Queen Boudicca of the Iceni and King Prasutagus – Twin Flames. Personal Memories. From The Akashic Records.

Boudicca The Celtic Queen
Boudicca the Celtic Queen. Artist unknown.
From The Akashic Records.  28 December, 2017.
Early this morning, whilst not meditating, I suddenly heard BOUDICCA. This was fascinating as I was not thinking of Boudicca at all; she is somewhere in the recesses of history learnt. Adam El Daoud said she is you. With this, AED means that Boudicca is a multidimensional self of Suryananda. Just as I am as Pat on Gaia.
Suryananda has had and continues to have innumerable other embodiments here on Gaia and in the Higher Realms, Atlantis, Amenti, Venus, Medina, Sirius B and very many other Realms and Galaxies. We can be described as the many different Facets within the Diamond Consciousness of Suryananda, each Facet, having a Different Quality, Attribute, Gift and Destiny Going Back To Source.
At the same time, each of the Diamond Facets which make up Suryananda, have Their Own, Individual And Unique Name. Within each Name denotes the Destiny. Suryananda, which is my Name from Source, means Eternal Bliss of the Sun (Son). This is just a few brief words in explanation. Full details on the meaning of my Name Suryananda are in my post on my previous website, The Alchemy of The Sun (Son). I have copied the meaning at the end of this post at the very end.
(From Google – Boudicca The Warrior Queen of the Iceni Born 30 AD Britannia Died 61 AD Britannia. Her spouse Prasutagus was King of British Celtic Tribe called the Iceni who inhabited roughly what is now Norfolk in the First Century AD. Prasutagus  died 60 AD. He left his property in part to his two daughters and the Romans hoping they would be able to keep this but the Romans were not in agreement. Boudicca’s daughters were raped and tortured at 12. After this happened Boudicca led her army against the Romans).
I said to AED there must be a reason why AED gave me this name. What can I learn from it? Forgiveness of others and of myself? AED says it is very relevant. Also, I as Boudicca, went through many other horrific experiences at the hands of the Romans, this was not limited to flogging.
Adam El Daoud, confirmed that he was my Spouse King Prasutagus, as indeed AED and myself, Suryananda, have been together in innumerable past lives shared through the aeons. Just as Suryananda which is my Name has a vast range of multidimensional selves and embodiments on Gaia and in the Higher Realms, so does Adam El Daoud, have the same vast amount of multidimensional selves and embodiments. Thus it can be easy to align oneself and tune into another aspect of our Being. It is as always, a case of raising our energies and vibrations and learning to LISTEN.
.Boudiccia 28 Dec also
Boudicca. Artist unknown.
As I said to Prasutagus as to why he had shared the name of Boudicca with me, Prasutagus said it goes much deeper than forgiveness and clearing away soul memories of pain and trauma. 
But healing and forgiveness from both sides are necessary Prasutagus says this was why I brought Boudicca to you. There will be many more. It will be a way of deeper learning and learning to access wisdom therein obtained at great cost and sacrifice to so many.
I say has all the karma been erased from so long ago? Prasutagus says yes, but soul memories linger. I bring this to you for clearance as your expanding DNA is rapidly changing our journey together. I say that is lovely. Prasutagus says yes, it is necessary. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride back into many past lives. They will all have wisdom, love and teaching to offer as well as future awareness of our innumerable deeply loved and cherished lives spent together.
Our journeys on Gaia have been immense as you know from just one of our past lives as Alexander Petronov which is waiting for you to post. Note – this details a past life of Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, as 18th Century Cossacks. I was given the name of Alexander Petronov in a dream 25 years ago and trained myself to remember his name as I knew it had deep meaning. It was only recently that I was able to tune into AED and the Akashic Records and retrieve some details of our life then when Alexander Petronov.
Our poor children I say to Prasutagus, our two daughters – they were raped at 12. In essence, our two daughters who were raped and tortured, I feel must be multidimensional selves or embodiments of Suryananda. Prasutagus says very much so.
Prasutagus says Suryananda, it has been a long road for you since then. At this my eyes become moist, and there are deep emotions, like a glimpse of ages being sensed and understood. My eyes water now a little.
You know this is an epic journey through innumerable past lives into vast and diverse cultures and societies, ancient battles were fought and led to much anguish and soul searching.
It has been blessed by being together Prasutagus said. This brings tears now. I say, yes. My lives were always better when we shared in the one Earth being.
Note – in many lives shared, Adam El Daoud and myself at times, were encased within the same Earth being, thus were we one in the physical body. At other times, I, Suryananda, shared fully in the higher consciousness with AED when he was incarnated on Gaia, but I did so from the Higher Realms and not in the same Earth body.
King Prasutagus spouse Boudiccia
King Prasutagus. Artist unknown.
Prasutagus says yes, he has said before, it was and remains easier for you.
 So as is so often the case Suryananda was both the Adult Mother and both embodiments – multidimensional selves of her children.

It will heal many Prasutagus says as I say should I add this to my Website as I added extra words once known when Prasutagus said it will heal many. I do not often share a well known past life. Some I have shared here for instance, Surya in The Temple of The Blue Flame, on Medina; Adam Grey, Knight Templar – are unknown. But because of the nature of this and that Prasutagus has said it will heal many, and going beyond that, I have decided to share here on Boudicca and Prasutagus..

The inner tears will continue to flow Prasutagus says; not outward tears, but within for the pain and suffering of humanity once again. It brings as always to my attention, how very much easier my present life is as compared to so many past lives and present embodiments of Suryananda.

Putty&Paint Boudiccia
Boudicca. Artist unknown.
Boudicca continues: After so much pain, anguish, battle weary horror, I and my daughters were in the end thankful to leave the harshness and cruelty of Gaia behind for those Realms long dreamt of when I met again with my beloved.
Our daughters knew much of what lay beyond death and that this life lived was but one of a multitude of lives, existences, all leading to Eventual Freedom, and Freedom from the Wheel of Rebirth. At this Prasutagus smiles, for as Twin Flames, he knows me so well. Such Freedom has long been cherished by myself.
It was only a matter of time till I Boudicca, would have been here today; I was not prepared to be captured again or tortured. NOTE Boudicca confirmed that she did in fact end her life by her own hand with poison and also that of her daughters. They all died together, there was no other way. Neither I or my daughters were prepared to be used as revenge by the Romans.
It was thus time to exit – crown energies as I am editing my notes here. I feel the pain and suffering and the deep love Boudicca and her daughters have for each other, and for their Father, and Boudicca’s Spouse, Prasutagus. I can see their tears, but they were brave and strong, they had been tested to the limits so often. Now, there was a kind of peace for the end was near.
Here, I am reminded of my post of Joan of Ark, when Joan shared with me deeply moving moments and memories on my previous website dated 19 February. Two females, who took on the male dominant society. Prepared to go into battles and die for their belief as to what was acceptable, and for that Freedom, not only Joan and Boudicca, but all those men, women and children, who fought with them so bravely, then and here, and had been prepared to lose their lives over such fundamental issues. To fight injustice as Boudicca continues.
Would I change anything after the death of my beloved? It was set in motion by the Romans. It was not my choosing. My actions were the result of injustice, and pain and horror inflicted on myself and our daughters. So, no, I would do the same again if the circumstances were as now. One cannot be treated in such a way without a fight. I had no option but to fight back against the injustice of the tyranny suffered by myself and my daughters by the Romans.
It took a long time for the pain and horror to fade. The deaths and inhumanity to heal. Today, much healing has been given, received and sent out, to all those who lived and died, when I, Boudicca, was Queen of the Iceni.
I AM Boudicca with my beloved Prasutagus. 
Boudicca ThoughtCo.jpg
Queen Boudicca of the Iceni. Artist unknown.
“Suryananda meaning of my name in more detail: The Sun (Son) is The Creative Principle, The Sun of Illumination. The Alchemy of The Sun (Son) Means Deep Wisdom, Vast. At some point everyone will experience The Alchemy of The Sun. I am told that I, Suryananda, have Powerful Keys to its Realisation, as I Access my Knowledge more and more. This I have also incorporated within my Name, Suryananda, Given to me by God The Mother At Source, as Saranyu Adam El Daoud and myself came into Being in Divine Paradise.
Suryananda, Means The Solar Sun or The Solar Christ, a Being of Immense Love and The Heart of The Sun, which is The Heart Chakra Totally Open, Bringing Pure Compassion, Universal Love and Resurrection To All People. This is the Power, I, Suryananda, have, Within My Higher Self.
So also, is Saranyu Adam El Daoud, my Beloved Twin Flame, Divine Consort, Deeply Connected and Linked to The Sun (Son). Thus, combined, our energies and realisation is greater and the meaning of our Names are amplified, as Alchemy takes place. Thus are we then at peace, in love and joy. Great are our blessings as our love has Returned to Our Father, His Symbol of Divine Love, The Sun (Son). Thus is bliss felt and cherished. Suryananda, also means Eternal Bliss of The Sun (Son).”
Boudicca The Celtic Queen
Boudicca the Celtic Queen. Artist unknown.

The Ancient Blue Feather Of Atlantis And Ancient Awakenings. From The Akashic Records.



From The Akashic Records. 23 July, 2017.
As once again, I tune into my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, we shared the following visions and revelations:
“I am a whisper away AED says”. “Our session begins with something hidden will be revealed;” that is not unexpected is it “the ground will open up some secrets – The Sounds of the Earth”.
Is it connected to Maat?
“It most certainly does AED says”
“as I say does it mean anything ie Blue Feather?”
I get a Peace Treaty.
What does that mean a Peace Treaty?
Between worlds
Between who?
It seems lovely this Blue Feather floating around
like a leaf in the wind but with no wind
“It is a Gift from the Creator comes”.
“You know it is AED says” “as I say is that right?”
So the Blue Feather seems to have a deep significance
It is quite a Pale Blue – Darker than Aquamarine
A Pale Periwinkle Blue –  it is like a Soft Blue 
Going into a Pale Periwinkle Blue
“INITIATION comes as I say to AED what is the significance?”
“I am told this is a beautiful vision I am receiving
The Feather of the wing of an Angel”
The Ancient Blue of Atlantis has come into my thoughts
“which is confirmed as being correct”
The Breath of my beloved
This is the Ancient Blue of Atlantis
I get goose bumps
“that is profound isn’t it then I say”
“Very AED says”
What is it there for me to be aware of
is it Initiations?
Or does it mean something else?
The Awakening of the Heart Chakra to the Creator
even though the Heart Chakra is Green?
So it is as AED and myself, Suryananda, return to the Heart and Womb of Our Father Mother in Divine Paradise?
 The Awakening of The Heart
The Awakening of the Heart so this is the Symbol for now of the Blue Feather
as I am caressed and enfolded and embraced in the Breath of Divinity
The Blue Lotus comes to me
to AED and myself
as we are taken on its wings upwards
into the Great Bliss
the Awakening Process is immense
it has many layers
and petals
we are there standing together in its warm and tender embrace
The Blue Feather gives of its soul
as AED and myself go deeper into the Kalachakra
the Blue Feather is an EMBLEM
we have been waiting for
as this next stage unfolds before me
before us
“I say is that right to AED?”
“AED says you know it is”
I pause
I sense little Angelic Faces
in what can be termed the Sky or Ether
where the Feather was
“AED says you know it is as I say is that right”
they are very revered and come into one’s vision at a certain stage
thus this is the time now for me
I pause again
I see a lot of Blue Feathers now
the same colour of Blue
drifting in the Sky and Ether
like the leaves in the wind
but there is no wind
the feathers each have a purpose and meaning
they are there to remind me
of deeply buried secrets and awareness
and I now see AED and me in Blue clothing
we are together
walking along side by side
is it the NEW Atlantis?
Atlantis preserved?
I sense you know it is
I am like suspended in time
I am beyond time
in the Great Beyond
I am reminded of the Great Circus
which takes me to Rome
and the Gods of Rome
“is it Jupiter?”
“I feel AED is saying you know it is”
why is this – inwardly I know
Jupiter has a message for me it seems I sense
I feel it is revealments of the Kalachakra
I sense the swish of clothes – of robes
I am it feels in Rome
I walk up to the Podium
I now sense Sanat Kumara is here
“It seems AED is saying well done”
Artist unknown.
I am clothed in the Blue of the Feather
AED is standing there next to me
we are together
“My Light family say It is beautiful how clearly and quickly I am able to tune into visions with AED”
so it is like I go with the flow
as I surrender myself
that is where it feels I am with AED 
Ancient Atlantis was fascinating
I hope we can back there
that must mean something Ancient Atlantis
As the Blue Feathers and later lots of Blue Feathers unfold their faces to AED and myself
as they caress us with their embrace
AED and myself are in the Desert
it feels a Huge White Tent?
“AED says Initiation dear one”
In the Pleiades – The Great Hall
many are here once again.
Sanat Kumara is here, Lady Venus
there is a long line of us standing there in our it feels Initiation Ceremonies.
We start to sing. We are very gifted.The Angelic ones begin to sing; the sound is like nothing I seem to have heard before. The music gathers pace; it becomes rousing. Delicate angelic beings take almost to the floor.
As I reflect for a moment, this feels it has opened deeper remembrances 
AED holds out his hand for me to take
it feels like we are going to have a dance on this exquisite stage as the Angelic music and singing continues
We are with our family.
We go back to Ancient Days and Venus.
The Kalachakra is getting more personal, those silver threads are being entered into and cut as we are lifted up on these dozens of Blue Feathers; I laugh and beam.
AED looks lovingly and tenderly at me, his beloved.
AED whose whole being I am being caressed and bathed within.

Cleopatra And Mark Anthony Were Twin Flames. From The Akashic Records.


Artists unknown for these images of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra..



I unexpectedly tuned into Cleopatra this morning and in our short chat, Cleopatra confirmed that her and Mark Anthony were Twin Flames. A few words shared with myself, Suryananda, were as follows:

“Cleopatra said that Mark Anthony was the love of her life”.

Mark Anthony and Cleopatra laugh as they share their delight and joy that they were together in yet another past life on Gaia, of which there have been many. Thus as Twin Flames, they were able to achieve more together than separate as is the nature for many Twin Flame relationships.

“Cleopatra says about Mark Anthony, whilst Mark is here – I loved you very much”. It is very moving to hear of such deep love and adoration, where they have shared so many past lives through the aeons.

“I am told that it was a very important soul connection for Mark Anthony and Cleopatra”. “That life was but one of innumerable lives shared together as they fulfilled another aspect of their Divine Blueprint, here they both laugh, as they say, this is still on-going”.

I find it fascinating to look into and be made aware of such love and devotion in past lives of anyone who wishes to come and share with myself, Suryananda, from the Akashic Records, details of their past lives on Gaia.

In essence, as we all know, Love is the Key Note to the Universe and The Cosmos, and enables us to Transcend Gaia and the Veils which used to be here. Now, there are very many less with these New Energies and all the help and support from the Higher Realms.

With thanks and love to Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.



Cleopatra. Artist unknown.