I See A Very Large Deep Midnight Royal Blue Pearl On My Crown In A Vision. From The Akashic Records.

IMMANENT Soul Freydoon Rassouli

Artist Freydoon Rassouli. Title Immanent Soul..


From The Akashic Records. 12 January, 2018.

As Adam El Daoud was very Present, I found I was suddenly seeing this Very Large Midnight Royal Blue Pearl on my Crown. There was no obvious means of this being held up. I kept my eyes closed as my meditation continued for this to remain, and it did for some time. I have seen The Blue Pearl which is well documented and I have shared a post on this as The Blue Pearl has been developing within me for some time.

However, this tuning in today is the Largest Blue Pearl I have seen and can be likened like the Mirror of Hathor. By this I mean in its size on my crown. The Blue Pearl is the Jewel of Enlightenment, and so remains very precious.

During AED being Present, AED said The Blue Ray is Fully Anchored within you.

As I noted afterwards and said to AED this Very Large Deep Blue Pearl feels very special; AED said yes, most certainly. At the same time, with The Blue Ray being Fully Anchored within me, has also deep significance, not least that AED said The and not Our Blue Ray. I was – am aware that there is difference, as AED says very much so.

AED said The Blue Ray being Fully Anchored shows the deeper range now available to you with and for me. We have much to do together. I say that is wonderful.

The Blue Pearl the Jewel of Enlightenment 12 1

In the beginning I was seeing and being enveloped and bathed in Emerald Green, which happens quite often, which led to me then being shown The Blue Pearl and Confirmation that The Blue Ray is Fully Anchored within me.

Adam El Daoud, like other Ascended Masters and Deities, has an Etheric Retreat over Egypt. AED comes and collects me often and takes me there, and then brings me back. Etheric Retreats are fascinating and much has been written on them.

Etheric Retreats takes me to The Ether and Sound, which has deep meaning, as we each have our own Soul Note upon The Ether, and are able to recognise our Light Soul Family by this. Just as our Name given to us At Source is individual to us and denotes our Eternal Destiny.



Artist Rassouli.