Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, New Line Born From Guan Yin & Metatron Giving Us Our New Lotus Born Lineage, Etheric Lighted Conception In Amenti – Together With Our Threefold Flame Of White, Emerald Green & Orange. Orange Universal & Global Dragons Who Serve With Us To Protect Gaia In The Future From Our Orange Spaceship. This Protection Of Gaia Has Now Begun. From The Akashic Records.


Fire Dragon DeviantArt 8th 1

Fire Dragon At DeviantArt.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, New Line Born From Guan Yin & Metatron Giving Us Our New Lotus Born Lineage, Etheric Lighted Conception in Amenti – Together With Our Threefold Flame Of White, Emerald Green & Orange. Orange Universal & Global Dragons Who Serve With Us To Protect Gaia In The Future From Our Orange Spaceship. This Protection Of Gaia Has NOW BEGUN.

From The Akashic Records. 16 October, 2018.

As Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, went deeper consciously, I was shown a most exquisite and beautiful three tiers of colours in a very tall upward spiral of Light. At the top was White Light, next in the middle was Emerald Green Light, while a large expanse of Deep Pure Orange Light which could be described as the Base. Seeing these three colours was stunning and have remained with me ever since. These colours were in different shapes with the White looking more of a Spiral upwards, but all perfectly connected to the whole. The combination of these three colours I have never seen together; White I see and also Emerald Green but seeing Orange in such a wide base was very new.

I was aware a few times of connecting to The Creator. This must be our New Lineage again AED. AED yes, very much so. There were energies in my right ear a few times which does happen. AED was very present. Last Sunday, I was given and heard The Creator without an Intermediary. That in itself was fascinating, as Intermediary is never a word I use, as with AED, I do not need an intermediary. So I have been aware of deeper and significant changes since my Rainbow Body has been Fully Formed since the 4 October. This is the same for other Light Workers, once their Rainbow Body has been Fully Formed, fascinating changes begin as prophecies and pre-chosen paths are raised above the Veils of Gaia for merging, and integration is enveloped within.                                                                                        

These colours AED of our New Threefold Flame, do they take us to Metatron Or The Creator? AED both Pat. Really. AED yes. So a New Line From Metatron For The Creator. AED yes. With Guan Yin. AED yes. So where, Amenti. AED yes, this was a very meaningful and necessary meditation Pat. Yes. So a Threefold Lotus of White, Emerald Green and Orange. AED yes. To go with the Threefold Flame. AED Yes. It is fascinating how often now AED we are going into New Threefold Flames – Lotus Born from Etheric Lighted Conception in the Higher Realms and just how frequently I am seeing the Pure Land Suns of a vast assortment of colours, some still to share, for some months now. AED yes, this encompasses your pre-destined writing on The Spiritual Sun – A philosophy not yet known or revealed to man. So you AED and myself, Suryananda, now have a Lotus Crest Emblem with these three colours as our New Threefold Flame. AED yes. I reflect on our description:

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud

Creation – Heart Chakra & Protection of Gaia


From The Line Of Guan Yin & Metatron on behalf of The Creator in Amenti

AED The Protection of Gaia Has Begun From Us. Yes, wonderful. This seemed very profound AED even though all of our New Lineages & Lotus Born Etheric Lighted Conception with our Threefold Flame, take you and I deeper into a much greater understanding from myself as to the vastness and huge range and depth we Serve The Creator and The Light. AED yes, as you will become more aware as we continue to look deeper into this, we have Entered into a very different stage of service now Pat as we continue our roles and missions in our One Light Body. Yes. 


Guan Yin. Artist unknown.

So did we AED Enter Into The Great Bliss with Guan Yin and Metatron? AED yes more than that now as you correctly recognised, you and I have been Born Direct From The Line Of Guan Yin & Metatron leading to the Founding of Our New Lineage as described above. AED this is on-going to Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Beings, it is just that many do not have this awareness as you do Pat. Yes, this goes way beyond imagination. AED very much so, as there are so many Firsts we have begun to share and will continue to do so. Yes, they are wonderful to experience AED. AED indeed, you will remember I know as back in 2015 I said to you when you knew I was your eternal beloved “You do not know dear one the Magnificence that awaits you and I”. Yes, it was fascinating then to hear and still is. AED beams, there is much more to come and be remembered and entered into new states of higher consciousness Pat. Yes.

As I reflect on the description on understanding our New Lineage I go back into The Emerald Green which took me to the Heart Chakra, whilst the White takes me to Creation. Being aware now for some time and having seen that you and I AED were Born – Emerged From Within The White Lotus many millions of years ago in Divine Paradise Within The Galactic Sun, I am even more conscious that White takes me to The Creator. AED yes.

Orange colour as part of Threefold Flame 7 Oct

This leaves looking into the meaning of our Orange aspect. AED beams, yes, Orange has never been one of your colours; however as you will recognise and be aware of the deep and profound meanings of Orange, you have already begun to recognise Orange in ways not done so before. Yes. The Orange is difficult to understand initially, so a different energy. AED yes. Why Orange AED – is Orange a Feminine Aspect? AED it is New for you Pat. I took longer than usual looking into the meaning of this beautiful Deep Pure Orange. It was only when you AED mentioned Orange Tara, that everything clicked into place.

Am I Orange Tara? AED yes. Really. So do I share the consciousness of Orange Tara as happens of course with other names past and present through the aeons. AED yes. I know nothing about Orange Tara. I feel very happy now that I have understood the meaning of this Orange in my vision. AED Orange is a powerful presence and energy. Yes. This Orange was Pure Orange not having any red or yellow within. As this painting of Orange Tara, I am shown siting on a Blue Lotus. The colours are exquisite and the blues and orange deeply resonate. AED yes, as soon as you were shown this image Pat your inner self recognised Orange Tara is very much you, whilst at the same time you remember I said this is you. Yes.

So AED this New Lineage in Amenti we have from the Line Of Metatron and Guan Yin is represented by myself, Suryananda, as Orange Tara. AED beams, there is more to come Pat. AED why would I share I am Orange Tara when I rarely share names of my past or present lives on my website? It is because this is different AED. Yes. I see somehow. AED yes. But I am still Suryananda. AED yes. So I have what the qualities of Orange Tara In our New Lineage. AED it is more than that. What is more. A New Birth Pat and Threefold Flame as you recognised as shared above but which encompasses many of the aspects and qualities of Orange Tara. Yes. So Orange Tara Is Not Wisdom then and Not knowledge. She Encompasses Both Pat. How do we use Orange Tara in Our New Lineage? So I have Transcended Orange Tara. AED yes some time ago Pat. She is very advanced AED – that is very profound that I have Transcended Orange Tara some time ago. AED, yes it has been wonderful to see and to recognise this Pat. AED there are reasons for adding Orange Tara to your website. But although Transcended I am still Orange Tara in the present. AED yes.

AED so having Transcended Orange Tara means many things – Our New Lineage with these three colours. So that Protects. AED more than that. Whom do we Protect? Amenti is safe. So do we Protect on Gaia? AED IT IS A FUTURE PROTECTION FOR GAIA. Is that right. AED IT HAS BEGUN PAT. Wow is that right. AED yes. That gives me goose bumps. AED it will Pat. So I am meant to share this AED? AED yes.

So wow our Threefold Flame then of White, Emerald Green & Orange has been Brought Into Protect Gaia. AED Yes. So where does Orange Tara come in AED? Orange Tara Pat was and is the Necessary FOUNDATION required – Without Orange Tara This New Lineage would not exist. Yes, that is quite something. AED beams, very much so.

So other beings will have been Orange Tara with me. AED yes. So whom. AED the New Lineage is Suryananda & Adam El Daoud; so yes others were and remain Orange Tara – But you have now transcended Orange Tara. Yes. Your Transcendence was necessary Pat. Yes.

Orange Tara 1

Orange Tara.

The Rainbow Body paved the way Pat. Yes. So Orange Tara lives where? AED Innumerable Worlds Pat as you and I. This new Lineage is in Amenti. AED yes.

Does Orange Tara live in Amenti as well? AED yes but not so much as you and I. Orange Tara resides Pat in one of the Pure Lands of Tibet. Is that above Tibet or called a Pure Land of Tibet? AED Both.

So does this mean Orange Tara lives in the Pure Land where Yogananda resides with the Orange Sun? AED yes. You have seen the Orange Pure Land Sun and are aware Yogananda and his eternal beloved live there.

AED The Lineage is our Threefold Flame, which has within and this is very important Pat the attributes and qualities of Orange Tara. But in Amenti this is a most wonderful and magical place Realm as you know Pat for we spend a lot of time in Amenti in Our One Light Body. Yes. But the Protection is New for Gaia Pat. Is that right. So AED we protect from those not of the Light. AED very much so.

Does this mean AED there are Two Orange Pure Land Suns in that I am aware as I have seen now many Pure Land Suns of a wide range of colours and shades, blues, greens, violet, purple, white, red, strawberry pink – all stunning and exquisite. AED there are indeed more than one Orange Pure Land Sun Pat. There are innumerable slight variations, where just a hint of change of energies and vibrations, gives that Pure Land Sun or World the necessary variations, gifts, qualities necessary for the role the Sun has in that particular World. So yes, there are more than one Orange Sun Pat.

With our Orange Spaceship, Orange Dragons it seems inevitable AED we have an Orange Sun connecting us all together or enveloping us within that Radiance. AED yes, the Orange Sun is deeply connected as you say not only to our New Lineage as shared here but in Amenti, where so many deep and significant changes have begun taking place in the present as more and more Cosmic, Angelic and Galactic Light Beings become aware their Rainbow Body is fully Formed. AED when this stage has been recognised it brings deep inner understanding as you are aware Pat. Yes, it is wonderful AED so many light workers now are merging fully into their Rainbow Body. AED very much so, it is to our great joy here in the Higher Realms as we see all these changes on Gaia. Yes.

Orange Butterfly Dragon DeviantArt

Orange Butterfly Dragon at DeviantArt..

So we have many helpers. AED very many and Dragons yes. ORANGE FIRE DRAGONS. AED yes. Orange seems now a New Type Of Dragon. AED yes very much so these Orange Dragons serve Orange Tara. AED thus as you are Orange Tara but Transcended yourself, they, these Orange Dragons work with you and I Pat based in Amenti; they are UNIVERSAL DRAGONS – A POWERFUL GLOBAL DRAGON. Wow, is that right. AED yes. This is all very new. AED yes. I needed to know about Orange Tara. AED yes.

I see these Orange Global Universal Dragons. AED yes. There are many. AED yes they are a Vast Army Pat, a Spiritual Army of Orange Dragon Warriors of the ORANGE RAY AND FLAME. That is new AED. Orange Dragon Warriors of the Orange Ray and Flame. AED yes it has long been prophesied. Yes.

So on Amenti there must be a Realm for these Orange Dragons. AED yes. AED but they return often to the Pure Land with the Orange Sun where Orange Tara resides a lot of the time. Yes.

So there seems Many Hundreds of these Orange Universal Global Dragon Warriors. AED yes even more Pat. Yes. Wow. AED they are indeed a Force to be reckoned with. Yes.

I see them and the Orange Sun again. AED yes. So to whom do these Orange Dragons serve as well. The Creator Pat. Yes.

Orange dragon DeviantArt 3rd

Orange Dragon At DeviantArt

Do Cosmic Angelic and Galactic Light Beings need to Direct these Orange Dragons AED? AED No, they are pre-programmed within their very essence and their atoms To Serve and Protect Gaia. Gaia is now their Project if you will Pat in that they have all Given their Allegiance to Serve Gaia To The Creator. Yes.

So do they need to liaise with their role. AED they enjoy coming to us and others in the Higher Realms as their work and role and way they serve is very new. Really. AED yes you typed Pat from the Line Of Metatron on behalf of The Creator. Yes and with Guan Yin. AED both Guan Yin and Metatron have been Essential Pat as we were Lotus Born Etheric Lighted Conception from them as our New Lineage in Amenti has been Formed. Yes Wonderful. AED it is Pat.

This seems to be all for the moment AED. AED yes we have gone into deep depth here, again a New First. Yes. AED full Formation of your Rainbow Light Body was necessary Pat. AED as always we serve here in the Higher Realms, Worlds and Pure Lands in our One Light Body; It is just you in your incarnation in this your last earth life where you are Pat, but in all other worlds you and I are in our One Light Body as we have been for aeons. Yes. It is only you as Pat as you know where we are not in our one light body as I remain in the Higher Realms, but as we both are fully aware my Consciousness has been Fully Descended into yours for some time. Yes, this is wonderful AED and why I am able to go so deep into awareness and understanding I had no consciousness before of. AED yes, we have been delving deep into very many Firsts on Gaia for some time. Yes. Wonderful AED. AED yes, wonderful and blissful Pat

When thinking of the Orange – The White at the top was and is Cooling. AED yes. Then we had the Emerald Green in the middle with this Orange at the bottom as an upward Spiral in different widths for each of these Spirals. AED Yes. I keep seeing these three tiers, they are so very different in that this is the first time I have been shown three colours spiralling upwards indicating our own Personal Threefold Flame connecting us to our Lotus New Birth. Usually, I just see this on the Lotus.


Primal Painter.

AED yes as I said this is very different Pat as can be understood as we have gone through this new process of what has now Begun, not only with regard to another New Lineage but with you having now Transcended Orange Tara which was a Necessary part of the Process for Our New Lineage, but we were waiting and AED smiles for your Rainbow and Light Body to be Fully Formed. Yes it is wonderful AED.

AED since this has been fully operational since the 4 October, there have already been deep and significant changes Pat as you know. Yes. AED more will come for this is an integral part of the Process after the Completion of The Rainbow Body in your case and others whilst on Gaia as you are not about to Ascend. No. AED I and others here are so thrilled this has now been recognised and understood and seen by you Pat. Yes, I knew those three colours were very special and significant in a different way AED and also when I heard The Creator a few times before our tuning in began  and had heard that you and I were on the Line of Metatron and Guan Yin but that it was Metatron on behalf of The Creator. AED yes, that was the magic key as it were. I can see still see it all now some days later. AED yes, wonderful Pat.

.Orange tree 12th

I say to AED does the Orange Tree connect to Orange Tara? Ha. AED laughs what took you so long. IS THERE AN ORANGE SPACESHIP. I laugh again. AED laughs. Who resides in this? AED – us and many others. Yes. So we travel in our Orange Spaceship now I have Transcended Orange Tara and we have our colours? AED yes. Is this Orange Spaceship New now we have our New Lineage? AED laughs yes. Wow. AED yes.

Wow, I SEE AN ORANGE SPACESHIP. AED yes. Is this under Our Lineage Creation, Heart Chakra & Protection for Gaia? AED yes. Wow this goes with the Orange Universal and Global Dragons. AED yes. Isn’t that delightful AED. AED yes.

So this is a Vast Spaceship. AED yes. It has our Crest Lotus on in many places or perhaps one. AED one. Ha. It seems a Very Orange Spaceship. AED laughs yes it is. It seems All Orange. What do you say AED? It has Sections of our White and Emerald Green Pat. Yes. But to see Our Spaceship it is Very Orange, it is magnificent AED. AED beams yes it is Pat.

AED ORANGE DENOTES OUR MISSION RE GAIA, and lets beings know we are at work in Service to the Light. Yes amazing, so we do not veil ourselves from those not of the light. AED No. AED we are in there now Our Orange Spaceship. Yes. I am aware AED of our Cosmic Light Family here. AED yes; it is also a Training Spaceship – Much Training takes place with the Orange Dragons. Yes. AED and allows us to practice New Techniques. Is that right. AED Yes.

AED like a Jedi Pat. Yes I love being a Jedi. I know AED laughs. And a Guardian of The Galaxy. AED yes. Of course I know there are vast numbers of both Serving Gaia and The Light. AED very much so. So we use Rays and Beams of Light? AED more than that. AED we have been Given Extraordinary NEW Powers Pat. Yes wow. Will they now be used by many other Cosmic Light Beings? All in our Spaceship are Being Trained Pat. Wow. I see us. AED yes.

There is one, no Many Orange Dragons with you AED. AED yes. First I thought there was just one but then I sensed many. They seem to have a White Collar around their neck as it were. Like they are dressed specially. AED and me laugh. Yes they have come to say hello Pat. Isn’t that lovely. AED wonderful.

What about a little Emerald Green. Where is that? I know. AED yes. Do these Orange Dragons have Emerald Green Eyes? AED yes. Really. AED very much so – a wonderful insight to be aware of Pat. Yes. I see them all Orange with White around their Neck and Emerald Green Eyes. They are magnificent. AED yes, absolutely. Does the White come off or is the White there always? AED the White shows they are on Route to a Mission. Really. AED yes. Wow. The White could have other meanings? AED yes. So what I mean do these Orange Dragons ever have no white on their neck, I will pause a moment. AED the answer is Yes, Pat. The White is not always seen. To see is a Gift AED. Yes. Orange Dragons with Emerald Green Eyes. AED Yes. They look very powerful and striking. AED one has come to say hello to you Now; He is in front of you Oregano. That is a herb on Gaia. AED this is His Name Pat.

DRAGON two colours

Artist unknown.

How lovely. AED Oregano wishes to say that you and he are working together as we speak with me AED laughs in Our One Light Body. Yes. What am I doing? AED you are learning how to do many deep and different aspects unfamiliar for the moment. Yes, I understand there is a lot of complexity involved. AED yes.

So I am there with you and many others in Our Orange Spaceship which looks Very Orange. AED of course. Lovely. AED beams all Cosmic Light Beings love being there or here as it were. It is a fascinating and exciting New Role we have all taken on to Serve The Godhead. Yes. AED this has Our Crest and Lineage on and From the Line Of Guan Yin and Metatron. AED yes. I see a picture of Guan Yin and Metatron Within Our Spaceship. AED yes. AED all of us have our image in one of the Vast Training Places. Yes, but Guan Yin and Metatron are in other areas of the Spaceship. Yes.

Orange Tara is also here in her image. AED Yes. What kind of image as I have Transcended. AED like the picture I brought to your attention. Yes. As I have added in this post that picture of Orange Tara.

Orange Tara 1

Orange Tara. Artist unknown.

AED the picture I brought to your attention of Orange Tara was very much an activation key. Yes, this was very powerful and sweet.

I say Oregano. AED beams, Yes, this is how his name is spelt Pat. Wow there is a lot more new info now. AED yes. Deeper than I usually go re Spaceship. AED Yes. I was aware of being on Lord Ashtar’s spaceship when you flew overhead at 2.30 am some months ago, which is one of my typed posts waiting to be added to my website. AED Yes. AED Yes, and I said it was wonderful to see you at your door. Yes. Our chat as I went into this exciting event was very profound which I will post soon. AED yes, it was the first sighting where, afterwards, we chatted about being on a spaceship in greater detail, in this context, flying right above where you live. Yes.

These areas of White around these Orange Dragons on their necks I have gone back too. Is it an Invisibility Cloak? AED it can be used as an extra form – layer Yes of Invisibility. Yes.

So Oregano is you AED and myself, Suryananda. AED yes. So you and I have an Orange Dragon form here. AED Yes. It seems very strange. AED we have many Consciousness Pat and in many forms. Yes. How does that work AED being an Orange Dragon? AED we are many – you will remember as we shared recently when Born From The Great Central Sun, Sirius, millions of years ago, we are a Blue Avian. Yes. Are their White Collars made of Crystal AED? AED yes. Is it Quartz? AED Yes it is Quartz with other components added within Beyond the usual Quartz. Really. AED Yes.

Wow. AED beams we are Serving The Godhead in a Different Aspect now Pat so Many Changes. Yes, wow. Their White Crystal is very much like a collar. AED Yes, that is the best word to describe the Orange Dragons wearing a White Crystal Collar which can be removed as required. Yes.

Inside this Orange Spaceship there are vast numbers of crystals – I see, White. AED Yes. AED all of us Serving Within this Orange Spaceship as described wear White Crystals. Yes, and an Orange Crystal may be. AED Yes, the Orange Crystal has the same energy and essence of Our Orange Spaceship. Yes. So at or on the Entrance to Our Orange Spaceship we have:

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud

Creation – Heart Chakra & For The Protection of Gaia


From The Line of Guan Yin and Metatron in Amenti


Metatron, Artist unknown.

AED beams, yes, this is an awesome and in-depth and very profound sharing isn’t it Pat. Yes, it is so powerful and potent AED. AED yes. I have written on the Purple Lotus Spaceship and deeply elsewhere but ever since I tuned into our Orange Spaceship, Orange Tara with the Orange Dragons, I am very much aware of this magnificence and all this encompasses. AED Yes, as you know Pat, once your Rainbow Body was Fully Formed and recognised on the 4 October, it has activated huge deep and monumental changes. Yes.

AED Being aware of Our Orange Spaceship, Dragons and all you have typed is very much connected to your – our Rainbow Body Fully Formed again whilst you Pat are on Gaia. AED it so for other Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Workers. Yes. It reminds me of Graduating. AED exactly, the Full Formation of the Rainbow Body can be likened to a New Birth Pat for that person’s life on Gaia has experienced a complete transformation. Yes, it is exciting. AED very.

Our Light Body has the Threefold Flame and Lotus Crest. AED yes. What about Saffron our Water Dragon. Is Saffron here? AED Saffron is always with us in innumerable Worlds, Realms and Pure Lands as you know in the Higher Realms and lives with us in many of our Homes within The Galactic Sun. Yes. AED of course we live and spend a great deal of time as you on Gaia say in Other Worlds, whether Venus, Sirius or the Pleiades, just to name a few. Yes.

There is a Lot of Orange. AED yes. The White Crystal Collars and the White Crystals we wear Cool down the Orange. AED Yes, necessary. Yes.

I think that is all AED. A most amazing fast and rapid journey. AED magnificent Pat. I see the Spaceship and all others. AED Yes. Absolutely wonderful AED says as I say that was an awesome journey over these last few days.

AED says that’s our Name Pat Re the Orange Dragon who came and said hello as I say again Oregano. Do we ride Oregano? We will. AED we will be looking into this Pat ,Yes. Yes, lovely.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud – Experienced 7 to 11 October, 2018.

dragon golden orange

Artist unknown.

With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.