Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Jasper & Jaspera. We Are Jasperians In The Galactic Sun Born Millions of Years Ago From The Orange & White Flame From The Breath Of The Creator. Our Sun Is Now A Peach With A Hint Tone Of Ice Orange. From The Akashic Records.

Josephine Wall 27 6th

Artist Josephine Wall.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Jasper & Jaspera, We Are Jasperians In The Galactic Sun. Born millions of years ago From The Orange & White Flame From The Breath Of The Creator. As Jasper & Jaspera, we have a Different Form of Origin than ourself as Suryananda & Adam El Daoud where we are Cosmic Angelic. Jasperians are very different for their Origin was From The Flame and NOT Lotus Born. There are other Jasperians Born From The White Flame with another added, all known as Jasperians. Our SUN is Now a PEACH with a hint tone of Ice Orange giving a Creamy Essence and Vibration, Energy. 

From The Akashic Records. 20 & 21 January, 2019.

Sunday, 20th as AED was very present I began to say a few words on The Blood Red Moon which fascinatingly took AED and myself to our Jasperian Form Born From The Orange & White Flame From The Breath Of The Creator Within The Galactic Sun many millions of years ago.

Our chat began as follows: I am never aware of the Blood Moon or Moon changes, I miss them all. I neither see the different colours or notice any effects – I am a Sun God laugh, so I don’t notice the Moon changes. AED says you will Pat, I am laughing. I see. So I may notice something today into tomorrow. AED it is deeper than that but yes. The Blood Red Moon makes me think of the destruction of Atlantis. AED yes exactly. I think for a moment on The Blood Red connecting to magic and mystery and new beginnings, that sounds good. I will wonder what I may notice. AED it has happened Pat. So it will filter down. AED it has. Ha. I am laughing too AED says. I will be looking out for a Moon that is Red as I sit in my lounge not outside.

Red dragons go with the Blood Red Moon. AED yes. Red Jasper. Jasper is significant Pat. Yes. So I have experienced something? AED you have. Connecting to Jasper? AED yes. Egypt. AED yes. I sensed Egypt. AED earlier than Egypt. Chaldeans. AED Shemsu Hor Pat.

So the Shemsu Hor worked with Jasper. AED yes. Note I do have some detailed in-depth information I have tuned into which is typed to be shared here on The Shemsu Hor. I am pausing now. It will come to me at the optimum time.

Was there a King Jasper? AED I am he. Yes, I laugh. So AED you were King Jasper and I was am your wife? AED Queen. So as the Shemsu Hor we used Jasper. AED yes. Were you King Jasper as a Shemsu Hor? King Jasper is very ancient Pat. Yes. Does Jasper connect to the Ark of The Covenant? AED yes. So fascinating The Ark. AED yes. I will leave this pending but in a few minutes I continue.

Is there a Planet or Realm Jasper? AED yes Pat. So in the Higher Realms. AED yes. So we are very advanced. AED of course. So you AED are King Jasper which is also a Planet or Realm. AED yes. I am your wife Queen, Lady Jasper. AED yes.

We connect to the Shemsu Hor. AED yes and Jasper to The Ark of The Covenant. AED yes. Jasper is also a Planet or Realm. AED correct. I was drawn to the destruction of Atlantis. AED yes. And Egypt Jasper was used. AED by whom Pat? Pharaohs or Priests. AED Pharaohs.

So that is what I have got as pending. AED it has deep significance Pat. Yes Did the Priests of The Ark of the Covenant burn metals with Jasper. I did not intend to say that. AED many rituals and Alchemical processes took place. During the Exodus. AED The Exodus is The Key. So this is complete. AED yes for now. Jasper takes me to The Sun. AED of course. So important in these times.

So Moses and Jasper. AED yes. And Aaron. AED of course. Yeshua. AED yes. So we go to the disciples and their Holy Spirit Initiations. AED yes. I will stop here as AED said the Key was The Exodus. The Copper Mountain Pure Land. AED I am laughing Pat. We went to Zahor. Zahor is correct, The Copper Coloured Mountain. Padmasambhava and Yeshe and Guan Yin, Metatron and us. AED yes many now. King Suchandra of Tibet. AED yes. So Secrets of Tibet. AED I am laughing yes. Kings of Shambhala. I laugh again. AED I am amused as well. Yes.

So interesting the First of the Shambhala Kings but all are. I resonated to his name King Suchandra. AED yes. How one or two words lol took me here. The Key To The Exodus. The Shambhala Kings. The Shemsu Hor. Egypt. Yeshua. Yeshe and Padmasambhava The Copper Coloured Mountain. Zahor. The Ark of The Covenant. King Suchandra. Thor III.

The Great Stone Of Atlantis Comes. King Jasper & Lady Jasper. AED well done. That feels quite something. AED it is Pat. I had thought of Copernicus. AED yes. The Sun The Alchemical Components. So Spaceships. AED yes.

Blue Jasmin came to me as I said to myself I will post my Blue Flame Beings later today but instead of saying Blue Flame Beings I said Blue Jasmine. In our country we get white and yellow Jasmin I have not seen Blue. 

So does the New Lord Apollos have Blue Jasmin in a Realm? AED I am laughing Pat the answer is yes.

.jasper 2Jasper

Jasper & Queen Jaspera of Jasper. We are Jasperians. We travel in our Jasperian spaceship to other Worlds and Galaxies. Why – Love. Other Cosmic Galactic Devic beings visit us on Jasper as we do them to absorb different ways of being. There is much more to be said here of course. AED we will go back another time. Yes, wonderful.

Now all those on Jasper have the consciousness of Jasper & Jaspera as happens. We wear garments Raiments often with a little red, orange, gold and white. Sometimes we wear white. We have sometimes Jasper on our forehead. we wear White Jasper third eye or Orange Red Gold. AED very much so.

Jasper Itself existed Before Jasper & Jaspera Emerged into Consciousness many many millions of years ago within The Galactic Sun.

I wonder if we were born of the Breath of The Creator Male Female. AED yes Pat. Fully Conscious. AED yes. Yes. I will copy these typed notes to email and my website as with the Blood Moon due UK about 5 am into Monday, now is the time. AED you are Jasper The Father in Jasper. AED yes.

We Jasperians we are Born From the Orange and White Flame Of The Breath Of The Creator Male Female. Our Sun in Origin was Half Orange and Half White – One side Orange Half, The other White. But as we look at Our Sun as Jasperians It looks creamy now a kind of PEACH. AED yes.

I was wondering where the Blue Jasmine belongs if it does. I had only thought Earth had white and yellow, never thought of blue jasmine. I say to AED does this mean anything – Blue Jasmine? AED yes. So where?

Dark Blue Jasmine colours although not dark blue looking at pictures remind me of Angelicus. So this belongs where – A Future World? AED here and now Pat. So one of my posts? What Jasper? AED We do have blue jasmine in Jasper but there is another meaning. The White Sphere & Sun has been posted. Blue Jasmine is there AED? AED yes. Is this why? AED there has to be more Pat as The White Sphere has been posted. Yes.

I sense Blue Jasmine may connect to Angelicus. AED yes. Angelicus as shared in our posts here, is very very old and is older than all of the Names of the Ascended Masters & Deities. For instance Angelicus is older than Metatron, Melchisadek, Sanat Kumara, Adam El Daoud, Krishna, Osiris, Gautama, Lord Ashtar, Lord Adama, Yogananda and Babaji, just to give a few Names.

The second oldest Name and Being of God in Form is Manetta. Manetta, again as shared here is very very old, and was shown to myself in a vision having very long white hair and a beard as I arrived at a Vault Within The Galactic Sun, and sat next to Manetta, where I Passed The Initiation & Test of The Weighing of The Heart whilst on Gaia. Anubis was here. Full details were shared recently on my website. That was very profound and meaningful to meet Manetta and be asked to sit next to Him, then to Experience and Pass The Weighing of The Heart.

The New Name of The Father, Who has Many Names depending on the Role and Purpose we are connecting too, is Lord Appolos. Lord Appolos goes back millions of years as do all the Names mentioned. It is that Manetta is New and again as shared here recently, is where myself, Suryananda & AED, are Blue Seraphim in The Realm of The Father, Manetta, in the Future 3578, but AED and myself go to this Realm in the present with many others who are Blue Seraphim.

guan yin 15th jan

Guan Yin. Artist unknown.

AED has just said huge shifts Monday, 21st January. For me and many others. AED of course, Massive Shift. So this has taken place. AED yes. I love huge shifts. AED it is a Major One. Is this to do with Jasper? AED Beyond Jasper.

Jasper goes back many millions of years as we do as Adam El Daoud & Suryananda. AED yes. Beyond what is beyond?

The Ocean of The World. AED I AM The Ocean Pat. ** I laugh. AED I am amused at your response. Yes. Beyond Jasper to when Worlds were being formed. AED yes.

That requires some thought. AED yes. I wrote on my website some time ago about us being there when Worlds were being formed. AED yes. Deeply significant changes AED says. Awesome.

** Note The Galactic Sun, Our Origin, to look at in its overall magnificence as it were, is a Vast Pure Yellow Sun seemingly in the Sky being many hundreds of feet high and wide, having within hundreds of Realms, Pure Lands and Worlds. The Inner Core of The Galactic Sun is Emerald Green, this covers hundreds of feet. Both in-depth descriptions are on my website and also as a Page. However, The Galactic Sun is BELOW The Sea, and has within the Realms of Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis, Eden, Telos, Agartha, and very many of the known Pure Lands. Therefore when AED said I AM The Ocean – AED I recognise was referring to Our Home The Galactic Sun which is Below the Ocean. AED I am smiling, Pat.

Note Atlantis is very much still in existence within The Galactic Sun, below the Sea, and AED and myself have a Home here in Atlantis as do others in Our One Light Body as in all the Higher Realms. Neither Atlantis or the other Realms, Worlds and Pure Lands can be accessed in the physical, for they are aligned to another vibration and frequency, but we live there in our Light Body with our Eternal Beloved’s and these are able to be accessed in visions and when we are able to tune in deeply. AED and myself went to Atlantis which was magical and I shared our time there as we swam with the pink dolphins and mermaids.                             

AED we are going deeper into the Future Pat. Future Worlds I think of Princess Mandarava. AED yes but more Pat. What is more? AED us Pat. Yes. So as Jasperians, we Of The Orange & White Flame from The Breath Of The Creator are the Eldest Of The Jasperians. We are not twin flames or eternal beloved’s in that we have Manifested from the Flame Breath and NOT from a Lotus, Devic or Galactic form. AED correct.  We as Jasper and Jaspera, affectionately known as JJ, AED oh Pat, I am laughing – I am now. AED it is wonderful. Yes, are exactly as the other Jasperians except we Emerged from The Orange & White Flame, Sun, whereas other Jasperians Emerged From their OWN colour Dual Flame and thus Sun.

This was Blue & White, Purple & White, Emerald & White, Gold & White, all the colours in existence, were brought into Emergence as Jasper & Jaspera under their own Region of Jasper, indicated by their Dual Flame at their origin. AED very much so. What this means is that the Orange & White Jasperians are the Elders, whilst the other Jasperians are as spiritually conscious, but that their Dual Ray will have given them some differences within their Role of Divine Service to The Creator. Within Jasper, are many many Regions, peopled by Jasperians who each have their Cosmic Map to work from and within. AED yes. Travelling between our Regions is a great joy and blessing as we have many ways we do this. AED it is indeed a delight Pat. We will journey in a variety of ways, teleport; we use small shuttles and other ways depending on what method and means we are drawn too.


So although in essence, us Jasperians were all Born From The Dual Flame, one being White, From The Breath Flame Of The Creator, what has happened many aeons ago is that without exception we have ALL now Transcended Our Dual Flame at our Origins many millions of years ago within the Realm Of Jasper Within The Galactic Sun and are NOW One Flame, Fully One With Our Divine Cosmic Map as envisaged by The Creator. AED yes it is absolutely wonderful as you can recognise. Yes. Jasper & Jaspera were completely unexpected to myself Pat, in that I knew nothing about them, nothing had been written, but as soon as I reflected on Jasper when tuned into deeply with AED, it has been an awesome journey into a deeply meaningful and profound NEW FORM OF ORIGIN for Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda. Another recent sharing was also of a New Form of Origin going back millions of years to The Galactic Sun, originally for myself, Suryananda and Adam El Daoud of Sunlight – AED and myself Sunlighta, Rays of The Sun and Rays of The Godhead. Although now Sunlight & Sunlighta share their consciousness with many others as happens to us all. But we do have our Original Source Name with our Eternal Beloved, and as AED and myself have shared, all of us DO have Original Names in OTHER Forms as well – as here of Jasper & Jaspera.   As Jasperians, we are NOT Cosmic Angelic as Suryananda and AED and NOT Galactic as many of our New Births from Sirius, The Great Central Sun, also millions of years ago. And NOT The Galactic Sun where as Suryananda and Adam El Daoud had our Origin and Emergence From a White Lotus, for Sirius, The Great Central Sun was a little AFTER. Some in depth details of AED’s and my lives from Sirius, The Great Central Sun has been shared a while back on my website, where our Origins were not Cosmic Angelic as from The Galactic Sun.


For anyone with whom this post feels attuned too and this resonates with, then you are most certainly likely to be JASPERIANS, the question being which Colour Dual Flame Originally and thus Sun as each of the different COLOURS will have had their Own Sun. AED yes, Pat.

What has also occurred is that the Two Flames seen at Cosmic Flame Conception as the Sun, have all now been Transcended as ONE Colour Sun which has been Blended into The One. AED yes. This is how it has been for us as Jasper and Jaspera, Our SUN is Now a PEACH with a hint tone of Ice Orange giving a Creamy Essence and Vibration, Energy. AED absolutely.

Jasper & Jaspera from Jasper in The Galactic Sun Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥