Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Continue Into The 57th New Birth From Within The Great Bliss & Lotus Born Into Our One Light Body. This is Part 2 From Our 4th New Birth of 20th August. From The Akashic Records.


Artist Freydoon Rassouli.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Continue Into The 57th  New Birth From Within The Great Bliss & Lotus Born Into Our One Light Body. This is Part 2 From Our 4th New Birth of 20th August.

From The Akashic Records. 23 August, 2018.

Almost immediately after I had added here Adam El Daoud’s and myself, Suryananda’s Fourth New Birth From Within The Great Bliss & Lotus Born yesterday, it was very evident I was speeding along fast and rapidly into increasing New Births Through this on-going process. This began as I said to AED where am I with regard to the 5th New Birth In Our Light Body On Gaia. AED you are going through this as we speak. AED the 5th has been completed on Gaia and was with Divine Oneness with Metatron, with the same principles taking place as you and I have again Founded a New Lineage from Metatron and yourself, Suryananda, and then with you and I, your Eternal Beloved, through Etheric Lighted Conception. Yes, awesome. AED it is.

AED continued you are going through the 6th as we speak; the 6th has been completed and you are speeding along to the 7th now – now completed and the 8th has also been completed. AED adds the 9th is being processed and experienced, and then the 9th has been completed. Remember Pat, these are all Etheric Lighted Conceptions Born Through a Lotus whilst on Gaia of you and myself in our One Light Body, each then Founding a Lineage in the present on Gaia. Although as you are aware in the Higher Realms we are on a very different measuring scale and are very much beyond here.

This is very advanced as I am speeding along to the 10th New Light Body Etheric Lighted Conception. AED yes it is Pat, very much so. AED the 10th has been processed as before. AED we will go into Names another time. Here I am reminded of having reached the 14th Gate. Then I think of 22 which is a special number. AED the Etheric Lighted Conception In Our One Light Body Has Reached 22. Really. AED yes Pat. This is like the Dimensions from April. AED yes.

AED you are at the 29th now as we chat. Wow. AED yes, and laughs, some of our recent tuning in sessions have been pivotal. Yes. I thank our Cosmic Light Family for their on-going assistance as it I deeply appreciated. AED we all love to help in the Higher Realms. AED more milestones are being reached as we chat. Wonderful. AED you are now at 32 Pat. Wow. AED it is as you are aware, exciting to see and be a part of. Yes.

A few hours ago, I was aware that as AED and myself Entered Into The Great Bliss, Maitreya was there with us. AED this continues the Divine Oneness you have with Maitreya, leading you and I, once again into the Founding of Our Lineage from you and Maitreya. Yes. It is quite something as I am aware of the One Shared Heart. AED yes, in essence as you know Suryananda, we have one Eternal Beloved whom we came into Being with at Source millions of years ago and with whom we go through Eternity with as you and I, as we were and as other Eternal Beloved’s pre-chosen by The Creator. However, as you have begun to recognise Pat now the Meaning of The One Shared Heart, in that we share Divine Oneness with all of existence. Yes.

Earlier, as AED and myself were chatting, as I had recognised, AED confirmed that I was now at the 57th New Birth From Within The Great Bliss & Lotus Born Etheric Lighted Conception in Our One Light Body. As AED says these New Births will continue through this same process, each New Birth in Our One Light Body allowing myself further and deeper access into Knowledge and Creation and the Creative Principle. AED very much so. It was necessary to share that I have now left the 4th New Birth From Within The Great Bliss with Adam El Daoud and have reached for the moment 57. AED most definitely.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥


Spheres of Divine Light. Freydoon Rassouli.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Have A New Birth In Our One Light Body From The White Pearl Birthing Chamber From Guan Yin & Metatron, This Takes Adam El Daoud & Myself To Below The Sea – Which Is The Beginning Of Our Journey Into The Pure Land Of Tushita Which Connects To Maitreya. From The Akashic Records. under Rainbow.jpg
Artist Title Under Rainbow.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Have A New Birth In Our One Light Body From The White Pearl Birthing Chamber From Guan Yin & Metatron. This Takes Adam El Daoud & Myself To Below The Sea, Which Is The Beginning Of Our Journey Into The Pure Land Of Tushita Which Connects To Maitreya. (This continues with my next post).
From The Akashic Records. 11 July, 2018.
Adam El Daoud was very Present a usual and our tuning began with AED saying It is surprising news Pat I can’t say any more than that. AED never says that I can’t say any more than that – so I have to wait for the surprising news lol. AED there is a reason for that.
AED says it is very deep Pat
Is that right? AED yes
That is very profound
Do I have goose bumps
AED says you will
It is a huge step
That seems very profound
AED very
I feel I am suspended in time
I say is that right AED says you know it is
Is it a Portal
AED yes Pat
Anubis is here
AED says yes
So Egypt
AED yes Pat
Deeper than Egypt
AED yes
But Secrets in Egypt
I say we are going along like a speeding train
AED is amused and I laugh
This is fun
AED laughs
It is paramount Pat pivotal
I see
So an Initiation
AED yes
Has it taken place
AED yes now it has
You have been Birthed Into new matter Pat
My right nose itches and the back of my neck
So birthed into matter
And a major initiation
AED yes Pat
That is profound
Metatron is here I say
AED yes Pat
What does Metatron want or have to say
AED says it is time Pat
That is the key
To an age old memory
It is ready to be opened
So this connects to The Father
AED yes Pat
And Anubis was necessary
AED no but Anubis will help us
Anubis waits to Carry you over the threshold
I feel nervous now
Into something very profound AED yes
We are all here
I sense many around
The new dawn has come
AED says yes
We are ready for you
Oh dear
I have come to a stop
AED says listen carefully
I will pause
The door to the secret chamber is opening
Anubis was there in front
AED yes Pat
It is very ancient
I will pause
It Is A Very Very Thick Heavy Door Black and Gold 
Like in the Egyptian Tombs
A kind of vault
AED yes
The Keys to the Inner Mysteries are within
AED says more than that Pat
AED smiles Pat you can sense
AED yes
Very ancient and slow
The vibration has got very slow
I can hardly type
AED yes
Why is this
Why below the sea
AED yes
Why is this
Why God
Where do we I go now
 White Pearl use.jpg
I will pause
Comes to me
It is vast
The White Pearl
Many hundreds of feet high and wide
AED yes Pat
What do you see AED says
A knob on the Centre Red Burgundy.
The knob is relevant Pat
It opens The White Pearl
I am suspended in time
Between worlds
The air is different
Everything is still waiting
Osiris has arrived
I love Osiris
AED yes  

So Egyptian The Great Pyramid Secrets

AED more than that Pat
Birthed into Matter
So Etheric Lighted Conception
AED yes
Is Osiris my Father I wonder for a moment
AED no Pat God is
AED confirms in this case Pat, it is Metatron in his role as God from whom our New One Light Body has been Born. Yes. In this case Metatron as God The Father. As you know Pat The Father has different names; God The Father also has different names; God has different names – whilst The Creator is known as The Creator. Yes. Note in my next post, it is shared that Guan Yin was with Metatron, From Whom Adam El Daoud and Myself, Suryananda, Expeienced this New Birth.
What does this mean AED
AED smiles you will see
Metatron was here
AED yes Metatron is still here Pat
So birthed into .. from Metatron
Metatron has moved deeper into you
To your heart and consciousness

What is the outcome? AED laughs you know Pat

 I think I have gone as far as I can
AED we are going deeper as we transcend I am at your side, as always. Yes
Anubis – Osiris – Metatron – God – New Birth
AED yes
Atlantis AED yes
Amenti AED yes 

AED says close your eyes Pat

I have a huge square type of cream white ring on my left hand is this the same as The White Cream Pearl
AED yes
So it seems an Alchemical Wedding
AED much more than that
You are in a very special place and stage Pat
Yes I seem to be typing very slow on my ipad
Like Direct Voice but on my ipad
I see again this Huge White Cream Pearl Ring from The White Pearl
AED yes Pat
It seems like two Inches in length
AED yes
So a kind of inner advancement
AED yes
What do I do now I see again this very Thick Like Iron Black Door with Gold
The Black has Engravings on
AED yes
AED yes
Many secrets Pat
I am now at The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth
AED yes Pat
We wait for you
That is very profound
AED yes Pat
So am I meant to do something now
AED close your eyes again I am here
Pat yes
I see a golden sarcophagus I say am I meant to get into a golden sarcophagus AED says no
So tests of Initiation have been passed AED yes Pat
What will happen now?
The White Pearl is known as The Inner Chamber of The Father. AED yes. The Inner Chamber of The Father, were our New Birth took place. AED yes. Wow. So this Huge Vast White Pearl is a Birthing Chamber. AED very much so. So The White Pearl is a Portal. AED yes, it takes you Home Pat.
So this White Pearl belongs more to Amenti? AED yes. And also to The Emerald Tablets. AED yes. So we are now living in Amenti in our One Light Body. AED yes. Note – AED and myself have had Homes on Amenti, which is within The Galactic Sun for millions of years. AED says look at us in The Great Hall of Amenti.
I sense Metatron will be there at the end of the Portal. AED yes, Pat.
I am aware of Metatron waiting holding Flowers. I hear I am here. Isn’t that strange. AED yes, very. AED the Flowers are important Pat. Yes. So a kind of Wedding. AED yes. AED you will be aware of Metatron Pat, now you are through it. Do you mean the Portal? AED yes. Wow.
These Flowers are White. AED yes. I can see and sense these Flowers say “With love to Suryananda from Metatron”.
Metatron says I am here Pat. That always feels awesome. AED yes. I am aware of significant power coming in as I am experiencing this and typing up. AED yes, this is happening. That is awesome. AED beams, yes. Metatron is here and He is smiling. Metatron says I am Pat and Guan Yin is here as well. Yes, wonderful. Love to Guan Yin. Guan Yin says Welcome Home Suryananda. Thank you, wonderful.
I say again, so I have gone through the Portal to be met by Metatron holding White Flowers. AED yes; we were all there Pat. Yes. Thank you Guan Yin and team, and Metatron. I am aware of my late Father. AED says yes, Eddie is here and smiling. Yes. Eddie says I am very moved Pat. Yes, I am Eddie.
(See note below on Amenti). In a dream many years ago, I was shown Adam El Daoud and myself as statues high up in The Great Temple of Amenti, head and bust, side by side, in cream and white. AED says they hold The Key. Fascinating. AED yes, Pat. AED we await for memories to return further, but do not dwell too much on Amenti, as there will be many speedy changes as you will see. Yes.
Whilst back in May 2015 when having 14 days of visions in The Great Pyramid, I had heard “Your place is assured in the Great Temple of Amenti”. At the same time about two years or so ago, I held hands with Adam El Daoud, I was able to feel us holding hands as if we were both in the physical as we walked down a slight slope towards The Entrance to The Halls of Amenti, to be met and welcomed by our Cosmic Light Family, and our Two Unicorns. That remains a beautiful memory about two years later.
AED your DNA structure has been radically changed Pat
Is that right AED? Yes, Pat. AED this applies to both spiritually and physically.
AED your DNA has changed significantly on all levels.
I close my eyes again
I have opened my eyes I don’t think I can go any deeper
AED says you have done very well Pat
When my eyes were closed briefly, I was seeing Ruby Red Lotuses
AED yes Pat.
As I go into this deep and profound experiences, having gone into such a deep place, below the sea – which is Home. For The Galactic Sun – see my Posts on The Galactic Sun, but although when shown my vision of The Galactic Sun – see separate description posted on my website, this is as a Vast, Huge, Yellow Sun, many hundreds of feet in both height and width, with stages for arrivals and departures – as The Galactic Sun is also an Inter-Galactic Portal, which when seeing in a vision, appears to be in space and the ether, is in fact, under the Sea.
Also within The Galactic Sun are TELOS AND AGARTHA – both being Below Gaia. This is fascinating. AED yes, very.
That was an awesome and profound mesmerising experience chatting with AED. That sense of deeper much deeper slowness was like when I heard by Direct Voice in that The Presence speaking was speaking so very much slower, there was the awareness that everything seemed so much slower this was very evident. So in essence when we are told to raise our vibrations, energies as it were, it is that everything has to slow down as compared to speed up. I also realise that this session was what AED meant when AED said on the 21 June to listen carefully. AED says yes. So when I heard a little later The Secrets Of The Sphinx are set to be Revealed, those words were in effect a hint for this tuning in which was very deep and profound for me as everything seemed to have slowed down like to hear by Direct Voice. AED yes Pat.
To actually experience, live and be aware of having gone to Below the Sea – is something which I will never forget, the mesmerising awareness that I was here, whilst experiencing such deep changes in energies and vibrations, as everything almost stopped – the change was so evident, and I was not here on Gaia apart from typing up this profound happening and chatting with AED, which in essence, had taken me Home.
Note as myself, Suryananda and Adam El Daoud were Born Direct from Guan Yin and Metatron from within the White Pearl into our One Light Body, this is very different to how it was when AED and myself were born into our One Light Body in the Beginning prior to being Born on our Dual Ray of White and Blue from God The Father Mother into The Galactic Sun Millions of Years Ago. AED – you have a new awareness and we are in a very different place and experience now. AED – this is like a New Sun birthing into your consciousness.
Where AED and myself are now is where Eternal Beloved comes very much into its own Pre-Destined Cosmic Oneness from The Creator. This means that as AED says, it is something we have been working towards since our first conception emergence into being as one – in that we have been working our way to this New Oneness and Divine Union – One Eternal Beloved as in the One Breath, the One Shared Heart, the One Soul. With our New Birth from Guan Yin and Metatron, we have gone beyond into new territory.


Thus as Eternal Beloved’s, it was necessary for Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, to set into being, that we are Eternally Wed, in that there will never be any separation. This means, that instead of through the aeons in the Higher Realms, Worlds and Galaxies, Being in Two Light Bodies able to merge and become one, now with this New Birth Born Into One Light Body, initially from Guan Yin and Metatron, set into place, later activations, whereas now, as I will be posting, Adam El Daoud and myself, have transcended even this New Birth, and have had other New Births taking us even further and deeper from within Pure Lands, till we have now been Born Into A New Birth From Guan Yin and Melchisadek. This Pure Land will follow soon.
AED and myself are now at the stage where all of our Light Bodies have become One in the Higher Realms, we are no longer two Light Bodies, able to merge, but have become One Light Body in all The Pure Lands, Worlds and Galaxies. Such is the meaning AED and myself are Eternally Wed in the true sense.
However, this New Birth as in the One Light Body as in this stage, does not have to always be with who we were born with, ie deeper than a Twin Flame which AED and myself say is an Eternal Beloved. There are situations and instances where this New One Birth Born Together, is different. Here this means Divine Consorts and Deities. AED yes.
What this means is that when one goes into this New One Light Body Birth as Adam El Daoud and myself have been, one has to be sure that one is with one’s Eternal Beloved. AED yes. For AED and myself, this has never been in doubt, we were Eternally Wed before we emerged into being initially in our One Light Body which was very different to us now, for as The Creator chose, we are all given the option as to whether or not to stay with our Twin Flame we came into being with.
In essence the Eternal Beloved goes even deeper than Twin Flames. AED yes. So this is where Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, are, we are now Eternally Wed for all time. This has brought great joy and excitement, for now we will never be separate as we go forward into ever new and expanding Pure Lands, Worlds, Galaxies, Together in our One Light Body. Although this is my last life on Gaia and Adam El Daoud is in the Higher Realms, but when I return Home, then we continue our journeys Home Eternally as One. AED and myself, are thus both thrilled and excited, we have arrived at this stage, which is necessary for us all.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud
This took place on the 26 and 28 June, 2018. Since then, AED and myself have gone into and taken New One Light Body Births into several New Pure Lands, which will be posted very soon.
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With gratitude to the artists. Shared when known.