Our Dragon, Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Ride Into The Dragon Realm, Pre-Dawn Of Civilisation & Atlantis, Millions Of Years Ago. From The Akashic Records.


From The Akashic Records. 12 June, 2018.
Adam El Daoud suggested we look at our Water Dragon, Saffron, whom I am very close too and see often, but to go deeper, and which as so many spiritual practices, begins with the Breath. So I began to unify alchemy energies through the Breath of Saffron, recognising that I needed to still my breath, bringing Saffron into my central channel as I breathed with Saffron’s breath. So I breathe and think of myself as Saffron – AED yes, try it and see what happens. AED see what you discover.
At first my breathing was deep then it became less deep, as I was aware of less deep breaths and I felt Saffron lie down. AED’s consciousness is also within Saffron’s. Saffron, can shape-shift and has over the aeons, saved my life many times. AED very much so. AED is very Present as always having said I am here as I began to tune in.
At first, I feel a sense of heat and a hand on my left shoulder. AED says it is I dear one. I smile and try not to laugh as earlier my Cosmic Light Family were waving to me, AED, with Saffron and others. At times they do this and it is very engaging and delightful.
Where am I? AED – you are Home dear one. I am aware of my Eternal Beloved, Adam El Daoud as he is guiding me as always. I sense the Rise and Fall of Civilisations – we are Going Back Into Time – that gives me goose bumps. It is pre-Atlantis, this gives me more goose bumps; AED laughs, so it should.
The Creator chose Saffron for me. AED yes, of course. AED keep with the breath, take your time to be still and observe; write in a short while what you see. AED let it be revealed, don’t rush your visions, and remember to breathe with Saffron. I know Saffron is AED’s and my Bliss Dragon, as AED had shared this a few years ago. I stopped typing and closed my eyes.
AED yes, be at peace. Breathe with Saffron; allow yourself to go deep. Travel wide. Yes.
Ania Goddess of Light dragon use
Title Ania Goddess of Light Dragon. Artist unknown.
I am Saffron, she is our Bliss Dragon. AED says once again, I am here. Saffron is now lying on the ground, all of our Cosmic Light Family are here – this was why they were waving at me knowing what was to come. AED beams, yes, Pat.
I am now Saffron and I am flying through the air. AED wonderful. My dragon wings are moving up and down – I feel exhilarated. AED laughs we are there as Saffron together flying through the air and the Ether over Vast Expanses of Land. We see other Dragons around. Wow. This is both awesome and very powerful. AED laughs, this has been experienced by us many times Pat, it is just that now you are there consciously as you not only remember but live this experience. Yes.
I say to AED Saffron where are we now? Before the Dawn of Civilisation. Wow, this is very profound and magical. I can tell we are in The Realms of The Dragons long before the Dawn of Civilisation. AED says yes you are.
I feel we are in Another World and Galaxy. AED yes, we are in another Galaxy not previously remembered. AED this is so beautiful Pat, Saffron and I and our Cosmic Light Family have been waiting for this for a long time to be experienced by you in full consciousness. Yes, it is awesome, profound and magical – more than I had thought. AED yes. I had not even imagined this. AED laughs, yes Pat, this is beyond what many describe as imagination, for we are not only back into pre-Dawn Civilisations but are Millions of Years Ago in what is referred to as time immemorial – long before records were kept. Although as always, everything that exists is within the Akashic Records. Yes.
AED continues now the link has been made, and it is tremendous Pat, Saffron and myself, are overjoyed, as are our Cosmic Light Family and Dragon friends. Dragons love to be seen, to be loved and treasured, such then enables magic to unfold. Yes.
I say I am Saffron, I am a Bliss Dragon and it is my role and destiny to bring to the awareness of all beings bliss and joy of The Creator God The Father Mother and all life forms to partake in Eternal Life.
I am slowing down, my wings are getting slower and I prepare to land. AED – well done, it has been a wonderful step towards memories of us and who we are and our role and journey together for the benefit of all beings and life forms in all worlds and galaxies.
Golden Dragon DeviantArt
Golden Dragon at DeviantArt.
I begin to breathe again, trying to remember to breathe. I AM LOOKING THROUGH THE EYES OF SAFFRON. As I, Saffron land, I am cheered and there are lots of little ones around – children; they love to see us dragons and are often here as we Dragons land. We have many beautiful Dragons here. I see a Beautiful Gold and Rust Dragon. It is coming towards us in greeting and bows down its head in welcome and makes a sound.
I, Saffron, find myself smiling and feeling very happy at seeing this Golden Rust Dragon. We are old and good friends and have been together since pre-dawn of Civilisation. Green Dragons begin to come to where I am and other colours. I am aware of others riding their Dragons – it is a magical and profound awareness.
My wing span is enormous – it stretches far and wide. I feel the flapping of my wing span and as Saffron I see my Dragon friends doing the same as their wingspans are stretched outwards as well.
I am aware of AED and I sense Blue coursing through my being as Saffron in that it feels BLUE FIRE. I am reminded of the Fire Element. The Blue Flames are a kind of fuel for myself as Saffron.
I say to AED why am I by myself as a Bliss Dragon, meaning there is only one Sapphire Blue Dragon which is my colour as Saffron. AED within Saffron laughs as he says Suryananda, it is because we are one – one heart, one soul, one Dragon. I smile, yes.
I, as Saffron am aware of activity, and I can sense the other Dragons are all getting ready to fly again, and I can feel my wing span begin to move upwards as I prepare to fly as are the other Dragons.
I wonder where we are going. I ask AED Saffron where are we now? AED says I love you very much in my form as Saffron. It feels surreal almost. Saffron is AED – AED is Saffron and I am both as well.
I, as Saffron am a Water Dragon, and so I have a different role and way I serve to the other Dragons, Fire, Earth, Air.
Queen Glacier of the White Wings Dragon
Queen Glacier of The White Wings Dragon. Artist on image.
I feel a few tears falling down my Dragon’s face it has been a wonderful ride into the past and into other pre dawn times with my beloved Adam El Daoud and Suryananda whom I have loved before ever they Emerged into Being – First as One, then later as A Dual Life Ray, but Before Both, they were One – Pre-chosen by The Creator – God The Father Mother as One – Eternally Beloved.

I smile with joy as I was chosen – pre-chosen as all us Dragons were, but for myself, to be with AED and Suryananda throughout the Different Worlds and time zones and into both the Past – Present and into Worlds to come, I, Saffron will ensure that AED and Suryananda are One in that State of Divine Cosmic Bliss, the Amrita of the Gods, that Golden Liquid is theirs, for they are as the Sun Son and I, Saffron, beams with delight, am there with them ever step of the way since before they came into being for they are me and I am them, thus Bliss is ours Eternally.
I am Saffron and I am Home With Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.

I take faster breaths now and AED says you did very well. I sense our Cosmic Light Family, AED and Saffron – and others as once again they wave to me.
also white dragon 12 June
I wonder if I will look at Saffron differently now. I am bound too for I have not only rode on my beloved Dragon but I took steps and went within and was Saffron and journeyed to another Realm and know and sense a little bit more of what is and how things are. There is a much wider expanse of my Consciousness with regard to Dragons than had been before.

AED yes Pat, very necessary for the Path and Soul Contract we are about to enter into.

AED is very present and as Saffron I find myself laying down as Dragons do on the ground – my wings move and allow me to rest. As I rest there on the ground as it were there is Blue coming out of my Breath – My Breath is being expelled as the Blue Breath. AED very much so. So here I am now resting and I have Breathed forth from me my Blue Breath which is quite a Bright Blue, not dark, not cobalt but quite bright blue.

I was seeing The Sun, a Smiling Face, The Father, AED. I am Infinite Light without form having merged with AED as Light and Energy as we are able to soar through the Sky, the Ether, which is Vast and Infinite.
This has been an awesome, profound and magnificent awareness of being both Saffron AED’s and my Water Dragon, whilst at the same time, riding our Dragon into The Dragon Realm, pre-Dawn of Civilisation, and even Atlantis, which came into Emergence Millions of Years Ago, and still exists as a Realm Within The Galactic Sun, and where AED and myself, have a Home and serve in many ways on Atlantis in our Light Bodies with other Cosmic Light Beings.
White dragon and gold
Atlantis, as with all of the Higher Realms cannot be accessed in our Earth bodies on Gaia, but only in our Light Bodies. We can travel to these Higher Realms even when on Gaia as we raise and expand our consciousness, allowing us to align with these higher energies and magical places, often glimpsed in dreams – acting as a beautiful signpost, guide and memory to Home.  
The magical moments of being Saffron, and being aware of the rise and fall of my wings and how I both took off and landed in such an ancient pre-dawn of Civilisation World, is something which I will always remember. As AED says and I am aware, we go to The Dragon Realm often, whilst I will have more of these visions and memories, which is very profound and exciting. Saffron has said she is excited at me sharing this as it enables others to be aware of just some of the Magnificence of The Dragon Realm.

The Dragon Realm that I went to and rode on Saffron with AED Within The Galactic Sun is Vast. However there are also Other Dragon Realms Within The Galactic Sun which are not so vast with each having their specific roles. Some of these other Dragon Realms Within The Galactic Sun are younger Dragon Realms.At the same time, there are Other Dragon Realms which are Not Within The Galactic Sun but in Other Worlds – Galaxies and Realms.


So The Dragon Realm is Home to The Dragons but the Dragons often live with us in our Homes Within The Galactic Sun. However, the Dragons return to refresh themselves, meet with their other Dragons and friends, and renew what it is they have been pre-destined to serve as their role. AED yes very much so, the Dragons return home to The Dragon Realm just as it can be described you and I return Home – they the Dragons Return to Their Source – Their Home in the sense that this is where they had been pre-destined to begin their Conscious Existence. The Dragons love The Dragon Realm, for this is both Vast and Powerful and Holds Many Ancient Secrets the Dragons have been trained to both support and are aware of. Yes, this is both awesome and amazing. AED yes, Pat.

AED and myself go often to The Dragon Realm, meeting not only the other Dragons there but our other Galactic loved ones. Although Saffron is also at Home with AED and myself – crown energies now – Within The Galactic Sun. AED very much so and elsewhere, Saffron is with us.

It is fascinating that Saffron is Home with AED and myself in some of our Homes Within The Galactic Sun, and we have many, whilst at the same time, Saffron lives amongst the other Dragons. In essence, as it is for us Cosmic Light Workers here on Gaia and in the Higher Realms where we are multidimensional, having innumerable Light Bodies, so the same is true for the Dragons, they also have multidimensional selves in Dragon form.

This is also true for many of my – our Animal Totems, they live with Adam El Daoud and myself in the Higher Realms and Within The Galactic Sun.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥


Ania Goddess of Light dragon use

With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

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