My Twin Flame And Myself, Share Several Visions on Medina and Venus. From The Akashic Records.

My Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, share several visions as we return Home to Medina in the Pleiades and also to Venus.
From The Akashic Records. 28 August, 2017.
First of all, I get a sense of armies on the move – these are spiritual armies
Warriors of Light
“AED says I am here, as he adds a few personal words”
I am then aware of seeing a white shape
For a second I sense a white peacock – then white horses
AED and myself are riding our horses
There is a wind as my hair is blowing around
I am drawn to being on Medina, the Isle in the Pleiades, where we have a Home
We stop and the horses bend down to drink at the water with beautiful flowers and surrounds
“AED takes my hand and says come and sit with me”
The sky is full of birds, so many above our heads
It is very hot although a wind initially
Our horses are very happy resting
In this sunny glade we seem to be in
I am now aware that AED and myself are in Venus
We are in The Great Hall where so many Initiations take place and I have gone through many
Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus are hosting a gathering
Beings from far and wide have come
It is a very special occasion
“I saw why is that AED?”
“AED laughs as he says Suryananda you know”
“Yes, I am aware I do know”
“I say so why are we not in Atlantis?”
AED seems to be amused at this
As I follow my usual thoughts into our continuing journey together
“Sanat Kumara comes to us and says a few words”
I feel emotional at what is being said
My eyes are a little moist
There is so much colour around and Angelic music plays
I see many familiar faces of foreign beings with dark complexions; not Egyptian as such
They go back into Ancient times before the so called civilised world began for they are Beings of Light who Protect Gaia and her inhabitants
They have tremendous powers
Almost like from Hawaii but I can’t quite place where they remind me of
They have Blue around them so I feel they and myself are old friends
“AED says indeed they are”
that is very profound
Artist Gilbert Williams. Titled Celestial Visitation.
I find myself going back to our white horses on Medina and the water with all the birds
AED and myself are sitting on the grass as we look at our horses, and hear and see the birds.
The sounds I am hearing are very ancient
Within the tones and worlds and galaxies
Light within light
The Father Mother God is very pleased
I feel I am going deeper into The Hum of Creation
That feels and is profound
“It is a message for you dear one AED says”
This is not that it is not for us all
“But AED means as I attune myself to these Sounds of Creation recognised by myself
They will take me beyond time and beyond distance”
I know and sense this
“AED says beloved walk with me
We have much to share and you have much still to remember, adding a few personal words”
Such is nectar to our soul
“I say is there anything I can take further away from this tuning in with AED?”
“AED beams as he says you have it”
“The Hum Of Creation Beloved spoke to you”
That gives me goose bumps as I had wanted to tune into The Heartbeat of God some months ago as it was there pending
AED becomes even closer and we return in love to Home
Of which we have several – whether in Atlantis, the Pleiades as in Medina and on Venus
“I say to AED is there anything else to say?
 “AED says you know you have tuned in deeply”
So I feel deeply blessed
Now AED and myself are back on our white horses
We are riding and laughing as we continue on our beautiful loved horses
We are in this beautiful place on Medina and AED and myself are very happy
AED looks wonderful and I must too for we are In our Light Bodies in a realm so much higher than Gaia and we are together
I don’t think there is much more to say
I have I feel tuned into The Hum Of The Universe
And I am very blessed
“AED agrees”
Artist unknown.