspects, I am drawn to Angelicus as well. AED yes. Is that right. AED yes. So I now have Three and Guan Yin. AED yes. All were are necessary Pat. Yes. It is a huge honour and blessing. AED yes.
What about the Mother Of Christ. AED and me have Given The Blue Flame Initiation to Do I say that – It seems strange, I am not sure of that. AED it is correct Pat. So AED and myself with and through These Three other Male Aspects and Guan Yin Have Entered Into The Inner Mysteries. AED yes. Wow. AED magnificent Pat.
Yes wow. AED laughs yes. We have followed Guan Yin and Metatron. Yes. It is magical AED says. Yes. 
We are surrounded by Blue. AED yes. In our Blue Raiment. AED laughs. Yes. Ha, We are Surrounded by Blue Flames – AED yes – And Blue Pearls. Are there many Blue Pearls? AED yes. Does each Blue Flame have a Blue Pearl? AED I am laughing, Yes.
Sanat is here. AED yes. Wow. It has been wonderful being sponsored here. AED magnificent. Yes and necessary. AED yes. What about Sanat He is here. AED yes.
Does Sanat have a Blue Flame? AED No. So another sponsor? AED Into The Next Stage Pat. Awesome. AED yes.
Wow. AED yes. (As 27 January, AED says Sanat’s Initiation has Been Completed Pat as you recognise. Yes, wonderful).

I see the Blue Flames very tall. AED yes. The Blue Pearls are like Children Lotus Born. 

Thanks also to Melchisadek, Metatron and Guan Yin, I – we are very blessed. AED yes magical but pre-destined Pat.
THE BLUE FLAME BEINGS, I have gone into this in the past. AED yes. We are – AED laughs – The Blue Flame Beings with others. AED We Who Have Opened THE BLUE DOOR OF CREATION Are All Known As Blue Flame Beings. Awesome. AED yes. That is fascinating The Blue Door Of Creation. AED very.
So as AED and myself have Given BORN OF THE BREATH to The Mother Of Christ. ** Is this Angelica – I wondered about Guan Yin. Angelica is correct Pat. How do I say this – I know thousands share in the consciousness of Angelicus and Angelica. AED yes.
From an earlier post, Angelicus is the OLDEST as yet of the known Names of The Father, God The Father and God – and Angelicus is God in FORM. Manetta and Menetta is the Second Eldest.
NOTE – What this means is that for the thousands of us who share in the Consciousness of and with now Angelicus and Angelica, we were ALL INVITED to join their Consciousness. AED very much so. That is fascinating. AED absolutely. I had thought that when a certain stage of Consciousness had been reached and accessed, then this happened. AED no, as you have just realised Pat, we and the thousands of others who too share in the Consciousness of Angelicus and Angelica were ALL Invited. Yes. That is a great Gift and Honour. AED certainly.
NOTE ** Continuing Born of The Breath To The Mother of Christ this is NOT on Gaia in the physical but in the Higher Realms where we ALL undertake and experience New Etheric Light Conception Births with our Eternal Beloved’s; this can be Lotus Born, From The Breath, From The Flame & Breath, and further Light Births still to be revealed. AED very much so. These New Births can be accessed in the Now Present from both the past going back to Source whilst at the same time, recognising the on-going New Etheric Light Conception Births taking place in the NOW Present in the Higher Realms whilst we are here on Gaia. AED yes, to be aware is indeed magical Pat. Yes.  
So you AED and myself have Given Born Of the Breath to The Mother Of Christ in The Galactic Sun. AED yes.
NOTE The Galactic Sun is NOT Sirius, The Great Central Sun. Both of these Suns from where AED and myself, Suryananda, have Emerged From go back millions of years – The Galactic Sun was Adam El Daoud’s and my FIRST Origin from The White Lotus where we are Cosmic Angelic.
Sirius, The Great Central Sun, Adam El Daoud’s and myself, Suryananda’s Emergence at Source AFTER The Galactic Sun was From The Golden Lotus, where we are Galactics. From The Great Central Sun we have had many other Forms of Origin – all being in our ONE Cosmic Galactic Light Body which continues in the Higher Realms, Pure Lands and Worlds.
So the Mother Of Christ here is Angelica. AED yes. So Angelica was The Mother of The Cosmic Christ?  The Cosmic Christ is the Galactic Sun and The Creator as we have gone into before. AED yes. So Angelica –  Angelica is you Pat. Yes, Thousands share. AED you Pat, you are older than you know. Yes. So how do I say this? This takes me to Melchisadek, Metatron and Guan Yin.

AED yes. It is complex to put into words. AED we do complex Pat. Yes. Metatron and Guan Yin are smiling. AED I am laughing. I am. AED as are Guan Yin and Metatron now. Yes. And Melchisadek is here; Melchisadek takes me to Joseph of Arimathea. AED yes.

But I wonder how to put together Angelica As The Mother Of The Cosmic Christ. AED says it is simple Pat, Angelica is you. But I have always felt the Father Male was before the Female. AED yes correct. This is DIFFERENT Pat.
So into a kind of Birth Connected To Source & The Blue Flame Of Creation. AED yes, go into this. So Deeper Into The Soul Heart Of The Creator. AED yes. Will this filter down. AED this has Pat. Yes, It is very very complex. AED we do complex. I laugh yes. That is fascinating and awesome.

The Daughter of – I was going to say God But we are it feels with The Creator. The Creator is correct Pat. I have been going into The Cosmos. AED The Cosmos has taken you here. Yes, awesome. AED yes. AED there are many more to come. 

Yes, awesome and magical. We are in a magical realm. AED yes. What is this Called – Can I know or is this Secret.

The Realm of The Father comes with Divine Mother. I thought for a Second of Angelica But now Guan Yin. Guan Yin is correct Pat. Who is Guan Yin with Metatron. AED yes. As Himself. AED yes.
So I have now AED yes – Melchisadek, Metatron, Adam El Daoud – AED yes and Sanet. So Metatron is taking me Beyond Through The Blue Flame now. AED we have Gone Deeper Into The Blue Flame now. Yes, with Guan Yin. AED yes. And Metatron.
AED Metatron is ahead elsewhere Pat. Where is Metatron? AED I am laughing Pat.Yes, I do now. Wow. Wow you and I AED and team have been through a deep shift together.
A MAGICAL AND MAJOR INITIATION PAT. Yes. Wonderful thank you Metatron and team. AED it IS COMPLETE NOW.  Wow, yes.
So others are being guided here AED. Some have arrived as you have now. Wonderful.
SO THE MEANING Of THE BLUE FLAME BEINGS Takes those of us whose REMIT IS CREATION. AED yes. So not all Will Go Into The Blue Flame Beings. AED No.

So We Are Separate To The Blue Ray beings we must be. AED YES, VERY SEPARATE. Good. AED I am laughing Pat. Yes. The Blue Ray Beings I never call myself that. AED correct.

A Blue Dragon. Blue Flame Dragons. AED what took you so long. Yes. They go with us as Blue Flame Beings.
The Blue Fire I know – AED yes – The Blue Fire Of The Holy Spirit. AED yes. Is that right. AED yes.
So you and I AED in Our One Light Body Have Been INITIATED INTO THE BLUE FIRE FLAME OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. AED Yes, Magnificent.
Yes that is the KEY. AED yes, well done. AED THAT IS COMPLETE NOW. Yes.

We have now Become BORN OF THE BREATH OF THE HOLY FLAME. AED Yes. That is it.

AED you know it is. Awesome. AED wonderful. Exciting. AED yes.


We are going into The Blue Flame Of Creation – The Blue Door was it The Door of Creation.


AED we will be moving soon We Have begun Stage 2. Yes. That must be awesome and very complex. AED yes to both. I laugh. AED much to look at here. Yes awesome and beyond thought. AED yes.

The Blue Pearl – What Happens now To the Blue Pearl Gifted by Guan Yin? THE BLUE PEARL HAS BEEN ETHERICALLY BIRTHED WITHIN US AED SAYS. Yes.  

So the Blue Pearl begins with the FEMALE. AED yes. As for us AED Guan Yin. AED yes. But now is within Our AED Light Body. AED yes. As a kind of antenna Inner Key. AED yes. Awesome. AED Magnificent Pat.

paler blue pearl


SO WE ARE DIFFERENT. AED yes. Beyond a New Birth I mean. AED yes. That needs thought and focus. AED yes. Frozen Zero. AED beyond Pat. To do with The Cosmos. AED yes. Energy Centres. AED yes.

I have returned to Yeshua and Joseph Of Arimathea. AED yes. The Holy Grail. AED yes.

Beneath all Sound Is the Creator. AED yes – You we are HERE Pat. Wow. AED yes.

What About Manetta The Ruby Spaceship. We are now – AED yes – Ha – In The Blue Flame Spaceship. AED yes, I am laughing Pat. I am. So that’s right. AED yes.

THE BLUE FLAME SPACESHIP OF ANGELICUS. AED yes and I am smiling. Wow. AED yes. This is very specialised. AED yes.
How many Serve here? AED many Pat. We are clothed in Blue Raiments With Blue Angelic Beings. AED yes. This takes me to Archangel Michael as well. AED yes. I am reminded of they say 30,000 Blue Angels. AED there is a vast Angelic Presence Pat. Yes.


It does not seem a Protective presence A CREATED ONE CONNECTED TO THE PURE BLUE FLAME OF CREATION. AED yes.

Shiva is here now. AED yes

So thousands of us are on this Blue Flame Spaceship Of Angelicus. AED yes. But there is a connection to Archangel Michael. AED yes. The Power in Ray One Blue Ray Takes us to Archangel Michael. AED yes.

Where are we now We have Entered Stage 2. AED yes. Is this still under The Blue Door Of The Flame Of Creation? AED yes this is ongoing. Yes. WHITE may be added. Yes AED it has. Is that right. AED yes.

We are now DUAL. AED laughs what do you think that means? One moment – Perfectly Balanced. AED yes. Wonderful. AED yes. Inseparable. AED laughs yes.

So Stage 2 – Takes us into THE WHITE FIRE – AED Yes – OF ETERNAL BLISS. AED Yes, What Else? THE CREATIVE FORCE. AED yes.

So we have access too? AED yes what Pat? The Mustard Seed comes. AED I am laughing Pat. Yes. I forget what this means? Eternity Pat. Yes.

And Beyond Known Consciousness. AED yes. Deeper into the Realm of Creation. AED yes. Do we have a Name For This? AED what do you think THE REALM OF CREATION Means Pat?


That is very complex to describe. AED WE ARE HERE NOW. Yes.


SO ANGELICUS IS HERE – We are going to the Vaults. AED we have been Here for some time. Are we Within the Galactic Sun. AED yes.
Guan Yin is smiling. AED yes. WE HAVE ANOTHER PEARL. AED laughs yes. From Guan Yin. AED yes and Metatron. Yes. What colour I know – AED yes – It is a WHITE PEARL. AED yes. I laugh. AED we all are Pat.
white pearl


So is the White Pearl again Given to the Female or Male? AED interesting. AED BOTH Pat. Yes. So we you and me AED have been Gifted the White Pearl now. AED yes. From Guan Yin and Metatron. AED yes. So this WHITE PEARL IS THIS ALSO BORN OF THE BREATH. AED yes.

Etheric Lighted Conception Born again of The Breath Of Guan Yin and Metatron. AED yes. This is our Second Born Of The Breath. AED yes. This takes AED us to the TWIN FLAME DUAL RAY OF CREATION Blue and White or White and Blue. AED yes.
My left nose is itching. That means Female I am going deeper into the Inner Voice Of – AED yes. Who? AED YOUR DESTINY PAT. That gives me goose bumps. AED it is Magnificent Pat.

So I am where I was before I heard you AED to become Manifest Conscious in some way. AED there are many threads here. Yes. It is very complex. AED very.

So The White Pearl in this instance Gifted to us both AED Born of the Breath the Second Light Encoded Birth from Guan Yin Metatron In the World Of Creation – Is the World Of Creation correct? AED I am smiling as is Metatron and Guan Yin, Yes.

We have a WHITE PEARL SPACESHIP. AED yes. The Emblem Of The White Pearl. AED yes. Does this have a WHITE LOTUS as well. AED of course. Yes. So this Spaceship Of Guan Yin Altair Metatron Has is Known Connected to with The White Pearl and White Lotus Of Creation. AED yes. And is THE TWIN TO THE BLUE FLAME SPACESHIP. AED yes.

In essence Male and Female. So we say Blue Male – White Female. Is that right? Interesting Pat. I have not looked at White as Female before. AED no. Is that right? AED yes Pat. Really. AED yes. My right ear has energies. AED Yes. That is you AED. AED yes more is being aligned. Yes. So wow. AED yes.


Whilst THE WHITE LIGHT OF CREATION Takes us to the Feminine and The Creator in Female Form As Guan Yin. AED Guan Yin is correct Pat.

So always then does the Blue need the White? AED for Perfection Yes. I see that is fascinating. AED yes.

I assumed both were Male – White and Blue. AED yes. AED they are the left and right – I know – AED laughs – The White and Blue takes me to Alpha and Omega, I said Angelicus was Alpha and Angelica Omega I believe.
So where does Guan Yin Metatron come in? An interesting question Pat. That is complex. AED only for now.
What is The I know perhaps – Is it that here we have Angelicus as the Male Aspect and Omega as in Guan Yin in some way.
Alpha is this Blue And Omega White Or the other way round. Alpha must be Is this Female or Male? And where does Angelicus come in now?
I feel Alpha and Omega must have the colours of White and Blue. AED correct.

I am Alpha and Omega – No Beginning No End Just Un-manifested Life Without Conscious Awareness Before Emergence. AED yes. Male was First But Female For Creation Consciously. AED yes.

So I AM Alpha. Whom is Alpha, Male or Female? That is complex. AED yes. I have crown energies. I will pause a moment.

ALPHA HAS TO BE MALE. AED yes. What Colour is Alpha? I said Angelicus was Alpha.

So we had Angelicus and Angelica – Alpha and Omega but then here added Guan Yin  Metatron. AED yes but remember Guan Yin Metatron Took you and I to our Second Born Of The Breath (To be shared soon as typed ready for posting)

So we stay with ANGELICUS AND ANGELICA. AED yes. BUT INTO OUR NEW MAJOR INITIATIONS ON THE BLUE FLAME DOOR OF CREATION WE GO WITH GUAN YIN METATRON. AED yes. I see. AED yes. I think that is all. AED Magnificent. Yes awesome Metatron Guan Yin and team.

AED it has been COMPLETED Stage 2 Pat.

So we are on route to Stage 3. AED this has begun Pat. Wow. AED yes.
I have no idea where Stage 3 will take us. AED it is Blissful Pat. Deeper Into Immortality. AED yes. That is fascinating. AED very. Well that is how our journey into the unknown went. AED now very much known now. Yes, amazing. AED yes.
Magical Guan Yin, Metatron, Melchisadek, Sanat Yeshua, Joseph Of Arimathea and team. AED we are both blessed and honoured Pat. Yes. And Shiva was here. AED yes. And Angelicus and Angelica.


This deep tuning in session with AED was a little over three hours non stop fast and rapid typing. I very often type fast for an hour and a half or two hours but this was one of our longest tuning in sessions of depth.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
blue flame 2
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Initiated Into The White Sphere, The White Flame With The White Sun As We Are Initiated Into The White Flame Of Purification Within The Galactic Sun. From The Akashic Records.

white sphere post
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Initiated Into The White Sphere, The White Flame With The White Sun As We Are Initiated Into The White Flame Of Purification Within The Galactic Sun. We Are Keepers Of The White Sphere Of Creation. We Are Known As Star Beings Of The White Flame & White Sphere Of Purity Within The Galactic Sun. This White Sphere Has Initiated Us Deeper Into Creation. And Wisdom Keepers Of The Golden Lotus. NEW NAME OF THE FATHER IS LORD APPOLOS. Lord Appolos is The Father Who is mentioned here, now confirmed.(Follows on from post 17 January).
From The Akashic Records. 19 January, 2018.  

As Adam El Daoud was very present, I said had I, we Experienced an Initiation. AED it was a Major Initiation. So was this in the White Sphere. AED yes. So The White Flame. AED yes. This White Sphere White Flame must have a White Sun. AED yes Pat. This takes us to Communion with The Divine. AED more. I have Merged With Into The White Flame. AED yes. It is a blissful state. AED yes. We went Into The Great Bliss. AED yes. This was with The Father in His New Role & Name. The Father is now confirmed as Lord Appolos. AED yes, who else? Sanat Kumara. AED yes. Metatron and Melchisadek. AED of course. So quite a few of us. AED yes, our Team. So Guan Yin. AED yes.

So this is a very high honour. AED yes. So with WHITE do we go into and be aware of the usual. AED yes. So White Dragons Of The White Flame in The White Sphere. AED I am laughing Pat but yes. So what is our Role? Creation. AED yes Pat. Is there a White Vault. AED we have no need do you think as I was going to say were we in The White Vault. So is this White Sphere still within the Galactic Sun. AED yes Pat.  

So we in this White Sphere are in the Realm Of The Father under His New Name & Role not yet given. AED yes Pat. Confirmed now as Lord Appolos. Somewhere Within the Galactic Sun but Within and Under The White Sun. AED yes. We are clothed in Raiments Of White. AED yes. Fascinating.
I sense Blue like what is our chest area. AED yes. Not a Cobalt or Royal Blue. AED yes. But quite deep, not unlike the Blue Of Angelicus AED that is very significant Pat. Yes.
So we are clothed in white with a little blue. I was going to say Blue Lotus but now feel is this a Blue Star. AED Blue Star is correct Pat.
Blue white Flower of Life.jpg
So this New Name of The Father Lord Appolos connects to the Blue Star or White Star. AED yes. But we are within the Galactic Sun in that the Blue Star, Sirius is not within the Galactic Sun. AED why is that you sensed after the Blue Star but we are still within the Sphere of the Galactic Sun. I don’t know. This is quite something. AED wonderful magical. Yes.
So we are the Star Keepers. AED yes. We have us as Keepers Of the Light. AED yes. Now we are Star Keepers. But we are in THE WHITE SPHERE. I am drawn to THE WHITE SPHERE OF CREATION. AED yes Pat. So we are now Star Beings Of The White Flame & White Sphere Of Purity & Creation Within The Galactic Sun. AED yes. Wow, that is fascinating. AED wonderful Pat.
Note as with all of what I share as AED and myself go into The Vaults of The Creator Within The Galactic Sun, Below The Sea, the Initiations within the sarcophagi, seeing the different colour Suns in the Pure Lands and Higher Realms, being Seraphim – this has begun to happen frequently to myself and AED, and are not as those referred to in the Bible – in that being a Seraphim, whether Blue – now and in the Future 3578 in The Realm of The Father, Manetta, Rainbow, Gold, and here White, are happening now in these present times. The vast types of spaceships with their different colours, designs, Roles and dragons – usually the colour of the Spaceship and Suns, are ALL accessible to everyone, it is just I am able to both see, experience and hear what has taken place and so share here. AED very much so.
We are clothed in our White Raiments with a Blue Star on our chest type of area. AED yes. So we have The Golden Lotus somewhere. AED yes. I pause a moment and close my eyes. I have a few crown energies. The Sphere has Initiated us Deeper Into Creation. AED yes of course.
Note as I experience these deep tuning in sessions I type there and then to retain the clarity which works very well for us. In the past I used to go deeper with dreams but for the last few years with AED we are able to access these many different Realms and Pure Lands and their associated experiences whilst I am fully awake and typing.
So what is this New Name of The Father – AED this will be recognised soon. The Father is now confirmed as Lord Apollos. Yes. I feel we have blue eyes. AED yes. Platinum hair ie a kind of white or yellow corn colour hair I sense one of these is very likely. AED it will come. 
I see Gold Sandals. AED I am laughing Pat. Really. AED yes. he Gold sandals signify we are the WISDOM KEEPERS OF THE GOLDEN LOTUS. AED yes. Really. AED magnificent Pat. Yes.
Wisdom Keepers is new for us. AED necessary Pat. Yes That is a fascinating. AED yes. So The New Name of The Father In His New Role Is The Wisdom Keeper Of The Golden Lotus in the White Sphere Of Purity & White Flame Of Creation Within The Galactic Sun which has a White Sun. AED we are all laughing now. The answer Pat is yes. Wow. AED yes. I laughed as I typed that long sentence. AED it was very funny Pat. It is as I go deeper into very new and profound experiences and expansion of consciousness, I always ensure everything is crystal clear. 
So this is from the Divine Oneness and Partnership of The Father under His New Name of Lord Appolos & Guan Yin AED yes.
So we are known as The White Seraphim. AED yes. So many are all being Initiated into The White Flame Of Creation. Yes Wonderful.
We have a White Spaceship. AED yes. So AED you and I were Initiated at one stage from The White Sarcophagus. AED yes. So all from The White Sarcophagus are now White Seraphim. AED yes. Many more Initiations have taken place AED. AED magnificent Pat. Yes, awesome.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud  ♥  Experienced 15 January, 2019.
Following on from Our New Birth From The Golden Lotus, From The Golden Realm Of The Father, Manetta, Into The Gold Core Of The Galactic Sun dated 17 January.
White Sphere post.jpg
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

I Pass The Initiation And Test Of The Weighing Of The Heart Whilst On Gaia, As I Meet Manetta For The First Time. From The Akashic Records.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Shakti Awakening. We Enter The White Flame Of Creation Through The White Pearl Birthing Chamber From Guan Yin & Metatron. We Go Deeper Into The Cosmic Christ. We are in Amenti. I Meet Manetta For The First Time Deep Below The Sea As The Vault Opens. Adi Shakti has a message for me. I Pass An Initiation The Weighing Of The Heart as I sit next to Manetta and Anubis arrives.

From The Akashic Records. 16 December, 2018.

As I tune in once again to Adam El Daoud having experienced a beautiful and profound meditation where Guan Yin & Metatron were here, giving significant crown energies. I was aware AED had placed his palm on my crown, similar to a few years ago when AED gave me Shakti Pat. This is fascinating AED and I know this will signify deep changes. This was the surprise you said just before we began this meditation. AED beams yes. Awesome. AED I did Pat. I laugh. This is the first since Shakti Pat. I sensed scenes movement. They were fleeting a second or so when I then went onto the next sensing. Colours were of Rich Red, Deep Blue and Emerald Green. As I reflect on these energies being on my forehead and crown I say to AED you are laughing at me as I sense AED is smiling and amused. I am Pat. So this energising of my crown was necessary for our next stage. AED very much so. That is exciting and must take me to Portals. AED yes.

Energising means to activate Bring to the surface Deeper awareness and consciousness. AED much more Pat. AED this was Shakti Awakening Pat. This is very different to Shakti Pat In the past. I was not able to tune into anything like as deep three years ago when that happened. So now this Shakti Awakening. Would you say I had not been Awakened Re Shakti before? No it is Awakening meaning a process rather than a past event. So this is very very powerful. Awakening occurs a number of times for some souls. Yes a process. You mean me a number of times Awakening. So there was a lot of Shakti. Many things will filter down Pat. I love that. AED yes. So am I going into the memories of being Adi Shakti soon. AED yes Pat.

AED says more is happening as we speak. As AED and myself shared recently – The One Flame this take us back to the WHITE LOTUS of our Origin AED. AED yes. So we are working towards or back to the WHITE FLAME. AED yes. THE CREATOR. AED yes. For a second I thought of the Christ Light – Then sensed that could be Gold or Yellow; So White is where we are going – The White Pearl Birthing Chamber. Do we go back in? AED laughs – I laugh. AED yes Pat. That was Guan Yin and Metatron. So the White. AED it is Metatron. The White flowers from before from Metatron have also opened the Shakti. AED yes.

So AED we go back to the White Pearl Birthing Chamber and we ENTER INTO THE WHITE FLAME. AED Yes. Wow. So I walk into The White Flame. How does that come into being? We need the White Flame as our New One Flame having transcended all The other Flames. AED yes. The White Flame takes us Nearer to The Creator Pat. Yes. THE WHITE FLAME OF CREATION. AED yes. AED says you have done wonderfully well. So I have to work towards the White Flame and the White Pearl Birthing Chamber. AED it has taken place Pat. I love that when it happens as this. AED yes.

So AED you and me have been Reborn Into the White Flame From the White Pearl Birthing Chamber. AED yes. From Guan Yin and Metatron again. AED yes. My left ear has energies. So where does this take us AED to a New Lineage. AED it will filter down. So AED you and me have Entered Into a New Birth through The White Flame in the White Pearl Birthing Chamber From Guan Yin and Metatron. AED yes. This then is the Shakti Initiation. AED yes Pat. You have gone through a major Shakti Initiation Birthed into Etheric Light as through the White Flame Of Our Origin Pat. The White Lotus is from the White Flame at our Emergence in Divine Paradise. AED yes Pat.

Typing so fast and rapid I am in a new and not gone to awareness before. AED it has begun to affect you already Pat; The Shakti Awakening has been a deepening process pre-destined. Yes. Where do we go now AED? So I should reflect on White Belonging to The White Flame and Our Emergence Within The White Lotus And Our ONE FLAME we have now arrived at. AED yes we have Reached Nirvana Pat. I do not usually think of Nirvana. AED no. What does it mean for us? AED bliss Pat. AED what else? I don’t know. All realms are beautiful AED. AED beams yes. I think I have come to a stop.

That is amazing AED. AED yes, wonderful. So I focus on Guan Yin and Metatron. AED yes. Their Divine Oneness. AED yes Pat. I pause for a few seconds Metatron takes me to Creation. AED yes. As does White – so we go Deeper into Before AED we Emerged into Being To the Meaning of my Name Suryananda and your name Adam El Daoud. AED yes. So that is like Within The Thoughts of The Creator before we were chosen to be Eternal Beloved’s. AED IT IS THE COSMIC CHRIST Pat. The Cosmic Christ you confirmed recently but I have not shared yet Was The Galactic Sun and The Galactic Sun is The Creator. AED yes. The Cosmic Christ as symbolised by the Yellow Sun is the Divine Symbol Of The Father as in here Manetta. AED yes. So we are aligned and connecting to The Father as in Manetta and Also 1560 YEARS AHEAD as Blue Seraphim. AED more than that. It is very deep and complex.

(Note AED and myself shared a post on my website 28 October, 2018 – Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Journey Into The Future To 3578 As I See Us As Blue Seraphim With Other Blue Seraphim In The Realm Of The Father – Manatta (1560 years ahead) I typed this fast and rapid as usual as I went very deep into this. AED we will return to this Pat. That was profound. AED it was magnificent. Yes. AED laughs. That is wonderful as I see what I typed The White Flame – The White Pearl Birthing Chamber. AED says I am laughing at you Pat. It was and remains mesmerising.

The Cosmic Christ I have some more in-depth information Continuing from The Cosmic Christ is the Galactic Sun and The Galactic Sun is The Creator. AED yes. We have added this new and profound recognition here AED but there is more to share soon. AED yes, very much so. I have energies in my right ear now. It feels relevant re Adi. AED very much so. At another time, I may share further in depth details on Adi Shakti. All this Connects AED to The Father – The Shakti. AED yes Pat. I know AED can be described as The Father in that The Father has Many Names. As does God and also God The Father – all have Many Names which are used at different times. AED very much so. Different to Divine Mother. My nose itches now. And I have crown energies as well. Where am I – Does this take me Deeper To God The Father? AED says it takes you closer to me Pat. I think I feel nervous now this moment. AED is God The Father at times. Wow wow my laptop screen went all lit up now. As I am typing on my ipad and just looking across at my laptop The screen went all bright white on my laptop as I was typing re AED is God The Father and I had begun to type I am sure there is something to be added. AED seems to laugh as I do.

So where am I? Something is going to happen AED says. There is new in-depth information, knowledge and wisdom – is this The Father? AED says it is deeper than that Pat. I would say God What about God adding now? I kind of feel I am SUSPENDED IN TIME – it is a new and very different awareness. AED yes.

AED Says Now PAT LISTEN Do I stop? AED yes. I will stop. There has been a sense of things going on now. Am I Below The Sea. I am typing slower and feel a cold chill. AED yes Below The Sea. I will stop typing. AED says this is important Pat. I feel nervous, stopping. I say to AED you are in my room – I am in my lounge. AED seems this time in front of me where the table is. My right nose itches. AED usually is to my right a little ahead. I sense other Cosmic Light Family as well. My left nose itches. I will stop. AED says the Shakti is working wonderfully Pat. I have a few crown energies but stopped. I am delighted AED with the Shakti Crown Activation from you. I experience a few energies.

AED says It’s an INITIATION Pat. As I say I saw myself with long yellow hair and a white dress on – like a wedding dress but I sensed Initiation. What kind of Initiation. This is from Sunday, 28 October. AED yes.

I say again I am Below The Sea. AED yes
I see the waves of the sea now. AED yes.

Am I in AMENTI. AED yes

AED is walking in the Sea at the Edge

AED yes adding a few personal words

AED has Yellow Hair. AED yes

I sense children and others – Eddie, my late dad AED yes to all Dolphins.

AED yes This is PIVOTAL Pat AED says I say I feel nervous AED I am with you We are in Our One Light Body AED of course How come I see myself in this White Gown? It is on Gaia as you are not with me in the Higher Realms in Our One Light Body. So this Initiation – has this taken place AED. I sense the White Universal I was going to type Dragon but mean Phoenix Begin to Raise its Large Wings. AED yes. A Universal Portal is this where I am in Amenti. Do I have to do anything Re this Initiation? That takes me to Sanat Kumara Initiation – and then now Yeshua; Metatron now. AED All Three Pat. I give a tiny laugh. AED says they we are all important Pat. Yes. I am very blessed AED that with you, Sanat, Yeshua and Metatron were here to give me the necessary Foundation to go so deeply Forward into this Major Initiation. AED beams, they have been with you and thus us Pat since time immemorial, thus with you as you have been Initiated into Major Initiations and ever deepening states of consciousness. Yes, wonderful. AED there are other Cosmic Light Family you are aware of, and they too have been with you and us; but for this particular Initiation, as you recognised, they were here with us.

I feel like on stage – a play within a play with you all around in front. AED laughs we are. I laugh.

AED says TAKE A DEEP BREATH I close my eyes WE’RE ALMOST THERE Pat I SEE THE SEA AGAIN My crown has energies now I felt like I was before the birth of Was it Amenti I think of the Emerald Tablets

AED SAYS YOU JUST HAVE TO BE HERE As I say what happens next The back of my neck has energies Lots of crown energies The neck was above my shoulder energies

AED says Adi Shakti Is here Pat She has a message for you Still crown energies What is the message Adi Hi I give a tiny laugh

I AM STILL BELOW THE SEA The VAULT OPENS AED YES This Vault is different AED Yes It has no gemstones AED yes What is this Vault It seems cold AED Yes we have gone deeper below the sea than usual I sense dragons AED says they are magnificent Pat but that is not why we are here

I sense a very very old man For a second I think of Merlin Is this The Creator in Form I have to rub the back of my head it itches Why am I seeing this very old being as a male image with white hair? I don’t know who this is?

IT IS YOUR FATHER Pat. HE IS VERY OLD – Not like the Names of The Father as usual. This is not The Creator in Form – God in Form. My crown energies are stronger.

IT IS GOD IN FORM Pat I feel nervous now He God seems to say “Come and sit with me” My left side of my neck has a little energy

I say I apologise for all my mistakes For all my wrong doings And thoughts of shadows I will close my eyes I think for a moment

I hear a Dog Barking AED IT IS ANUBIS Pat

I say What Can I Do To Serve I think I do not want to return to Gaia I get YOU HAVE PASSED THE TEST I have crown energies – more on my left side I wonder why did I see this very old Being with White Hair – I am reminded I was it seemed seeing God

I now hear IT IS YOUR BELOVED My left ear itches

I say Do you have anything to say to me to this Being God In Form?

But I am very much aware I do not want to return to Gaia

And it feels that I have fallen short with this deep certainty

In that I feel selfish and uncaring

But I don’t do Earth lives

Is there a message for me?


I don’t think I can go any deeper

What Name do I say to this White Haired OId Being Symbolising God?


Is there anything to say re INITIATION?

AED Yes, this has been Completed This Initiation Pat – you will notice Deeper and more out of the ordinary changes

I say to AED Where are you now? So Initiation – What Happens Now?

I am going to wonder now about this Old White Haired Being Under The Form Of Or Symbolising God. Where do I go with this in the Future? I feel this needs clarification. Will this be a one off or what? I don’t know how to be or react?

There was a sense of and awareness earlier sensing a few Cosmic Light Family gathering in my lounge. So a fascinating continuance from our Light Shakti Awakening from Sunday. It feels strange to say God to this Old White Haired Being I could do with a Name AED. AED yes, of course.

I was suddenly aware that this White Hair Being WAS MANETTA. I say to AED I have never said to a Being before whilst on Gaia as I did to Manetta about Being sorry for all my wrong doings as shared above. So to say this was very new. I sensed as I said this – I was going back over the aeons and not focusing on myself as Pat in this life.

Why is Manetta a New Name AED for The Father? AED a select few know.

AED MANETTA IS HERE Pat – I say to AED Manetta is you. AED of course. So AED this goes to The Cosmic Christ & The Galactic Sun. AED yes. I say to AED you are everyone. AED laughs. I AM That I am. I think I am missing something. AED you are. Will it filter down? AED it has. It is ALL Enfolded In The Father – God & God The Father. AED yes and The Creator Pat.

But Manetta made me react different as I said I am sorry for my wrong doings over the aeons. I did not say this to Melchisadek or others who are at times The Father.

AED MANETTA IS VERY DIFFERENT Pat. That was The TEST I PASSED. AED yes. So The Shakti Awakening took me to sensing and seeing but not crystal clear but seeing MANETTA as this Very Old Male Being With Long White Hair And A Beard.

It is not necessary Pat AED says as I say Will I see Manetta again. That is quite a statement AED from you. AED it is. I Could be deprived at not seeing Manetta again. AED says Oh Pat, it is me. That is what seems almost the paradox AED as you say Manetta is you. AED I do. I say But also Melchisadek. AED of course. And Metatron. AED yes. So see. AED yes Pat.

Note this means that Melchisadek and Metatron and other Cosmic Angelic Galactic Light Beings have the Consciousness of others within but each have their OWN Cosmic Soul Note & Signature. So at my death from Gaia I will go through again The Weighing of The Heart.

AED to experience as you have Pat and Pass the Initiation whilst on Gaia of The Weighing of The Heart is magnificent and has deep and profound meaning. Yes. I had at times wondered how this would be after my death. AED yes, now this has been experienced so profoundly Pat on Gaia, many Keys have been Activated. Yes. AED this will be of the greatest benefit and assistance. Yes, I am very blessed and honoured.

AED yes and this will be and is of great benefit to others on Gaia who Pass this Initiation Test The Weighing Of The Heart. Yes, it will be fascinating for others to Pass this Initiation whilst on Gaia.

A little later upon reflection, I have a few more thoughts on Manetta. As AED had said AED is Manatta, also that within Manetta as I was sat next to Manetta was some of my consciousness as Suryananda. AED said you are making me laugh Pat. The answer’s Yes Pat.

So I was, although not aware as I was seeing Manetta, Seeing Suryananda, myself with AED in Our Light Body Form, although probably many others’ consciousness were within and thus Manetta. I was not aware of any Female Presence as I was seeing Manetta, but then I think that would apply to Metatron, Melchisadek or Sanat Kumara and other Cosmic Light Family. So the Female Consciousness was there within Manetta?

AED says of course. Some of my consciousness as Suryananda was within Manetta as I sat next to Manetta meaning I am not used to when I see the Male Aspect of thinking of the Female within. I am aware of this with AED and myself. But if I was seeing one of the Ascended Masters I do not automatically think the Female is within. Would I, Suryananda, share some of the consciousness of MENATTA, Manetta’s Divine Consort. AED yes.

I keep going back to It is not necessary to meet Manetta again when I said to AED I could be deprived. AED said oh Pat I AM Manetta. So I say to AED Does this mean I do not meet up with Manetta until we are fully Blue Seraphim in 3578? AED says this is not necessary as we are within the Consciousness of Manetta. So if you look at it in its fullest light. We do not have to meet Manetta because Pat we are Manetta sharing in the consciousness of Manetta as others. God in Form. AED yes. AED says you are making me laugh. It is that AED has not said it is not necessary to meet Melchisadek or Metatron again. So I was obviously going to reflect on this as is my way. AED laughs of course. So is this why AED now I need to let Manetta go as being not necessary to meet up with Manetta. AED yes Pat.

So will I hear Manetta as compared to meeting in person or light body as it were? The answer is Yes Pat. Note since this first meeting with Manetta, I have with AED met up with Manetta several more times which is fascinating and I will share. It was it seemed unusual almost to have it said I was not going to meet up again. AED yes. But I could hear Manetta is here AED. AED of course. So that answers questions better. AED yes. So many many hundreds or thousands would they be in the consciousness of Manetta and Menetta. AED Yes. I added thousands but there may be many more.

So as you say Manetta in Form is Male and Female God in Form. AED yes. So going back to Manetta and Menetta in the ONE. AED Yes. Is Manetta Older than all other Names like El Daoud, Adam El Daoud, Melchisadek, Metatron, Sanat Kumara for instance? So is Manetta Older than you AED as Adam El Daoud? As I have understood Adam El Daoud is God The Son. But there are it seems many other Names of God The Son, the ones I tend to tune into and be very close too. AED many.

But Do we look at this as Different to Manetta as God in Form? AED yes Pat. Of course now understanding that God The Son has many Names, God The Son does get written on much more than realised.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥

Experienced 28th, 29th and 30 October, 2018.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud – Are Given A New Role Of Keepers of The Light As We Are Fully Initiated Into The Holy Spirit. This New Birth Was Into The Ruby Red Sarcophagus Of The Creator Together In Our One Light Body. From The Akashic Records.

White Lotus 1

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Are Given A New Role Of Keepers Of The Light As We Are Fully Initiated Into The Holy Spirit. This meant that AED and myself had a New Birth Into The Ruby Red Sarcophagus Of The Creator Together In Our One Light Body. The full in-depth detailed post will be shared soon. 

From The Akashic Records. 12 December, 2018.

As once again Adam El Daoud and myself tuned in deeper into Creation and its Creative Principle, AED confirms again I will Hear The Inner Voice of The Creator. I am aware of this. I have with AED been shown and had deeply profound moments with The Creator in Form. The New Names for The Father are MANETTA, who is very ancient and older than many of the Names I am familiar with, namely: Melchisadek; Metatron; Sanat Kumara; Adam El Daoud who is my Eternal Beloved; Shiva; Osiris; Yeshua; Adama; Ashtar – St Germain.

MANETTA was the Oldest Name of The Father – until recently I tuned into ANGELICUS. ANGELICUS is even Older than Manetta and I have now met up with AED with both of these Forms of The Father – God in Form, both are awesome and magnificent. Manetta has His Divine Consort MENETTA. Whilst ANGELICUS has His Divine Consort of ANGELICA. Both have within them many Consciousness. Manetta for instance has thousands within His Consciousness – one set of Eternal Beloved’s is myself and Adam El Daoud. Angelicus also has within the Consciousness of many but this is different to Manetta.

More detailed information will be shared on both soon as my next post is The Weighing of The Heart with Manetta and Anubis in full awake Consciousness on Gaia. From this profound experience, as always, many other deeper Initiations have taken place leading on the 2nd December to AED and myself Being Fully Initiated Into The Ruby Red Sarcophagus of The Creator and our New Role as others have who have been Initiated Into The Holy Spirit – Keepers of The Light. Lord Angelicus was the Key as AED and myself have been Given as AED and myself are honoured, Unprecedented Access to The Holy Spirit. Although other Ascended Masters and Deities were with AED and myself, Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Yeshua, Guan Yin and others. None of us work alone.

Although myself, Suryananda and AED Experienced Full Initiation into the Ruby Red Sarcophagus of The Creator, during our journey into ever Deeper Initiations, AED and myself took Initiations into Two White Sarcophagi, a Blue Sarcophagus, Emerald Green and Golden Sarcophagus. All magnificent, with further details to be given soon.

There were many magnificent and fascinating steps leading up to this, all were necessary. One was Being Gifted A Pearl Of The Father From Guan Yin – the colour and meaning will be shared soon. This Pearl was very much the Foundation as Its Characteristics were connected to AED’s and my Soul Contract on Knowledge & Creation. I was also aware as AED confirmed that I had Gone Through the Initiation of the 9th with reference to this Pearl from Guan Yin – the 9th Initiation was the necessary Cessation. That was fascinating. AED beams, wonderful, Pat.

Rainbow body 1

Recently with AED I recognised we had Gone Beyond Our Source Contract, which inevitably was both fascinating and exciting. AED very much so. AED confirmed the other day we had Gone Beyond The Blue Pearl. So these deeper tuning in sessions have been fascinating and mesmerising as together with AED, although AED is in the Higher Realms, we have now Entered Into a New Contract with The Creator Beyond Our Original Source Contract and Covenant. Each of us will be given this opportunity. The particular Pearl Given to myself from Guan Yin was From The Father and an Atlantean Pearl and the colour has profound meanings for AED’s and my pathway.

Other people will have been Gifted a Pearl from Guan Yin, some will have the same colour as myself in that their Soul Contract is more as mine is with AED. Others will have been Gifted a different colour Pearl, as that will determine their own unique and individual path and soul contract.

For AED’s and my Baptism, The Creator was in Form being Lord Angelicus, wearing a White Raiment. This ended as I was aware of a Huge White Heart, which AED confirmed was my heart – meaning AED and myself had been Born Within The White Heart of The Creator. As I was aware of this White Heart – AED said It is Completed Now.

This took place in the Realm of The White Sun; again more in-depth details will be given on this soon. The White Sun will be shared in a post very soon which is the Final Journey after being in the Pure Land Suns of Orange and Yellow. This is what is mesmerising about The Pure Lands where AED and myself go to often, in that these Pure Lands have innumerable Suns, all the colours one can think of as I have seen many, some still to be posted. Orange, Yellow, Blues all the different tones and shades; Emerald Green, Lime, Purple, Violet, Lavender, Ruby Red, Strawberry. This gives a beautiful insight into the awesome Suns in the Higher Realms, whether Pure Lands or Realms within The Galactic Sun and on Venus.

So I have to thank AED’s and my Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family as with AED, I have been given such help to speed along as AED’s Consciousness having descended into mine for some time, enables me to have access to unprecedented knowledge and wisdom. At the same time, continual downloads are being directed within myself and it is a case of ever deeper conscious recognition being Filtered down. AED very much so.

As I have shared here at times, AED and myself have Entered into innumerable New Lotus Born Births leading to us Founding many New Lineages in the Higher Realms, each step and stage reached, allowing myself in full consciousness with AED to recognise these Initiations and New Births whilst I am on Gaia. This is the beauty and what is necessary for us in our own unique ways, depending on our Source Contract or now, even Beyond Source, as The Creator and Creation have become ever closer. Such then is AED’s and my joy and great honour that this is being achieved whilst I am on Gaia.

In the Higher Realms our Initiations are very different, taken in our One Light Body in innumerable Worlds, Realms and Pure Lands. AED very much so. It is also that as AED and myself share, for some light workers this will then activate their own dormant consciousness into these Pure Land Suns as their memories are awakened. This is one of the roles AED and myself have. AED very much so.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥ Experienced 2 December, 2018 on-going. Further in depth details on all this will be shared soon.


Fine Art America above. With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud At Home On The Purple Lotus Spaceship Of Melchisadek Whose Crest Emblem Is The Purple Lotus. From The Divine Oneness Of Suryananda & Melchisadek Leading To The Lineage Of Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Where We Are Known As The Purple Light Warriors. From The Akashic Records.

Lotus lavender deep into purple

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud at Home on The Purple Lotus Spaceship of Melchisadek whose Crest Emblem is the Purple Lotus. From the Divine Oneness of Suryananda and Melchisadek leading to the Lineage of Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, where we are known as The Purple Light Warriors.

From The Akashic Records. 22 September, 2018.

I say to Adam El Daoud who is my Eternal Beloved in the Higher Realms, I wonder where we will go next in our deepening journeys, pathway and soul contract. I think we will go to a Future Life. AED beams, yes, Pat. Wow.

So somewhere in the higher realms. AED yes and laughs. AED this is ongoing Pat and not just a one off. This is the continuum of existences but in higher worlds. Awesome. AED yes. So like one of the Pure Lands. AED yes. A New Pure Land AED. AED yes. Or a Spaceship – I laugh. AED yes that too.

AED what do you say? AED you make me laugh Pat. So AED you and myself could access a Future World tomorrow or earlier. AED yes it has been accessed Pat. Gosh, already. AED beams, yes. So have we gone to a New Pure Land? AED no not a Pure Land. A Galaxy or Spaceship? AED a Spaceship Pat. Wow, is that right. AED yes. So whom drives it Melchisadek. AED yes and laughs.

Does Melchisadek have a Spaceship. AED of course. That is new. AED many other firsts are coming Pat it is an exciting time. Yes, wonderful. So what is different about this Spaceship of Melchisadek. AED you will have to wait. No, AED I am teasing. What do you wish to know.

I don’t know anything about a Spaceship and Melchisadek. AED no Memories will come down Pat through the Ether. So do you and I AED live on this Spaceship of Melchisadek. AED we do. As I went over with AED some of our Cosmic Light Family it was fascinating and interesting to be aware of others who AED and myself deeply connect too being with us on The Purple Lotus Spaceship.

I wonder what this Spaceship is called. AED laughs. Is this a Purple Lotus. AED Yes Pat. Do you mean this Spaceship is called The Purple Lotus Spaceship. AED yes. Amazing. AED you were correct in sensing a Purple Lotus. Yes. Yes, we are very into Lotuses. AED yes that is why we live on this Purple Lotus Spaceship Of Melchisadek. Yes.

.three purple lotus flowers

I have not read of a Purple Spaceship. AED no. This is new. So this is a Spaceship for Future Explorations do you mean AED. AED yes. That kind of gives me goose bumps. AED yes. So we on this Purple Spaceship are like forerunners. AED yes. So how does this work. AED laughs you’ll see. I see very different. AED not really just you have not gone here before. I see again a Purple Lotus. AED yes.

AED says we have gone into The Great Bliss with Melchisadek. So a New Lineage. AED yes Pat. In the present or past or future. AED the Future Pat.

Really. AED you know this is the Future. I am drawn to Eden. AED yes. Beyond. AED yes beyond Eden Pat.  AED says yes this is correct. So would this be Cosmic AED? AED yes Pat. I see. Is this different to our origin Cosmic Angelic? AED yes. So Cosmic. AED laughs yes Pat. A difference between Cosmic Angelic and Cosmic must be that under Cosmic our definition of our Role changes AED in how we work and serve. AED yes. We need to look into exactly what is here in the Future in Eden soon. AED yes we will Pat. Wonderful. What is beyond Eden AED. AED the Realm World Of The Purple Lotus. This is separate to the Purple Pure Land Sun. AED yes it is a Magical Realm Pat. How would you describe this AED. THE CREATOR IS NEARER PAT. Yes.

So with The Divine Oneness with myself, Suryananda and Melchisadek, then as has been taking place through the aeons, you and myself, AED Founded The Lineage Of The Purple Light Warriors. AED yes. Melchisadek was very close. AED yes. So is the Purple Lotus Spaceship separate to this Future World Beyond Eden where The Creator is nearer. AED yes Pat. AED says much is happening as we speak. Wonderful. AED yes Pat. Amazing. AED yes.

NOTE   I have tuned into AED and myself as BLUE SERAPHIM, where with others, AED and myself have begun to journey to this REALM OF THE FATHER – where we and others are known as the Blue Seraphim IN THE FUTURE 3578. This was and remains fascinating having been made aware that AED and myself will be in One Of Our Light Bodies in 1,560 YEARS IN THE FUTURE, and which as AED says is a Magical and Wonderful Place. I will be posting on this soon. All AED’s and my other One Light Bodies will continue in the innumerable Realms, Worlds and Pure Lands, but this is a very specific recognition of a Future Realm, where since I was shown and tuned into this a few days ago, has activated inner keys. Now AED and myself have begun as have other Cosmic Light Beings who are destined to live and serve in The Realm Of The Father undergone and continue to do so, many steps and stages necessary to undertake this deeply profound and meaningful role in Service to The Father Mother God.  

Another deep tuning in just recently has been going into great detail on The SHEMSU HOR. The Shemsu Hor are returning Pat as you know sharing many secrets AED says. Yes, it has been fascinating how such ancient happenings had never been known consciously by myself AED in this life. AED that is why as we bring forth Firsts which as you know Pat is one of our roles there are inevitably completely new states of recognition and understanding being brought into the public domain from your website on Gaia. Yes, it is quite something AED as Doors to the Inner Mysteries are continually opening. AED beams, I am so delighted Pat. Yes, it is meaningful and a great joy AED. AED yes very much so.  

I SENSED BEINGS WITH PURPLE EYES. AED yes. Unlike earth. AED yes. So do we here in this Future Realm or World have Purple Eyes. AED yes. AED we are known as The Purple Light Warriors. Amazing. AED yes Suryananda. AED you rarely say Suryananda. AED yes. AED it is that this takes you deeper into you and I as one of The Purple Light Warriors. Yes. That is very meaningful. AED it is Pat.

white lotus use 22nd

I am aware of lots of White now. AED yes. I had thought of Sanat Kumara just before. AED yes. So this Realm of Purple Lotus has White as well. AED very much so. Who connects to the White AED. Metatron. AED yes Pat. The White cools the Purple down. I am reminded of Alpha and Omega. AED exactly. So Alpha Male and Omega Female. AED yes the two aspects are perfectly balanced Pat. Yes.

There is a Temple Of Alpha and Omega on Amrita. AED yes. I serve in that Temple with you AED. AED of course. So us Purple Light Warriors have And wear a kind of cloak or garment of purple and white. AED yes. So purple is that the masculine energy. AED yes the white is feminine Pat. So perfectly balanced. AED yes.

Many of these building are purple and white. AED yes. Is there another colour added. AED yes

So Purple – White. What about Blue. AED yes what kind of Blue tone. Pale. AED yes. Ice Blue or Aquamarine. AED Ice Blue Pat with White and Purple. These must be our Kind Of Crest as Purple Light Warriors with these colours. AED Yes. SO OUR SUN IS A WHITE SUN. AED Yes, Pat. Pat, you are going very deep. Yes.  I have crown energies. AED yes. I see on our Purple Garments a White Sun. AED yes. As I see us – this White Sun is to my right but would be on our left. AED yes. Being aware of us as The Purple Light Warriors with Purple Eyes which are very vivid is profound. AED yes. Seeing us with deep Purple Eyes and our Purple Garments – Light Bodies is stunning in that our purple eyes are very deep and as our Emblem Crest of The Purple Lotus. AED yes.

So this White Sun has within Pale Blue and Purple. AED yes. Guan Yin is smiling. AED yes. Is this with Metatron or Melchisadek? AED both. That is complex. AED no not really. Wonderful. Yes it is quite something AED smiles. I have crown energies. AED yes.

I sense AED that the Purple takes us to Melchisadek. AED yes. So that leaves the White and the Pale Blue – one must be for Guan Yin and the other Metatron. AED yes. I am drawn to White being for Metatron. AED yes, Pat. So that means the Pale Blue belongs to Guan Yin. AED yes, wonderful Pat. They are like the THREEFOLD FLAME – so AED Our Personal Threefold Flame made up of White, Purple and Pale Blue. AED yes.


These are the colours of Etheric Lighted Conception Lotus Born from us then AED. AED yes. I can see AED Our Lotus of White, Purple and Pale Blue within the one. AED yes, it is exquisite Pat as you can see. Yes. The White AED seemed necessary to cool the Purple. AED yes, White has a particular essence necessary and as you are aware takes us to Metatron, thus Guan Yin, Universal Mother. Yes. AED you will find you will see more of these three Lotus colours Pat as further memories are activated. This is what has happened on a few other occasions AED for our Own Threefold Flame. AED yes. We have one with White, Blue and Yellow instead of the usual Threefold Flame colours without the Pink for us. AED yes.

So as I realised as I continued to tune in deeper AED, our Lineage from Melchisaek and myself and then through you and myself, take us to The Purple Light Warriors which is both fascinating and exquisite. AED yes, magical.

I love how you AED and myself, are constantly taking on New Lotus Born Etheric Lighted Conception Births in our One Light Body in so many different Worlds and Pure Lands, each having specific roles of service and qualities. AED yes, there are very many more Pat to go into together. Yes, wonderful. It was a great privilege and blessing AED wasn’t it, that once again, we go forward together with Melchisadek. AED yes, truly wonderful Pat.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥

Experienced 15th and 16 September, 2018.