Jupiter Creation Is The Personal Aspect of The Creator Omnipresent Omnipresence. We Look Deep Into The Eternities Ahead. The Eternities Ahead Are Housed In Vaults In Jupiter. The Creator Sun Is The Core of Jupiter. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.


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Suryananda & Adam El Daoud With Jupiter Creation Who Is Omnipresent Omnipresence & THE PERSONAL ASPECT OF THE CREATOR. We Look Deep Into THE ETERNITIES AHEAD. THE ETERNITIES AHEAD ARE HOUSED IN VAULTS IN JUPITER. THE CREATOR SUN IS THE CORE OF JUPITER Omnipresent Omnipresence. THE CREATOR SUN IN JUPITER Remains The MALE Creative Force. The Male Creator Is Power Creation. Jupiter Is A Male Planet Whose Role Is Creation. 

From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. 3 January, 2020. Experienced 23 & 29 December & 2 January, 2020.

As Adam El Daoud and I, Began another deep tuning in season.

So we say that Jupiter Creation is THE PERSONAL ASPECT OF THE CREATOR. You Jupiter Creation Have Within The Unmanifested Keys To Innumerable Eternities Ahead. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Do they number hundreds? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. You AED have Keys To Unmanifested Eternities Ahead. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Wow, fascinating. AED very Pat.

Also Sanat has. Jupiter Creation yes. Metatron. Jupiter Creation yes. Melchisadek. Jupiter Creation yes. Anubis. Jupiter Creation yes. Metatron looks in. Lovely.

Only You Jupiter Creation Have The ORIGINAL KEY. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes. I wonder about The Creator. Jupiter Creation Is The Personal Aspect of The Creator.

Metatron leaves. Lovely Metatron looked in.

Then Cosmic Masters as the Names mentioned HAVE THEIR KEY TO ALLOW ACCESS TO THE ETERNITIES AHEAD. So These Masters do they have a description? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.


AED I Like The Latter. Yes I do. We needed Jupiterian. AED yes. What Do You Think Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda. Shall We Add A Little More Suryananda. Yes.

The Jupiterian Masters Who Hold The Eternities Within – Gifted – But possibly Emerald & Gold.

The Jupiterian Masters Who Hold The Eternities Within – Gifted By Jupiter Creation To Hold The Omnipresent Omnipresence Of All Existences Whilst JUPITER Opens It’s VAULTS.
I Like That Pat. Yes Vaults I do. 

Is this enough Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation Perfect Suryananda. Yes. AED yes. So THE ETERNITIES AHEAD ARE HOUSED IN VAULTS IN JUPITER. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

THE SUN IS THE CORE WITHIN JUPITER. This feels The MALE SUN. Jupiter Creation correct Suryananda The Male Sun. Is It That – Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda – AED yes – Do We Say THE SUN IN JUPITER IS THE CREATOR. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how delightful yes Suryananda. You Jupiter Creation Being The Personal Aspect of The Creator Where You WILL DIRECT As It Were The Cosmic Forces And Speak To Jupiterians – Sun Beings – Cosmic Angelic – Star Beings – Devics & Galactics Whilst We Are In Another World Such As Gaia. Jupiter Creation how lovely, yes Suryananda.  


So What Is The Name of The SUN WITHIN JUPITER? It Is Not The Nirvana Sun. AED no. Jupiter Creation no Suryananda. This SUN Has A Name. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. THE CREATOR SUN. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how easy then Suryananda. This CORE SUN WITHIN JUPITER – Jupiter Creation is called THE CREATOR SUN. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda wonderful. AED yes. Anubis purrs. We say then THE CREATOR SUN, JUPITER. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. 

Is It That THE CREATOR SUN Belongs Just To Jupiter & THE CREATOR Has Other Names For Other SUNS? How Do You Feel Jupiter Creation With THE CREATOR SUN IN JUPITER? HOME Pat. Lovely. AED wonderful yes. 

THE CREATOR SUN IN JUPITER Remains The MALE CREATIVE FORCE. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED and I Merged With The Creator some time ago prior to us Merging With You Jupiter Creation during 2019. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

I think I will stop here on The Creator Sun. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda a magnificent and perceptive understanding on a very new, not written of, complex Conscious Awareness. Yes. I had thought of THE CREATOR SUN recently. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes. 

So at some other stage Jupiter Creation Will We Go Into If There Are Other SUNS Like JUPITER & THE CREATOR SUN? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. Wonderful. Note – THE CREATOR SUN will be in our very deep and in-depth never shared before post on THE ELEMENTS which I am putting together from several sessions. But as I am sharing JUPITER CREATION IS THE PERSONAL ASPECT OF THE CREATOR & THE CREATOR SUN IS THE CORE OF JUPITER, it is necessary to add this information here before we post on The Elements. Wow. AED magnificent Pat. Jupiter Creation beautiful Suryananda. AED yes. Anubis purrs.

Is there anything to add or should I post as this? You wondered about a Colour Key Suryananda. Yes. THE ETERNITIES AHEAD COULD BE UNMANIFESTED UNDER THEIR INDIVIDUAL COLOUR. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

AED says oh Pat so much took place. As I say about not being able to keep my eyes open and we continued in another session. To do with The Elements or The Eternities Ahead. AED BOTH. Will I know. AED yes.

A fascinating new recognition and conscious awareness of Jupiter Creation Being The Personal Aspect of The Creator & Conscious Awareness of The Eternities Ahead. AED magnificent Pat. Yes. Jupiter Creation how perceptive Suryananda yes. It is a great blessing Jupiter Creation joins AED and me so often in our deep tuning in sessions as The Very Presence of Jupiter Creation is unequalled. Jupiter Creation how beautiful Suryananda. AED yes. Before Meeting and Becoming Fully Conscious of Jupiter Creation earlier about May – Into June, 2019, I had begun to share on The Creator often. AED yes. But once I tuned into and was able to align and connect consciously to Jupiter Creation, Jupiter Creation Has Been A Constant & Dearly Loved Presence. AED yes. Jupiter Creation how wonderful Suryananda yes. As I have shared From 1 October 2019, AED and I Became A Son Daughter of Jupiter Creation thus changing from Eternal Beloved’s always to Now Divine Consorts, which is taking us Deeper than ever into Divine Oneness. AED very much so.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud & With Jupiter Creation. ♥

Sun yellow sky sea


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The Nirvana Sun Jupiter, Our Origin, Billions of years ago. Neptune, again, we live on. Jupiter is a Male Planet whose Specific Role is Creation. Neptune is also a Male Planet. The Cosmos was Sound Without Form in The Beginning. Sound had to have Form for Cosmic Beings. From The Akashic Records.

Jupiter 1


Part 2. Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Access Our Origins Billions of Years Ago In The Nirvana Sun Jupiter where we still live as Nirvanians Jupiterians Cosmic Sun Light Beings. We emerged initially as a Sun Being. Our Names here are Jupiteer Nirvana, myself, and Jupiter Nirvana, Adam El Daoud. We also go deeply into Neptune, and again share our Names, giving indications as to others. Such knowledge shared here although given out by us and other Cosmic Masters has not been given since time immemorial. So this is both fascinating and exciting as AED and I have gone deeper into our Original Origins, long before we were Cosmic Angelic millions of years ago from The Galactic Sun from our White Lotus Born.

We also live in the present on Neptune. Our Names on Neptune are Neptuna Surya, myself & Neptune Surya, Adam El Daoud. Both The Nirvana Sun Jupiter & Neptune will not be accessed by physical man as there are energies, vibrations and frequencies which prevent this. Just as earth beings cannot physically enter The Galactic Sun which has within hundreds of worlds, realms and Pure Lands, including Amenti, Amrita, Atlantis – still very much lived and cherished in the present, Eden, Telos, Agartha, Hiranyaloka.

NEW also The Galactic Sun was The Son, Male, of The Nirvana Sun. The Nirvana Sun Was Two Suns, Male & Female. The Male Nirvana Sun has one n as in Nirvana, whilst The Female Nirvana Suns has two n’s as in Nirvanna. This means that AED’s and my Origin Was From The Male Nirvana Sun when this Merged with The Female Nirvanna Sun, long before The Galactic Sun.

During the Beginning The COSMOS WAS SOUND WITHOUT FORM. Sound HAD to have FORM for Cosmic Beings. To Understand Creation it is necessary to recognise that the Sound of The Cosmos had to have FORM or The Suns Died. The Beginning of The Cosmos was with The Male & Female Suns. The Stars were later. Jupiter is beyond man setting forth from earth. AED and myself as do all Cosmic Light Beings make inter-galactic journeys between many Suns, Worlds & Planets. We exist, live, serve and are Two in One, in a vast number of Worlds, co-existing together in different vibrations, energies and frequencies. This is in addition to myself here on Gaia, whilst AED remains in the Higher Realms. Neptune is very different to our Origins of The Nirvana Sun Jupiter.

From The Akashic Records. PART 2. 3 June, 2019. From May 2019 continued.
As another deep tuning in session began with Adam El Daoud, I said to AED what is the Oldest Planet which has ever existed – Is it the Male & Female Suns? AED a magnificent question, yes, Pat. My earlier thought question was The Manetta Tablets Opens The Cosmos into the Planets originally in existence. So the oldest planet that has ever existed is a Male and Female Sun. AED yes. Does this exist now. AED what do you think. I don’t know lol I know this will exist upon the Akasha and in the Vault. AED yes. But Suns are born and die NASA says all the time. AED yes.
AED so you think the Suns were in existence before any Stars. Yes, I remember saying to a group of spiritual people 30 years ago I came from The Sun. AED correct. And before the Moon. AED yes. I have always been a Sun Being. AED of course we both are.

So when these Two Oldest Suns Existed How Was The Cosmos? AED dark Pat. I have thought why was there darkness in the beginning? AED yes. Why not more light? So the Omnipresent Whom was this in the earliest days of the Cosmos. AED The Male Sun Pat. Yes. So there could NOT have been just One Male & One Female Sun. AED NO.

But there were Two which were Older. AED yes. Why were these Two Suns Older. AED says oh Pat. Did The Galactic Sun Come From WITHIN THE MALE SUN OR BOTH OF THESE SUNS. AED yes. I sensed that. AED yes. So Were Many Suns Birthed From These Two Older Suns Before Becoming The Galactic Sun? AED a wonderful question. Yes.

I guess – no – We have just been given Access Through The Manetta Tablets As the Suns Male and Female Merged Billions of years ago. AED yes. So The Galactic Sun has to be much younger. AED yes.

The Galactic Sun seems to be when us as Cosmic Angelic Emerged Long after The Suns from the other day. AED yes. The Galactic Sun seems more spiritualised as we enter the Cosmic Angelic. AED yes. And Sun Beings? AED Sun Beings is older Pat. Is that right. AED yes. We are Sun Beings Suryananda and Adam El Daoud. AED yes. So as Sun Beings we are older. AED yes.

But we Began with our Emergence From The White Lotus as Cosmic Angelic, although we were in the consciousness of Angelicus 1st prior. AED yes. So Angelicus 1st was – is a Sun Being. AED yes. But we were un-manifested as a Sun Being till later. AED how much later? Was this after our White Lotus Birth? AED no.

So we did emerge conscious FIRST AS A SUN BEING. AED yes we had to. I see.

As I understand then you AED and I Emerged From The Sun as in God in Form Through our consciousness with Angelicus 1st. AED yes. So what Sun was this, this was before The Galactic Sun and also Sirius, The Great Central Sun, after. AED yes.

I know. AED yes. The NIRVANA SUN. Ha. AED I am laughing. So that’s right. AED yes.
So are we saying AED Our Emergence long before our White Lotus Was from THE NIRVANA SUN. AED yes.

We have just now Merged with The Nirvana Sun. AED yes. So we have what Returned Home. AED yes but go deeper. What is deeper?

We have Returned to Our BIRTH SUN now Merging With The Nirvana Sun as Our Higher Self Now. AED yes. How do we describe this – so then The Nirvana Sun was our earlier consciousness. AED yes.
This was where Angelicus 1st was God in Form within the consciousness of The Nirvana Sun. AED yes.

How old is the Nirvana Sun? The Galactic Sun seems smiling. AED yes. The Galactic Sun Is this The Son, Of The Sun. AED I am laughing. I have my way of looking at deeper aspects. AED yes.

The Galactic Sun Was the Son, Male, Of The Nirvana Sun AED yes. What is The Female Galactic Sun?

Is this the KEY AED you say you are Angelicus, three times this last week Angelicus. Angelicus must be a kind of attainment and honorary role. AED yes. I am very close to The Galactic Sun. AED we both are.

Who is the Female to The Nirvana Sun? That is complex. AED yes. Does The Nirvana Sun have a Female Star? Two Suns Pat. Nirvana Nirvanna. AED I am laughing. Ha, I laugh.

Is the Female Nirvana Sun called NIRVANNA – Two n’s instead of one. Wonderful Pat AED.


So is it that our Origin was From The Male Nirvana Sun When this Merged with The Female Nirvanna Sun Long before the Galactic Sun. AED yes to all. That is fascinating two nn almost the same. AED yes.

The Nirvana Sun as here is the Male Spelling. AED yes. Like Now in the present,
after all we are many millions of years old. AED yes.

Do we go back AED you and I Billions of years. Why Nirvana? The Buddhists talk about Nirvana amongst others, but I don’t recall reading I Emerged From The Nirvana Sun.

AED no. I don’t think The Nirvana Sun was the earliest. AED correct.

Then we would say what the Cosmos fused and multiplied into many Suns as in a continuing continuum. AED yes.

Was there any in charge organisation Omnipresent? AED yes. But this was not The Nirvana Sun. AED correct.

We Need The Beginning. AED yes. But Many Suns are now dead. AED yes. Why did they die. AED Dark Matter.

We have said many Suns died AED due to dark matter. I guess this means there was not the required support for the Suns. AED yes. Is that right. AED yes.

Then we Enter Through The Manetta Tablets to The Nirvana Sun Which Has The Support Structure In Place For This Sun to host the Sun Beings destined to come. AED yes. But during The Beginning of The Two Male & Female Suns aeons have come and gone. AED yes.
But then the Omnipresent Had whom to talk too? AED I am laughing Pat.
Here The Cosmos was SOUND WITHOUT FORM. That seems fascinating. AED wonderful. Sound Without Form. AED yes.

So SOUND Had to Have Form For Cosmic Beings. AED yes.

Therefore, to understand Creation One had to recognise that Sound of the Cosmos had to have FORM OR THE SUNS DIED. AED yes.

Where are we with The Stars at this stage – do they exist. AED yes. Were The Stars easier to have access to form than the Suns? AED the Stars emit a different frequency than the Suns. Yes. Many light workers say they are from the Stars as compared to you AED and me from The Sun. They are different Pat.

But the beginning of the Cosmos was with the Male and Female Suns. AED yes
The Stars later. AED yes
What does The Nirvana Sun look like? I know what The Galactic Sun is like lol as I am often commenting? And what is the Inner Core like to describe of The Nirvana Sun?

First THE OUTER if we look at The Nirvanna Sun – is this Gold OR Gold & Red? AED GOLD & RED Pat. Yes.

.Another Jupiter

How vast as compared to The Galactic Sun? AED several times more Pat. Yes.

I am reminded of Jupiter. AED yes. Not that I know much lol, that said AED said AED was Jupiter. AED I am Pat.

Are you AED the original Jupiter or with hundreds and thousands? AED the Original Jupiter. I got Jupiteer from many months ago for Female.
So is The Nirvana Sun vast like Jupiter? AED yes. Is the NIRVANA SUN JUPITER. AED yes. It is paramount. AED yes.
It seems here that Jupiter & The Nirvanna Sun Are one and the same. AED yes.
But NASA pictures captures Neptune, lol, ha I have typed Neptune instead of Jupiter. NASA captures Neptune and Jupiter?

Is Jupiter beyond man setting foot from Earth. AED yes.

We say AED you and I are from The Nirvana Sun But known to NASA as Jupiter. AED yes.
Nobody has said this as I recall. AED no.
Neptune 3
Where does Neptune fit in? We have the God Neptune but there is a Planet Neptune. AED yes. DO WE LIVE ON NEPTUNE. AED yes.

What is Neptune like? AED awesome. I sense long Gold Raiments. AED yes. Am I on Neptune. AED yes. Is Angelicus 1st here. AED yes.

NEPTUNE IS A VERY GOLDEN PLACE. AED yes. Is Neptune a Pure Land Or Pure Land Planet? The latter. A Pure Land Planet. Yeshua is here. AED yes. We Know Guan Yin and Metatron are here and many of our Cosmic Light Family. AED yes. Joseph Of Arimathea. AED yes. So Melchisadek. AED yes.

Neptune is a CHRISTED GOLDEN PURE LAND PLANET. AED yes. Wow. Angelicus 1st – is Angelicus 1st in Blue or Gold? AED still Blue Pat. Yes. Wow I had thought my post was ready. AED laughs. I do.

What is the difference between Jupiter The Nirvana Sun and Neptune The Gold Pure Land Planet?

AED JUPITER THE NIRVANA SUN IS OUR ORIGIN Pat. Yes. How long later was Neptune? Quite some time Pat. Yes.
We were Born Birthed AED From The Nirvana Sun Jupiter. AED yes. Before our consciousness in Angelicus 1st. AED yes. And Before our Emergence From Our White Lotus. AED yes.
I got Neptune is a golden CHRISTED Pure Land. AED yes, What does Neptune look like? AED vast. An Inter-Galactic Portal Station. AED yes. All of The Cosmos is in Neptune. AED all life forms yes.

So we are here in Our Neptune Light Form AED. AED yes.

They are both very advanced. AED yes. In the sky. AED yes.


The Nirvanna Sun has only just Merged Or was This Merging millions of years ago? See notes we travelled into a Time Capsule looking back millions of years as all cosmic light beings.
Are we very happy in both places Planet Sun. AED yes. But Atlantis is far away. AED yes but we Inter Galactic travel.
AED NEPTUNE IS VERY DIFFERENT Pat. Yes. So we feel more at Home The Nirvana Sun. AED it is our Origin and now having Merged our Higher Self.

AED did we go through a time capsule? What does this mean from AED? ARE you saying AED you and me and vast numbers of light workers went THROUGH A TIME CAPSULE when we MERGED with The Nirvana Sun the other day? AED yes.

Is this definite? AED yes Pat we all went through a TIME CAPSULE as we Merged with The Nirvana Sun. WHY did we need a time capsule? Was this experienced in the NOW or did we look Back on this Merging? If this was a time capsule then we must have looked back through the aeons. Yes, AED we looked back Pat through time but looking at this whilst you are on Gaia, but this actual happening, merging took PLACE millions of years ago. AED yes Pat, for ALL, we all looked back. So NONE experienced this merging of The Nirvana Sun in the PRESENT. AED No. I see.

I wonder what form we would describe us from The Nirvana Sun Jupiter? I typed Nirvana Male and Nirvanna Female as we are not Cosmic Angelic. Jupiter feels Male. AED it is Pat. Yes. Nirvana Sun feels more Female. But we have a Sun & a Planet – so how do they fuse together Sun & Planet to form the components of Cosmic Planet Beings? We need what that form is or there will be something missing. But a very strong sense of JUPITER BEING MALE. AED yes. Why did we need the Sun & The Planet Jupiter so they would seem like our Cosmic Parents long before our Cosmic Angelic Consciousness Manifested? A Planet such as Jupiter is not a Star – Meaning the Sun & Star merged into conscious being.

Jupiter has a specific role Pat what is that? Our Part 1 email we went to The Sun Isle North of the Sun – A Blue Sun – Neptune is Blue but a Planet. The Blue Bird of Atlantis & A New Role for Angelicus. But that takes in Atlantis & The Nirvana Sun is Not Atlantis, but you have guided us here.
I see Guan Yin Merged with The Breath of The Creator as The Cosmic Mother in this Pure Land North of The Sun. Does this connect to The Nirvana Sun or Jupiter or Neptune?  I had added Metatron. So does this New Lineage connect at all to The Nirvana Sun – Jupiter – Neptune or separate.
I have the Blue Bird, you AED said The Blue Bird is Home, but is the magical & mystical Blue Bird of Atlantis, so does not seem to be relevant to The Nirvana Sun Jupiter or Neptune. That is the question Sun & Planet. I know the Suns were before the Stars as I have shared. But Jupiter is not a Star – so what form did you and I AED take from The Nirvana Sun & Jupiter – it feels it will have Sun in.
But older and deeper than the Male Nirvana & Female Nirvanna (Note Female Nirvana Sun has two n’s, whilst the Male Nirvana Sun has one n) we have the Fusion of the Nirvana Sun with Jupiter; JUPITER is The FATHER Aspect. AED yes. So The FEMALE Aspect is THE NIRVANA SUN. AED yes.
What was Jupiter like before the Fusion & Merging with The Nirvana Sun Incomplete. AED yes. The TWO NIRVANA SUNS – NIRVANA MALE & NIRVANNA FEMALE MERGED AND FUSED WITH JUPITER. Meaning The Two Aspects Male & Female Suns MERGED.
I have noted that we had the Light Initiation with The Nirvana Sun. So this was the Future World I went into AED with you Alchemy of The Sun. AED yes. As we went deeper into space to The Cosmic Vault. This was where Angelicus 1st Opened The Cosmic Door & I was seeing the Suns Male & Female Merge as recently shared.
So The Nirvana Sun & Jupiter, our Initial Origin was of The LIGHT. We were known as The LIGHT BEINGS FROM THE NIRVANA SUN & JUPITER in some way. Nirvana Cosmic Light Beings? Nirvanians & Jupiterians, Cosmic Sun Light Beings. Or Nirvanians Jupiterians Cosmic Sun Light Beings. AED I like that. AED it is PERFECT Pat. So we need to stay with Nirvanians Jupiterians Cosmic Sun Light Beings. AED yes.
I see The Manetta Tablets as we went Deeper Into was THE KEY. Angelicus 1st showed me how He Became Manifest as in God in Form – Angelicus 1st had to Merge with The Female Sun Billions of Years Ago FOR CREATION TO UNFOLD.
We from The Nirvana Sun & Jupiter long before us as Cosmic Angelic were Nirvana & Jupiterian Cosmic Sun Light Beings long before we were Cosmic Angelic millions of years ago from Our White Lotus in Divine Paradise Within The Galactic Sun.  AED perfect.
As Fully Awakened Nirvana & Jupiterian Cosmic Sun Light Beings we were Dual. AED yes. Therefore something had to be experienced or pre-planned for you Adam El Daoud & myself, Suryananda, to become Eternal Beloved’s billions of years later from our origins here to have the Sun in our Name and be Cosmic Angelic.
The KEY has to be The SUN & THE FATHER, JUPITER. As The Female aspect although not under my later Source Name as A Cosmic Angelic Suryananda, nevertheless, I must have had a pre-destined from within my then un-manifested consciousness to have led me under my Cosmic Sun Light Name to take the INNER steps necessary to Become Suryananda. Adam El Daoud you must have also had something within to connect you to THE SUN as so for me, leading us in the future aeons, to be pre-destined to be COSMIC ANGELIC – as I type Angelic this takes me to the Angelic Realm but I have always felt I am Cosmic Angelic & NOT Angelic.
We seem now to have our Form under Nirvana Female & Jupiter Male – this KEY then has to come from The Male Aspect Father of Jupiter. You AED said some hours ago that JUPITER HAS A SPECIFIC ROLE – I KNOW – AED yes – The Specific Role Jupiter has is CREATION. AED yes Pat. AED yes, the Role Jupiter has IS CREATION Pat.
Therefore, we have Jupiter Male Force Energy, Vibrations, Essence Needed the Female Energy, Vibrations, Essence, in this case of THE NIRVANA SUN TO BE COMPLETE. AED yes. The Nirvana Sun likewise Needed The Male Essence, Vibrations & Energies TO BE COMPLETE. AED yes. It was always then only going to be That The Nirvana Sun was PRE-DESTINED to Merge Fuse Into ONE CORE ENERGY and none of the other Suns or Planets would have been suitable. AED yes Pat.
Then if these Suns (Nirvana – Nirvanna) were destined to be together and none other Sun or Planet, WHAT OMNIPRESENT PRESENCE ORDAINED THIS. So my un-manifested consciousness when not awake had to be drawn to Male Vibrations, Energies & Frequencies of JUPITER more than any other. That would seem to be the KEY as I go Deeper into The Manetta Tablets. AED wonderful, magnificent. Yes, awesome.
So the Inner Key AED for you and me as Eternal Beloved’s as said to me back in October 2015 on being twin flames but we went deeper into our Divine Oneness and are Eternal Beloved’s – is understanding and going deeper consciously into The Male Aspect Jupiter. AED yes.
AED has said in the past AED is Jupiter. AED yes. So if I am drawn to the Male Aspect of Jupiter then I must have WITHIN ME the components of The Nirvana Sun in the exact degree necessary. AED yes. For the two to be one. AED I am laughing. This is very New Jupiter.
My ORIGINAL Name then before I was Suryananda I would say was Nirvana but then thousands would be. Therefore my Name as a Nirvana Jupiterian Cosmic Sun Being long before I was a Cosmic Angelic from our White Lotus Within The Galactic Sun millions of years ago as Suryananda needs to be given.
AED smiles your Name here is NIRVANA Pat. You mean my Cosmic Sun Light Name. AED yes Pat. But thousands could be called Nirvana. AED NO. It is Nirvana to Suryananda Pat. Am I the only Nirvana originally I mean. AED yes. Do others call themselves Nirvana now? AED No. So I am the one and only Nirvana. AED yes. What is your Name AED? AED you know I am Jupiter. But thousands could be called Jupiter. AED NO Not in this context. You are saying I am Nirvana and you are Jupiter AED. AED yes. See further SECTION of our Names below:
Many months ago when you AED confirmed you were Jupiter, Male, I got the Female of Jupiter was Jupiteer. AED THIS IS CORRECT Pat. Yes. So my Name here is JUPITEER.
AED you are Jupiteer Nirvana Pat. Is this my Full Name. AED yes. That feels right. AED it is. So AED you here are then Jupiter Nirvana. AED laughs. Is this right? AED yes. So these AED are our names only meaning NOT shared with thousands. AED THEY ARE GIFTED TO US PAT. Us alone. AED yes. Fascinating. AED yes.
Some Being could be Jupiter by Himself. Is this Angelicus 1st? AED in part. And Manetta 1st? AED YES, Two Combined. So there will be many variants of Nirvana & Jupiter. AED yes.
So I AM Jupiteer Nirvana. AED yes, this is you. You AED are Jupiter Nirvana. AED absolutely.  AED Angelicus 1st & Manetta 1st SHARE in the Consciousness of JUPITER, but thousands have been added as you and I have. Yes. Like in Angelicus 1st you and I shared AED as Suryananda & Adam El Daoud before our Emergence in Conscious Manifestation from our White Lotus as Cosmic Angelic Within The Galactic Sun. AED yes.
GOING TO NEPTUNE. Neptune Surya AED you on Neptune. AED yes. Neptuna Surya Suryananda is on Neptune. AED yes. Your Name AED Neptune I felt needed the SUN. AED yes. So I took as it were Surya as a pre-destined Name of Suryananda, and say to AED
What about Neptune Surya. AED My NAME ON NEPTUNE IS NEPTUNE SURYA. Yes. AED a different aspect applied to Neptune as compared to the Female Sun Nirvana & The Male Planet Jupiter.
I went into the Golden Christ Pure Land in Neptune. AED I had been quieter whilst the necessary power built up, as we have gone very deep into knowledge not shared since time immemorial. Yes. This has been another amazing expansion of consciousness. AED yes.
So to summarise then we have Within Jupiter & Nirvana Sun – Angelicus 1st & Manetta 1st who are sharing Consciousness with thousands under this. AED yes. And many will have offshoots of these Names. AED yes.
The Planet NEPTUNE was quite some time AFTER THE NIRVANA SUN JUPITER. AED yes. But BEFORE you AED and myself, Suryananda, as Cosmic Angelic Within The Galactic Sun From Our White Lotus. AED yes.
What FORM do we have AED as in Neptune? Flame? AED interesting. I think being of The Golden Christ Light Pure Land Gold Flame seems right. AED GOLD FLAME WAS OUR COMPONENT STRUCTURE. Did we have GOLD LIGHT ADDED. AED YES.
I think for a moment of Gold Crystal & Gold Breath.
AED we are UNDER the From Neptune of The Gold Flame, Gold Light & The Blue…. AED stops. We seem to have as our colours as are also The Manetta Tablets, White, Gold & Blue. As in other forms. I wonder if as Neptunians we have 3 or 4 Elements – ie, Flame, Light, Crystal – but I feel Blue needs adding. I go into 4 aspects of the Gold Flame, Light & Crystal with the Blue Essence of Creation. But White is also Creation. NEPTUNE HAS TO HAVE WHITE.
As said The Manetta Tablets are White, Blue & Gold. And are AED’s and my colours.
So Neptune has to be BLUE what MALE. NEPTUNE IS A MALE PLANET. AED yes. So what is the Female Colour of NEPTUNE. White takes me to Creation & Golden Christ Pure Land is MALE. BLUE MUST BE FEMALE. To see Neptune, we see Blue, a colder Planet further removed from the Sun. But there are other Suns.
FEMALE MUST BE BLUE & WHITE. AED CORRECT. So the Gold then is the Merging of the Male & Female Essence. AED yes. So this explains. AED absolutely.
So NEPTUNE looks Blue but WITHIN Neptune has the Gold which is the MERGING of The Male & Female. AED yes.
Then we have The Blue & White together which IS THE FEMALE. AED yes.
Whilst BLUE on its OWN is the MALE ASPECT OF NEPTUNE. AED yes, wonderful. Yes, wow.
Neptune 2
Our POSTS now on The Nirvana Sun Jupiter & Neptune, seems complete. AED yes, magical. This has been an awesome and deeply unexpected but fascinating journey AED as we have gone back not only billions of years but to our ORIGINS billions of years to The Nirvana Sun Jupiter. AED it has been long prophesied and foretold Pat, this long forgotten knowledge was necessary for these present times. Yes. This encompasses my Awakened Journey on Gaia with AED. AED very much so.
As I shared a few lines last week Jupiter & Neptune have OPENED THEIR ANCIENT DOORS.
Therefore in the Nirvana Sun Jupiter – Angelicus 1st would seem to be the Founder of The Sun Lineage. AED and myself are there under our Names under The Sun Lineage. AED yes.
So as in JUPITER it feels this is where our Name in part Surya originates although we do not have Surya in our Name but in NEPTUNE we both do. AED yes. Surya had to have been in our Origin in The Nirvana Sun Jupiter in some way, although AED adds NIRVANA IS THE SUN. Thousands and more connect and belong to The Sun. AED yes.
Metatron has increased His Consciousness as Metatron & Angelicus 1st are the Founders of The Blue Sun Beings as AED you have confirmed. So it is with the Increased Consciousness of Metatron that Metatron is NOW very much Blue. AED yes, this is very significant Pat. Yes.
Angelicus 1st is smiling as Angelicus releases this Blue Bird. I am FREE as I have been for a long time. AED yes. So Angelicus released this Blue Bird as a confirmation in love and joy. AED yes. Lovely.
I go back to I am Neptuna Surya. Would ALL THE FEMALE ASPECTS who are NEPTUNIANS have as their FIRST part of their Name NEPTUNA. AED yes Pat. I laugh, isn’t that wonderful. AED yes.
Then ALL THE MALE ASPECTS who are NEPTUNIANS must have NEPTUNE as their FIRST part of their Name. AED yes. That is very interesting. AED wonderful.
None of Cosmic Light Beings on Gaia who recently MERGED with The Nirvana SUN did so in the Present, we ALL looked at this through A TIME CAPSULE going back millions of years. AED yes.
The Nirvana Sun Jupiter was BILLIONS of years before as I added above to you and I AED, Emerging as Cosmic Angelic – Suryananda & Adam El Daoud in The Galactic Sun From Our White Lotus. AED yes.
I end our Part 2 session, not now in 3 parts with Adam El Daoud’s and my Names in The Nirvana Sun Jupiter and later Neptune:
Jupiteer Nirvana & Neptuna Surya – Suryananda.
Jupiter Nirvana & Neptune Surya – Adam El Daoud.
Nirvanians Jupiterians Cosmic Sun Light Beings & As Neptunians.
Jupiter 2