The Three Faces Of Yeshua: Yeshua, Sidonius and Maximin – All Of Whom Are Adam El Daoud. From The Akashic Records.

Artist unknown.
Yeshua, Sidonius and Maximin – all of whom are Adam El Daoud
Thus Embodiments of God The Son, who is known by many names.
It is necessary to share 18 April, 2019 that for all Cosmic beings on Gaia, many shared consciousness from The Higher Realms are within each Earth life. Often going into many hundreds especially when a Master is concerned. SoYeshua had within His Consciousness many other Names besides Sidonius, Maximin and Adam El Daoud. Yeshua had His Source Essence within Yeshua. 
From The Akashic Records through Martha of Bethany who is Suryananda with Adam El Daoud, her Twin Flame.
11 October, 2017.
It is suggested I as Martha – being Suryananda, look through Adam El Daoud’s eyes at Maximin and See what He says and sees.
The beginning of my Mission from my Light Family and AED began as follows – I typed everything out there and then so it is a clear and accurate record of our exact conversation as Martha shares how it was during the time of Yeshua and her loved ones.
It is your amazing profound connection with AED that we wish to utilize. In your Mission I want you to drop into Vision with AED. We want you to see if you can follow or trace the steps of Maximin and Sidonius.
Martha – Wow, drop into vision
Yes, since as Martha you knew Maximin
Martha – I am getting goose bumps
Listen especially to anything that comes in your inner vision and your inner hearing:
Martha I sense us here
Men standing
Like the wind blowing around them
I have strong energies
You can tune in that easily
You have powerful visionary capabilities
The Seer
I sense Yeshua
So I get Adam El Daoud was and is Maximin
Strong Presence is felt
Goose bumps
We are together through all Eternity
I sense leaves blowing in the air
a storm is coming
I am on the quayside
we are in deep conversation
Maximin is very present
I know I am dear one AED says
I am very much aware of you as you are me
it is about time AED laughs
that seems funny
We are waiting for the boat
the air has a strange stillness
does it remind me of the Crucifixion
it goes deeper than that it takes us back through the aeons
beyond time
we are without time
We are in the Presence of the Great Ones
the air is profound and the wind has ceased
we are alert but at peace at the same time
for we know what is to take place
this feels eirie
is it a transference of some kind
the merging of the feminine and the masculine
the two one and the one into two
a paradox
I sense the galloping of horses
we three look at each other
our journey is about to begin
that which has been prophesied is set to proceed
The Tower of – I want to say Babel
is ending
the New Order is coming into being
Peter is here
Peter smiles at me
I look at his beloved presence and I am somewhere else
where am I?
I am in the Land of the Pharaohs
we are in Egypt
this is where the secrets are
AED says it certainly is
is this The Great Pyramid
I have goose bumps
I seem to be looking out from within my beloved AED
is this the memory of before when this took place or is this new
it is new AED seems to say as he caresses my and thus our soul
we are going to Egypt
Is this where we can find further info on The Book of Love
I get you know it is
it is there in front of you
in front of us
The Secrets of the Universe
are within its Golden Pages
why does that give me goose bumps
it is the Sound System
that takes me to The Kalachakra
So The Book of Love incorporates within it
the Secrets of the Kalachakra
AED says you know it does
the movement and manipulation and direction of energies
what are the others
This takes me to the HOLY ONES
who sit or stand around the Throne
AED seems to say you are indeed within me looking out
can you not tell and feel the different energy
at this moment AED says it seems we have taken a significant step deeper
and into that who we are
as the energies and vibrations draw us ever closer
and I hear the voice of my beloved
for it is as the wind upon the trees
the swirling of the leaves
the hearing of the horses
waiting to take us on our journey
so we are in our Light Bodies
I say is that right
AED says you know it is
AED seems just in front of me
he sees through me and within me at the same time
I give a tiny laugh for some reason
AED says take my hand beloved I will lead you Home
long before you arrive at the end of this life
we have been waiting for this moment for a very long time
Melchisadek and The Elders are here
We are connected to them through the aeons and through soul
connections and into Ancient Worlds
which is where we are going
we are going back into time
for the past is the present and the present is the past
in effect we are everywhere but we are nowhere
So where are we
we are in the WOMB OF CREATION
The Heartbeat of The Creator
The Great Door and The Seal has been Revealed
It is a Great Honour
I say Yes
I feel it is very profound
There are many here
What about The Book of Love
it is safe dear one AED says
it is in the Ether
and Guarded by A FORTRESS
there are serpents and dragons
the Earth is both its keeper and its saviour
how can that be
I get you will see
So do we go back to the Crucifixion
it seems The Book of Love takes us back to the three in one and the one
in three
the three SIDES OR ASPECTS of God
So the three in one
is that relevant
I feel it is
I say I felt yesterday that Maximin, Sidonius and Yeshua
so what does that mean
at the Crucifixion
I say to AED How would you describe The Book of Love? 
I hear The Heartbeat of MY FATHER
The Sound System of the Universe
Maximin and AED thus seems the KEY
The Book of Love has within it
The Secrets of the Kalachakra and I sense YES
You know it is AED says as I say is that right?
The energies go very deep
To The Very Breath of Creation
We as others saw Creation unfold
Many seemed to be there in this Space and Presence Beyond Time
Those words are very profound – I go back to Beyond Time
Pontius Pilate was and is also Adam El Daoud.
Claudia, his wife, again, is Suryananda. It was because of this, that Pilate knew and understood just who Yeshua was, for Yeshua and Pontius Pilate held secret meetings over time, with Claudia there when it was deemed necessary.
It was no coincidence that at the Crucifixion, Pontius Pilate said those words to Yeshua which have been written about through the ages. However, Pontius Pilate was mindful as to how he said those immortal words, knowing they would be analysed time and time again through the centuries to come, so there was not the full understanding as to whom Yeshua was, that Pilate was able to say. Suffice to say though that the relationship between all three was very deep and close. And as is the case, none of this was by chance, they were all in their pre-chosen and foretold places as the unfolding events were to take hold.
Martha says, I loved both Pontius Pilate and Claudia. We shared many beautiful and pivotal moments of higher awareness and understanding as to the deeper meaning and purpose of our existence and within The Cosmos and our relationship with The Creator – God The Father Mother. I was able to read the Akashic Records then, as has been so with Suryananda in other times and into the present. It is through the Akasha that much which would never be stated, can be, for the Akashic Records hold everything which has ever been – nothing has existed without being able to be accessed through The Akasha.
Martha now says I loved and adored Andrew very much. This is Andrew the Apostle.
Andrew and myself had a beautiful deep love and Divine Friendship. In essence, we were Twin Flames of course, for Andrew was also Adam El Daoud, so as always, when Twin Flames, especially when they have transcended the density of Gaia and are attuned to the Higher Realms, thus their Divine Cosmic Union comes into being. So it was for Andrew and myself.
Andrew was a Mystic. I was very much a Mystic in my soul, and as such we recognised within each other, that deep soul connection, which at times acted as a magnetic pull towards each other. Yeshua knew very well how it was. We all spent many hours talking about Secrets, which I have been told are ready to be revealed. As Adam El Daoud says, it is time to let the past go and move into the New Divine Energies, Knowledge and Wisdom, which back to the time of Yeshua, was still very much in its infancy in many ways to the people as a whole.
Martha says with reference to Andrew and myself, the masculine very much needed the feminine. AED confirms how very profound was the relationship between Martha and Andrew. Andrew taught me many things Martha says, how to Transcend Time, how to Merge with the Cosmos in new and exciting ways. Andrew was a Key for Martha, for Andrew Held The Secrets of the Universe. Adam El Daoud continues it is time now, we have waited long enough. Martha says it was very moving and emotional, as AED says, yes, it was, as it is now, for we are in those times once more, when we have to move on from the past.
AED says that with Martha and Andrew, there was the Union of male and female energies, that necessary balance which is a necessary foundation, ensuring that those deeper mysteries are understood and realised. Andrew of course, being Adam El Daoud and Myself, Martha, being Suryananda, we were very much aware that we were Twin Flames. We supported and encouraged each other, thus revealing Wisdom.
So we have it that not only was Andrew – Adam El Daoud and thus my Twin Flame, but at the same time, Peter the Apostle was also Adam El Daoud. Thus as you will see from a few words here, it was a real joy to see Peter. Peter, like Andrew, being my Twin Flame as he also took on another Earth incarnation on Gaia, ensured that there was that inevitable recognition which takes place when Twin Flames meet. 
Matha continues I have always loved the description of being A Mystic.
A Mystic goes Beyond Time into the Realms of the Unknown
and into Pure Spirit
A Mystic is like a Seer
Able to Transcend Time
Goes beyond the limits of the mind and senses
into the Creative Principle
AED says more than that
The Mystic is the Golden Heartbeat of The Creator comes 
The Cosmos
for nothing else matters
The Mystic is consumed by an irresistible force and power
AED says keep going
It is a compulsion within its soul
to be one with Divine Love
God The Father Mother
This has built up over many life times
till it is as the flower opens before the Sun
As Martha, my Father whom I adored, was Joseph of Arimathea, and he, Joseph of Arimathea was an Embodiment of Melchisadek. Melchisadek was also my Father in Egypt and Atlantis, two pivotal eras, deeply embedded into my and AED’s very soul.
The word Embodiment describes the many incarnations of Adam El Daoud as shared in this post, or as stated also, Joseph of Arimathea, being an Embodiment of Melchisadek, as through the aeons on Gaia, where the incarnating soul has the Consciousness of Adam El Daoud, but descending to Gaia, there is not the Full Consciousness, in that this has to be worked towards, which is the aim and goal for all who incarnate upon Gaia, far from their Homes in the Higher Realms.
What is fascinating Martha says, is that when any of the Embodiments of each Light Being At Source, in this case, Suryananda, raises their Light, Love and Vibrations, then all the other Embodiments of Suryananda on Gaia and elsewhere, will have their own vibrations and energies increased to a higher level.
Such is nectar to our souls Martha says, for it is A Divine Gift from The Creator, each person on Gaia, who is able to go beyond the Veils of Illusion, pave the way for all the other multi-dimensional selves they have living on Gaia.
Martha continues – she often feels her blessings have come as the other Aspects of Suryananda have shown Love, Light, Compassion and Understanding for all, thus does Martha feel enveloped and enfolded many times in the Love of Suryananda, even when in a different world.
Adam El Daoud concludes this tuning in as he says that Being A Mystic is very much part of my role as Suryananda once again. For it is here the Keys to the Universe will be found.
Martha of Bethany.