I See Akshobhya, Dhyani Buddha. From The Akashic Records.

AKSHOBHYA Blue Dhyani Buddha.jpg

Artist unknown.


From The Akashic Records.  22 October, 2017.

As I was sending out Love, Light, Healing to all Sentient Beings – Sentient not being a description I tend to use, but I have begun too since yesterday when asking for the release of pain and suffering for all sentient beings, and for the cessation of suffering, whilst experiencing beautiful Cosmic energies.

I felt very much connected, whilst at the same time Adam El Daoud, was there.  When all of a sudden, I was seeing Akshobhya right above me, so clearly and vividly – his face was just above mine, with very little space in between.

I found myself fascinated, and it was a beautiful and profound moment, which actually lasted for quite a time, enough to feel Akshobhya was so very close. It is the first time I have seen Akshobhya in this form of one of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, in his case he is often shown as this very very deep blue, dark midnight, royal. The colour of his face was exactly the same as this image.

As I was thinking afterwards of this beautiful and meaningful experience of seeing Akshobhya, the Blue Dhyani Buddha, AED said I knew you would love that.

Also back some months ago, I had shared on my website, I see The Blue Buddha coming towards me. So being on the Blue Ray and AED’s and my soul connections to all the Buddhas, it was a real joy and blessing to see Akshobhya. I really loved seeing these images over the last few days.



Artist unknown.