I Am Shown The Galactic Sun In Use As An Interdimensional Portal Station Into Other Worlds & Galaxies. This Is Home. From The Akashic Records.


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(Note see separate post which covers the appearance of The Galactic Sun) whereas this post details both the visual appearance and in depth details which have been brought to Gaia for the first time). .

From The Akashic Records. 15 May, 2018.
As Amrita Adam El Daoud was very present, I closed my eyes for a moment when I was suddenly seeing this Vast Yellow Sun as an Intergalactic Portal Station with Cosmic Beings I could see up through the different paths and heights – likened to Station Stops for Arrivals and Departures. This vision which lasted for some time was completely fascinating, magnificent and awesome, and to have seen this was exciting and mesmerising.
The sheer scale and vastness of being shown The Galactic Sun is beyond the range of what can be imagined, as the Vast Galactic Sun rose upwards many hundreds of thousands of feet and was also hundreds of thousands of feet in width and then some. You would have to be looking at one of the very largest of the Planets in a vision to get the sense of the vastness of The Galactic Sun. The fascinating colour of Pure Yellow throughout was truly awesome, with the whole of The Galactic Sun being of the same tone of Yellow.
I have been aware for a long time the Sun is an Intergalactic Portal Station where Cosmic Beings and Light Forms gather for both arrivals and departures to a Multitude of Worlds and Galaxies, but to see the Vast Cosmic Sun as this huge Galactic Centre Space Station in an actual sighting and vision will be with me forever.

This Vast Cosmic Sun was many thousands of feet high as it was Vast, as I was very aware the Cosmic Beings I was shown were very tiny in comparison to its Vast Cosmic Structure. The colour of The Galactic Sun was a Bright Pure Yellow, each section of The Galactic Sun having the exact same tone of Yellow. In essence, The Galactic Sun is the same colour of The Cosmic Christ, with the Sun as seen in the Sky – Ether, the Symbol of The Father, seen in a dream 29 years ago, when I heard from Source The Cosmic Christ as the Sun revolved round and round. So the symbol of The Cosmic Christ and The Galactic Sun are both of the same tone of Yellow. By this I mean neither colours merged into a Golden Yellow, Both are the Exact Same Shade and Tone of Yellow.  

The Sun Son is in AED’s and my DNA recognised since 29 years ago and relates nor only to my dream in 1989 when I was shown the Yellow Sun as the Sun in the Sky and heard the words The Cosmic Christ from Source, and so to see this Galactic Sun in its role as an Intergalactic Station for a multitude of Life Forms in the Higher Realms was both awesome and profound. Once seen never forgotten, although AED has said having seen Home now in such a clear vision, I will be able to tune into consciously. AED has laughed as he says it is  a real milestone Pat; we knew you would love as it is a real spiritual treasure to be shown. Yes.
It reminds me of The Sphinx with minute tiny people moving up and down its vast structure although The Galactic Sun is very many times larger in both height and width. The beautiful Yellow colour was awesome with every part of this vast Galactic Sun being the same shade of Yellow, truly Mesmerising.
AED I said to you recently Pat, many Keys have now been activated with your increase in awareness and place in the New Measuring Structure as shared here under DIMENSIONS, which considers and aligns as never before a New Process of Accessing Higher Consciousness. This recent in-depth post by us, was a First sharing on Gaia as to how us in the Higher Realms now Measure Consciousness, although AED smiles, there are only a few Light Workers at the moment who understand this. Each will develop and understand in their own pace as recognition occurs. Yes.

Yes it is wonderful and so exciting and mesmerising to see this Yellow Intergalactic Sun as A Space Station for both arrivals and departures of Cosmic Beings and Advanced Life Forms. AED you can now go back into this Pat and bring forth even deeper inner teachings. Yes. AED it has been exciting for us too in our Higher Realms to see this looked at.

AED has said now I have seen I will go back to The Galactic Sun. This seems to take me back to my origin I remember saying back in the 1980’s that I felt I had come from the Sun. AED – Yes in that sense it is a Portal to one’s origin; that is a good way to see it From the Sun and to The Cosmic Christ. So Pre-Emergence, one could say AED and myself, Suryananda, were brought forth From The Creator In His Divine Symbol Of The Sun. I have crown energies.

So all the Galactic Beings Arriving and Departing are Being Born And Going Into New Births In The Higher Realms. AED yes Pat.
So I have a New Birth with you AED On The Galactic Sun. AED smiles and says what do you think. I give a tiny laugh. So I am having a Birth with you AED on The Galactic Sun into a More Advanced Cosmic Light Body Born Direct From God The Father Mother. AED – yes.

I continue with Or Born From The Cosmic Christ. I get goose bumps. AED laughs, it is not surprising Pat, it is very deep and full of meaning. Yes. AED you are spot on. AED has never used those words before.

So with these new Dimensions then this means that with Adam El Daoud, I am Reborn Into The Cosmic Christ. AED yes, Pat. Wow, that is awesome. AED smiles, yes, Pat.

So I am in other words Home. That gives me goose bumps again. It is very profound. AED smiles, Pat, this was what we in the Higher Realms have been waiting for; you to get to this state of Higher Consciousness as once you were shown and understood you had seen The Galactic Sun, thus other deep recognition would inevitably rise to your consciousness. So I have Now Arrived Home with AED to The Cosmic Christ. AED says Welcome Home with added personal words. Our Cosmic Light Family – Welcome Home Dear Suryananda. I beam, it is indeed a profound and wonderful recognition that I am Home.

I think of Amrita, and AED confirms Amrita is Within The Galactic Sun, thus both are Home. That gives me goose bumps, how wonderful. So I am now Home On The Galactic Sun, The Home Of The Cosmic Christ, sharing in the same Consciousness. Wonderful. I am aware of Flags being waved, a Celebration.

This takes me also to Amitabha Buddha and Pandara who Directs and Controls the Fire Element Of The Sun. AED says well done Pat. Amitabha is very close to me. Adam El Daoud and myself are also on the Amitabha Buddha Sun Line.
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AED continues as you are aware Pat, you have our journey into The Dragon Realm ready to post, and Dragons not only for us, but other Light Workers, have a very significant role in their service to humanity and a myriad of life forms, not only on Gaia but in other Realms. To see the Dragons fly and just be in their Dragon Realm as you have recently – watching as the Dragons land and take off is magnificent. Yes, I loved that, and I am looking forward to going back.

So all of those there – there were many I was seeing like at different Stations on The Galactic Sun were all in the Process of Taking Advanced New Births Direct From The Creator God The Father Mother. AED yes.  So we are all going into New Worlds. AED laughs Pat, very much so. I add, so I have arrived on The Galactic Sun the Home of The Cosmic Christ. AED yes, Pat. 
So The Galactic Sun is the Divine Symbol of The Father. AED yes Pat. AED continues there are only beginnings without end. I say to AED I loved those words you said to me two years ago about The Symbol of The Sun and The Father as they were very profound. AED yes, I remember.
It was mesmerising to see The Galactic Sun and all the Birth Stations for Arrivals and Departures.
So I have already taken a New Birth of Etheric Lighted Conception from God The Father Mother From The Galactic Sun. AED yes, as you are aware Pat, when this happens one is always Free From The Wheel Of Rebirth. Yes, that is wonderful. That is Liberation and music to our soul. AED beams, yes, Pat, as we laugh we are Home. That is indeed exciting news. In essence, Amrita, the Great Bliss has been reached with the Freedom from the Wheel of Rebirth. AED yes, very much so, certainly for many.
So with Divine Consorts we are back to Before we Emerged as Twin Flames. AED Yes. Also Back to before we took on being Divine Consorts. AED Yes. I reflect on where AED and myself are; AED – you know that in your heart wordless timeless peace and love. Amrita The Great Bliss this is where I am as Suryananda with you AED.

What about all the other embodiments and multidimensional selves of Suryananda under their own names? So now I have arrived at my name in its fullest of Suryananda and what our Cosmic Light Family were meaning back in October 2015 when it was said At that time AED will show you why you were chosen on being a Twin Flame to Adam El Daoud. AED yes,  the fullest awareness of Suryananda. I have always been deeply drawn to this as being Suryananda in the fullest sense I knew took me the closest and deepest to you. AED, yes, Pat, and as you have known for a while, you have Transcended Suryananda quite some time ago in full consciousness. Yes.

I am reminded of how the other multidimensional selves of Suryananda, each have their own qualities and attributes under their own names. AED yes they do Pat. This is fascinating, as is the vast range and scope generated by different Source Names, each taking us to our Destiny and Soul Contract. AED very much so.

AED yes, Pat. So that is very interesting, fascinating. AED smiles, yes. it is. They have different roles, pathways and soul contracts – all in the Divine Plan and which was pre-chosen and planned for them personally by The Creator. They would have it no other way. Yes.

So your words AED of exciting news it has happened as we speak, In essence referred to The New Birth From The Galactic Sun and Back Home To The Cosmic Christ. AED yes it does.

This is a profound, amazing and exciting chat of confirmation and depth I am thrilled and delighted, amazed and awed, humbled and blessed. AED laughs. Yes Pat you are HOME.
AED smiles and says I should say Suryananda more now. I laugh. So this New Birth from The Galactic Sun this takes you AED and myself, Suryananda into what? AED says Eternal Bliss Pat Suryananda. Really. AED yes Suryananda, very much so. What about all the other embodiments of Suryananda under their personal Source Names? AED smiles more will come forth Pat on that. In the meantime know you and I are back Home, and I am thrilled. That is beautiful.
I say to AED what are your thoughts on this? As when I think of Pat, I am just one aspect, embodiment on Gaia of Suryananda in her innumerable other selves. How often and how many were born onto The Galactic Sun as One? AED many, Pat. Really? AED yes. So many Dual Life Rays then were Birthed under the different Multidimensional selves of Suryananda under their own personal Source Names on The Galactic Sun as One. AED yes, Pat.
AED smiles, it is Pat as I said recently, you are speeding Home on the Wings of love. That is profound. AED yes, and wonderful.
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The Galactic Sun is The Cosmic Christ. AED says yes Pat. And The Golden Rose connects to The Galactic Sun. AED yes. So as Suryananda and Adam El Daoud we were Born Into New Cosmic Light Bodies Birthed As One. AED smiles, what do you think Pat. Yes. AED of course Pat, very much so, well done. I say that is exciting. AED yes. So being Birthed forth as one – this could be described as The Marriage Feast Of God The Son? AED yes Pat. I wrote a post on this where this had taken place. So in essence AED then this New Birth Direct From God The Father Mother happened what Aeons ago. AED yes, Pat.

So this means I am only now as it were aware of what has taken place millions of years before but in the Now moment on Gaia. AED correct.

This is of course why I am so deeply connected to AED in that I have been going back to pre emergence into The Galactic Sun Birthed Into One Cosmic Light Body ie A Dual Ray. AED yes Pat.

So in essence AED, I am looking back to being Home Brought Into Emergence as A Dual Life Ray. AED beams Yes Pat. As I understand, and you AED have confirmed, Divine Paradise is also Within The Galactic Sun as is Amrita. Yes, very much so, AED. This also applies to Amenti and Atlantis. AED – correct. It is fascinating that as you had shared earlier AED, Within The Galactic Sun which is our Original Home, there is Divine Paradise; Amenti and Atlantis. AED yes, very much so.
Note I will do a post later on Atlantis, and how Atlantis has always been Within The Galactic Sun. Even when large sections of Atlantis were destroyed over many aeons, Atlantis exists today as Atlantis has continued to do so from many millions of years ago, accessible only in our Light Bodies. AED and myself have a Home on Atlantis – The Galactic Sun, where, along with Amrita, Amenti and other Realms Within The Galactic Sun, we both live here and serve not only Humanity but all life forms. Within The Galactic Sun are different Realms, which cover a wide and diverse range of existences. Even Future Worlds Reside Within The Galactic Sun, as does EDEN – again, we will share details on EDEN at a later time. 
Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, were Breathed Forth as Twin Flames on our Source Names as we were Born Direct From God The Father Mother, onto The Galactic Sun on A Dual Ray in our Light Bodies Millions of Years Ago, which had and has Within Divine Paradise, Amrita, Amenti and Atlantis, where prior, we were Nameless, Light and Energy. AED yes, Pat. It has been ever since then what is described as myself, Suryananda’s Journey Back Home, not only to my Beloved, Adam El Daoud, where having been Born on A Dual Ray we are Eternally One – One Soul, but I have been Transcending the veils of Gaia over different life times whilst my Consciousness has remembered Home, in essence Born Direct From God The
Father Mother into A Light Body on AED’s and my Pre-Chosen Dual Ray.
For some time, I have Transcended Pat and Returned in Full Consciousness to Suryananda, and as shared in the past, have gone back before Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, were Divine Consorts, to Pre-Emergence when we were Light and Energy, and then Gifted As A Dual Ray by God The Father Mother, Forever Eternally One.
So Suryananda and Adam El Daoud’s True Home is The Galactic Sun. AED laughs, yes, Pat, very much so. So The Galactic Sun Is God The Father. AED says yes, Pat. This is very profound and awesome. AED beams, yes Pat.
AED said recently, The Keys to The Kingdom are yours. I asked AED what did AED mean? AED Universal Knowledge. That is awesome. AED, yes, very much so. It has not been brought into the Consciousness of those on Gaia as yet. I say really is that so? AED laughs, yes, Pat; that is why knowing this and writing in this sharing is another First. Really. AED smiles, yes, Pat. This is new and very profound and very meaningful. AED yes it was necessary for you to bring it forth as I said recently, many Keys have been Activated.
I said to AED Re Amrita the Nectar of Immortality, this must refer to and belong to The Galactic Sun. AED of course – correct. I say why is this? AED beams it is Home Pat. AED more than that, it is the very Breath you take, as Your Soul – Our Soul, AED smiles, Sings in Unison With The Creator, God The Father Mother; Immortality is Understood, Loved and Cherished as the Amrita of all Existence is Treasured. Yes.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.