Surya Buddha With The Enlightened One, In The Golden Palace Of Amitabha And The Sun. From The Akashic Records.

From The Akashic Records.  17 July, 2017.
As I tuned into Buddhist teachings, and where I am so often, both in this present life and in past lives, my thoughts went to a spiritual teacher and Light family member. As I was wondering what his Name as a Buddha was, I was given The Enlightened One. My Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud laughed at this, and I gave a chuckle myself. However, it was and is fascinating. The Enlightened One, incorporating as the name implies, a Fully Enlightened Buddha. Always of great interest.
So as I continued to tune in, I could see The Enlightened One on the Altar Steps.
“I say to AED a few words about The Enlightened One”, “and AED says wait and see”.
The Enlightened One is wearing a Golden Ornate Cloak. The engravings and patterns are multi-layered in that they give an impression of what is often said to be 3D, in that the patterns are not smooth. The engravings on this Golden Cloak of The Illumined Master – thus The Enlightened One is wearing reminds me and takes me back to The Ark Of The Covenant, of which I have seen four times. Three times in all its majesty and splendour without a cloth covering this Holy Relic, and once, 28 years ago, with a burgundy cloth draped over this with masses of Golden Roses placed on top, which was a most beautiful and profound sighting as were seeing The Ark of The Covenant for the other three times over the last two years.
The Enlightened One and thus a Fully Enlightened Buddha is clothed in this Beautiful Golden Cloak as I said above. This Male Enlightened One is to Head this Ceremony. It is An Initiation Ceremony, and myself, Surya Buddha am there, as both a participant and an observer. This feels very fascinating, just as all Initiation Ceremonies are, let alone seeing this Enlightened Light Being wearing a Golden Cloak.
During 14 days of deep visions back in May 2015, I saw many Light Beings in their Golden Cloaks. They were always the same, just as this one The Enlightened One is wearing now. They all had as this one, that 3D type of effect, as the Golden Cloaks always seem to have engravings on, just as The Ark of The Covenant, and other Holy Relics have. 
In my visions back then, many of which have been shared on my previous website, these Golden Cloaks were worn by The Elders; by Melchisadek; by Several Cardinals; by Ancient Pharaohs, so to see once again a Light Family member being clothed in a Golden Cloak, is once again fascinating.
This Initiation Ceremony I am told is Being Held In The Golden Palace Of Amitabha And The Sun.    
Amitabha Buddha. Artist unknown.
The students, of which there are a large number, have finished a particular stage in their studies on once again becoming a Fully Enlightened Buddha, hence this Ceremony. 
The Enlightened One is just like a Golden Buddha. The Buddha Of The Sun – Of Amitabha in His Golden Cloak. This feels and is awesome. 
AED and myself, Surya, chat for a few moments about my pathway being A Master of Knowledge. We have a delightful chuckle, as AED and myself as Twin Flames, we are one. And so as AED shares and imparts to me His Wisdom – this is very much an Aspect of Our Soul Contract with The Divine, with God The Father Mother.
“As I reflect Being A Master Of Knowledge, this is as nectar to my and thus AED’s and my soul for we are one soul” – “AED says, it is indeed dear one”. “These words sing to my and thus our Heart and Soul”. “In fact, I am often aware, where there are many doors with different titles on, I, Surya, inevitably go to the Door of Knowledge”. “The Door of Knowledge, is a magnetic pull, even though I, fully understand, that with Knowledge, Love and Wisdom needs to be here as well”.
“However, for my pathway in this present life, once again, it is The Path and Door of Knowledge AED is guiding me through” “and of whom I am an excited Student yet again of Retrieving and Sharing Divine Knowledge”. This goes back to very many past lives and Into the Meaning of my Name at Source, Suryananda or Surya, with my Beloved, Saranyu Adam El Daoud, in that we connect very deeply to both The Sun and Amitabha Buddha, for AED and myself, and so many of our Light Families are on The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line.
So The Enlightenend One Stands On The Altar Steps as he waits for this Initiation Ceremony to Begin in The Golden Palace of Amitabha. “AED chats and says how this is indeed so”.
So, as Surya Buddha, I Stand Before The Throne Of The Most High, dressed in my Initiation Robes.
There are many of us here, as we await The Master of Ceremonies.
Sanat Kumara now appears. It is always of great fascination and interest, as over several of the Initiations I have gone through with AED by my side, sharing once again in the process; quite often, Sanat Kumara has been there then, as he is present now in his Role as The Officiant, in charge of that which is going to take place.
In essence, all of us students at this time know Sanat Kumara very well, for we go back to Ancient Atlantis, Venus and the Pleiades, and the different Star Systems and Worlds. So many of us have shared life times with Sanat Kumara and our Light Family, as those golden threads are inter-woven in life after life, worlds and galaxies, realm into higher realm, so have we lived, loved and breathed within the same pathways and journeys through the aeons.
The Great Hall in The Palace of Amitaba is full of colour. I was going to type noise. However, once the Initiations are over, there will be great cheering. Many tears of joy too, as we connect both to The Palace of Amitabha. The Golden Throne awaits for Pandara, Divine Consort of Amitabha.
There is a quiet expectant hush of excitement. The dignitaries and guests are all gathered to share in and be a part of another profound, meaningful and special Initiation Ceremony. Indeed, there are many which takes place here in The Great Hall of Amitabha Buddha, One of the Five Embodiments in the Buddhist Tradition of God.
Each of the Five Embodiments of God have their own unique, individual and personal Role to Fulfil, which they do, side by side with their own Divine Consorts. It just so happens that Pandara, Beloved of Amitabha, and the rest of us, Rules and Controls The Fire Element. The Fire Element takes us to The Sun. The Sun, being the Divine Symbol of The Father and The Cosmic Christ. As once again, the Inter-Galactic Portals to the Different Worlds and Star Systems are able to be accessed.
Transport is available. It is an awesome sight to see and understand the great significance and the tremendous importance that Pandara with Amitabha have amongst their Galactic Light Family. In fact all those whose Buddha Family is Amitaba, have their role to play and participate in, as together Pandara with her Beloved Amitabha, Directs and Manipulates the Element of Fire, so very much within the Very Being, Heart and Soul of The Sun, as the Fire Element Transforms and Transmutes all that is of a lower energy and vibration.
Thus the Roles that the Divine Consort has within these Five Buddhist Galactic Families is both vast and immense, and beyond the understanding of many.
Going back to the Initiation Ceremony, it is a test for the students, who once again, have partook in the Meaning, Understanding and Realisation of the stages and pathways necessary for them to have Become A Fully Enlightened Buddha. Thus have the students at times shared with each other their thoughts, understanding and way of processing all that has had to have been recognised, as once again, they, the students have come into their own and can own that they are A Fully Enlightened Buddha.
In essence all these Tests and Initiations have been learnt, loved and recognised through the aeons, as student after student, has once again, remembered just WHO they are. Such then has been their joy and of their Galactic Light Families which is how today is for them, as they watch, listen and wait for their loved ones to have such an honour bestowed upon them.
My own Galactic Light Family is here, and of course my beloved Adam El Daoud. For where one of us goes the other is very much aware, for to be separate, although but an illusion of Gaia, is nevertheless, something which, over the innumerable aeons, AED and myself have at times, experienced. “And as he said recently in one of my shares – “I have waited for you before, and will do so again”. “I have found this fascinating and hope to go back into the in depth meaning of this”. “AED has just said now, we will and that I will be amazed”.
Such is the case today, in these times of Great Cosmic Energies being beamed to us on Gaia from the Galactic Centre, and the Sun, which is as A Portal to Higher States of Consciousness and Inner Awareness, as those of us – AED and my Light Family, once again Partake and Share in The Divine Love, Wisdom and Power, of Amitabha on The Sun Line, both here on Gaia and in the Higher Realms and Sun Itself, that Portal of which, AED and myself are very much cherished and loved, within.
Artist unknown.