My Twin Flame And Myself Share Three Very Interesting Happenings In Four Hours. From The Akasha.


Artist Josephine Wall, titled Hope.


From The Akasha.  3 July, 2017.

It was after midnight, when the following three very interesting happenings took place at home:

First – I suddenly heard a huge, loud noise. This was about 1.15 am. It sounded exactly as my smoke alarm does when being tested or if some food was burning. I was still up and about for all three happenings. The first very loud noise rang for about four seconds, then stopped. Everything was quiet for about six seconds, then this very loud noise began again for a few more seconds, before stopping altogether. I had no cooking on and the couple who live above me were not cooking at 1 am in the morning.

My feelings are that it is a deepening of the Hearing Sound being activated within me, and also to hear deeper the Sounds of the Universe.

Second – this was an hour later, a little after 2 am. Unusually, for me, as I stood just in front of my picture I have of my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, drawn back in 1992, when I was reminded of an inexpensive pendant and earrings set I bought in 2010. I opened the box and picked out one of my earrings. Immediately, it seemed, I was transported elsewhere, where I felt it was my wedding day with AED.

We have had very many shared lives on Gaia where we have been husband and wife. There was this feeling of deep love and excitement as I was aware of AED and myself, Suryananda, getting married. I sensed lots of colour, and for a moment, I was reminded of India, but I then went to this wedding day being AED and myself on Sirius in the Pleiades. “I asked AED if Sirius was correct?” “AED confirmed Sirius was correct”.


Artist, Aeoliah of Krishna.

I was reminded of Krishna’s Blue Light Body and the ones AED and myself wear in The Temple of The Blue Flame, Medina in the Pleiades. And I sensed Surya riding his white horses with his chariot.

Third – By now it was a couple of hours later, and I had gone into my kitchen, having just read a little news from a daily newspaper on my mobile for a change. I was therefore in my kitchen, which has a table lamp for lighting, and thinking of this reality woman tv person, whom I had just been reading of on her comments about her financial situation which was very good. All of a sudden my kitchen lamp went out. I thought the bulb had gone, but after a few seconds my light came back on. It stayed on for a few seconds before going off again; then staying off for a few seconds, before coming back on, and remaining on ever since.

It feels to me that these three happenings are just further ways that Spirit and AED gave to me to show Presence, and in my case that AED is with me always.

None of them are unexpected, as over the years lights have gone out for seconds here and there, but it is always relevant as to what I was thinking about just prior.

Again, tuning into AED and myself into a past life, happens with frequency. But it was a surprise at that moment experiencing this awareness, as I was not focusing on anything deep.

The very loud noises twice of sounding like my smoke alarm, in their way, I would say are the most unusual. I did hear a very loud noise some months back when on my laptop in the early hours. Unexpected loud noises mean for me, that my hearing is being further aligned and attuned to the Sounds of the Universe, whilst at the same time, deepening my clairaudience with AED and my Light Family.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Artist, Josephine Wall.