My Inner Child Links By A Golden Thread To The Creator Before We Emerged Into Manifestation. From The Akashic Records.


My Inner Child links by a Golden Thread To The Creator Before We Emerged nto Manifestation. Adam El Daoud said very much so as I said is that right?

.From The Akashic Records. 21 January, 2018.

My Inner Child links by a Golden Thread To The Creator Before We Emerged Into Manifestation – as AED confirmed from the visions and attunements below which began as I was typing. I found I was being transported into another time and era. AED says very much so as I shared this with AED.
The visions begin as I sense a Very Large White Lotus in front of me slightly to the right where AED was in his Emerald Green cloak some weeks ago. This White Lotus must be about five feet in height and is nothing like a usual Lotus in size.
I continue to see this White Lotus
and this Light Being is on water almost now
very near to where the White Lotus is
As I have a sense of this taking place
there are rocks
I see a White Horse galloping
such a joy seeing this White Horse
a feel good sense
I am aware of AED and myself, Suryananda 
are riding these white horses
AED says very much so
we are in a team I feel
I sense dogs now
several dogs
the landscape feels white
is that snow
or purity
or another realm
all three AED is saying
the dogs
one is like a huskie
up in the mountains
is it a past life
I can sense AED is there among others
I see water – a lake and the great outdoors
There seems an Initiation Chamber
Tests of strength
not physical
The Key to the Inner Mysteries if the tests are passed comes
it feels a parallel world
AED said recently he is taking me into new worlds
is this one of them
AED laughs very much so
that gives me goose bumps
the dogs are signs
so am I there – or will I go there with AED
AED says you are already there
it has been so for some time
it spans a lot of memories and moments
I sense a lot of people
like the Exodus
a line of people and activity
horses again
they are dearly loved
I am getting goose bumps
AED laughs
not all White Horses
Brown and even Golden Horses
Artist Gilbert Williams.
I hear a sense of noise and talk
In the New Era I hear as I say where are we
So it is not on Gaia
is it Amrita
AED says yes we are on Amrita
it was getting that large expanse of white
and then seeing this Very Large White Lotus
and then what felt like snow
which began and took me into these visions
I sense the dogs again
sometimes dogs can symbolise people
You know it does AED says
as I say does it mean anything
Another doorway has been opened AED continues
that gives me chills
it has a sense of being profound
The horses are being rode
White – Brown – Golden
an assortment of colours of the Horses
AED says keep going
I return back to this initial sighting
I get A Pure Land
Then The Pure Land Of Amrita
Does Amrita have a Pure Land
AED says yes Amrita does
The snow must I feel symbolise Purity I think
Artist unknown.
I am suddenly seeing this little fair haired girl
this little girl fair haired like three – five
I see her clearly
Is this my Inner Child
She has hair to the side quite short
AED says it is you as Pat 
I can understand this is me
I think I am definitely younger than five
This little girl, myself
has hair to the side quite short
with a slide and a little dress on
I feel a pale blue slide
She is with AED
AED says once again
yes this is your Inner Child Pat
AED says I am here
as he continues to be very Present
I get The Heavenly World Worlds
AED says The Pure Land is that
I then sense this Female Light Being Deity
where one Glance from Her Can Heal
this feels very profound
As I say to AED so this Inner Child I am seeing
is me and connects to the scene earlier of snow purity
horses, people, dogs, lake, great outdoors then

AED says yes I am delighted

I say to AED does this inner child me
Then take me back
Home to Amrita
In essence say
Most certainly AED says
It is without Parallel equal
Hugely significant
AED beams
I have never gone into my inner child
As being something necessary for me
I am aware of deep meaning and significance
My late dad is here
That makes my eyes water
Why is this necessary
seeing my Inner Child
Artist unknown.
AED says once again
My Inner Child links by a Golden Thread To The Creator
Before We Emerged Into Manifestation
and as I had understood initially
takes me to the Core of My Being
As I confirm that this is so
AED said very much so
I had felt that seeing my Inner Child
initially did not mean Healing
as is so often said seeing our Inner Child means
Having had a very happy childhood
I had never felt the need
to go back into my Inner Child
and heal any issues
So for myself, Suryananda Pat
knowing that these visions
and seeing my Inner Child
went far deeper than Healing
Taking myself back To Source
To The Creator
and to Before Adam El Daoud
and myself
Emerged Into Manifestation
is hugely significant
deeply profound
and as AED says
he is delighted
I am as well
as I recognise huge steps
have been taken
by AED’s words above
It is without Parallel equal
Hugely significant
and where
The Key to the Inner Mysteries were revealed further
if the tests are passed
and it feels a parallel world
AED said recently he is taking me into new worlds
It remains very profound
and meaningful
a few days later
knowing I have been shown
my Inner Child
and my beloved
Adam El Daoud
is with me
now and always
NOTE  although seeing my Inner Child takes me back to Source – The Creator
and Amrita – At the same time as AED said recently AED is taking me into New Worlds.
So I not only go back Home but am being shown New Worlds as AED’s and my Soul Contract continues to come further into being.