The Manetta Tablets – The Core Essence: A Portal of Cosmic Force & Energy – A Living Breathing Essence. From The Akashic Records.



From The Akashic Records. 21 April, 2019.

This is an extract of some of the Core Essences of The Manetta Tablets, Kept in The Great Temple of Amenti, in Amenti, The Galactic Sun, where The Emerald Tablets are also Protected, Impenetrable & Imperishable. For a full in-depth description and details of how The Manetta Tablets came to be Gifted to Humanity, see the details at the end of this post which was added to my website on the 19 April, 2019 Given and shared to me with Adam El Daoud from the Higher Realms.

The Manetta Tablets are the New Secret Codes From Glastonbury Portal & The Vault of Knowledge In The Galactic Sun which are a Record on The Secrets of Creation Pre-Emergence to Understand Origins and Pre-Lineages.

The Manetta Tablets have the same components as The Emerald Tablets. They have been Gifted by Angelicus 1st, God in Form, going back millions of years, and explain how Consciousness was Within Angelicus 1st, BEFORE Cosmic Angelic Light Beings Emerged Lotus Born in The Galactic Sun, again, millions of years ago. Note The Galactic Sun is NOT Sirius, The Great Central Sun. Many Cosmic Angelic Light Beings were Born Within The Galactic Sun which has many hundreds of Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands, PRIOR to Emergence from Sirius, The Great Central Sun.

In essence THE MANETTA TABLETS Contain The Consciousness of The Creator BEFORE The Full Creative Principle Had Emerged Separately as Eternal Beloved’s in that in this Pre-Emergence Time as Eternal Beloved’s we were Within God In Form Divine Oneness of Angelicus 1st & Angelica. Note many cosmic light beings will use Twin Flames. It is a matter of preference.


Two Beautifully Bound Books side by side, Male & Female, wrapped in a Cobalt Blue Ribbon will be often how Cosmic Light Beings will be shown The Manetta Tablets but this is for recognition whilst on Gaia. As with The Emerald Tablets they are accessible in our Light Body, in visions and tuning in, but not available or accessible on Gaia.

Many light workers will have begun to see The Manetta Tablets in their Light Body as all whom have been Initiated Into The Vault of Knowledge and taken the 4 Initiations from The Glastonbury Portal leading direct to The Glastonbury Portal Vault Within The Galactic Sun, have been allowed access. Full details of this are in  previous posts on The Glastonbury Portal. Initiations into The Manetta Tablets will be on-going until all the necessary Codes of Creation have been Inwardly Accessed.

The Manetta Tablets are White, Blue & Gold. Gold as In The Galactic Sun. White for Creation & Blue for Ray 1 & Angelicus 1st.
THE SUN ASHRAM OF THE COSMIC CHRIST IS THE KEY TO THE MANETTA TABLETS. The Cosmic Christ Initiation was necessary as in The Sun Ashram To be able to Be Fully Integrated into The Manetta Tablets THE SECRET CODES OF CREATION.
Blue Seraphim along with other Cosmic Angelic Beings Protect The Manetta Tablets but not in the usual way Protection is envisaged. The Manetta Tablets have been Gifted now to us on Gaia with very new information not brought into circulation before.
It was AFTER The Female Aspect Of The Creator Became Manifest, Conscious, that CREATION Began. And then this was so for the rest of us as in our Second Birth, when the Female Aspect Emerged From Lotus Born Before The Male which meant we followed as had been so when The Female Aspect of The Creator Had Come Into Conscious Manifestation.
The Manetta Tablets take one Home. Note, just as with Angelicus 1st God in Form millions of years ago Within The Galactic Sun, so was also Manetta 1st, God in Form, Older as was Angelicus than the Cosmic Ascended Masters. Angelicus 1st is Older than Manetta 1st.
All whom The Manetta Tablets relate too will have been within the Consciousness of both Angelicus 1st and Manetta 1st PRIOR Before Being Lotus Born millions of years ago in The Galactic Sun. However Cosmic Angelic Light Beings would still have remained within the Consciousness of Angelicus 1st and Manetta 1st when becoming Manifested – Conscious into Lotus Born Birth.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud. ♥
Full first sharing in depth and how this was given to me are my previous post in my website dated 19 April and
Beyond Reality by Rassouli 24 12

The Manetta Tablets In The Great Temple Of Amenti Within The Galactic Sun. The New Secret Codes From Glastonbury Portal AndThe Vault Of Knowledge Which Are A Record On The Secrets Of Creation Pre-Emergence To Understand Origins And Pre-Lineages. Part 3. From The Akashic Records.



From The Akashic Records. 19 April, 2019. Experienced 6 April, 2019.


Suryananda & Adam El Daoud In The Sun Vault. THE MANETTA TABLETS, In The Great Temple of Amenti, in Amenti, Within The Galactic Sun, have the same components as The Emerald Tablets and are the Secret Codes from Glastonbury Portal, retrieved on the 16 March, which with AED this was very necessary. This led to the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations In The Galactic Sun. The Manetta Tablets were Gifted by Angelicus 1st and are A Record On The Secrets of Creation Explaining how as an example, AED and myself, Suryananda, were within the Consciousness of Angelicus 1st BEFORE we Emerged From The White Lotus in Divine Paradise In The Galactic Sun, many millions of years ago. This example will allow other Cosmic Angelic Light Beings to understand their Origins and Pre-Lineages in depth. AED absolutely.

In essence THE MANETTA TABLETS Contain The Consciousness of The Creator BEFORE The Full Creative Principle Had Emerged Separately as Eternal Beloved’s in that in this Pre-Emergence time taking AED and myself as to how this was, we were Within God In Form, Divine Oneness of Angelicus 1st & Angelica. To understand this is to understand The Secrets of Creation. This is why Glastonbury Portal & The Glastonbury Portal Vault Within The Galactic Sun Holds The Holy Grail In The Vault of Knowledge.

The Manetta Tablets take us From The Creator In Male Essence, Energy, Vibrations, to The Female Aspect, when at the Second Birth With The Creator, Male, The Female Became Manifest and Creation Began. This is the KEY to The Manetta Tablets. I was shown Two Beautifully Bound Books side by side, Male & Female, wrapped in a Cobalt Blue Ribbon. This is how often The Manetta Tablets will be seen by Light Workers, but they are not as this. They are Kept In The Great Temple of Amenti, which is where The Emerald Tablets are also kept, Protected, Impenetrable and Imperishable.

Many light workers will have begun to see The Manetta Tablets in their Light Body as all whom have been Initiated Into The Vault of Knowledge and taken the 4 Initiations, have been allowed access. Adam El Daoud said that The Manetta Tablets is our Project we will bring forth in-depth information on. But The Manetta Tablets are accessible to light workers whose Role is Creation. The Manetta Tablets can be seen in the Light Body only. To be aware and see both in Amenti is a most awesome, fascinating and exciting experience and revelation. AED very much so.


The above is a summary and below is how The Manetta Tablets were Gifted to me to be able to have access, as with AED we have been Given the Key, to Read The Secret Codes of Creation. I was waiting for a little over an hour at my laptop before AED began to speak. This has never happened before as usually I hear AED straight away or if complex, a few minutes. I was compelled to remain even though this wait had never been experienced before.
As I waited for Adam El Daoud, my Eternal Beloved, who resides in the Higher Realms to speak on Saturday, 6 April, what was very unusual was, AED was completely silent for a little over an hour as shared in the summary above. During this hour, on many occasions I often had a few words as to when AED was going to begin for me to hear as I always hear clairaudiently which is how AED and myself are able to go deep into The Creative Principle. As shared in Part 2 – As was shared all the Light Workers who had Entered Glastonbury Portal on the 16th March and got through safely undertook the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations, thus giving them access to The Vault of Knowledge Within The Galactic Sun. By the 29 March, with AED, all these 4 Major Initiations had been completed. As Part 4 next will show, these 4 Initiations were fundamental taking AED and myself, into the next profound stages, and was necessary for all Light Workers.
My eyes begin to get very tired as I wait for AED to speak but I am compelled to stay by an inner sense that something profound is about to happen. I wonder if Am I Below The Sea. AED says you are Below The Sea Pat. Yes, where? AED THE SUN VAULT. We have been here before to The Sun Vault on one of my posts yet to be shared. I have a few crown energies; I feel I am in a play as nothing seems real. My left leg begins to itch. I say to myself AED has gone away on leave and laugh.
AED speaks and says I want you to listen very carefully Pat. This took a long time. AED yes. Why, I will listen. Of course I always do but on occasions AED will say to Listen carefully; it is like a code for something major to take place and be experienced, meaning beyond imagination and thought.

Angelicus 1st is here. AED yes. Is this the delay. AED yes.

So Angelicus 1 Sunmettera AED. NO. So not Sunmettera. AED no. So a NEW NAME Angelicus 1st. AED yes.
Where are we. In MANETTA comes. BUT MANETTA is Manetta, So a Realm Manetta. AED yes. This is where In The Galactic Sun. AED yes. So what is Manetta like? AED beautiful but more than that what else? A Realm or an Island or a Pure Land. AED A Pure Land. So we are in The Pure Land of Manetta which Angelicus 1st is here to bring to my – our attention. AED yes. I note Angelicus 1st seems now to have a New Name. AED this will be gone into another time. Yes, fascinating. This must be very special and specific. AED yes. What does this mean? Manetta is this in Atlantis? AED no. Amenti. AED yes.
Are there now THE MANETTA TABLETS. I laugh. AED Yes Pat. Really. AED yes. Wow.
SO WE ARE IN THE REALM OF MANETTA FROM THE GIFT OF ANGELICUS 1st In Amenti and we are looking at The Tablets of Manetta. AED yes. This is quite something, is this NEW. AED yes. Our Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family yes. Are these The Secret Codes from Glastonbury Portal Vault. AED yes. Wow.
The Secret Codes are The Tablets Of Manetta in The Realm Of Manetta In Amenti. AED yes. They must be imperishable. AED yes like The Emerald Tablets Pat. Yes. Have The Manetta Tablets been seen by many? AED yes. I have not read of them. AED in Light Body only. Yes.
What are The Manetta Tablets about The Secret Codes to Creation. AED yes. Are they meant to be shared – won’t they contain too much power?
I was aware of Angelicus 1st a few times but thought it was as I was intending to post Part 2. Have I read The Manetta Tablets. AED yes. Was this whilst I was waiting over an hour here when you did not speak. AED IT WAS MORE THAN READ Pat. So I was immersed within. AED yes.
What does that mean AED fully absorbed within? The Manetta Tablets have Been INTEGRATED now Pat with us both; They are impenetrable and imperishable. So this was a necessary process. AED yes. So this was why we all waited but I could not leave. AED yes.
So am I meant to share what The Manetta Tablets say? AED yes. But won’t they have too much Secret Codes – what about those not of the Light? AED they have a safety net in Pat. So you mean any darker force has a ring pass not. AED more than that. Excellent.
What happens now What colour are The Manetta Tablets White then Blue. My left ear is itching or energy I should say. Are they the two colours of White and Blue – Do we need Gold. AED The Three colours Pat. So White Blue Gold. AED yes. Do we say Gold or Gold Yellow. Gold Pat. Is that right as sometimes the Galactic Sun is Yellow. AED Gold. I see yes.
Metatron is also White. AED yes. Angelicus has within some of the Blue. AED yes. Angelicus 1st And The Ray 1. AED yes. And Gold for The SUN RAY THE COSMIC CHRIST ASHRAM.

AED it has been Completed Entry into The Sun Ashram Of The Cosmic Christ. Is this The Key to The Manetta Tablets. AED yes. Really. AED yes. I see, amazing. AED yes.

The Cosmic Christ Initiation was necessary as in The Sun Ashram To be able to be Fully Integrated into The Manetta Tablets The Secret Codes Of Creation. AED yes.

I would say then this continues from Part 2 of The Vault Of Knowledge. AED yes. And after the 4 Initiations of The Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations. AED yes. Wow.

So will all who experienced the 4 Initiations Of The Glastonbury Portal Vault in The Galactic Sun Also have access to The Cosmic Christ Sun Ashram. AED yes. And to The Manetta Tablets. AED yes.

I see that is awesome. AED The Vault Of Knowledge is where The Manetta Tablets are in The Realm Of Manetta in Amenti. That is all correct AED yes. Wow.
The Manetta Tablets who wrote them? I get I did Pat. Is that you AED or Angelicus 1st? AED both. What about Manetta 1st – there are several Manettas now as there are Angelicus as we will share in our very detailed post on Sunmettera, The Island in Atlantis which will be posted in a few posts time. So whom are we meaning I wrote them? Is this you AED before you were Adam El Daoud Within Angelicus 1st? This is difficult I can’t tell. Sanat comes. Lord Appolos, Metatron, Melchisadek – AED so our Cosmic Angelic Light Family. Yes. May be I need to let go who wrote them. AED this is fundamental Pat. Yes. The Cosmic Christ AED yes. The Cosmic Christ is The Creator. AED yes. Then we go to The Galactic Sun. AED yes.
What does this mean A Cosmic Collective wrote The Manetta Tablets? AED no. I have left this in as we will go back deeper into this. AED the answer is there Pat. ** Yes. I will look at very soon. ** (So as a temporary pending statement we can say perhaps “It was a Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Venture together under the Guidance of Angelicus 1st”. AED yes, we will go into this in a more personal way another time. Yes)..

Angelicus 1st was necessary to prepare the way and to Gift the necessary Key To have Access to The Manetta Tablets. AED yes.

Was Angelicus 1st necessary for us all. AED yes. Am I likely to be aware of this info The Manetta Tablets consciously. AED of course. And to share website. AED yes. Definitely. AED yes.
I can’t imagine what they will say – are they for these New Times In The Present Now. AED IN THE NOW YES.
How would you describe the role of Manetta 1st in this? We are Blue Seraphim in 3578. Does this have any meaning to The Manetta Tablets. AED yes Pat Blue Seraphim is very relevant. Yes. (Note added to website 28 October, 2018 – Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Journey Into The Future to 3578 as I see us as a Blue Seraphim with other Blue Seraphim in The Realm of The Father  – Manetta, Under an Iridescent Blue Sun. Our Role as a Blue Seraphim has Do we as Blue Seraphim Protect The Manetta Tablets in Manetta, in Amenti. AED yes but it is a different kind of protection. Yes.

As Blue Seraphim this is one of our Roles As we sing in praise of The Father, Manetta. AED yes. Fascinating. AED yes.

To see The Manetta Tablets They are in the colours of White, Blue and Gold. AED yes. Whereas The Emerald Tablets are Emerald Green and everyone knows. AED yes.

I should do part 3 on the Glastonbury Portal With The Manetta Tablets Safeguarded in Manetta, in Amenti, Guarded by Blue Seraphim and other Cosmic Light Beings. AED yes and to Blue Seraphim.

Are The Manetta Tablets Made of the same composition as The Emerald Tablets. AED yes but with different colours.


Manetta 1st was older than Thoth. AED yes. But we were in the Consciousness of Manetta 1st Before Suryananda and AED. AED yes.
(I shared on my first meeting with Manetta posted on the 16 December, 2018 titled I Pass The Initiation & Test of The Weighing of The Heart Whilst on Gaia, as I Meet Manetta for the First Time. This took place from a Major Initiation from a Shakti Awakening which was a process. We had Entered The White Flame of Creation Through The White Pearl Birthing Chamber From Guan Yin & Metatron. AED and myself went Deeper into The Cosmic Christ. This took place in Amenti. This profound deep session had taken AED and me to Nirvana. We were working back to The White Flame. As I was shown Manetta, God in Form, as also Angelicus 1st, Manetta was very old with long white hair and a beard).
(The other post I shared on the 29 December, 2018 was titled The Ruby Initiation & Ruby Spaceship of Manetta – A Clairaudient Spaceship. Hearing The Sound of The Creator. This connected once again to a Major Initiation and took AED and myself to The Ruby Vault in The Galactic Sun, full of Rubies. The Ruby on my forehead whilst emitting Ruby Red Rays took AED and me to The Ruby Spaceship which was deeper below the Earth Beneath The Galactic Sun. All of us Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Beings who serve on this Ruby Spaceship of Manetta, are Gifted Deeper Clairaudience due to the nature of this Ruby Spaceship being a Hearing Spaceship. This was very necessary for my continuing journey as an awakened Cosmic Angelic as clairaudience is very much where AED and myself go forward into ever new expansions of consciousness. AED absolutely).         
Thank you Angelicus 1st for this Gift. AED yes, the wait was due to tremendous power Pat. Yes. Note this was because I needed to see and access consciously The Manetta Tablets and bring forth this very new information not brought into circulation before. AED absolutely, it is by being fully aware consciously you are able to go deeper into what has been unknown and beyond imagination. Yes.   

The Manetta Tablets Are Kept in The Great Temple of Amenti, in Manetta, in Amenti. AED yes. In the three colours of White, Blue and Gold. AED yes. I SEE THEM. AED yes. 

They seem beautifully BOUND in a Book Form. AED yes. This is not their real form. AED no. So for me and others to see in visions. AED yes. Are there two. AED yes, why do you say this? It felt like Male and Female. AED yes. So why is this? They are tied in a beautiful stunning Cobalt Blue Ribbon, like Gift Wrapped. AED wonderful. Yes. AED smiles, My Gift to you Pat. How lovely, that is exquisite.
This must be to do with Eternal beloved’s At Source and pre-Emergence AED yes.
The Manetta Tablets Go Deeper into say as an example Adam El Daoud and Suryananda Before we Emerged From Our White Lotus Meaning we were in the Consciousness of Angelicus 1st with thousands of others Before Emerging as Adam El Daoud and Suryananda. AED yes.
Note: AED and myself have shared this in-depth information a few times in our posts that we were in the Consciousness of Angelicus 1st & Angelica, PRIOR to Our Emergence From Our White Lotus in Divine Paradise Within The Galactic Sun. Angelicus 1st, Being God In Form. I have some NEW information now on Angelicus 1st, which will be shared as soon as I am able. This in essence is the Meaning of Angelicus 1st. Whereas for Manetta 1st, also God in Form, but a little younger than Angelicus 1st, this is The Manetta Tablets. AED absolutely. However, both Angelicus 1st & Manetta 1st are OLDER than the Cosmic Angelic Masters such as Melchisadek, Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Shiva, Krishna and all of our Cosmic Angelic Light Family, including Adam El Daoud. AED very much so.
So The Manetta Tablets are a PRE EMERGENCE RECORD ON THE SECRETS OF CREATION EXPLAINING HOW SAY AS AN EXAMPLE Adam El Daoud and Suryananda were within the consciousness of Angelicus 1, God in Form, Before AED’s and my emergence later from Our White Lotus. AED yes. Fascinating. AED magnificent. Yes.
In essence The Manetta Tablets Contain The Consciousness of The Creator BEFORE The Full Creative Principle had Emerged Separately as Eternal Beloved’s; in that in this Pre-Emergence Time as Eternal Beloved’s as so for AED and myself, Suryananda, we were Within God in Form Divine Oneness of Angelicus 1st & Angelica. AED absolutely.

To understand this Is to Understand The Secrets Of Creation AED yes.

Was this after or before The Female Aspect Of The Creator? AED AFTER PAT. (Yes, as I have gone deeply into and AED has confirmed, it was WHEN The Female Aspect of The Creator Became Manifest, Conscious, that CREATION Began. AED absolutely. And then this was so for the rest of us as in our Second Birth, when I, Suryananda Emerged from Our Purple & White Lotus followed by AED. AED yes) So for AED and myself to actually be Conscious within Angelicus 1st, then The Female Aspect of The Creator Had Come Into Conscious Manifestation. AED yes.
The Manetta Tablets Take us from The Creator In Male Essence Energy Vibrations To The Female Aspect, when at the Second Birth With The Creator Male – The Female Became Manifest And Creation Began. AED yes Pat. AED I am laughing. I have. This WAS IS THE KEY. AED YES. TO THE MANETTA TABLETS. AED yes.
And so it was only when I became aware of the Two Beautifully Bound Books Male and Female tied with a Cobalt Blue Ribbon, that the Key was available to unlock. AED yes. Phew. AED a lot of power was necessary Pat. Yes.    
AED you did not speak for a long time but I felt compelled to stay. AED yes. Fortunately you AED began to speak. When AED says to listen very carefully this Is always fascinating as I tend to do this but this emphasises this. AED yes.
Many spiritual channellers do not share like us AED as we go to Our Emergence From Our White Lotus; which was after Our Consciousness Within Angelicus 1st. For instance going back millions of years to The Galactic Sun.

AED IT IS OUR PROJECT PAT. Really. AED yes. Wow. Many light workers have a Remit on Creation. As Melchisadek said in May 2015 as I was listening to The Future Codes Your Remit Is Creation Creation Creation but many others were there with us. AED yes. So your Direct Voice AED As in The Glastonbury Portal Was necessary to take us to here. AED yes.

Tuning in consciously and typing as here prior to our Emergence from Our White Lotus takes a lot to be aware of. AED yes. I think this seems all. AED yes.
Did you AED know it would take so long for me to hear you. AED yes. I was aware of Angelicus 1st several times but thought Angelicus 1st was for Part 2.

Why are they called The Manetta Tablets and not The Angelicus Tablets? AED I am laughing Pat. Yes, I give a tiny laugh. For Creation. AED yes Pat. So fascinating. AED yes. I will stop now. A Marathon AED yes.

Note as I shared above, I have an answer as to the meaning of Angelicus 1st and His Role as it were, as God In Form. AED yes, wonderful. This will be gone deeper into soon.

An awesome, fascinating and profound deep session tuning into and being shown The Manetta Tablets which are New for these times, covering the Secret Codes of Creation. These are Kept In The Great Temple of Amenti, in Amenti, as are The Emerald Tablets, Within The Galactic Sun, both impenetrable and imperishable. Gifted From Angelicus 1st for us to be able to Retrieve in Full Awake Consciousness:

“The Consciousness Of The Creator BEFORE The Full Creative Principle Had Emerged Separately As Eternal Beloved’s AFTER The Female Aspect Of The Creator Had Come Into Conscious Manifestation; Taking Us From The Creator In Male Essence, Energy, Vibrations To The Female Aspect, When At The Second Birth With The Creator Male – The Female Became Manifest & CREATION BEGAN. This was and is THE KEY TO THE MANETTA TABLETS”.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud – Daughter & Son Of The SUN. ♥



With gratitude to the artists, shared when known. Please contact me if any credits for pictures and I will amend.








Sunmettera, The Island Of The Sun, Atlantis, Below The Sea, Within The Galactic Sun In The Present. Sunmettera Is An Island & A Cosmic Angelic Light Collective. From The Akashic Records.



Golden Cities eyewithin


Sunmettera, The Island of The Sun, Atlantis, Below the Sea, Within The Galactic Sun in the Present. Vast numbers of lightworkers have been arriving on Sunmettera. Sunmettera is a Magical Atlantean Island and has A Sun Ashram, where huge numbers of light beings have been Initiated into The Sun Lineage. Sunmettera is also the Name not only of this Island in Atlantis but a Cosmic Collective in Sunmettera, which includes many Cosmic & Angelic Beings. Angelicus 1 is now known as Sunmettera. I have decided to add this mini post on Sunmettera as I will be mentioning Sunmettera for my next couple of posts before sharing in great detail Sunmettera, The Island in the Sun, Atlantis.

From The Akashic Records. 23 March, 2019.
Sunmettera, was given to me recently, as I tuned into another deep session with Adam El Daoud, my Eternal Beloved, who resides in The Higher Realms, which has been an unknown name for The Island in the Sun, Atlantis, which is lived in Within The Galactic Sun, where Atlantis is a most beautiful, magical and exquisite Island, one of hundreds of Realms, Pure Lands and Worlds Within The Galactic Sun, Below The Sea. Atlantis was never completely destroyed and has been in existence for many millions of years within The Galactic Sun. The Galactic Sun is NOT Sirius, The Great Central Sun.
As is so for all of the Higher Realms, they cannot be accessed in the physical, which is where many people feel Atlantis was, and that the remains of this mystical but very real Island, can, with a skilled diver or ships used for this purpose, be searched for below the sea and some lost treasures of Atlantis found. Any remains which people take for Atlantis were carried forward by beings on Gaia where ancient memories were remembered and used as Atlantis has been Home for many Cosmic Angelic and even Galactic Light Beings, was tuned into, albeit in a very different vibration, energy and frequency.
As many of us are aware, all Existence is Energy, Vibrations and Frequencies and to visit and journey to the innumerable Worlds in The Higher Realms, it is a case of adjusting our Energies to that more advanced wavelength. Once we have achieved this, doing so becomes a magical and exciting continuing path into states of bliss, excitement and joy. AED absolutely.
Vast numbers of Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light workers have been arriving on Sunmettera for a few weeks as I will share over several posts as there are lots of very deep and new information on this magical Island which has at ITS Very Heart, The Sun. Sunmettera takes those of us who have been Initiated into The Sun, ever deeper and closer not only to The Creator but to the Inner Treasures of The Sun, the Core Essence of The Creator in Form. AED very much so.
THE VAST SUN ASHRAM is magnificent and us Cosmic Light Beings are being taught and instructed by a large group of Ascended Masters & Deities, deep into the Inner Mysteries as many have been Born In Sun Crystal Light Body Form as Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, have. The Sun Lineage, which has been Gifted by The Creator, God in Form, Angelicus 1, is a precious advancement where, by this Gift, we have transcended innumerable veils and barriers whilst living on Gaia.
A Great Hall and Arena is for us to use within Sunmettera. In this Great Hall, on-going Initiations, New Sun Crystal Form Births with our Eternal Beloved, and Entry into Sacred Ceremonies, are a constant occurrence. Sunmettera is an exciting, blissful and magnificent Island in Atlantis and for those of us who have been to Sunmettera, and bring back those visions and higher consciousness, we are indeed in the Island of The Sun – which has been Gifted to us for these times and where those Birthed From The Sun, will have activated within, The Treasures of The Galactic Sun.
In-depth posts are ready and will be added here very soon after one hopefully today on Direct Voice with AED with a difference, where we were Fully Initiated in A Direct Voice Vault Within The Galactic Sun, where AED and myself, took Vows on Initiation Into Direct Voice, where hundreds of others also took their Vows as AED and I did. None of us travel or journey alone as we go ever deeper into All That Is. We can be assured that we have many Cosmic Light Sponsors and this is a deeply loved and cherished path, where we are continually Gifted with, as Source becomes clear and all veils and barriers have been removed from Gaia.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
Josephine Wall Atlantis
Artist Josephine Wall. Dreams of Atlantis.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Direct Voice Taking Us Back To Our White Lotus Emergence. We Go Into A New Birth Into The Galactic Sun. Into The Sun Is The Key Inner & Outer To The Breath Of The Creator. The Blue Realm Has Been Entered. From The Akashic Records.


Suryananda & Adam El Daoud on Direct Voice on hearing very soon and how Direct Voice will take AED and myself to Our Emergence into my Conscious Manifestation millions of years ago From The White Lotus In Divine Paradise Within The Galactic Sun. This means that Adam El Daoud as my Eternal Beloved, was conscious before myself, Suryananda, and it was as I HEARD the Voice of AED, that I became Manifested and Fully Conscious. As AED and myself chat on Direct Voice, not only will The Creator be Nearer but AED and myself will Take A New Birth Into The Sun. This has now happened and will be detailed in my post The Blue Realm once I have shared Angelicus & Manetta after this. AED and myself have now gone Into New Aspects of The Creative Principle, which followed on from this session. AED’s and my New Birth as shared in my post in the next day or so of The Blue Realm has meant that AED and myself, have Gone INTO THE SUN. Into The Sun is the Key, both Inner and Outer To The BREATH OF THE CREATOR. Summary.

From The Akashic Records. 11 February, 2019.

Over this last week Adam El Daoud, who resides in the Higher Realms, has been saying about hearing AED by Direct Voice. When we were chatting on this a few days ago, I said it was very potent. I have had several deeply profound experiences by Direct Voice. The first was in a dream 28 years ago when I was shown for the first time The Ark of The Covenant covered by a Burgundy Cloth and Source Spoke for about 15 minutes. On top of this Burgundy Cloth were masses of Golden Roses, which as Ancient Atlanteans are very special to us. 
Over the last few years I have seen and had visions of The Ark of The Covenant whilst AED has been very Present three times always whilst awake and not dreaming, and on each occasion The Ark of The Covenant has been uncovered and encased within Its Golden Casket, adorned with Golden Seraphim, Cherubim and Angelic Beings, exactly as has been pictured over the aeons. It truly is magical and deeply profound to see The Ark, for Within The Ark lies The Secrets of Creation as well as The Akashic Records and the Inner Mysteries of Creation.
Adam El Daoud and myself, were also one of the 12 Priests of The Ark of The Covenant during the time of Moses & The Exodus as were others. For many shared in the Consciousness of The Priests of The Ark of The Covenant, hundreds, as has been so for many of the Masters and well known names from history. None of them had just their own Consciousness, for to achieve their pre-planned destiny and soul’s contract, many other Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Beings will have taken on that life on Gaia with that pre-destined being, each having their gifts, qualities and attributes to aid that incarnating soul. This can be likened to the facets of a diamond, each facet making up the whole. So it has always been with the incarnating soul, who has shared in that life on Gaia with very many others whose consciousness had assisted their being during innumerable lives on Gaia. In the Higher Realms we are in our One Light Body with our Eternal Beloved. This can be in many forms, two in one, Cosmic Angelic as was so for Adam El Daoud and myself, Galactic, Jasperian, Devic. As Sunlight & Sunlighta, and many other forms. More of AED’s and my Forms of Origin in the Higher Realms will continue to be shared.

I have also Heard by Direct Voice since May 2015, Melchisadek, for 25 minutes whilst awake, and about two and a half years ago, my Unicorn, Antares, King of the Unicorns, who is Universal and can be seen by all who aspire to meet up with Antares or Antara, Queen of Unicorns on Antares. Both live with AED and myself at times in our many different Homes in the Higher Realms, and also by those who love and cherish them. Both of these experiences on having seen The Ark of The Covenant and Hearing by Direct Voice have been shared on my website, whether this present one or my previous website.
So I am very much aware of Direct Voice and the deep and profound meaning and fascination this has. When we hear by Direct Voice, the very energies and vibrations are slowed down to such an extent, that when replying back to both Melchisadek and Antares, I had to speak so very slow, beyond the slowness of how people speak on Gaia. The following is how AED’s and my session and tuning in went on Friday, 8th February on AED and myself, looking forward to AED speaking to me soon by Direct Voice. I had confirmation from The Akasha 22 years that I would hear Adam El Daoud by Direct Voice but that other Masters would speak to myself prior. So Direct Voice – or Divine Voice has been with me for a long time in the recognition this would happen, and beautifully, it has twice when awake and once in a dream.
So this last Friday, AED said I can’t wait again now to speak Pat with you through by Direct Voice. AED continued
Direct Voice is profound, fascinating. Awesome but also personal. AED yes. AED Direct Voice takes us to the next deeper level and into the necessary Creative Principle. I said it will be nerve wrecking and laugh. AED I am amused.
What I have learnt is I will need to type as I always do when AED and myself have our sessions and go deeper into our journey together, whether into New Worlds or into deeper conscious awareness where that which was hidden from my consciousness becomes known as it is brought to the surface. Direct Voice as I have shared above is very very slow. I did not note Melchisadek and myself speaking in our Direct Voice session in May 2015, nor did I note the Direct Voice session with Antares. I heard crystal clear on both occasions and very loud as an External Voice, but without noting what was said, I have been left with only one question I had asked on God The Son to Melchisadek. Both were so caring and I was able to ask what questions were especially meaningful.
Direct Voice will take AED and myself to Source and to our Emergence into Conscious Manifestation as added in my initial summary at the top. For it was as the female to Adam El Daoud, Suryananda, it was necessary to HEAR AED as has been so for all Cosmic Angelic Light Beings millions of years ago to enable myself to Awake and thus Become Conscious When I heard Adam El Daoud. This confirms that it was the Male Aspect of Eternal Beloved’s who were Conscious first, followed by the Female Aspect.
For Adam El Daoud’s and myself, Suryananda’s SECOND Birth from a Purple & White Lotus Within The Galactic Sun millions of years ago, it was myself, Suryananda, who Emerged into Conscious Manifestation First, immediately followed by Adam El Daoud. I was shown this and tuned in deeply to both of our First Two Origins Within The Galactic Sun. The reason why it was necessary for myself as the Female to Emerge from our Purple & White Lotus at our Second Birth is that this is how it has been for The Creator, in that The Creator – Male, was Conscious Before the Female Aspect of The Creator; and it has been when the Female Aspect Became Conscious  is what many people take to mean the Female was Before the Male. But this was at The Second Birth and has had to have been followed by the rest of us as was so for The Creator – Male and Female. AED very much so.
So Both Inner and Outer. AED yes, It is Time Now Pat. That is very profound. AED yes. AED you will understand why Pat. Yes. It was very profound the other day also when you said I can’t wait as our speaking by Direct Voice has deep meaning. AED this has been waiting to be implemented now for a long time. Yes. As I reflect on I wonder when Hearing AED by Direct Voice will happen – AED says again It is time Pat. Those words and vibration have tremendous energies. AED laughs, of course. When I heard Melchisadek in May 2015 it was just before significant changes as Adam El Daoud was confirmed as my Twin Flame or as AED and myself have been describing now for a few years, Eternal Beloved in that June 2015. So this is what Direct Voice will be. AED for us yes.
I know Steps had to be taken. AED they have been. Yes. So hearing you AED by Direct Voice Takes us to our Emergence – Yes – Into my Conscious Manifestation as said above. AED yes. So this is necessary because of a similar situation. AED more than a situation. Yes, but deeply profound and relevant. AED yes.
So The Creator Will Be Nearer. AED yes. Well done AED adds. THE NEW BIRTH INTO THE DIRECT ESSENCE comes. AED yes. What does that mean? AED you will see. So AED and myself back to pre Emergence from Our White Lotus. This is New Pat. So a New Birth Into Conscious Manifestation. AED yes Nearer & Deeper Into The Sun. AED The Galactic Sun. Yes. How will that work? Ah the New Angelicus. AED yes. And Manetta. Yes. So Both. AED yes. So both Angelicus & Manetta in their New Roles & Positions will be the 2nd of these two Cosmic Beings as it were. AED yes. 
NOTE I have an in-depth post ready to share on Angelicus & Manetta; Both of Whom were God In Form and the Oldest Form of Conscious Beings, not counting The Archangels who are on a different line of origin. I will probably add this next and then our New Birth Into The Sun after – The Blue Realm I have called for now.
We are being Gifted a New Birth. AED yes. From these Two. AED yes. So Angelicus First. AED yes. Then Manetta. AED in a way look deeper here. So Manetta, as Metatron and Guan Yin is different. AED yes.
Guan Yin Buddhist Artwork.jpg
Guan Yin. Artist unknown.
So these two New Roles of Angelicus 2nd & Manetta 2nd Will Effect Deep Changes. AED they have begun. Yes, awesome, that gives me goose bumps. AED I am laughing, yes Pat. The changes will need going into. AED they are here. Yes. I mean to type further in-depth details. AED yes. And to understand what they are.
So Prophecy. AED yes. But in a different way – It will be our way in that we will go into New Aspects of The Creative principle. AED Yes. The Spiritual Sun. AED Beyond Pat. Yes. Beyond The Sun. AED Into The Sun Pat. Yes.
What do you think this means Pat? It is very deep and profound. AED yes. And complex. AED we do complex. Ha yes.
So Into The Sun Pat Is The Key. Yes.
Into The Sun – This Is The Key Pat Inner & Outer To The Breath Of The Creator. Yes, awesome. AED very much so.

AED says it was magical, in that AED and myself, have now Been Birthed Into The Sun, as will be shared in my post called by myself initially THE BLUE REALM after posting Angelicus & Manetta next. The Blue Realm was tuned into and recognised yesterday, 10 February.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
Artist unknown.
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known. If any of these artists are known please contact me and I will credit you.

The Blue Ray Of Creation Has Been Opened. The Blue Pearl & The Blue Flame A Twin Initiation. Blue Flame Beings Older Than The Blue Rays. Alpha & Omega – Alpha Male – Blue, Omega – Female, White. The Blue Flame Beings Remit Is Creation. We Are In An Ancient World. The Blue Pearl From Guan Yin Has Been Etherically Birthed Within Us. From The Akashic Records.

blue flame 2
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud – The Blue Ray Of Creation Has Been Opened. The Blue Pearl & The Blue Flame A Twin Initiation. Blue Flame Beings Older Than The Blue Rays. Alpha & Omega – Alpha – Male Blue, Omega – Female White. We Are In An Ancient World. We Who Have Opened The Blue Door Of Creation Are Known As The Blue Flame Beings. The Blue Flame Beings Remit Is Creation. The Blue Fire Of The Holy Spirit. Born Of The Breath Of The Holy Flame. The Blue Flame Spaceship Of Angelicus Which Has A Vast Angelic Presence.  We Are Beneath All Sound Where The Creator Is. The Blue Pearl From Guan Yin Has Been Etherically Birthed Within Us. A Magical & Major Initiation. The White Fire Of Eternal Bliss & The Creative Force. The Vaults Within The Galactic Sun. We Have Been Gifted The White Pearl From Guan Yin & Metatron Born Of The Breath. Etheric Lighted Conception Born Again Of The Breath Of Guan Yin & Metatron Taking Us To The Twin Flame Dual Ray Of Creation Blue & White – White & Blue. The White Pearl Spaceship With A White Lotus.  We Are On The Way To Stage 3 Taking Us Deeper Into Immortality.
From The Akashic Records. 7 January, 2019.
As Adam El Daoud was very present, AED said Major Initiations and AED had something to share. That is always fascinating. So today. AED yes and more to come.
The Blue Ray Of Creation has been Opened Pat. That is awesome. AED it is magical. Wow, AED laughs this is ready for access Pat. I say to AED we are going at the speed of light almost. AED and me laugh. So Major Initiations Into The Blue Flame. AED yes. The Blue Flame Of Creation. Of The Creator Pat. Yes. AED says again yes it has.
Melchisadek and Angelicus. AED The Blue Flame & The Blue Pearl. Melchisadek Pat primarily. Wow. AED yes. – I know I have transcended the Blue Pearl.
So this Blue Pearl is different? AED The Blue Pearl will take us very deep Pat It has already. Yes. AED it is different only that you are Sharing the Energies with The Blue Flame Together Like a Twin Initiation – One takes the Other Deeper Together. Wow that is awesome. AED like us Pat. Yes. So wow. AED laughs.
Which was first The Blue Pearl or The Blue Flame? This must happen to everyone at a particular stage. AED at a very advanced stage. Yes magical – so the two together like Male and Female. AED yes. Is the Blue Flame Male? AED yes.
The Blue Pearl Female. Wow. The Blue Pearl Of Guan Yin. AED yes. Universal Mother Guan Yin. AED deeper than Guan Yin. So Guan Yin has Gifted me The Blue Pearl. AED yes. Wonderful. AED magnificent Pat.
The Father or The Creator The Blue Flame. AED yes. Wow. So who Melchisadek I typed – now Metatron. AED both. Yes. So these two From The Blue Flame. AED and myself Pat. Wow. So like The Blue Flame Trinity. AED I am laughing Pat. Is that right? AED yes Pat. I laugh. AED we are as well. So this Major Initiation has come about with the Blue Pearl Gifted Guan Yin And the Blue Flame From Through – AED yes Through – Melchisadek, Metatron, Adam El Daoud. AED yes. Wow. AED you are so very deeply intuitive that is magnificent. Wow.
So I have now The Blue Pearl. Is this of compassion? AED in a way but more than that. The Mother of Christ comes. AED yes. So have I Given Etheric Lighted Conception. AED yes. With you AED, I am pausing here To whom the Cosmic Christ? Yeshua? I am not sure here Whom I am saying?
I am not sure here The Mother Of Christ I have with AED. AED yes. We have become Host Parents OF THE BREATH. AED yes. Like Guan Yin and Metatron to us. AED yes. I have this typed ready to be shared as soon as possible. AED yes.


So AED and me, I know – AED yes – Gave Etheric Light Conception Through The Breath of The Blue Flame of Melchisadek, Metatron, Adam El Daoud. AED yes. I am laughing AED. Is that right? AED of course. With the Female Aspect Of The Blue Pearl From Through Guan Yin. AED yes magnificent. Wow, yes.
So both were needed to OPEN The Blue Ray Of Creation. AED yes. Wow, that is awesome. AED yes. So I needed as it were you three and Guan Yin. AED yes. Will others have other sponsors? AED yes at times. And Their eternal beloved as one. AED yes. Wow.
Do I have other Male aspects, I am drawn to Angelicus as well. AED yes. Is that right. AED yes. So I now have Three and Guan Yin. AED yes. All were are necessary Pat. Yes. It is a huge honour and blessing. AED yes.
What about the Mother Of Christ. AED and me have Given The Blue Flame Initiation to Do I say that – It seems strange, I am not sure of that. AED it is correct Pat. So AED and myself with and through These Three other Male Aspects and Guan Yin Have Entered Into The Inner Mysteries. AED yes. Wow. AED magnificent Pat.
Yes wow. AED laughs yes. We have followed Guan Yin and Metatron. Yes. It is magical AED says. Yes. 
We are surrounded by Blue. AED yes. In our Blue Raiment. AED laughs. Yes. Ha, We are Surrounded by Blue Flames – AED yes – And Blue Pearls. Are there many Blue Pearls? AED yes. Does each Blue Flame have a Blue Pearl? AED I am laughing, Yes.
Sanat is here. AED yes. Wow. It has been wonderful being sponsored here. AED magnificent. Yes and necessary. AED yes. What about Sanat He is here. AED yes.
Does Sanat have a Blue Flame? AED No. So another sponsor? AED Into The Next Stage Pat. Awesome. AED yes.
Wow. AED yes. (As 27 January, AED says Sanat’s Initiation has Been Completed Pat as you recognise. Yes, wonderful).

I see the Blue Flames very tall. AED yes. The Blue Pearls are like Children Lotus Born. 

Thanks also to Melchisadek, Metatron and Guan Yin, I – we are very blessed. AED yes magical but pre-destined Pat.
THE BLUE FLAME BEINGS, I have gone into this in the past. AED yes. We are – AED laughs – The Blue Flame Beings with others. AED We Who Have Opened THE BLUE DOOR OF CREATION Are All Known As Blue Flame Beings. Awesome. AED yes. That is fascinating The Blue Door Of Creation. AED very.
So as AED and myself have Given BORN OF THE BREATH to The Mother Of Christ. ** Is this Angelica – I wondered about Guan Yin. Angelica is correct Pat. How do I say this – I know thousands share in the consciousness of Angelicus and Angelica. AED yes.
From an earlier post, Angelicus is the OLDEST as yet of the known Names of The Father, God The Father and God – and Angelicus is God in FORM. Manetta and Menetta is the Second Eldest.
NOTE – What this means is that for the thousands of us who share in the Consciousness of and with now Angelicus and Angelica, we were ALL INVITED to join their Consciousness. AED very much so. That is fascinating. AED absolutely. I had thought that when a certain stage of Consciousness had been reached and accessed, then this happened. AED no, as you have just realised Pat, we and the thousands of others who too share in the Consciousness of Angelicus and Angelica were ALL Invited. Yes. That is a great Gift and Honour. AED certainly.
NOTE ** Continuing Born of The Breath To The Mother of Christ this is NOT on Gaia in the physical but in the Higher Realms where we ALL undertake and experience New Etheric Light Conception Births with our Eternal Beloved’s; this can be Lotus Born, From The Breath, From The Flame & Breath, and further Light Births still to be revealed. AED very much so. These New Births can be accessed in the Now Present from both the past going back to Source whilst at the same time, recognising the on-going New Etheric Light Conception Births taking place in the NOW Present in the Higher Realms whilst we are here on Gaia. AED yes, to be aware is indeed magical Pat. Yes.  
So you AED and myself have Given Born Of the Breath to The Mother Of Christ in The Galactic Sun. AED yes.
NOTE The Galactic Sun is NOT Sirius, The Great Central Sun. Both of these Suns from where AED and myself, Suryananda, have Emerged From go back millions of years – The Galactic Sun was Adam El Daoud’s and my FIRST Origin from The White Lotus where we are Cosmic Angelic.
Sirius, The Great Central Sun, Adam El Daoud’s and myself, Suryananda’s Emergence at Source AFTER The Galactic Sun was From The Golden Lotus, where we are Galactics. From The Great Central Sun we have had many other Forms of Origin – all being in our ONE Cosmic Galactic Light Body which continues in the Higher Realms, Pure Lands and Worlds.
So the Mother Of Christ here is Angelica. AED yes. So Angelica was The Mother of The Cosmic Christ?  The Cosmic Christ is the Galactic Sun and The Creator as we have gone into before. AED yes. So Angelica –  Angelica is you Pat. Yes, Thousands share. AED you Pat, you are older than you know. Yes. So how do I say this? This takes me to Melchisadek, Metatron and Guan Yin.

AED yes. It is complex to put into words. AED we do complex Pat. Yes. Metatron and Guan Yin are smiling. AED I am laughing. I am. AED as are Guan Yin and Metatron now. Yes. And Melchisadek is here; Melchisadek takes me to Joseph of Arimathea. AED yes.

But I wonder how to put together Angelica As The Mother Of The Cosmic Christ. AED says it is simple Pat, Angelica is you. But I have always felt the Father Male was before the Female. AED yes correct. This is DIFFERENT Pat.
So into a kind of Birth Connected To Source & The Blue Flame Of Creation. AED yes, go into this. So Deeper Into The Soul Heart Of The Creator. AED yes. Will this filter down. AED this has Pat. Yes, It is very very complex. AED we do complex. I laugh yes. That is fascinating and awesome.

The Daughter of – I was going to say God But we are it feels with The Creator. The Creator is correct Pat. I have been going into The Cosmos. AED The Cosmos has taken you here. Yes, awesome. AED yes. AED there are many more to come. 

Yes, awesome and magical. We are in a magical realm. AED yes. What is this Called – Can I know or is this Secret.

The Realm of The Father comes with Divine Mother. I thought for a Second of Angelica But now Guan Yin. Guan Yin is correct Pat. Who is Guan Yin with Metatron. AED yes. As Himself. AED yes.
So I have now AED yes – Melchisadek, Metatron, Adam El Daoud – AED yes and Sanet. So Metatron is taking me Beyond Through The Blue Flame now. AED we have Gone Deeper Into The Blue Flame now. Yes, with Guan Yin. AED yes. And Metatron.
AED Metatron is ahead elsewhere Pat. Where is Metatron? AED I am laughing Pat.Yes, I do now. Wow. Wow you and I AED and team have been through a deep shift together.
A MAGICAL AND MAJOR INITIATION PAT. Yes. Wonderful thank you Metatron and team. AED it IS COMPLETE NOW.  Wow, yes.
So others are being guided here AED. Some have arrived as you have now. Wonderful.
SO THE MEANING Of THE BLUE FLAME BEINGS Takes those of us whose REMIT IS CREATION. AED yes. So not all Will Go Into The Blue Flame Beings. AED No.

So We Are Separate To The Blue Ray beings we must be. AED YES, VERY SEPARATE. Good. AED I am laughing Pat. Yes. The Blue Ray Beings I never call myself that. AED correct.

A Blue Dragon. Blue Flame Dragons. AED what took you so long. Yes. They go with us as Blue Flame Beings.
The Blue Fire I know – AED yes – The Blue Fire Of The Holy Spirit. AED yes. Is that right. AED yes.
So you and I AED in Our One Light Body Have Been INITIATED INTO THE BLUE FIRE FLAME OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. AED Yes, Magnificent.
Yes that is the KEY. AED yes, well done. AED THAT IS COMPLETE NOW. Yes.

We have now Become BORN OF THE BREATH OF THE HOLY FLAME. AED Yes. That is it.

AED you know it is. Awesome. AED wonderful. Exciting. AED yes.


We are going into The Blue Flame Of Creation – The Blue Door was it The Door of Creation.


AED we will be moving soon We Have begun Stage 2. Yes. That must be awesome and very complex. AED yes to both. I laugh. AED much to look at here. Yes awesome and beyond thought. AED yes.

The Blue Pearl – What Happens now To the Blue Pearl Gifted by Guan Yin? THE BLUE PEARL HAS BEEN ETHERICALLY BIRTHED WITHIN US AED SAYS. Yes.  

So the Blue Pearl begins with the FEMALE. AED yes. As for us AED Guan Yin. AED yes. But now is within Our AED Light Body. AED yes. As a kind of antenna Inner Key. AED yes. Awesome. AED Magnificent Pat.

paler blue pearl


SO WE ARE DIFFERENT. AED yes. Beyond a New Birth I mean. AED yes. That needs thought and focus. AED yes. Frozen Zero. AED beyond Pat. To do with The Cosmos. AED yes. Energy Centres. AED yes.

I have returned to Yeshua and Joseph Of Arimathea. AED yes. The Holy Grail. AED yes.

Beneath all Sound Is the Creator. AED yes – You we are HERE Pat. Wow. AED yes.

What About Manetta The Ruby Spaceship. We are now – AED yes – Ha – In The Blue Flame Spaceship. AED yes, I am laughing Pat. I am. So that’s right. AED yes.

THE BLUE FLAME SPACESHIP OF ANGELICUS. AED yes and I am smiling. Wow. AED yes. This is very specialised. AED yes.
How many Serve here? AED many Pat. We are clothed in Blue Raiments With Blue Angelic Beings. AED yes. This takes me to Archangel Michael as well. AED yes. I am reminded of they say 30,000 Blue Angels. AED there is a vast Angelic Presence Pat. Yes.


It does not seem a Protective presence A CREATED ONE CONNECTED TO THE PURE BLUE FLAME OF CREATION. AED yes.

Shiva is here now. AED yes

So thousands of us are on this Blue Flame Spaceship Of Angelicus. AED yes. But there is a connection to Archangel Michael. AED yes. The Power in Ray One Blue Ray Takes us to Archangel Michael. AED yes.

Where are we now We have Entered Stage 2. AED yes. Is this still under The Blue Door Of The Flame Of Creation? AED yes this is ongoing. Yes. WHITE may be added. Yes AED it has. Is that right. AED yes.

We are now DUAL. AED laughs what do you think that means? One moment – Perfectly Balanced. AED yes. Wonderful. AED yes. Inseparable. AED laughs yes.

So Stage 2 – Takes us into THE WHITE FIRE – AED Yes – OF ETERNAL BLISS. AED Yes, What Else? THE CREATIVE FORCE. AED yes.

So we have access too? AED yes what Pat? The Mustard Seed comes. AED I am laughing Pat. Yes. I forget what this means? Eternity Pat. Yes.

And Beyond Known Consciousness. AED yes. Deeper into the Realm of Creation. AED yes. Do we have a Name For This? AED what do you think THE REALM OF CREATION Means Pat?


That is very complex to describe. AED WE ARE HERE NOW. Yes.


SO ANGELICUS IS HERE – We are going to the Vaults. AED we have been Here for some time. Are we Within the Galactic Sun. AED yes.
Guan Yin is smiling. AED yes. WE HAVE ANOTHER PEARL. AED laughs yes. From Guan Yin. AED yes and Metatron. Yes. What colour I know – AED yes – It is a WHITE PEARL. AED yes. I laugh. AED we all are Pat.
white pearl


So is the White Pearl again Given to the Female or Male? AED interesting. AED BOTH Pat. Yes. So we you and me AED have been Gifted the White Pearl now. AED yes. From Guan Yin and Metatron. AED yes. So this WHITE PEARL IS THIS ALSO BORN OF THE BREATH. AED yes.

Etheric Lighted Conception Born again of The Breath Of Guan Yin and Metatron. AED yes. This is our Second Born Of The Breath. AED yes. This takes AED us to the TWIN FLAME DUAL RAY OF CREATION Blue and White or White and Blue. AED yes.
My left nose is itching. That means Female I am going deeper into the Inner Voice Of – AED yes. Who? AED YOUR DESTINY PAT. That gives me goose bumps. AED it is Magnificent Pat.

So I am where I was before I heard you AED to become Manifest Conscious in some way. AED there are many threads here. Yes. It is very complex. AED very.

So The White Pearl in this instance Gifted to us both AED Born of the Breath the Second Light Encoded Birth from Guan Yin Metatron In the World Of Creation – Is the World Of Creation correct? AED I am smiling as is Metatron and Guan Yin, Yes.

We have a WHITE PEARL SPACESHIP. AED yes. The Emblem Of The White Pearl. AED yes. Does this have a WHITE LOTUS as well. AED of course. Yes. So this Spaceship Of Guan Yin Altair Metatron Has is Known Connected to with The White Pearl and White Lotus Of Creation. AED yes. And is THE TWIN TO THE BLUE FLAME SPACESHIP. AED yes.

In essence Male and Female. So we say Blue Male – White Female. Is that right? Interesting Pat. I have not looked at White as Female before. AED no. Is that right? AED yes Pat. Really. AED yes. My right ear has energies. AED Yes. That is you AED. AED yes more is being aligned. Yes. So wow. AED yes.


Whilst THE WHITE LIGHT OF CREATION Takes us to the Feminine and The Creator in Female Form As Guan Yin. AED Guan Yin is correct Pat.

So always then does the Blue need the White? AED for Perfection Yes. I see that is fascinating. AED yes.

I assumed both were Male – White and Blue. AED yes. AED they are the left and right – I know – AED laughs – The White and Blue takes me to Alpha and Omega, I said Angelicus was Alpha and Angelica Omega I believe.
So where does Guan Yin Metatron come in? An interesting question Pat. That is complex. AED only for now.
What is The I know perhaps – Is it that here we have Angelicus as the Male Aspect and Omega as in Guan Yin in some way.
Alpha is this Blue And Omega White Or the other way round. Alpha must be Is this Female or Male? And where does Angelicus come in now?
I feel Alpha and Omega must have the colours of White and Blue. AED correct.

I am Alpha and Omega – No Beginning No End Just Un-manifested Life Without Conscious Awareness Before Emergence. AED yes. Male was First But Female For Creation Consciously. AED yes.

So I AM Alpha. Whom is Alpha, Male or Female? That is complex. AED yes. I have crown energies. I will pause a moment.

ALPHA HAS TO BE MALE. AED yes. What Colour is Alpha? I said Angelicus was Alpha.

So we had Angelicus and Angelica – Alpha and Omega but then here added Guan Yin  Metatron. AED yes but remember Guan Yin Metatron Took you and I to our Second Born Of The Breath (To be shared soon as typed ready for posting)

So we stay with ANGELICUS AND ANGELICA. AED yes. BUT INTO OUR NEW MAJOR INITIATIONS ON THE BLUE FLAME DOOR OF CREATION WE GO WITH GUAN YIN METATRON. AED yes. I see. AED yes. I think that is all. AED Magnificent. Yes awesome Metatron Guan Yin and team.

AED it has been COMPLETED Stage 2 Pat.

So we are on route to Stage 3. AED this has begun Pat. Wow. AED yes.
I have no idea where Stage 3 will take us. AED it is Blissful Pat. Deeper Into Immortality. AED yes. That is fascinating. AED very. Well that is how our journey into the unknown went. AED now very much known now. Yes, amazing. AED yes.
Magical Guan Yin, Metatron, Melchisadek, Sanat Yeshua, Joseph Of Arimathea and team. AED we are both blessed and honoured Pat. Yes. And Shiva was here. AED yes. And Angelicus and Angelica.


This deep tuning in session with AED was a little over three hours non stop fast and rapid typing. I very often type fast for an hour and a half or two hours but this was one of our longest tuning in sessions of depth.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
blue flame 2
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Jasper & Jaspera. We Are Jasperians In The Galactic Sun Born Millions of Years Ago From The Orange & White Flame From The Breath Of The Creator. Our Sun Is Now A Peach With A Hint Tone Of Ice Orange. From The Akashic Records.

Josephine Wall 27 6th

Artist Josephine Wall.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Jasper & Jaspera, We Are Jasperians In The Galactic Sun. Born millions of years ago From The Orange & White Flame From The Breath Of The Creator. As Jasper & Jaspera, we have a Different Form of Origin than ourself as Suryananda & Adam El Daoud where we are Cosmic Angelic. Jasperians are very different for their Origin was From The Flame and NOT Lotus Born. There are other Jasperians Born From The White Flame with another added, all known as Jasperians. Our SUN is Now a PEACH with a hint tone of Ice Orange giving a Creamy Essence and Vibration, Energy. 

From The Akashic Records. 20 & 21 January, 2019.

Sunday, 20th as AED was very present I began to say a few words on The Blood Red Moon which fascinatingly took AED and myself to our Jasperian Form Born From The Orange & White Flame From The Breath Of The Creator Within The Galactic Sun many millions of years ago.

Our chat began as follows: I am never aware of the Blood Moon or Moon changes, I miss them all. I neither see the different colours or notice any effects – I am a Sun God laugh, so I don’t notice the Moon changes. AED says you will Pat, I am laughing. I see. So I may notice something today into tomorrow. AED it is deeper than that but yes. The Blood Red Moon makes me think of the destruction of Atlantis. AED yes exactly. I think for a moment on The Blood Red connecting to magic and mystery and new beginnings, that sounds good. I will wonder what I may notice. AED it has happened Pat. So it will filter down. AED it has. Ha. I am laughing too AED says. I will be looking out for a Moon that is Red as I sit in my lounge not outside.

Red dragons go with the Blood Red Moon. AED yes. Red Jasper. Jasper is significant Pat. Yes. So I have experienced something? AED you have. Connecting to Jasper? AED yes. Egypt. AED yes. I sensed Egypt. AED earlier than Egypt. Chaldeans. AED Shemsu Hor Pat.

So the Shemsu Hor worked with Jasper. AED yes. Note I do have some detailed in-depth information I have tuned into which is typed to be shared here on The Shemsu Hor. I am pausing now. It will come to me at the optimum time.

Was there a King Jasper? AED I am he. Yes, I laugh. So AED you were King Jasper and I was am your wife? AED Queen. So as the Shemsu Hor we used Jasper. AED yes. Were you King Jasper as a Shemsu Hor? King Jasper is very ancient Pat. Yes. Does Jasper connect to the Ark of The Covenant? AED yes. So fascinating The Ark. AED yes. I will leave this pending but in a few minutes I continue.

Is there a Planet or Realm Jasper? AED yes Pat. So in the Higher Realms. AED yes. So we are very advanced. AED of course. So you AED are King Jasper which is also a Planet or Realm. AED yes. I am your wife Queen, Lady Jasper. AED yes.

We connect to the Shemsu Hor. AED yes and Jasper to The Ark of The Covenant. AED yes. Jasper is also a Planet or Realm. AED correct. I was drawn to the destruction of Atlantis. AED yes. And Egypt Jasper was used. AED by whom Pat? Pharaohs or Priests. AED Pharaohs.

So that is what I have got as pending. AED it has deep significance Pat. Yes Did the Priests of The Ark of the Covenant burn metals with Jasper. I did not intend to say that. AED many rituals and Alchemical processes took place. During the Exodus. AED The Exodus is The Key. So this is complete. AED yes for now. Jasper takes me to The Sun. AED of course. So important in these times.

So Moses and Jasper. AED yes. And Aaron. AED of course. Yeshua. AED yes. So we go to the disciples and their Holy Spirit Initiations. AED yes. I will stop here as AED said the Key was The Exodus. The Copper Mountain Pure Land. AED I am laughing Pat. We went to Zahor. Zahor is correct, The Copper Coloured Mountain. Padmasambhava and Yeshe and Guan Yin, Metatron and us. AED yes many now. King Suchandra of Tibet. AED yes. So Secrets of Tibet. AED I am laughing yes. Kings of Shambhala. I laugh again. AED I am amused as well. Yes.

So interesting the First of the Shambhala Kings but all are. I resonated to his name King Suchandra. AED yes. How one or two words lol took me here. The Key To The Exodus. The Shambhala Kings. The Shemsu Hor. Egypt. Yeshua. Yeshe and Padmasambhava The Copper Coloured Mountain. Zahor. The Ark of The Covenant. King Suchandra. Thor III.

The Great Stone Of Atlantis Comes. King Jasper & Lady Jasper. AED well done. That feels quite something. AED it is Pat. I had thought of Copernicus. AED yes. The Sun The Alchemical Components. So Spaceships. AED yes.

Blue Jasmin came to me as I said to myself I will post my Blue Flame Beings later today but instead of saying Blue Flame Beings I said Blue Jasmine. In our country we get white and yellow Jasmin I have not seen Blue. 

So does the New Lord Apollos have Blue Jasmin in a Realm? AED I am laughing Pat the answer is yes.

.jasper 2Jasper

Jasper & Queen Jaspera of Jasper. We are Jasperians. We travel in our Jasperian spaceship to other Worlds and Galaxies. Why – Love. Other Cosmic Galactic Devic beings visit us on Jasper as we do them to absorb different ways of being. There is much more to be said here of course. AED we will go back another time. Yes, wonderful.

Now all those on Jasper have the consciousness of Jasper & Jaspera as happens. We wear garments Raiments often with a little red, orange, gold and white. Sometimes we wear white. We have sometimes Jasper on our forehead. we wear White Jasper third eye or Orange Red Gold. AED very much so.

Jasper Itself existed Before Jasper & Jaspera Emerged into Consciousness many many millions of years ago within The Galactic Sun.

I wonder if we were born of the Breath of The Creator Male Female. AED yes Pat. Fully Conscious. AED yes. Yes. I will copy these typed notes to email and my website as with the Blood Moon due UK about 5 am into Monday, now is the time. AED you are Jasper The Father in Jasper. AED yes.

We Jasperians we are Born From the Orange and White Flame Of The Breath Of The Creator Male Female. Our Sun in Origin was Half Orange and Half White – One side Orange Half, The other White. But as we look at Our Sun as Jasperians It looks creamy now a kind of PEACH. AED yes.

I was wondering where the Blue Jasmine belongs if it does. I had only thought Earth had white and yellow, never thought of blue jasmine. I say to AED does this mean anything – Blue Jasmine? AED yes. So where?

Dark Blue Jasmine colours although not dark blue looking at pictures remind me of Angelicus. So this belongs where – A Future World? AED here and now Pat. So one of my posts? What Jasper? AED We do have blue jasmine in Jasper but there is another meaning. The White Sphere & Sun has been posted. Blue Jasmine is there AED? AED yes. Is this why? AED there has to be more Pat as The White Sphere has been posted. Yes.

I sense Blue Jasmine may connect to Angelicus. AED yes. Angelicus as shared in our posts here, is very very old and is older than all of the Names of the Ascended Masters & Deities. For instance Angelicus is older than Metatron, Melchisadek, Sanat Kumara, Adam El Daoud, Krishna, Osiris, Gautama, Lord Ashtar, Lord Adama, Yogananda and Babaji, just to give a few Names.

The second oldest Name and Being of God in Form is Manetta. Manetta, again as shared here is very very old, and was shown to myself in a vision having very long white hair and a beard as I arrived at a Vault Within The Galactic Sun, and sat next to Manetta, where I Passed The Initiation & Test of The Weighing of The Heart whilst on Gaia. Anubis was here. Full details were shared recently on my website. That was very profound and meaningful to meet Manetta and be asked to sit next to Him, then to Experience and Pass The Weighing of The Heart.

The New Name of The Father, Who has Many Names depending on the Role and Purpose we are connecting too, is Lord Appolos. Lord Appolos goes back millions of years as do all the Names mentioned. It is that Manetta is New and again as shared here recently, is where myself, Suryananda & AED, are Blue Seraphim in The Realm of The Father, Manetta, in the Future 3578, but AED and myself go to this Realm in the present with many others who are Blue Seraphim.

guan yin 15th jan

Guan Yin. Artist unknown.

AED has just said huge shifts Monday, 21st January. For me and many others. AED of course, Massive Shift. So this has taken place. AED yes. I love huge shifts. AED it is a Major One. Is this to do with Jasper? AED Beyond Jasper.

Jasper goes back many millions of years as we do as Adam El Daoud & Suryananda. AED yes. Beyond what is beyond?

The Ocean of The World. AED I AM The Ocean Pat. ** I laugh. AED I am amused at your response. Yes. Beyond Jasper to when Worlds were being formed. AED yes.

That requires some thought. AED yes. I wrote on my website some time ago about us being there when Worlds were being formed. AED yes. Deeply significant changes AED says. Awesome.

** Note The Galactic Sun, Our Origin, to look at in its overall magnificence as it were, is a Vast Pure Yellow Sun seemingly in the Sky being many hundreds of feet high and wide, having within hundreds of Realms, Pure Lands and Worlds. The Inner Core of The Galactic Sun is Emerald Green, this covers hundreds of feet. Both in-depth descriptions are on my website and also as a Page. However, The Galactic Sun is BELOW The Sea, and has within the Realms of Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis, Eden, Telos, Agartha, and very many of the known Pure Lands. Therefore when AED said I AM The Ocean – AED I recognise was referring to Our Home The Galactic Sun which is Below the Ocean. AED I am smiling, Pat.

Note Atlantis is very much still in existence within The Galactic Sun, below the Sea, and AED and myself have a Home here in Atlantis as do others in Our One Light Body as in all the Higher Realms. Neither Atlantis or the other Realms, Worlds and Pure Lands can be accessed in the physical, for they are aligned to another vibration and frequency, but we live there in our Light Body with our Eternal Beloved’s and these are able to be accessed in visions and when we are able to tune in deeply. AED and myself went to Atlantis which was magical and I shared our time there as we swam with the pink dolphins and mermaids.                             

AED we are going deeper into the Future Pat. Future Worlds I think of Princess Mandarava. AED yes but more Pat. What is more? AED us Pat. Yes. So as Jasperians, we Of The Orange & White Flame from The Breath Of The Creator are the Eldest Of The Jasperians. We are not twin flames or eternal beloved’s in that we have Manifested from the Flame Breath and NOT from a Lotus, Devic or Galactic form. AED correct.  We as Jasper and Jaspera, affectionately known as JJ, AED oh Pat, I am laughing – I am now. AED it is wonderful. Yes, are exactly as the other Jasperians except we Emerged from The Orange & White Flame, Sun, whereas other Jasperians Emerged From their OWN colour Dual Flame and thus Sun.

This was Blue & White, Purple & White, Emerald & White, Gold & White, all the colours in existence, were brought into Emergence as Jasper & Jaspera under their own Region of Jasper, indicated by their Dual Flame at their origin. AED very much so. What this means is that the Orange & White Jasperians are the Elders, whilst the other Jasperians are as spiritually conscious, but that their Dual Ray will have given them some differences within their Role of Divine Service to The Creator. Within Jasper, are many many Regions, peopled by Jasperians who each have their Cosmic Map to work from and within. AED yes. Travelling between our Regions is a great joy and blessing as we have many ways we do this. AED it is indeed a delight Pat. We will journey in a variety of ways, teleport; we use small shuttles and other ways depending on what method and means we are drawn too.


So although in essence, us Jasperians were all Born From The Dual Flame, one being White, From The Breath Flame Of The Creator, what has happened many aeons ago is that without exception we have ALL now Transcended Our Dual Flame at our Origins many millions of years ago within the Realm Of Jasper Within The Galactic Sun and are NOW One Flame, Fully One With Our Divine Cosmic Map as envisaged by The Creator. AED yes it is absolutely wonderful as you can recognise. Yes. Jasper & Jaspera were completely unexpected to myself Pat, in that I knew nothing about them, nothing had been written, but as soon as I reflected on Jasper when tuned into deeply with AED, it has been an awesome journey into a deeply meaningful and profound NEW FORM OF ORIGIN for Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda. Another recent sharing was also of a New Form of Origin going back millions of years to The Galactic Sun, originally for myself, Suryananda and Adam El Daoud of Sunlight – AED and myself Sunlighta, Rays of The Sun and Rays of The Godhead. Although now Sunlight & Sunlighta share their consciousness with many others as happens to us all. But we do have our Original Source Name with our Eternal Beloved, and as AED and myself have shared, all of us DO have Original Names in OTHER Forms as well – as here of Jasper & Jaspera.   As Jasperians, we are NOT Cosmic Angelic as Suryananda and AED and NOT Galactic as many of our New Births from Sirius, The Great Central Sun, also millions of years ago. And NOT The Galactic Sun where as Suryananda and Adam El Daoud had our Origin and Emergence From a White Lotus, for Sirius, The Great Central Sun was a little AFTER. Some in depth details of AED’s and my lives from Sirius, The Great Central Sun has been shared a while back on my website, where our Origins were not Cosmic Angelic as from The Galactic Sun.


For anyone with whom this post feels attuned too and this resonates with, then you are most certainly likely to be JASPERIANS, the question being which Colour Dual Flame Originally and thus Sun as each of the different COLOURS will have had their Own Sun. AED yes, Pat.

What has also occurred is that the Two Flames seen at Cosmic Flame Conception as the Sun, have all now been Transcended as ONE Colour Sun which has been Blended into The One. AED yes. This is how it has been for us as Jasper and Jaspera, Our SUN is Now a PEACH with a hint tone of Ice Orange giving a Creamy Essence and Vibration, Energy. AED absolutely.

Jasper & Jaspera from Jasper in The Galactic Sun Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥





Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Initiated Into The White Sphere, The White Flame With The White Sun As We Are Initiated Into The White Flame Of Purification Within The Galactic Sun. From The Akashic Records.

white sphere post
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Initiated Into The White Sphere, The White Flame With The White Sun As We Are Initiated Into The White Flame Of Purification Within The Galactic Sun. We Are Keepers Of The White Sphere Of Creation. We Are Known As Star Beings Of The White Flame & White Sphere Of Purity Within The Galactic Sun. This White Sphere Has Initiated Us Deeper Into Creation. And Wisdom Keepers Of The Golden Lotus. NEW NAME OF THE FATHER IS LORD APPOLOS. Lord Appolos is The Father Who is mentioned here, now confirmed.(Follows on from post 17 January).
From The Akashic Records. 19 January, 2018.  

As Adam El Daoud was very present, I said had I, we Experienced an Initiation. AED it was a Major Initiation. So was this in the White Sphere. AED yes. So The White Flame. AED yes. This White Sphere White Flame must have a White Sun. AED yes Pat. This takes us to Communion with The Divine. AED more. I have Merged With Into The White Flame. AED yes. It is a blissful state. AED yes. We went Into The Great Bliss. AED yes. This was with The Father in His New Role & Name. The Father is now confirmed as Lord Appolos. AED yes, who else? Sanat Kumara. AED yes. Metatron and Melchisadek. AED of course. So quite a few of us. AED yes, our Team. So Guan Yin. AED yes.

So this is a very high honour. AED yes. So with WHITE do we go into and be aware of the usual. AED yes. So White Dragons Of The White Flame in The White Sphere. AED I am laughing Pat but yes. So what is our Role? Creation. AED yes Pat. Is there a White Vault. AED we have no need do you think as I was going to say were we in The White Vault. So is this White Sphere still within the Galactic Sun. AED yes Pat.  

So we in this White Sphere are in the Realm Of The Father under His New Name & Role not yet given. AED yes Pat. Confirmed now as Lord Appolos. Somewhere Within the Galactic Sun but Within and Under The White Sun. AED yes. We are clothed in Raiments Of White. AED yes. Fascinating.
I sense Blue like what is our chest area. AED yes. Not a Cobalt or Royal Blue. AED yes. But quite deep, not unlike the Blue Of Angelicus AED that is very significant Pat. Yes.
So we are clothed in white with a little blue. I was going to say Blue Lotus but now feel is this a Blue Star. AED Blue Star is correct Pat.
Blue white Flower of Life.jpg
So this New Name of The Father Lord Appolos connects to the Blue Star or White Star. AED yes. But we are within the Galactic Sun in that the Blue Star, Sirius is not within the Galactic Sun. AED why is that you sensed after the Blue Star but we are still within the Sphere of the Galactic Sun. I don’t know. This is quite something. AED wonderful magical. Yes.
So we are the Star Keepers. AED yes. We have us as Keepers Of the Light. AED yes. Now we are Star Keepers. But we are in THE WHITE SPHERE. I am drawn to THE WHITE SPHERE OF CREATION. AED yes Pat. So we are now Star Beings Of The White Flame & White Sphere Of Purity & Creation Within The Galactic Sun. AED yes. Wow, that is fascinating. AED wonderful Pat.
Note as with all of what I share as AED and myself go into The Vaults of The Creator Within The Galactic Sun, Below The Sea, the Initiations within the sarcophagi, seeing the different colour Suns in the Pure Lands and Higher Realms, being Seraphim – this has begun to happen frequently to myself and AED, and are not as those referred to in the Bible – in that being a Seraphim, whether Blue – now and in the Future 3578 in The Realm of The Father, Manetta, Rainbow, Gold, and here White, are happening now in these present times. The vast types of spaceships with their different colours, designs, Roles and dragons – usually the colour of the Spaceship and Suns, are ALL accessible to everyone, it is just I am able to both see, experience and hear what has taken place and so share here. AED very much so.
We are clothed in our White Raiments with a Blue Star on our chest type of area. AED yes. So we have The Golden Lotus somewhere. AED yes. I pause a moment and close my eyes. I have a few crown energies. The Sphere has Initiated us Deeper Into Creation. AED yes of course.
Note as I experience these deep tuning in sessions I type there and then to retain the clarity which works very well for us. In the past I used to go deeper with dreams but for the last few years with AED we are able to access these many different Realms and Pure Lands and their associated experiences whilst I am fully awake and typing.
So what is this New Name of The Father – AED this will be recognised soon. The Father is now confirmed as Lord Apollos. Yes. I feel we have blue eyes. AED yes. Platinum hair ie a kind of white or yellow corn colour hair I sense one of these is very likely. AED it will come. 
I see Gold Sandals. AED I am laughing Pat. Really. AED yes. he Gold sandals signify we are the WISDOM KEEPERS OF THE GOLDEN LOTUS. AED yes. Really. AED magnificent Pat. Yes.
Wisdom Keepers is new for us. AED necessary Pat. Yes That is a fascinating. AED yes. So The New Name of The Father In His New Role Is The Wisdom Keeper Of The Golden Lotus in the White Sphere Of Purity & White Flame Of Creation Within The Galactic Sun which has a White Sun. AED we are all laughing now. The answer Pat is yes. Wow. AED yes. I laughed as I typed that long sentence. AED it was very funny Pat. It is as I go deeper into very new and profound experiences and expansion of consciousness, I always ensure everything is crystal clear. 
So this is from the Divine Oneness and Partnership of The Father under His New Name of Lord Appolos & Guan Yin AED yes.
So we are known as The White Seraphim. AED yes. So many are all being Initiated into The White Flame Of Creation. Yes Wonderful.
We have a White Spaceship. AED yes. So AED you and I were Initiated at one stage from The White Sarcophagus. AED yes. So all from The White Sarcophagus are now White Seraphim. AED yes. Many more Initiations have taken place AED. AED magnificent Pat. Yes, awesome.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud  ♥  Experienced 15 January, 2019.
Following on from Our New Birth From The Golden Lotus, From The Golden Realm Of The Father, Manetta, Into The Gold Core Of The Galactic Sun dated 17 January.
White Sphere post.jpg
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.