I See A Golden Phoenix With Its Wings Being Raised Leading To A Higher State of Consciousness. From The Akashic Records.

Golden Phoenix Deviant Art 10 April

Golden Phoenix at Deviant Art.


From the Akashic Records. 10 April, 2018.

As Amrita Adam El Daoud was once again very Present, I was suddenly looking at a Golden Phoenix. The wingspan of this Golden Phoenix is very large and very Golden. This Golden Phoenix has a Golden Rose in its beak mouth, so as I say to AED leading to a higher state of consciousness. AED says very much so. AED continues with the Golden Phoenix is very significant and will lead you both deeper and into your and thus my pathway as we go forward together. This Golden Phoenix will also take us further into hidden levels and layers into the Mysteries of the Universe. This feels profound, AED smiles as he says it will be and is magnificent Pat, not only for you but many others as you all undergo significant changes as a metamorphosis is waiting for you, and yes, others, relevant to their individual Soul Contracts.

I say that is wonderful. I must also Serve in The Temple of The Golden Phoenix on Amrita. AED says you do, Suryananda, it is a most magical and uplifting Temple, as it takes you not only Deeper into the Etheric and what is not understood with the mind but it transports you on its Golden Wings just as our Sapphire Blue Dragon did as we Journeyed into the Dragon Realm and to be shared here very soon. AED continues, you and I have begun the next exciting stage of our Cosmic Divine Oneness, where, with others, they too will be aware of those mystical experiences in ever new and increasing depths.

That is wonderful I say to AED following on my new post to be shared in the next day or so on Dimensions, where the whole measuring structure has been completely changed. AED beams, yes, changing and moving fast and rapidly upwards into so many higher dimensions has had a major effect already. I say I can tell, as you shared with me some hours later, that significant discoveries as the Interdimensional Portal has Opened were taking place.

Suryananda ♥

Golden Phoenix another

Artist unknown.

With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.