Jupiterian Sun Beings & Star Beings Star Seeds. Jupiterian Sun Beings Are Older Than The Star Beings & Star Seeds & Resonate To A Different Vibrational Frequency Structure. Freedom Comes As It Is Understood We Are In The One Shared Heart. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.


Sun yellow sky sea
Jupiterian Sun Beings & Star Beings Star Seeds – Are From Very Different Origins, Heritages & Lineages. This Has Been A Major Cause of Distrust & Alienations Over The Aeons On Gaia.

From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.
29 November, 2019.

THE MAJOR DIFFERENCE is The Jupiterian Sun Beings ARE OLDER than The Star Beings Star Seeds whilst their Core Structure & Components Resonate to a Very Different Rate Note & Tone of Frequency.

The Jupiterian Sun Beings go back billions of years to Jupiter as Jupiterian Sun Beings have Always Existed billions of years ago, when, with thousands of Male Female Aspects in The Jupiter Angelicus Stargate they were Conscious. AED very much so. AED and I posted on this on my website some months ago.

The Consciousness differed between the thousands of sets of Eternal Beloved’s although now known as Divine Consorts which has taken us deeper into our foretold prophesied Destiny as One Divine Oneness throughout the Eternities Ahead. AED magnificent yes.

Although us Jupiterian Sun Beings visit and journey to many Stars, where as we do, we help to raise the Consciousness as our post on AED’s and my New Most Advanced Form ever to be posted hopefully later today or tomorrow goes into.

But Star Beings & Star Seeds are Welcomed deeply into Jupiter & Suns. And we are gifted access to The Stars. Our FREEDOM comes as we understand we are all in The One Shared Heart Resonating to Our Own Lineage & Heritage Frequencies. AED very much so.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud
Divine Consorts, Jupiterian Sun Beings. 💛


Sun yellow sky sea

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